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07 Jun 2013

From the Principal

Dear parents, friends, staff and students

Monday saw the stadium at Homebush alive with colour as the College held its annual Athletics Carnival. Sadly I was unable to be there but I have heard what a great day it was and the ways in which the girls entered into the spirit of the day, through their participation, costumes and encouragement of each other. Such days are really important days in the life of a community – a great deal of learning takes place, skills which are critical for success in life – so I was very disappointed that I could not be present. I look forward to hearing more about the many outstanding performances and the stories of participation, enthusiasm and support for those who simply ‘had a go’.

I spent Sunday and Monday in Bathurst, meeting with Heads of other Independent schools. Part of the time we were together involved briefings about Government funding of schools. There is so much information being given through the media that it is sometimes hard to know what the real situation is. There is a lot of talk about additional money being available for education but very little information about exactly how that money will be distributed. The upcoming Federal election creates an additional layer of uncertainty. As soon as we know exactly what the implications are for Mount St Benedict College, I will communicate with parents. This will probably not be possible until some time in Term Four.

Thank you to parents, students and staff who completed the ACARA Surveys which were distributed over the last few weeks. The information from these surveys will ultimately be reported on the ACARA MySchool website, which obviously is a public website where people may look to find out about a school. It is great to have a representative sample of views reflected in the Satisfaction Data.

As you would be aware there are many changes happening in education at the moment. In 2014 the first stage of implementation of the Australian curriculum will commence. In order to prepare for this all government schools have scheduled two additional pupil-free days this year. At Mount St Benedict we are scheduling one additional pupil-free day on Tuesday 8 October, immediately following the Public Holiday. Students will return to school for Term Four on Wednesday 9 October.


Student Principal for a Day

I am happy to report that Tianna Raad made a great Principal, as she shared the role with me on Thursday this week. Tianna will have an opportunity to share some of her insights from the day at the next College Assembly. From my point of view it was good to be conscious of why I do the things I do and hear from a student’s perspective about how those things impact on the life of students. Thanks Tianna for sharing your time with me and with the College.


It often occurs to me how blessed I am to work with and be part of a community such as ours, one built on belief in a loving God and committed to positive, caring and compassionate relationships. I share this prayer of gratitude with you and hope that each day each one of us can find something in our lives to be grateful for:

Accept, O Lord, our thanks and praise for all that you have done for us.
We thank you for the splendor of the whole creation, for the beauty of this world,
for the wonder of life, and for the mystery of love.

We thank you for the blessing of family and friends,
and for the loving care which surrounds us on every side.

We thank you for setting us at tasks which demand our best efforts,
and for leading us to accomplishments which satisfy and delight us.

We furthermore thank you for those disappointments and failures
that lead us to acknowledge our dependence upon your mercies alone.

Above all, we thank you for your Son Jesus Christ; for the truth of his Word and the example of his life;
for his steadfast obedience, by which he overcame temptation; for his dying,
through which he overcame death; and for his rising to life again,
in which we are raised to the life of your kingdom.

Grant us the gift of your Spirit,
that we may at all times and in all places give thanks to you in all things. Amen.


Maria Pearson,
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Mission News

Community Outreach is an integral part of life at Mount St Benedict College. It is at the very heart of our College ethos and accordingly we have significant numbers of students and staff involved in a range of programs. Last weekend, in appalling weather, we had a small group of Year 11 students and some staff volunteering with the St Vincent De Paul Night Patrol. We have a monthly commitment to this service and each year our senior students volunteer their time to be on this roster. In this past week we have also had teachers and students involved with another St Vincent De Paul service known as SPARKS which provides tutoring after school to newly arrived refugee children. We have also had teachers visiting asylum seekers at Villawood Detention Centre and working with Refugee support programs at Josephite Community Aid (JCA) and the House of Welcome.

Each of our Year 10 and Year 11 students are expected to undertake a period of voluntary involvement with an outreach initiative. In Year 10 this activity takes place during Term Three where students all undertake a placement at the same time. In Year 11 students are required to organise their own placement. Some choose to join organised programs like St Vincent De Paul’s night patrol. Others find their own connections in areas of interest to them. In the coming holidays a small team of our Year 11 students will join a program known as Ministry Outreach which involves a week long immersion with students and teachers from other Good Samaritan Colleges. This immersion focuses on community organisations and their response to situations of disadvantage in Sydney. Students spend the week in the boarding accommodation at St Scholastica’s College Glebe and undertake daily visits to various agencies returning in the evening for some debriefing, prayer and reflection.

