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6 March 2015

From the Principal

This week staff and students have continued to be involved in activities for Solidarity Week. The purpose of this is to raise awareness of the circumstances in which many people around the world find themselves. It is hard for us to understand the difficulties people face when we are mostly fortunate enough to have access to the amenities and services we need to live comfortably.  During Lent especially, as we try to refocus our lives, it is good to be reminded of the ways in which we can make changes in our lives which could improve the lives of others.

I spent three days in Tasmania from Sunday to Tuesday meeting with Catholic Secondary Principals Australia, and consulting with the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority and the Australian Catholic School Parent Association. One of the recurring themes during discussions was the need to encourage, support and promote increased parental engagement in students' learning, which is a significant element of the Federal Government's education policy platform.  At MSB we value the partnerships we enjoy with parents, and generally significant events are well attended by parents.  Nevertheless I think it is worthwhile thinking about how parents can contribute to students' learning outcomes. Research indicates that increasing parental engagement leads to enhanced learning for students.  One simple way is for parents to have conversations about learning and to acknowledge their own need for ongoing learning.  Helping students discover information and giving them the opportunity to discover for themselves, and even make mistakes, all contribute to building resilience. Having your daughters talk to you about what they are learning will help reinforce their learning (although I know it can be hard to engage students in these conversations after a long day at school). Perhaps the secret lies in finding informal occasions where both parents and students are relaxed - maybe in the car on the way to and from sport, or in a quieter moment of the weekend. I look forward to further conversations with parents about ways in which they can engage with their daughters' learning.

Open Day

Parking will be at a premium on Sunday.  As far as possible it would be appreciated if people could park off site and leave the on site parking for those with mobility issues.  The College will be open from 10.00am until 2.00pm - if you know of families who might be interested in enrolling their daughters in the future, please let them know they are most welcome, as are our current students and their families.

To love others as yourself simply means loving them as we want them to love us ... Do to others as you would have them do to you ... Put yourself in the other person's situation: what would you want if it were you? That way you can begin to see more clearly how to treat the other.

(J. Pagola,  Jesus: An Historical Approximation, pp248-249)

Maria Pearson

Mission News

This Sunday marks the halfway point of the season of Lent and it is a good opportunity for us to consider how effectively we are using this period of renewal in our own lives. Sunday’s Gospel relates the story of the Samaritan woman who encounters Jesus while collecting water from the well near her village.

The story has many elements to it with layers of meaning that we can explore over and over again. On one level we wonder about the identity of the woman and her status in the community. The fact that she is alone suggest that she is in some ways excluded from her community yet Jesus is willing to engage her in conversation despite the misgivings of his disciples. This gesture is typical of Jesus’ openness to all people, particularly those who are not welcome in their own community. This aspect of the story is a powerful reminder of our call to show hospitality which is one of the hallmarks of our Good Samaritan heritage.

A second element of the story is the gradual unpacking of the women’s life story. Clearly it has been a difficult life with much unhappiness and many fractured relationships. Jesus’ response to this story is to invite reflection on the things that are of true and lasting value rather than the things that attract us so readily. In our world we are often impressed by and attracted to material things and aspects of life which bring us instant gratification. However, we know all too well that these aspects are illusory and often leave us feeling empty. The Benedictine idea of balance in life is an excellent reminder of our own need to find time to nurture our inner life and establish a focus on things that are of real value.

A further element of the story is the woman’s desire to share her encounter with Jesus. She recognises something of supreme worth in Jesus and his life giving message and she cannot resist the desire to let others know of the encounter she has experienced. The Gospel message we carry is, like the encounter in the story, a life changing one. Our call, as Baptised Christians, is to reach out to others as we read in the story. To be prepared to spend time with those who are vulnerable or excluded. To find the things that are of lasting value and to work to centre our lives on these elements is central to our focus as Christians.

The season of Lent is a significant opportunity for each one of us to renew our focus on the important elements of our Christian faith and to seek to put aside the things that act as distractions or impediments to our life in Christ.

At the College this week we have continued our activities focusing on the work of Caritas Australia. Monday was our Solidarity Day where everyone in our community took part in activities designed to increase our awareness of the situations in our world that create hardships for others and the type of responses that might be able to alleviate some of the suffering that is experienced. These activities followed on from the Caritas Trek and the Caritas Workshops that were held on the previous Thursday and Friday.

