MYBennies Innovation Project

How to better engage students in the middle years of schooling, Years 7 to 9, is one of the current focuses at Mount St Benedict College. The MYBennies Innovation Project is the result of two years of research (2012-2013) and ongoing professional learning in this area. Central to this project is our belief that girls learn at their best when they have strong connections, when they feel valued, respected and known, and when their learning is relevant and interesting. The MYBennies tree represents visually the elements that will be addressed in the MYBennies Innovation Project.

Our foundations remain - our Good Samaritan heritage, the gospels and Catholic tradition, and the Rule of Benedict. Building on our values and mission we will draw on Positive Education, Teaching for Understanding and a more integrated approach to the delivery of teaching and learning programs to develop learners who pursue personal excellence, who have a service orientation, are critical and creative thinkers and have personal ethos and values.

In this way we believe we will be educating young women who can take their place in the world of the 21st century, with confidence and the ability to transform themselves and the world. 

MYBennies – Year 7 Integrated Course

In 2015 a new learning program MYBennies has been developed as part of the MYBennies Innovation Project. Nine specialist teachers are working together from Religious Education, English, PDHPE, TAS, Geography, History and Drama to deliver the program which will foster students creativity and problem solving; communication; critical thinking; information and media literacy; global citizenship; collaboration and teamwork and independence in learning. The students are grouped in classes of between 21 - 23 students in each group allowing students to meet students not in their base classes. The students will complete four units throughout the year - What’s Behind the Red Brick Wall?, Window to the World - Going Global, Let's Talk About my Learning! and the MYBennies Choice Project.

  • MYBennies Video (74471 KB)

  • Mount St Benedict – A Learning Frontiers Design Hub

    Learning Frontiers is a collaborative initiative created to transform teaching and learning so that every student succeeds in an education worth having. The project brings together clusters of schools and other interested parties - Lab Sites and Design Hubs - to explore professional practices that increase student engagement in learning.

    In 2014 Mount St Benedict College was selected by The Australian Institute of Teachers and School Leaders (AITSL) to be a Design Hub for this exciting and ground-breaking Learning Frontiers Project. Design hubs explore teaching, learning and assessment practices that are built upon four design principles.


    This project sees the College working closely with AITSL and the Innovation Unit (UK), most notably David Price OBE and Valerie Hannon, two global leaders in the field of learning innovation and education system transformation. The MYBennies Innovation Team is involved in the Learning Frontiers project and look forward to working with students, parents and staff along with other Design Hub schools across Sydney as this project moves into its second year.

    Further information on Learning Frontiers can be found at