From the College Captain

What does it mean to be a Bennies Girl?

It’s a question I’m often asked, however sometimes struggle to answer, because being a Bennies Girl can’t be defined in a single way.

Being a Bennies Girl means food Fridays, it means the friendly smiles in the hallway, the competitive house spirit at carnivals and buying muffins at the canteen. Being a Bennies Girl is wearing our ribbon with pride, making a welcome space for others, and having the resilience to always try our best even when things don’t go our way. It’s choosing to do what you love and knowing that you have the support and guidance to achieve whatever you set your mind to.

I think the amazing thing about Bennies, is that we are given the tools and skills to be our own kind of Bennies Girl. So that as young women we can feel empowered to transform the future.

The 2024 Student Leadership Team’s vision and motto “Ride the tide with stewardship as our guide” #Beyondthehorizon, highlights that in the year of stewardship, everyone is welcome aboard on our voyage of resilience. With an integral focus on learning, and flourishing together, this is a call to action to all Bennies girls to not only be stewards of the environment, but of our time, talents, gifts, resources and each other. So that together as a community we are able to reach beyond the horizon to be the best versions of ourselves.

Striving to be our kind of Bennies girl, feeling future ready, optimistic and courageous so that we can feel empowered pave the way for our own legacy.

We look forward to being your supportive sisters on the sidelines, with encouragement and a smile to ensure Bennies is not just a school, or community, but family and home where each girl can safe, supported and welcomed in all their endeavours.

I am so grateful for all my years at the college, the relationships, opportunities and unwavering support have undeniably shaped me to who I am today. I am so truly proud to be apart of such a vibrant and inspiring community.

Thank you, Bennies, and I cannot wait to see what is beyond the horizon.

Noa Papadimitriou
College Captain 2024