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7 Mar 2014

From the Principal

Dear parents, friends, staff and students,

The season of Lent commenced on Wednesday and all members of our community participated in an Ashes Ceremony. This is a time when we are reminded of our humanity and the need for each of us to take stock of our lives and consider those areas of our lives in which we sometimes fail to be as responsive to the call of the Gospel as we could be. Traditionally in our Church it is a time of 'penance' - a term which we do not hear often. Our students are very aware that this is a time when we especially consider the needs of others and ways in which we can respond to these needs. Through a focus on the Caritas Project Compassion we are offered an opportunity to respond in ways which are meaningful in our lives - by swapping some of the little luxuries we are so privileged to enjoy with a donation to Project Compassion. At the same time we are called to reflect on what is most important in our lives, something from which we can be easily distracted by the glitz and glamour of the material world. During our Ash Wednesday ceremonies we had an opportunity to consider what we can do in our lives to bring peace into our communities, what actions we can take to respond to the call of the Gospel. As Lent continues we will have a number of opportunities as a community to focus on these important questions.

This coming Sunday is Open Day. Staff have been busily preparing to showcase the outstanding teaching and learning that takes place in the various subject areas, many students have volunteered to assist on the day, and the Parents and Friends Association is once more hosting the hospitality stall. There will be a sausage sizzle available for lunch, performances by various ensembles and I will address visitors at 11.00am and 1.00pm. As Open Day has developed over the past few years, it has come to be a very important annual event and one which gives us all great reason to be proud of our community. I look forward once again to seeing many familiar faces as well as new visitors to the College.

This week we welcomed visitors from our sister Good Samaritan school, Seiwa, from Japan. These annual visits have strengthened the connection between our schools and we always look forward to them. I want to thank especially those families who hosted students and made them so welcome. The girls from Seiwa are particularly renowned for their beautiful singing and we were fortunate to have an opportunity to hear them sing on Thursday. On Friday some of our students helped teach the girls how to play cricket, which was very much enjoyed by all involved. I know that by Monday morning when our guests depart some strong friendships will have been forged in the short time the girls have been together.

As Lent begins let us recall the meaning of Ash Wednesday:

God of all peoples and creatures,
you knew the chaos that swirled before Creation
and the clash of tongues in Babylon;
you raised up humanity from dust by your breath,
and by your Spirit we may still be renewed.
But on this day of dust and ashes,
Let us reacquaint ourselves
with our smouldering, crumbling, earthbound nature:
Let us come face to face with all we have failed to honour,
every difference we refuse to celebrate,
every fear-based judgment that drives us away from love,
every certainty that lifts us above our brother, our sister,
our neighbour, our enemy.
God of hope and healing,
breathe into us again and restore us as your children.
Draw order out of chaos once more,
let our tongues fall silent until guided by your Spirit;
let our steps fall in line with Christ's journey through the wilderness;
let our hands reach out in care and re-creation
where your work is still to be done.


Mrs Maria Pearson

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Term Dates 2014

Term One


Term concludes Friday 11 April

Term Two


Tuesday 29 April - Friday 20 June

Term Three


Tuesday 15 July - Friday 19 September

Term Four


Tuesday 7 October - Friday 5 December


Mission News

This week, on Wednesday, we gathered in Homerooms for a liturgy to mark Ash Wednesday and to begin our Season of Lent. Our liturgy focused on the idea of repentance, of turning around the things in our lives which diminish us and embracing the things which bring us closer to God and lead us to treat others with love and respect.

Lent is our time of preparation for the great feast of Easter. During this important time we are called to reflect seriously on our lives and to ensure that the spiritual dimension is not pushed to the background with the pressure of daily life. The season of Lent allows us an opportunity to look at our lives, to reassess our priorities and to make sure that our energies and our actions go towards things that are of lasting value and those that are of service to one another.

There are a number of visible signs that go with the season of Lent. On Ash Wednesday the visible sign is the mark of ashes that we received on our forehead. There are also the physical acts of self denial which many of us will take up during Lent. Indeed, one of the things that Catholics commonly speak about is the idea of giving up something for Lent. These visible signs and physical actions are important, but they are also just a means to an end. They are a mechanism to encourage us to look at our lives and to set out to change ourselves for the better.