Also in the coming school holidays, on Wednesday 10 July a group of students and staff will be hosting a “Family Fun Day” for Refugee families with JCA. Around 400 people are expected to attend and currently our team are working on organising catering and activities for the event. If you’re able to help with donations for craft items including plaster moulds, craft paint, nail polish, craft glue, scrapbook things, face paints or similar items it would be much appreciated. Likewise if anyone has any contacts with businesses who could support us with catering and/or entertainment e.g. jumping castle, animal farm or something similar we would appreciate your support. Families of our students are more than welcome to attend. Please contact our College Chaplain Ms Christina Liu for more information.

A reminder of our Mother and Daughter Retreat which will take place at the Mount St Benedict Centre adjacent to the College on Friday 9 to Saturday 10 August. If you are interested in coming along please register by Sunday 16 June.

Mother and Daughter Retreat

5.00pm Friday 9 August – midday Saturday 10 August
The annual MSB Mother and Daughter Retreat provides some time for quality conversation,
quiet time, prayer and reflection focusing on the relationship between mothers and daughters.

Accommodation is in single rooms at the Mount St Benedict Centre, adjacent to the College,
and the program will be conducted by members of the College Mission Team.

The cost of the Retreat is $75 per person

Mr Paul Lentern
Assistant Principal – Dean of Mission
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Curriculum News

Year 8 Parent Teacher Evening
4.00pm – 7.30pm
Wednesday 19 June
in the College Hall

Online booking will open at 4.00pm on Tuesday 11 June and will close promptly at midday on Wednesday 19 June.
All parents will be emailed their login details (user and password) by Tuesday 11 June.
If you have any queries or feedback please email me

Mr John Muskovits
Assistant Principal Dean of Curriculum
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Due to demand, additional tickets have been released.
Note: Row K is the last of the floor seating and rows L to W will be elevated seating.

TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE – Click here to purchase your tickets

If you require wheelchair access please contact the College on 9980 0444.

Note: If you are unable to access the hyperlink above, please cut and paste into the address bar of your web browser The online trybooking system does not appear to work using Firefox.

Instrumental Tuition

Tuition has now commenced for all students who have chosen to learn a musical instrument at the College.

There are still spaces available for guitar, piano, strings and drums
but be quick as places are limited.

Please fill in an Music Instrument Tuition Form and return to Student Services. If you have any questions please contact Mr Watters

Mr Peter Watters
Head of Department – Creative and Performing Arts
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College News

Public Speaking

We are very proud to announce that Diana Kazakov in Year 8 was the runner-up (second place!) at the Rostrum Voice of Youth Regional Finals.
Having progressed through the heats earlier in the year, Diana presented a six-minute speech on the topic ‘The Games People Play’, in which she spoke about bullying at school and online, as well as a short-notice speech, where she was given a topic then allowed fifteen minutes to prepare before getting up and making a three-minute speech on it.
Nerve-wracking stuff, but Diana was up to the task and coming second is a remarkable achievement.
Diana worked very hard on getting ready for this competition, at home, before school and at lunchtime, and her efforts have paid off – congratulations Diana!

Mr Adam Shaw
English Teacher, Public Speaking Coordinator


Athletics Carnival

We were blessed with a beautiful sunny winter’s day for our annual Athletics Carnival on Monday. The sunshine inspired the girls to get involved in all the events, with the grandstand looking empty all day.
Congratulations to all the girls who competed in numerous events on the day. Your wonderful displays of house spirit did not go unnoticed. Whether it was a House or Championship event the level of enthusiasm was inspiring.
Thank you to all our staff, student helpers, House, Vice and Sports Captains and officials. Your dedication and encouragement was very evident throughout the day.
Thank you also to the parents who came along to support their girls. It was wonderful to have you at the Carnival.
Congratulations to the following houses:

