Message from the College Captain

In accordance with our Good Samaritan tradition, Mount St Benedict College is a community which encompasses the values of Pax, Hospitality and Stewardship every day. The College community is one which encourages and embraces the many endeavours that students choose to pursue, providing them with the confidence and support to fulfil their dreams and achieve their goals.

The college places utmost importance on the personal development of students, creating a community of vibrant, assertive and educated ‘Bennies girls’ who strive to make positive difference within their communities.

Providing extraordinary opportunities within the areas of learning, sport, leadership, creative arts and social justice; Mount St Benedict College caters for the needs of all students, providing a holistic and personalised high school experience.

Throughout my time at Bennies, I have learnt through the opportunities provided by the College, and have been supported by strong friendships and a dedicated team of staff. My aspirations have always been fostered by the Mount St Benedict community, creating an exceptional schooling experience that I will forever cherish.


Jessica Pereira
College Captain 2016