Our Liturgy on Wednesday included some periods of silent prayer to allow us to contemplate our relationship with God and reflect on how we might embrace the call to repentance during the Lenten season.

In our Mount St Benedict community we will endeavour to keep the call to conversion before us in the coming weeks. We will use our prayer together, our reflection and our invitations to serve as ways of ensuring that we make the most of this opportunity for renewal.

One significant focus that will take place during Lent is our support of Caritas Australia. This will involve all students on Wednesday 12 March during Periods One and Two. Students have already been given information about the trek and are being asked to support Caritas through obtaining sponsorship for their walk. We encourage all parents to read through this information to make themselves aware of the arrangements and how they can support these activities. We look forward to your support in this initiative. Further information is available from our Ministry Coordinator Mrs Donna Dempsey.

Students are also encouraged to take advantage of the different times of prayer that are offered during the week at school, as well as taking time during their day for prayer. The Liturgy of the Church during the Season of Lent is rich with the messages and symbols of the call to repentance and conversion. We are all encouraged to share in these important occasions in our local Parish Communities. The weekly Sunday Eucharist is an important time of gathering and prayer in our Catholic tradition and we should strive to join this celebration as regularly as possible. Additionally, Parishes celebrate Eucharist on each other day of the week. These celebrations are usually quieter and more simple gatherings than the Sunday Eucharist but they also provide a great opportunity for prayer in the busyness of the week.

May our observance of Lent lead us ever closer to our God who loves us and sustains us.

Mr Paul Lentern
Assistant Principal - Dean of Mission

Curriculum News

Year 10 Parent Information Evening

Monday 24 March
in the College Hall

The Evening will address three key areas:

  • Building a context for Year 10 including research findings in girls education, outline of Mission activities and academic care and how it relates to your daughter now and in the senior years
  • Important Curriculum practices and procedures including study skills and assessment procedures
  • Subject Selection Process Year 11 2015 including courses offered for 2015 and an explanation of the scaling process and the relationship between HSC and internal assessment marks.

The College believes that these areas will provide a solid foundation and a smoother transition for the girls into senior school. Therefore, students are expected to attend with you and wear their school uniform. The evening should conclude by around 8.30pm.

Mrs Pearson, the College Principal, will give a context for the evening, outlining some of the important issues that are facing Year 10, give an overview of important Mission activities and discuss research findings in girls' education. Senior students will explain the College's Academic Care Program and how it relates to your daughter now and in the senior years.

Mrs Gabrielle Keats, the Studies Coordinator, will outline study skills and assessment expectations which will assist the girls in their planning for the year. There are some significant changes in terms of assessment procedures from Year 9. This will be discussed in the context of the Assessment Calendar and Handbook which will be distributed and discussed with the students in a Pastoral Care period before the evening.

In addition, I will explain the Scaling Process and the relationship between HSC and Internal Assessment marks and its relevance to the subject selection process and courses offered for 2014. This is particularly important as students begin the process of discerning which courses to choose for next year.

I look forward to seeing you and your daughter on this important evening.

Mr John Muskovits
Assistant Principal - Dean of Curriculum

News from Literacy and Numeracy

Literacy at Bennies is alive and thriving! Students are being challenged to enter the 'Writenow!' Competition for the Sydney Writers' Festival; our Book Club which meets every Thursday in the IRC has a vibrant group of readers who love to share and this week in the Da Vinci program we are tackling the art and poetry task on the theme of mystery and mayhem. Our staff are also engaged in a series of five Literacy refresher sessions, running over lunch-times, and taking back to the classroom great new activities to help students with their literacy. Our small specialist support classes are established and already working hard on their assessments.

If your daughter has an interest in writing (and is in Years 7 to 9) please encourage her to enter the Writenow! competition at:

In Numeracy last year some exciting digital signage helped raise our consciousness about the presence of and need for numeracy skills in our everyday lives. Try to use opportunities every day to talk with your daughters about measuring, weighing, reading and interpreting data, telling the time and of course, knowing their times tables!

In Literacy and Numeracy at the College we act from the belief that every student is different and has her own unique learning needs. The Allwell testing completed last year by the current Year 7 students provides us with a snapshot of each student's academic developmental needs. We use this and further testing as a way to support identified students and to provide programs in various areas. In some cases these will be in spelling, reading, and numeracy.