We would like to especially recognise the following girls:

Karina Takchi
17+ 200m (25.81sec)
Genevieve Cowie
17+ 400m (59.70sec)
Madeline Bergfield
17+ Discus (37.67M)
17+ Shotput (12.51m)
1st Shannyn Bissett S Lauren Thompson MT Becky Clark A
2nd Courthey Harkin S Tamaryn McGregor M
Jenna Jardine SK
Genevieve Cowie N
3rd Kathryn Devitt M Kirsten Simpson T Emily Michell MT
1st 2nd 3rd
Becky Clark A Genevieve Cowie N Shannyn Bissett S

Mrs Rebecca Lewis
Carnival Convenor

SRC host a HIGH TEA in support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation

Forensic Science Camp

Working on our assigned case, having leisure time to just chill, drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate and presenting our official findings, and then arrest warrants to a real magistrate. That is the gist of what happened during the 2013 Forensic Science Camp (FSC) at The Armidale School held in the April school holidays.

The school was amazing, complete with a theatre, playground equipment, oval, swimming pool, and the really, really amazing laboratories. We had to either take a short flight or carpool to Armidale. I flew on an aeroplane for three hours while the other student, Amelia Dunkerley, decided to drive for seven. Once we arrived, orientation was a must. We received our name tags and another copy of the orientation booklet.

It wasn’t all games and mucking around. We were assigned to small task forces the next morning – two girls and two boys in each. I was in the task force Clark – focusing on a case named ‘Fishy Business’, after a man nicknamed Shark kidnapped a man’s wife and murdered her with a garden fork after the husband did not pay back a debt from the year previous.

Amelia was a part of the task force Smart, cracking a case called ‘V for Vendetta’. It started with a suspicious murder by a river and ended up as a revenge attack, a double murder and plenty of thievery and blackmailing.

The camp was really by teenagers for teenagers. It was run by groups of Year 9, 10 and 11 students from schools across Australia. There were thirty to forty counsellors, and only five or ten adults who looked after us. Minimum adult supervision was key in this camp; to let us do our own thing while still making sure we completed the work, cracked the codes, befuddled the suspects and all of the fun stuff.

Our counsellors were all friendly and extremely intense. They had spent all of 2012 sitting at laptops, buying evidence, concocting synthetic blood or just helping to create the camp in general. They wrote each scenario, answered our beck and call and helped us to have initiative when completing our work.

As for the cases, each one was thought out well, creative and very interesting. I know for a fact that one of the other cases had to do with one person being mistaken for another and being fed to lions at a circus!

Our schedule each day was to rise and eat breakfast in the lunch hall from 7.00am to 9.00am and then work on the case until midday, where we had an hour of recreational activities. We ate lunch after the hour of exercise (dubbed ‘Compulsory Fun’) and were back on the case again at 1.00pm until 6.30pm. Other than appearing at all the meals and the leisure activities, we planned our schedule. We planned when to have a snack in the break room (every couple hours), get hot chocolate (every hour) or take a break to talk about video games or why a microscope is fun to look at bugs with.

This camp was an amazing experience – ‘It was the best trip in my life’ and ‘I wish it never ended’. The only way to really get a feel for the camp is to attend it yourself. Unfortunately, however, the full camp is only available for year eights. So, with this text in mind, I hope that the science-geeks of year seven will keep this camp in mind when they complain about how ‘boring their holidays are going to be’ or how there are no good camps nowadays. Thank you to the College for providing us with an excellent Science experience outside of school.

Report by Madison Maddocks-Casada, Year 8, MC3

2014 History Study Tour to Europe

2014 History Study Tour Information Evening
Tuesday 18 June
in the Staffroom.

We are very excited to propose our first ever History Study Tour to Europe in 2014. The itinerary includes Germany and Italy and is tailored to cover the important areas of the Modern History, Ancient History and Society and Culture syllabuses.

Academy Travel has been selected based on their knowledge, extensive overseas network of guides and support staff and previous staff experience. There is no doubt that a tour of this size involves significant expense, however we believe that the educational experiences and inclusions will prove to be excellent value and allow the students to gain full benefit from their involvement.