On Monday afternoon a group of our Year 7, 8 and 9 students stayed after school for a seminar on Refugees and Asylum Seekers organised by the Year 10 Community Future Problem Solving Team. The seminar included a number of activities with a particular focus on the language used in our community when people speak of Refugees and Asylum Seekers. The group also had the privilege of hearing from Ms Raneem Alqysie, a young woman from Iraq who told the story of having to flee with her family from Baghdad at the age of ten and her journey which ultimately led to her being settled as a refugee in Australia some five years later.

Other activities during the week included the rice lunch where participants are encouraged to forgo their normal meal in favour of a simple bowl of rice as a way of recognising the differences experienced by the wealthy minority and the poor majority in our world. The final activity focused on the idea of making friendship bracelets - a popular pastime and a simple way to reflect on the ways in which we are connected with one another in the struggle for justice.

Paul Lentern
Assistant Principal Dean of Mission

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Curriculum News

Year 11 Parent Teacher night – Monday 30 March

4.00pm - 7.30pm
College Hall

Parents will be emailed their user and password details. Online booking will open at midday on Monday 16 March and will close at midday on Friday 27 March.

John Muskovits
Assistant Principal Dean of Curriculum

Design Technology @ the Powerhouse

Year 12 Design Technology class went to the Powerhouse Museum this week to immerse themselves in the demands of the HSC course! BOSTES organised a day where the students listened to designers and saw first hand how designers operated in the real life world, exploring ideas and coming up against stubborn clients and having to make design decisions to overcome various obstacles.

Another session was led by a senior marker from the Board who spoke in detail about what was expected and some of the experiences he had when visiting schools to mark projects.

Finally, our girls had the opportunity to visit an exhibition of some of the best of last year's Year 12 projects, they were inspiring, to see the outstanding work that young people can produce given a creative opening.

All in all a very useful and productive day.

Kevin Jones
Head of Department

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From the Studies Coordinator

This week Prue Salter from Enhanced Learning Educational Services ( ) ran a study skills evening with Year 7 parents and students. The evening helped families put systems in place to help students work towards achieving their personal best in an efficient and effective way. Students examined their home study environment, the way they organise and manage their resources, how to work effectively at home and deal with distractions, how to manage the workload in high school, and the steps to studying in high school: making study notes, learning the notes by testing yourself and doing as much practice as possible. Students were also given a wall planner to  assist them with their planning and completion of assessment tasks. Parents are encouraged to review the handout from the session with students and discuss the main areas identified where changes need to be made. Parents can also find extra study skills tips on the following website:

If Year 7 families were unable to attend the workshop then the resources will be put in your daughter’s homeroom pigeonhole for her to bring home this week.

Year 10 had their first study skills session in Pastoral Care in February which was run by their House Year Group mentor and this session challenged students to define effective studying. Students were presented with how to write study notes in various forms and how to use these effectively. The girls were also given a study planner chart to complete, to assist them with productively allocating time to study in amongst their other after school commitments such as sport and jobs. In their house groups they shared their own successful study techniques and which subjects they used them for.

At the Year 10 Information Night I again highlighted effective study skills and the changes in assessment procedures for Year 10 students. One of the most important things for students in Years 10-12 to remember is that if they have a Hand-In task they must attach a yellow receipt form to the work before they arrive at C209 to hand in the task. This allows a fast and effective drop off when entire year groups are handing in tasks.

All students at our school also have access to a great study skills website to help students develop their skills. Go to and enter the username: formsbenonly and the password: 124results and start improving your results today!

Gabrielle Keats
Studies Coordinator

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NEW - Senior Dance Ensemble: Auditions and Choreographer

I am pleased to announce the choreographer for MSB’s Senior Dance Ensemble is Ms Georgette Sofatzis.

The Senior Dance Ensemble is for students in Years 9 - 11, who wish to pursue Dance as an co-curricular activity here at Bennies. The students selected for the ensemble will engage in technique lessons as well as learn routines to perform at in-school events as well as a range of external events, competitions and eisteddfods.

Please see below for the audition date and sign-up sheet as well as a brief summary of Georgette’s performing, studying and teaching experience.

Georgette has been dancing since she was three years old. Her qualifications include RAD Advance 2 in ballet (with distinction), 8 years of contemporary training, Silver Star Tap and Gold Star Modern and Jazz. Georgette went to Newtown High School of the Performing Arts majoring in Ballet and Dance. She also completed a one year full time Dance Course at Sarah Boulter’s renowned school, Ev & Bow.