In order to do this, at this time of year we are planning for our Peer Support Reading Program. This exciting program links very competent volunteer Year 9 students with students in Year 7 who need extra help and specific practice with their reading. The students will meet three times a week and work on a one-to-one basis with each other, using a variety of materials. We aim to have this up and running in Term Two. The Program finishes in Week Six of Term Three, providing students with a possible additional fifteen hours of one-to-one reading.


This year, again, Year 7 and Year 9 will complete the National Literacy and Numeracy Tests across three days: 13, 14 and 15 May. The tests will be very similar to the previous NAPLAN Tests and, if you are not yet familiar with these, they have replaced the earlier Basic Skills Tests done in Years 3, 5 and 7.

On each of the three days the tests will only take up Periods One and Two or Periods Two and Three, so they will follow a normal program for the day after the testing is completed.

For further information follow the links:

This second link gives some interesting information which appears new this year. It seems that students will either be required to write a narrative or a persuasive task and need to be prepared for both.

If you have any questions re NAPLAN 2014, Literacy and Numeracy at the College or Learning Support please contact: Jen Collins Pope (Literacy/Numeracy Specialist and Resource Teacher) or Margot Hadfield (Learning Support Coordinator) Tel: 9980 0426

Mrs Jen Collins Pope
Literacy / Numeracy Specialist and Resource Teacher

College News

Swimming Carnival

The Swimming Carnival lived up to its reputation as an event full of house coloured costumes, loud and enthusiastic cheering and plenty of action in the pools! For the MSB girls the carnival is a chance to celebrate the talents and achievements of so many girls in the pool as well as providing everyone the opportunity to contribute to their house spirit. There were around 110 heats, each with about ten swimmers, throughout the day in the 50m pool. In addition there was tremendous support for the 25m events in the diving pool. Congratulations to all the girls who participated and contributed to the Carnival. I would especially like to mention our senior students for their magnificent participation.

Thank you to the staff for their wonderful support, your hard work on the day is invaluable to the success of the day. Thank you also to the parents who were able to come along. I am sure your presence was very much appreciated by the girls and hope that you found the day to be both enjoyable and entertaining.

While we recognise the following girls for their outstanding individual performances on the pool I would like to congratulate the many girls who competed with such wonderful sporting spirit.

Junior Age Champion
1st Caitlin Walsh – Terracina
2nd Madeleine Emmett Duignan – Arcadia
3rd Alicia Marcer – Subiaco

Intermediate Age Champion
1st Brooke Mindham – New Norcia
2nd Chelsea Brackin – Monte Cassino
3rd Jessica Marcer – Subiaco

Senior Age Champion
1st Emily Michell - Montserrat
2nd Laura Pinker – Monte Cassino
3rd Emma Hayman – Monte Cassino

Overall School Champion
1st Brooke Mindham – New Norcia
2nd Caitlin Walsh – Terracina
3rd Emily Michell – Monte Cassino

House Relay
1st Arcadia
2nd Montserrat
3rd Subiaco

War Cry
1st Monte Cassino
2nd Stanbrook
3rd Arcadia

House Participation
1st Monte Cassino
2nd Montserrat
3rd Arcadia

Overall Champion House
1st Montserrat
2nd Arcadia
3rd Terracina

Mater Dei PEACE EGG for sale this Easter.

Most of us will spend money on chocolate eggs at Easter time. The PEACE EGG provides a terrific opportunity for you to purchase a Chocolatier Australia chocolate egg as well as do something special for others…money raised from the sale of this egg helps to fund some of the community based programs that help improve the quality of life for children with intellectual disabilities at Mater Dei, Camden.


This Easter give the gift that gives twice by completing the attached order form and returning it, with the correct money, to Student Services by Tuesday 18 March.

Mater Dei Peace Egg Order Form


Ms Kathy Reid
Subiaco House Coordinator

News from the Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) Department

Drama students attend Once in Royal David's City

On Friday 21 February the Theatre Subscription Group, consisting of a group of Year 10 and 11 Drama students, attended Belvoir Street Theatre to watch Once in Royal David's City by Michael Gow and Directed by Eamon Flack. This was the first play of the season that the girls will be watching this year so the excitement level was high.

Lisa Stevens and myself were delighted with the maturity and appreciation shown by the girls. It is a pleasure to provide extra opportunities for keen, interested and passionate Drama students. The girls were very excited to meet Tara Morice, who was in the play, briefly afterwards as they waited to be picked up.