An Information Evening will be held at the College at 7.00pm on Tuesday 18 June in the Staffroom. Our History Staff will explain the purpose and outline of the trip and Academy Travel representatives will give a description of their experiences as an educational tour operator, as well as the inclusions and benefits of the trip.

To register your interest in attending the Information Evening, please visit the College website

For further information click here

Mr Greg Hume
History Teacher

MSB Golden Jubilee
We are currently updating our archival records with the History Company in preparation for our Golden Jubilee in 2016. As a result of this process we have discovered some of our publications have been misplaced. If you are an ex-student and you have kept publications such as Bennies Buzz, Newsletters and School Diaries, or have photos of significant events etc, and you would be happy to share a copy with us and/or donate it to the College please contact Mrs Michelle Blackman on 9980 0401 or email

The College is once again participating in the WRAP WITH LOVE Project. We will be knitting squares to make into wraps for those less fortunate.

SQUARES: 25cm x 25cm (10”x10”)
WOOL: 8 ply
NEEDLES: 4mm (size 8 imperial)
This is approximately 47 – 50 stitches

I have plenty of left-over wool. Anyone interested, just let me know and I’ll happily supply you. I already have House-colour bundles arranged.

I am appealing to the MSB community for left-over wool in any of the eight house colours (white, green, red, cerise, purple, orange, blue and yellow), but particularly red, orange and yellow. Black (for contrast) would also be very useful. Please leave at Student Services marked for Mrs Davey.

Join me in the IRC at lunchtime on Thursdays. Come and learn to knit or just enjoy knitting with others.
We can all make a difference.

For more information on Wrap With Love click here

Mrs Gail Davey
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If Your Daughter is Absent or Late

If your daughter is absent or late, please send an SMS message to 0418 565 982 with a brief reason. For example ‘Susan Smith Y8 sick/appointment’. This is a text only number. Once you have sent a SMS message you are not required to send a written note. If you are bringing your daughter to school late, could you take the time to write a note in her diary before she gets out of the car. To have the ‘lateness’ explained on the day then requires no follow up.

Lost Property

All unnamed items of lost property will be on display on the table outside Student Services in the last week of term. Named articles are held at Student Services and your daughter is notified via Daily Notices.

Please ensure that your daughter checks the table if she has lost anything. All items that are left at the end of the week will be recycled.

Student Travel

If your daughter needs to change her travel arrangements to/from school please ask her to obtain a Travel Form from Student Services and return it filled in with her new travel details before the end of term. The State Transport system only allows you to do this in the first five weeks of Terms One and Three.

Effective Monday 17 June Hillsbus have amended the following routes:
  • The 632 will now terminate at Pennant Hills Station.
  • The M60 will be the only bus to go between Hornsby and Pennant Hills stations and will not be coming past the school. Students will have to go to Pennant Hills station to catch the bus to Hornsby.

There have been several changes to current timetables and these have been communicated to your daughter via Daily Notices. These are displayed on the Noticeboard outside the Printroom. Please have your daughter check here regularly.
Please check the website – for further information.

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Representative Sport

Further details for all Representative Sports will be available on the MSB College website under Activities/Sports.

If your daughter has recently achieved outstanding sporting results please send me an email so that the College as a whole can share in her success.

All students have been emailed extensive information regarding Representative Sport this term. This document can be downloaded here. Students who wish to trial for sports that are offered directly through the NSW CCC Association will need to nominate through the NSW CCC website as outlined here. General NSW CCC information can be downloaded here.


NSW CCC Website:

Wet Weather Line:
9990 3633

2014 MSB Sports Tour to England and France

We have had an overwhelming early response to the 2014 Sports Tour. We anticipate that successful applicants will be notified prior to the end of the term.

MSB Representative Athletics Team

A draft team list is currently on the Sports Noticeboard. Sign up sheets for the Walk and Hurdles events are also currently on the Noticeboard. These events were not held at our Carnival, but will be available at the Broken Bay Athletics Carnival on Wednesday 21 August.

There are two places available in the 1500m walk and one in each hurdles age group.

Preference will be given to students who provide a time and email or hand into the Representative Sport Slot at Student Services a copy of their Little Athletics Book, website printout or other evidence of the time/distance by Wednesday 12 June.

