Duke of Edinburgh

Duke of Edinburgh


The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is an International Leadership in Action programme, available to all young people aged between fourteen and twenty-five. It aims to foster the building of relationships, increase leadership skills engage in creative and adaptable thinking as well as problem solving which leads to better personal and social wellbeing.

There are three stages of the Duke of Edinburgh Award, each with their own award. In each of these stages the students complete a series of activities focused on new experiences and commitment. They consist of learning a new skill, engaging in physical recreation and engaging with the wider community through voluntary service. The students also complete an adventurous journey.

The first stage, Bronze, consists of two overnight expeditions, the first being a practise expedition and the second being a test expedition. Over the course of these expeditions and training skills in teamwork, navigation and problem solving are developed.

Expeditions increase in duration as students move through the Silver (three days, two nights) and Gold (four days, three nights) stage and may include but are not limited to, hiking, kayaking/canoeing, cycling and canyoning.

Students in Year 9 2020 will have the opportunity to complete the qualifying trip as a part of their Year 9 Residential Experience.

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