Below are a few of the girls thoughts about the play:

I personally hadn't watched a theatre performance before watching a play, I had only viewed musicals. To have the experience to watch a theatrical performance live was incredible. It is very different to musicals in the sense that it is more relatable. Attending the theatre was a wonderful experience that I will not forget, the whole piece was very intriguing as well as enjoyable to watch. Theatre does not need to have props, detailed costumes and a background to set the scene, the characters create the scene which I love because it triggers your imagination. It also questions your knowledge on the theatre play and what emotions you feel towards the characters and the scenario that is taking place. All the characters were amazing to watch, all the actors and actresses showed their character. The performance mentioned the works of Bertolt Brecht which Year 10 is currently learning in our classrooms, this piece explained his work in a practical way as well as a way we can relate to. I am very excited to attend the next theatre performances at Belvoir Street. Rhiannon Hassan, Year 10 Drama

'Once in Royal David's City' was a truly moving and humorous play. The cast was really entertaining and talented in both acting and singing of Christmas carols. I was fortunate enough to get a photo with Tara Morice, star of Strictly Ballroom and Dance Academy. It was an amazing night and I am definitely looking forward to the upcoming plays. Dominique Boudib, Year 10 Drama

I thought that the play 'Once in Royal David's City' was very good. It talked about the Brecht techniques which was good as we were learning about this in Drama currently. I like how they used the sheet as a transition and I thought it was really good way of scene transition. I really enjoyed the concept of the play as a whole. Caitlin Harris, Year 10 Drama

'Once in Royal David's City' was an insightful play full of talented actors. It explored ideas about political drama and also about life and death. I really enjoyed the experience and am looking forward to the next performance! I also loved the Belvoir Theatre set out and the actors' use of space and minimal props, it really worked nicely. Cassandra Benco, Year 11 Drama

The play last week was such a great night! It was really interesting and I enjoyed it very much! It was a lovely experience to go with my friends to the theatre especially Belvior :) Olivia Zeaiter, Year 10 Drama

I found the play really interesting. It made me think about the message the writer and actors are trying to get across. The actors were amazing as they performed with enthusiasm and powerfully. Attending the theatre is definitely benefiting me in class as I can get handy tips, on how to connect with the audience. It was interesting to see at the end of the play the different ways it affected the audience. In our audience I saw a few people crying and others laughing. I really enjoyed going with fellow students and I cannot wait for the next play. Sarah Hogan, Year 10 Drama

I personally thought the play was great. It was a different type of theatre and the actors really used what they had to present to the audience. It was funny as well as very deep and meaningful. Overall I thought it was a fantastic night. Kirstin Rowberry, Year 11 Drama

Dates for your diary

Year 11 Play
House on Fire
Thursday 4 and Friday 5 April
in the Drama Room

Tickets $10 and will be available later in the term from the College website.

Mrs Gabrielle Keats

Mrs Lisa Stevens
Drama Teachers

Music students inspired by Meet the Music

Year 11 and 12 Music 1 and 2 students, along with Mr Watters, Mrs Webber and Ms Sheehan attended the first concert in this years' Meet the Music on Thursday evening at the Sydney Opera House.

The opening concert featured the wonderful music of prolific film composer John Williams. John Williams wrote, among many other soundtracks, the 'Jaws' theme, 'Harry Potter' ,'Star Wars', 'Jurassic Park' and 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' soundtracks. To see this music performed by a live symphony orchestra was a real treat and all the students attending were inspired to create pieces of film music themselves!

Mrs Susan Webber
Music Teacher

Music Tuition at the College

Lessons have now commenced, however there are still places available if your daughter would like to commence music tuition at the College. Download the following documents and return to Mr Watters if interested.

Download Letter to Parents - Music Tuition here

Download Music - Enrolment Form here

Download Music - Instrumental Tuition Application Form here

Mr Peter Watters
Head of Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) Department

From the Studies Coordinator

Study Skills Tip for March - Five Reasons not to put off starting assessments

Here are five reasons why you should start working on your assessment immediately.


    Even if your assessment isn't due for weeks, start thinking about it immediately. At the very least, answer the key starter questions (below) on the day you get your assessment. Even if you are not thinking about it directly, your subconscious will be hard at work.