Nominations close at the start of Period Three on Wednesday 12 June.

A team photo will be taken during Co-curricular Photo Day. All team members will be emailed the permission note during the last week of term once the team is finalised.

MSB Student to be Australian Delegate

This week Lily Vidler received the exciting news that she had been selected as the sole NSW representative to be an Australian Delegate at the 9th International Youth Forum of Coubertin Schools in Lillehammer, Norway.

Lily will be involved in the Forum program organising sports events, leading discussion groups and coordinating group activities as well as participating for the Coubertin Award.

Her accommodation organised by the host school, Gausdal Pierre de Coubertin High School, in the Birkebeineren Hotel, Lillehammer, was built as the Press Village for the Winter Olympic Games, 1994. Lily will also have the opportunity to visit the Olympic venues, and enjoy the Norwegian culture and landscape.

To further enhance the experience, the Pierre de Coubertin Gymnasium Erfurt, Germany, has kindly offered a week of homestay with their students, following the International Forum. Erfurt is situated in the centre of Germany, in the province of Thuringia, with a history dating back some 1,250 years. A visit to the school and excursions to places of interest will be organised for the Australian delegation.

As a College community we rejoice with her and know that she will be an excellent ambassador for herself, her family, our College and our country.

Yet another example of what our wonderful students can achieve!.


To Isabella Duncan (Year 9) who was a member of the U15 Broken Bay Touch team that won the CCC Championships this week. Pictured back right.

Lily Vidler (Year 12), Genevieve Cowie (Year 12) and Ashleigh McKimm (Year 11) were members of the Open Broken Bay side.


To the thirteen MSB students who will compete at the NSW CCC Cross Country Championships next Friday at Eastern Creek.

Year 7: Capri Vidler and Jemma Gallagher
Year 8: Elly Gallagher
Year 9: Kirsten Simpson
Year 10: Emily Bray, Kristin Jeffery and Molly Valencour
Year 11: Emily Michell, Ashleigh McKimm and Kerilee Coote
Year 12: Rachel Turner, Clare Krajancic and Lily Vidler

Tue 18 June (MSBREP U13/U15 team)
(Wet weather backup Thu 20 June)
(CCC OPEN Teams – Hayley Evans Y11)
(Wet Weather Backup Thu 20 June)
(Wet Weather Backup Wed 12 June)
(Wet Weather Backup tba)
(Wet Weather Backup Tue 3 Sep)
(Wet Weather Backup Wed 24 Jul)
Wed 14 Aug (Champion MSB Rep Teams)
(Wet Weather Backup tba)
(Wet Weather Backup Thu 20 June)

If you would like further information on any of the upcoming Representative Sports events please email Mrs Grant.

Mrs Karen Grant
Representative Sports Coordinator
Physical Activity Coordinator

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Co-curricular Sport

WINTER SPORT – Training and Uniform Expectations

All players are expected to wear their MSB PDHPE tracksuit over their playing uniforms when they need an extra layer of warmth to and from the games. The girls are expected to wear their PDHPE uniforms, and ALL safety equipment as required by their sport to training sessions. We also expect all girls to commit 100% to their training and games.


Netball photos will be taken at Pennant Hills Park on Saturday 15 June. Orders will be taken on the day and payment by cash/cheque/credit card accepted. A detailed schedule of times will be distributed to the teams next week.
Co-Curricular Sport Coordinator

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P & F News

MSB Dinner Dance – Save the Date!

Thank you for your patience in awaiting the announcement of a new date.

The MSB Dinner Dance 2013 will be held on Saturday 10 August at The Pennant Hills Golf Club.

Details of the cost and how to purchase your tickets will be available shortly. The new booking system will be used to secure your tickets and tables. You can book per table or request to be seated on a table with parents from your daughter’s Year Group.

Staff, parents and friends are all welcome to attend what is hoped will be a very enjoyable and relaxing evening.

2013 P&F General Meeting Dates

Term 2: 17 June
Term 3: 12 August, 9 September
Term 4: 14 October, 11 November

Each General Meeting commences at 7.30pm in the College Staffroom.

