Academy of Outdoor Education

The importance of Outdoor Education for growth and development has been well documented in research and literature. It fosters positive relationships with the environment, others and ourselves through immersion in practical activities in nature. Not only do these experiences challenge our students physically, but also develops their capacity to build resilience and an appreciation of our natural world.

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The College is a registered Award Centre for The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award - Australia . This program is a non-competitive self-development program available to all young people, which encourages them to set and achieve goals at a level appropriate to their needs and aspirations. The Award can be completed at a Bronze, Silver or Gold level and is offered to students in Year 9 or above.

To complete the Award, students must participate and satisfy the relevant Award requirements across four areas:

  • Voluntary Service
  • Physical Recreation
  • Skills
  • Adventurous Journeys
  • Residential Project (Gold only)

The Award is highly regarded amongst prospective employers and tertiary education providers. The program is highly valued at the College, with many students taking up the offer to complete the Award while they are at Bennies. As a registered Award Centre, students who partake in the program are supported by the Outdoor Education Academy Convenor throughout their participation. Furthermore, the College organises several outdoor education expeditions throughout the year to help students complete the Adventurous Journey components of their Award. These expeditions are run by qualified external providers for MSB students only and are supported with MSB staff in attendance.

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