    Although the school or local library will probably not be your main source of reference, you should drop in soon after receiving the assignment. Your teacher will probably have alerted the school librarian to the assignment and reference books, magazines etc may well be displayed. These will disappear quickly if the whole class has the same assignment. Books, periodicals, magazines can sometimes be a useful general overview for an assignment and they help to clarify a direction as you begin to immerse yourself into the assignment topic. It is not a good idea to only use Google!


    You could also ask your local librarian for any additional direction on where to look for resource material for your assessment. Librarians are often your best source of information. They know how to help people access relevant and appropriate information, in books, the Internet or computer based references. One of the challenging aspects of Internet based searches for school students is the complexity, language and purpose of websites, not to mention bias and reliability.


    If you do some initial research on the assessment points you've identified through the library, references your teacher may have given you, school textbooks, and general internet search engines, you could find yourself having more direction in your research. For example: Perhaps there isn't enough information, or perhaps you find you don't understand important concepts, or perhaps you need to speak to your teacher to get further clarity. If you find this out early, you will still have plenty of time to plan, research, write and present your assignment. Imagine if you didn't start your assessment for a week or so, and then discovered you needed more guidance. You could easily run out of time.


    Starting your assessment immediately will give you a safety net in case you get sick, or something unexpected happens. Assessments are usually given because they require more time; students must plan a strategy or schedule to ensure they are completed. You should always have a schedule that allows for the unexpected.

So get started today!

Learn more this year about how to improve your results and be more efficient and effective with your schoolwork by working through the units on - our school's access details are:

  • Username:formsbenonly
  • Password:124results

For more information, contact:

Enhanced Learning Educational Services
PO Box 9 Neutral Bay NSW 2089
Telephone: 0416 293 087

ELES.... the Study Skills specialist!

Year 7 Study Skills Evening

This week Prue Salter from Enhanced Learning Educational Services ( ran a study skills evening with Year 7 parents and students. The evening helped families put systems in place to help students work towards achieving their personal best in an efficient and effective way. Students examined their home study environment, the way they organise and manage their resources, how to work effectively at home and deal with distractions, how to manage the workload in high school, and the steps to studying in high school: making study notes, learning the notes by testing yourself and doing as much practice as possible.

Parents are encouraged to review the handout from the session with students and discuss the main areas identified where changes need to be made. Parents can also find extra study skills tips on the following website:

All secondary students at our school also have access to a great study skills website to help students develop their skills. Go to and enter the username: formsbenonly and the password: 124results and start improving your results today!

Mrs Gabrielle Keats
Studies Coordinator

Essay and Extended Response Skills Workshop - for Years 9 and 10

8.45am - 3.15pm
Wednesday 23 April
in the IRC

Your daughter is invited to attend a holiday workshop on essay writing run by ICS Learning Group.

The aim of this course is to provide a step-by-step approach for students to help them understand the specific requirements for essay writing and other extended response writing. The scope of the course extends from reading and interpreting the question, through to the final draft. The outcome is to maximise marks gained in exams and for assessment essays.

The focus of the course is on:

  1. Interpreting the question correctly
  2. Organisation of ideas through planning
  3. Structure of the response
  4. The writing phase

Content Overview

  • Essay Structure
  • Sentence Structure
  • Brainstorming
  • Paragraph Structure
  • Planning Aids
  • Expanding an Idea
  • Sequencing Paragraphs
  • Punctuation
  • Linking Paragraphs
  • Time Management
  • Word Resources
  • Course essay
  • Composing Better Introductions
  • Language
  • Composing Better Conclusions

Students will analyse essay types (descriptive/informative, critical/analytical and argumentative/persuasive). They will also practise interpreting actual exam questions.

Understanding the logical process of extended response writing will enable the students to practise and refine their techniques. Essay questions can then be approached with skills and confidence.

All students actively participate in small classes of 12. The workbook becomes a comprehensive reference document.

Your daughter received a letter and permission note about this workshop in Homeroom this week. This letter contains all the relevant information regarding booking and making payment with ICS Learning. This letter is also available to download from the Permission Notes area on BenniesNet and has been included below for your convenience.

Year 9-10 Essay and Extended Response Skills Workshop.