NSWPC Current Activities Feb 2013

Ms Julie Essey
P&F President on behalf of the P&F Executive
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The Canteen opens daily from 8.00am – 2.00pm.

MY STUDENT ACCOUNT – Cashless Canteen

Students may order and pay for purchases with our ‘cashless’ option using their Student ID card.

Comprehensive instructions on how to use this system can be found on the College website

If you have any queries please contact Mrs Elke Forrest, Assistant Business Manager.

Place a Canteen order here


Sally Cooper

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday FrIday
Queen’s Birthday
Linda Gleeson Aileen Buecker Karen Khoury Marlene Manning
Public Holiday Sally Cooper Georgina Pollard Georgina Khamis Rowan Dollar
Adriana Alessi-Cordoba ** ** **
Please notify Melissa if you are unable to attend or if you would like to be removed from the Roster.
** If you can assist on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday please call Melissa **

Mrs Melissa Arane
Canteen Manager
T: 9980 0448
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Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop Opening Hours:

Monday: 10.00am – 2.00pm
Thursday: 8.00am – 11.00am

Mrs Melissa Arane
Uniform Shop Manager T: 9980 0447
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Careers information will be posted here when available. Students can access this information from MOODLE.

NSWACT Newsletter 03 June

Parent Information Evening
Tuesday 18 June

For further information, or to RSVP, visit

Careers in Law
Wednesday 12 June
Broadway campus.

For further information, or to RSVP, visit
Considering a Career in Law? This will be a unique opportunity for students and their parents to hear about the legal profession as a career and why studying law at UNDA law school is different from other universities.

Four Day HSC Study Intensive
Monday 8 July – Thursday 11 July

During this four day program, experienced HSC teachers and markers will show you how to avoid the most common examination mistakes, study effectively, deal with stress and understand important course content. Morning tea and lunch included. $285 per person.

Find out more and register at:

T: 02 8204 4404

Year 10 Information Evening
6.00pm for a 6.30pm start
Monday 17 or Thursday 20 June
Eastern Avenue Auditorium, Camperdown Campus (K5/6 on map)

RSVP: Register here.

Scholarship Information Evening
6.00pm for a 6.30pm start
Wednesday 26 June
Eastern Avenue Auditorium, Camperdown Campus (K5/6 on map)

RSVP: Register here. Registrations open 5.00 Monday 3 June.

HSC Essay Writing Course
This course for senior high school students will teach them how to properly write essays in a HSC exam situation.
Course Dates: Monday 1 – Friday 5 July, and Monday 8 – Friday 12 July.
T: 9036 4789

HSC Preparation Courses – Term Three
The Centre for Continuing Education at the University of Sydney is running intensive HSC Preparation courses in a variety of subjects for Year 12 students who want to extend their studies and enhance performance in their HSC year.

Selected preparation courses are also offered for Years 10 and 11, including Year 10: Preparing for Success and Years 10 – 12 Course: Improving Written English.

The range of HSC courses assist students in improving performance in all HSC assessment tasks and facilitate a deeper conceptual understanding of course content.
For more information visit our website.

Download the HSC Preparation Course Guide. The guide outlines upcoming course dates and times as well as indicative dates for courses later in the year.

Download the Getting Through Your HSC: A Practical Guide.


Macquarie University Parent Information Evening
600pm – 8.00pm
Wednesday 12 June

RSVP here. Places are limited.

Further Information:
T: (02) 9850 1890

Defence Force University Sponsorship

The Defence University Sponsorship allows students to study an accredited degree at any Australian university and graduate with a career in the Navy, Army or Air Force.

Defence Force Recruiting

Parramatta Information Sessions
Tue 11 June – ARMY RESERVE
Wed 12 June – WOMEN IN THE ARMY and NAVY
Mon 24 June – ADFA
Wed 26 June – RMC

All sessions commence at 6.30pm at Defence Force Recruiting Parramatta, Level 4, 9 George Street, Parramatta.

Please RSVP to specifying the name and date of the Information Session you woud like to attend.

