Academy of Sport

Sport is one of the most popular cocurricular activities at the College. The Academy of Sport offers a range of sport and physical activity opportunities to cater for new and beginning players to more experienced competitors.

There are different types of sport programs at the College to ensure that there is something for everyone:

Physical Activity Program
These are activities designed to improve general fitness and wellbeing. These are school-based activities that are open to all students. Students are introduced to activities that will hopefully lead to lifelong physical activity beyond their schooling years such as yoga, group fitness classes, self-defence and martial arts classes.

MSB Social Sport Competitions
Sport is a highly social endeavour and plays an important role in encouraging ongoing and active participation in physical activity. The social sport program is about prioritising the social components of sport by encouraging students to get involved with their friends and meet new ones. The competitions are run by the College and take place on College grounds reducing the need for additional travel. Students play with and against MSB students and some of the competitions offered have modified rules to maximise participation and enjoyment. These competitions are less about winning but more about being active and developing relationships with others. Competitions offered include, but not limited to, Touch Football, Basketball (3x3), Netball, Futsal etc.

Interschool Competitions
The College participates in a range of interschool competitions on weekly basis. These competitions are usually one-term in length, allowing students to try a range of different sports. The main school sport competition that the College is involved in is the IGSA (Independent Girls’ Sport Association). Our students are able to compete competitively and trial for a top division team in their chosen sport but can also nominate to play socially with their friends which would not require an extensive grading process. There are many independent girls schools across Sydney involved in the competition. For more information about IGSA, please visit https:// For sports that are not offered by IGSA, we endeavour to find other interschool competitions such as the Santa Sabina Volleyball Competition, AFL Schools Cup and Barker Rugby Sevens Competition. All teams who participate in an interschool competition team are expected to train throughout the week and play a weekly game each term, most of which are held on a Saturday morning.

Representative Sport
These sports are generally played during school hours at interschool gala days and carnivals. Students are required to trial to gain selection into the representative program.
Students can gain further selection into different representative teams as they progress through different sport pathways. The College is affiliated with Broken Bay Sport (BBS) and will generally access their representative sport pathway. This pathway is associated with NSW Combined Catholic Colleges (NSWCCC) sport, then NSW All Schools and School Sport Australia (SSA). For less mainstream sports, there are different representative pathways in which students can access.

The Academy of Sport Program is overseen by the Sport Academy Coordinator who is supported by Sport Convenors. Qualified coaches are engaged to provide expertise in different sports and range from ex-students to professional coaches at state or national levels. The College also offers opportunities for students to participate in our student coach mentoring program, which is available for some sports.