For further information, please contact ICS Learning Group

Mrs Sharon McGowan
MYBennies Innovation Leader / IRC Coordinator

Mrs Gabrielle Keats
Studies Coordinator

Maths Workshop

The Mathematics Department runs regular help sessions after school on Monday Day 1 and Wednesday Day 8 from 3.30pm to 4.15pm in the IRC Collaborative Space. Students from all years (in any course) who would like some assistance with their Mathematics are most welcome to attend.

Some of the reasons students attend the workshops include: preparation for upcoming assessment tasks, assistance with classwork, or getting some help with homework.

Maths Workshop provides a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere where students are able to receive assistance on a more individual basis. They are encouraged to bring along specific examples of concepts they would like to address.

Mrs Denise Hillier
Head of Mathematics

Year 7 Vaccination Schedule



Mon 10 Mar


Y7 HPV Dose 1

Mon 5 May


Y7 HPV Dose 2, Diphtheris-Tetanus-Pertussis

Mon 25 Aug


Y7 HPV Dose 3, Chickenpox

For further information, please contact the Northern Sydney Public Health Unit.

MSB Golden Jubilee

We are currently updating our archival records with the History Company in preparation for our Golden Jubilee in 2016. As a result of this process we have discovered some of our publications have been misplaced. If you are an ex-student and you have kept publications such as Newsletters and School Diaries, or have photos of significant events etc, and you would be happy to share a copy with us and/or donate it to the College please email

MSB Alumni Memories

If you have fond memories of your time at Bennies, we'd love it if you could please jot these down and email them to If you have photos to go with these memories, please include. The Archives are looking for memories that we can put in a safe place to share with the future MSB Girls.

Hot topics of discussion would be:

  • Food
  • Fads
  • Friends
  • Favourite places to hang in the College.

From Student Services

If Your Daughter is Absent or Late

If your daughter is absent or late, please send an SMS message to 0418 565 982 with a brief reason.

For example 'Susan Smith Y8 sick', "Susan Smith Y8 Physio appt'.

If your daughter is attending an appointment please specify the type of appointment. The College is required by law to record a reason for absence/lateness so as to avoid a follow-up, please ensure that you explain your daughter's 'absence/lateness' when sending your SMS message. This is a text only number. Once you have sent a SMS message you are not required to send a written note. If you are bringing your daughter to school late, could you take the time to write a note in her diary before she gets out of the car. To have the ‘lateness’ explained on the day then requires no follow up.

Lost Property

A reminder to all parents to clearly name all of your daughter's personal possessions. Lost Property is displayed on the table outside Student Services. All UNNAMED items are placed here and your daughter should check regularly for anything she has misplaced. Named items are held at Student Services and students are notified via Daily Notices. Note: All items of value are held at Student Services.

Fitness Studio - Opening hours for Use by Senior Students


The MSB Fitness Studio will be open and supervised for use by senior students on Tuesday Day 2 and Thursday Day 9, from 3.20pm - 4.20pm. Following their fitness session, the girls are required to leave school in either their full PDHPE uniform or otherwise change back into their full school uniform to travel home.

Mrs Gill McGregor
Physical Activity Coordinator

Representative Sport

Further details for all Representative Sports will be available on the MSB College website here.

If your daughter has recently achieved outstanding sporting results please send me an email so that the College can share in her success.


NSW CCC Website:

Wet Weather Line: 9990 3633


Representative Sports Calendar



NSW CCC Selections
Monday 24 March (Wet weather b/up Tue 25 March)



NSW ALL SCHOOLS Championships
Sat 12 - Wed 16 April



NSW ALL SCHOOLS Championships (E Morley Y11)
Tue 11 March



BROKEN BAY Championships
Mon 24 March



CCC Open Teams Selections (K Simpson Y10)
Mon 3 Mar



Tue 18 March - MSB U13 Rep Teams
(Wet weather b/up Tue 25 Mar)



NSW ALL SCHOOLS Championships
Thu 6 March - Individual (J Smillie Y7)
Fri 7 March - Teams

NSW CCC Team Notifications

Students who wish to trial for sports that are offered directly through NSW CCC will need to nominate through the NSW CCC website as outlined in the attached information - please read it carefully.

Closing dates approaching this month include trials for the Open NSW CCC Hockey Teams (U16 and Open Teams) and Schoolgirls Head of the River (online through your external coach) and Diving. These are State Level team trials and as such only experienced athletes should nominate to attend.