Further Information:
T: 02 8831 2243
F: 02 8831 2300
E: Email:

Discover Sessions

  • Nursing – City and Kuring-gai (Lindfield) campuses
  • Midewifery – City campuses
  • Human Movement and Sport and Exercise – Kuring-gai (Lindfield) campuses

Futher information:

Information Technology Scholarship and Information Evening
Tuesday 11 June
Broadway Campus

Futher information:

Law Undergraduate Information Evening
5.30pm – 8.00pm
Tuesday 18 June
UTS Faculty of Law, cny Quay St and Ultimo Rd, Haymarket

Futher information:

University of Wollongong – Year 12

At key dates throughout 2013, the University of Wollongong (UOW) will be communicating with Year 12 students about university admission, important dates, the Early Admission Program etc. Any students who would like to be included in UOW’s mailing list should log onto and click the purple ‘Register for Updates’ tab. This will be a very quick form to fill in with mailing details etc.

If you are the parent of a Year 12 student and would like to receive information each month about UOW programs and upcoming events, please join ‘Parents UniAdvice’ by registering at and click the purple ‘Sign up Parents E-News’ tab to complete your details.

teach.NSW Scholarships

Year 12 can apply for a scholarship worth up to $28,000 for their university study! Teach.NSW offers valuable Teaching Scholarships.

Applications now open and will close in October 2013.

For the latest information go to

My Health Career

MY HEALTH CAREER offers over one hundred videos on over ten different health careers from real health practitioners. Everything from the future of pharmacy in Australia to the difference between a nutritionist and a dietician to eight areas of specialisation in podiatry.

Go to to enter your name and email address and receive FREE updates.

WEP Volunteer Abroad

WEP’s Volunteer Abroad provides school leavers with an opportunity to travel overseas, gain meaningful work experiences and sometimes even learn another language. Programs start every week and are flexible in duration.

Further information

TARONGA ZOO – Meet a Keeper

This is a one-day program for students 14 years and over who have expressed a keen interest in a career at the Zoo. This program includes a seminar presented by a panel of Zookeepers and other Zoo staff members. Students will learn about all aspects of zoo-keeping, including qualifications, career opportunities, core responsibilities, careers structures and wages.

Afterwards students will explore the Zoo and enjoy a mystery behind-the-scenes animal tour.

For booking forms and information visit

Wesley Institute School of Graphic Design – Designer for a Day Workshop

Curious about a career in Graphic Design? Wesley Institute’s School of Graphic Design invites you to experience what it’s like to be a designer for a day, in a creative and collaborative environment. Explore the possibilities and unlock your creative DNA.

For more information, register your interest at or call 02 9819 8824.
Workshops will be offered during NSW school holidays at Wesley Institute, 5 Mary Street Drummoyne NSW.

Wesley Institute – Drama Open Day
Saturday 8 June
Wesley Institute, 5 Mary Street, Drummoyne 2047

Wesley Institute offers a Bachelor of Dramatic Art, with specialisations in Performance, Production and Theatre Practice. Discover your options, hear from the Head of Drama and chat to faculty, current students and staff. Book a spot at the Open Day, and receive a free ticket(s) to the School of Drama matinee performance of Faust immediately following the event!

Further Information:

Sydney Film School – Diploma Information Night
Wednesday 12 June

An opportunity to come and meet the teachers, see the premises and find out more about the Diploma of Screen and Media course.
RSVP essential
T: (02) 9698 2244.

Academy of Interactive Entertainment – Open Day
10.00am – 3.00pm
Saturday 8 June

To find your nearest campus and learn how you can get your creative career off the ground click here.

Cadet Program applications are now open. It’s never too early for your students to get ahead.

For more information on our Cadet Program go to

To apply online go to and click on the preferred program, complete the application form and attach an academic transcript.

Applications close at midday on Wednesday 19 June.



Students are able to apply for a tax file number through the College. The application offered through the secondary schools program simplifies the process for the girls as the College is able to verify student information through our College records. No other form of identification is required to be sent with the application. Forms for secondary school students are available from Student Services and outside the Careers Office. Applications will be verified and sent to the Taxation Department at the end of each month.TAX File Numbers DelayWe have been informed that there has been a delay in the processing of TFN applications by the Taxation Department. As soon as they have been processed individual tax file numbers will be sent to postal addresses on the applications.

Lucy Elgood
Careers Advisor
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Community Notices

A Message from Mount St Benedict Centre

Mount St Benedict Centre and Convent is a private property. There is no parking permitted or vehicular access to the College. Students are permitted to walk through the grounds to and from the College.



Child and Adolescent Parenting Service

The Child and Adolescent Parenting team provide parenting courses, workshops and seminars for mums, dads and carers of children in the 1 – 18 years age range in the Northern Sydney area.

Child and Adolescent Parenting is part of Northern Sydney Local Health District.

For details see Course Descriptions and Term Brochure

Where and when:
Most courses, workshops and seminars are held in the evening during school terms in the Northern Sydney area. However, we can run any of our courses, workshops and seminars at a venue and time convenient to your school or organisation.

Our leaders:
All our leaders are professionally qualified and experienced, and supervised by the Child and Adolescent Parenting team.

We are a non-profit making service with most of our income generated from our fees. These fees help to cover costs only and concessions are available (see Term Brochure (hyper link to PDF attachment). All fees include GST.

Child and Adolescent Parenting
PO Box 142
North Ryde NSW 1670
T: (02) 9887 5830
F: (02 9887 2941
E: Vivienne:

Did you know teenagers are 20 – 30 times more at risk of being harmed in a crash once they get their P’s?

The keys2drive program aims to reduce this risk by helping learning drivers gain the necessary decision making skills to stay safe on the road.

Funded by the Australian Government, the program provides learner drivers and their parents/supervisors with a free driving lesson by an accredited keys2drive instructor.

Call 1300 728 205 to book your free keys2drive lesson with NRMA Safer Driving School.

ACVIR Newsletter Article 2013

ACVIR Report April 2013

Exciting French Exchange Opportunity

The Hunters Hill – Le Vesinet Friendship Committee is currently seeking applications from students to participate in their six week exchange to Le Vesinet, just 20 minutes from the heart of Paris. This very exciting opportunity is open to students aged between 14 and 16 who are studying French at school. Students will stay with families in Le Vesinet during the next Christmas holidays and then welcome their French correspondent for six weeks in July/August 2013. The exchange runs under the auspices of Hunters Hill Council and has been sending small groups of students to France each year for more than 20 years. For further information and details of our upcoming information nights please refer to our website at or contact us at

St Bernadette’s Parish

Want to meet great people, eat yummy food, and set some awesome foundations for your life?
Check out the St Bernadette’s Parish youth events below:

  • 6.00pm Youth Mass
    Every Sunday night followed by LIFE Nights for Years 9 – 12 from 7.00pm – 8.30pm
  • Into Life for Years 7 – 8 Friday nights, 7.00pm – 8.30pm
  • $2 donation appreciated

Contact Sr Rosie Drum 0420 594 277 for more information.

St Agatha’s Youth Ministry
Looking for a way to get involved in all kinds of great stuff and meet new people outside your school?
St Agatha’s Youth Ministry is for you.
From weekly youth groups to overnight camps, beach trips, bowling nights, community service projects and much more we have something to suit everyone. It’s a great way to meet and get to know other guys and girls from around the area who you may not otherwise have the chance to hang out with, and to keep in touch with friends from your primary school days. And as part of the Catholic Parish of St Agatha, Pennant Hills, we aim to follow Christ and live out his teachings in everything we do.
Get involved!
For more information please contact:
Matt Donnelly
St Agatha’s Youth Minister
M: 0432 494 786

Hornsby Cathedral Parish Youth Groups
All meetings are held in the Light of Christ Centre (at the end of Yardley Avenue, Waitara)

  • Years 7 – 9
    • 7.00pm – 9.00pm Friday nights (1st and 3rd Friday of the month)
  • Years 10 – 12
    • 7.00pm – 10.00pm Fridays (2nd and 4thFriday of the month)

Please bring $5 for pizza
Upcoming Dates:

  • YEAR 7- 9 – May 3, 17, 31 (combined), June 7, 21
  • YEAR 10-12 May 10, 24 (Diocesan Event), 31 (combined), June 14 , 28

Come join is for fun, friendship and faith building!!
Please call PF 0422 000 0521 or Pat 0412 813 165 for more information.

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