Representative Sport Information Pack

NSW CCC How to Register an Expression of Interest

Representative Sport Trials / Training next week

  • Mon 10 Mar - JUNIOR TOUCH Training (U13) lunchtime on the Oval

  • Thu 13 Mar - JUNIOR TOUCH Training (U13) lunchtime on the Oval

  • Thu 13 Mar - OPEN SOCCER Trials (Call Backs) lunchtime on the Oval


Broken Bay Championships - Additional Events

All team members have been emailed the permission note, which is due back Monday, and a current Team List is on the Sports Noticeboard and can also be accessed below.


Monday is the final day for Nomination forms to be received, by me, for distance events at the NSW CCC Championships.

NSW CCC Carnival - Additional Events

Information regarding this carnival is currently available on the NSW CCC website.

  • 400 Freestyle (JUNIOR / INTERMEDIATE / SENIOR)
  • 100 Backstroke (JUNIOR / INTERMEDIATE / SENIOR)
  • 100 Breaststroke (JUNIOR / INTERMEDIATE / SENIOR)
  • 100 Butterfly (JUNIOR / INTERMEDIATE / SENIOR)

Students wishing to nominate for these long distance events at the NSW CCC Championships (not held at the BBSSSA Championship) will need to return the nomination forms, emailed to all students earlier this term, prior to Monday 10 March.

This is a State level carnival for experienced swimmers only. Only one female swimmer per age division from the entire Broken Bay Diocese will be successful (in rare cases multiple swimmers may be successful from the same Diocese for an event). Unsuccessful athletes will not be notified.

Please send nominations to Mrs Grant so that the College can follow up if necessary.

NSW ALL SCHOOLS Carnival - Additional Events

The program for the NSW All Schools Championships is currently on the NSW CCC Website.

  • 1500 Freestyle (OPEN)
  • 800 Backstroke (OPEN
  • 200 Breaststroke (JUNIOR / INTERMEDIATE / SENIOR)
  • 200 Backstroke (JUNIOR / INTERMEDIATE / SENIOR)
  • 200 Butterfly (JUNIOR / INTERMEDIATE / SENIOR)
  • 400m Individual Medley (JUNIOR / INTERMEDIATE / SENIOR)
  • 100m Backstroke - Multi-class (12 - 15yrs and 15 - 19yrs)

Students wishing to nominate for the long distance events at the NSW All Schools Championships (not held at the NSW CCC Carnival) will need to submit a nomination form (with long course times) now available on the CCC website prior to Wednesday 23 April.

This is a State level carnival for experienced swimmers only.

Please notify Mrs Grant if you apply for one of these events so that the College can follow up if necessary.

2014 Sports Tour

There are now only 36 days until our teams depart for Europe.

The girls are looking forward to the Team Bonding Afternoon and Parent Information Night on Wednesday 12 March. We anticipate that the evening will conclude at 8.00pm.

All members of the netball teams coached by Mrs Walsh, Mrs Gillies and Mrs Rowland are reminded that they are required to bring navy or black bike shorts for the official photo and the football team will need MSB socks. Students will then change into their MSB PDHPE uniform for training.

Dates for next week -

  • Wednesday 12 March - Team Bonding Afternoon and Parent Information Night
  • Thursday 13 March - Training Netball 5 vs 3 Lunchtime (Mrs Walsh and Mrs Rowland)


Congratulations to Amie Bowrey, Year 7, who last weekend won the U12 NSW Little Athletics State Multi Septathlon at Lake Illawarra in wet and trying conditions. This event is a State wide Open event where points are added for 200m, 60 hurdles, 800m, shot put, long jump and discus. This was the 5th consecutive year that Amie has won the State title!

Amie is now training for her events at the NSW Individual Little Athletics Titles in three weeks time. As Amie is a Terracina house member I am sure that Mrs Gillies is looking forward to our Athletics carnival next term. Tiarne Ekstrom, Year 7, also competed in this event finishing a credible 8th from a field of 36 competitors.

Good Luck

Erin Morley, Year 11, will contest the NSW All Schools Championships next week as a member of the Open NSW CCC Softball Team.

Mrs Karen Grant
Representative Sports Coordinator / Physical Activity Coordinator

Co-curricular Sports

MSB Netball

Teams will be posted on the College Sports Notice board on Monday 10 March.

Any queries regarding team allocations should be addressed to the Grading Committee via email by 8.00pm, Wednesday 12 March.

Managers are required for each team before HDNA will accept registration. If there are no volunteers, one will be allocated from the team parents.

Coaches are also required for all age groups. Volunteers do not need experience as support will be given. Please contact the Coaching Convenor via email.

Dates for your diary

  • Wed 26 March: Beginner level Umpires Course commences
  • Sat 5 April: Beginners Coaching Clinic
  • Sat 3 May: Winter Competition commences
  • Training Sessions

    All girls are reminded that they are expected to wear their full PDHPE uniforms to all training sessions, including your cap when training outdoors. Relevant safety gear, as required by your sport, is also required at all training sessions.

    Students being picked up from inside the College grounds are permitted to wear their PDHPE uniform home from school after training. Any student who needs to leave the College grounds to make their way home is required to get changed back into her correct school uniform.

    Changes and cancellations to training sessions will be posted on the whiteboard outside Student Services. Please check the whiteboard between lunchtime and the end of Period 6 on your training days.

    Mrs Rebecca Lewis
    Co-curricular Sports Coordinator

    P & F News

    P & F Coming Events

    10.00am – 2.00pm
    Sunday 9 March

    The P&F run a Refreshments Table on Open Day and are looking for volunteers. Your donations of cakes, slices, biscuits and savoury items would be appreciated on the day.

    In addition the P&F are looking for helpers for the Refreshment Table to assist with setup, serving and clean-up.

    If you can assist with donations or help on the day, please download the volunteer form and return to the P&F Box at Student Services by Thursday 6 March.


    The P&F Executive wishes to advise that the MSB Golf Day advertised for 21 March 2014 is being rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances. The new date will be advertised as soon as it has been secured with the Golf Club. Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused and thank you for your patience.

    Ms Julie Saad
    P&F President on behalf of the P&F Executive


    2014 MSBESA Dates

    3 March,
    2 June,
    17 June (BEYOND BENNIES 7.15am),
    11 August
    10 November (AGM)

    Each Meeting commences at 5.45pm in the College Boardroom.


    Bennies Connect

    Register at, log on as a 'first time user', update your details, explore the site, network and stay connected.....


    The Canteen opens daily from 8.00am - 2.00pm.

    MY STUDENT ACCOUNT - Cashless Canteen

    Students may order and pay for purchases with our 'cashless' option using their Student ID card.

    Comprehensive instructions on how to use this system can be found here.

    If you have any queries please contact Mrs Elke Forrest, Assistant Business Manager.

    Place a Canteen order here








    Ann-Marie Corcoran

    Karen Benco

    Aileen Buecker

    Karen Khoury

    Marlene Manning

    Susannah Knowles

    Chun Shen

    Sophie Xu

    Georgina Khamis

    Julie McIntyre


    Adriana Alessi-Cordoba


    NIcole Weston

    Swarnima Mathur



    Roza Bindschedler




    Joanne Murrie


    Please notify Melissa if you are unable to attend or if you would like to be removed from the Roster.
    ** If you can assist on Monday or Wednesday please call Melissa **

    Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers, we certainly could not provide the vast array of healthy nutritious food if it wasn't for our volunteers who give up one day a month to assist. If you would like to volunteer please click here.

    Mrs Melissa Arane
    Canteen Manager
    T: 9980 0448

    Uniform Shop

    The Uniform Shop is open Mondays between 10.00am and 2.00pm and Thursdays between 8.00am and 11.00am.

    Mrs Melissa Arane
    Uniform Shop Manager
    T: 9980 0447


    All students are able to access career information through the Careers page in BenniesNet. This includes current career newsletters, career assessments, career profiles, occupational videos, links to Universities, TAFE and private providers of training in NSW, the University Admissions Centre, HSC bonus point schemes, scholarships, gap year programmes and tips to assist with resumes and cover letters. Senior students are emailed important information as it becomes available. Parents will have access via the College website to Career newsletters.

    The College offers the opportunity for students over 13 to apply for a Tax File number. Application forms are available at Student Services and outside the Careers office. Completed forms are to be returned to student services and will be sent to the Australian Tax Office each month.

    Mrs Lucy Elgood
    Careers Advisor

    Community News