She has recently returned from overseas after completing her 3 years training at the Alvin Ailey in New York. During her time at Alvin Ailey, Georgette danced for Guest Artist, Matthew Rushing, performing his choreography “In the Void”, at the Park Avenue Armory Gala and The Ailey Studio Theatre. She was also selected by Ms Roni Favors for the Cast of Memoria performing with world renowned company The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre.

In Australia, she has performed as a dancer on “The Voice” and on “Dance Academy”. She was also a ballet dancer in The Veronica’s new film clip “You Ruin Me".

Georgette has many years of teaching experience, and is currently teaching Contemporary Dance at one of Australia’s most prestige dance studios, Sydney Dance Company.

I am very pleased to have such a highly skilled performer and choreographer coming in to the school to work with the students in developing their technique, choreographing routines, and passing on her professional knowledge of her experience within the performing arts industry.

Georgette’s main style she will be focussing on will be Contemporary. There will also be an influence of Jazz and a range of other styles, however the main style will be Contemporary.

If this is an ensemble that your daughter may be interested in being a part of, auditions will be on Tuesday morning on the Tuesday 10 March (Week 7A) . The audition will begin at 7.30am until 8.30am. Students should arrive no later than 7.20am on the day. The audition will take place at the back of the Hall.

Students are to wear appropriate dance wear e.g. tights/leggings/shorts with a leotard or tight fitted top. Students may be bare foot or bring foot thongs, ballet or jazz shoes. Please also bring a water bottle.

The audition will consist of a warm-up, learning a few short phrases of movement as well as an extended sequence which students will learn altogether and then perform in smaller groups.

To audition, students MUST sign up. To sign up, students should place their name down on the list that is on the Dance Studio door.

Please note: If your daughter is successful, the class will be taking place every Tuesday morning from 7.30am - 8.30am. Hence, to audition, students MUST be able to commit to this time throughout the year.

This is a fantastic opportunity and I look forward to seeing many students at the audition.

If you have any questions, please call or send me an email.

Jacqueline Saunders

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German Classes Assistant

This term, the Language Department have welcomed the return of Mr Attila Zöldi to assist in the German classes. Mr Zöldi comes from Stuttgart in Germany, the city our students of German have the opportunity to visit every two years on our exchange programme. Mr Zöldi was here at MSB in 2008, when he was still studying to be a teacher of German and English. He has now finished his studies and will return to Germany at the end of March to teach in a language school for adults learning German.

The students have enjoyed the opportunity of having a native speaker in class and have had lots of questions about German lifestyle and customs. The senior students, in particular, have been able to benefit from some extra conversation classes to assist them with their oral skills.

We thank Mr Zöldi for his contribution to our school community and wish him well for his return to Germany.

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College News

Year 11 Drama Production

It has been a busy and rewarding start to Term One for the Year 11 Drama class. The students have been busy rehearsing in class the Australian Contemporary play Running Up A Dress by Suzanne Spunner.

The play is mostly concerned with the concept of identity as it is shaped by gender and, in particular, issues relating to women and their roles as mothers and daughters. In the play, the role of women constantly changes as they experience the rituals, duties, actions and activities that intertwine between mothers and daughters. The very act of 'running up a dress' becomes an extended metaphor throughout the play as mothers and daughters weave their way through the many trials, tribulations and moments of joy associated with being a mother-to-be, a new mother, a daughter and a grandmother.

Year 11 Drama warmly welcome you to attend a performance of Running Up A Dress on either:

Thursday 26 March or Friday 27 March

at 7.00pm

Drama Room

Tickets will be available to purchase online in the coming weeks.

We look forward to seeing you at a performance.

Mrs Lisa Stevens and
Mrs Gabrielle Keats

Drama Teachers

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Debating Season is Starting Soon

The 2015 debating season will kick off soon with the CSDA Debating Competition. This competition starts on Friday 27 March with six preliminary rounds held on Friday evenings during Terms One and Two. Three rounds will be hosted at Mount St Benedict College and three will be away rounds. The finals for this competition will commence in Term Three.

The College will also be entering teams in a second, separate debating competition this year; Archdale. This competition starts on Tuesday 26 May with seven preliminary rounds held on a Tuesday evenings during Terms Two and Three.  Three rounds will be hosted by Mount St Benedict College and four will be away rounds. The finals for this competition will commence in Term Four.

Debating is a fantastic learning opportunity for students and the competitions are fun, social events where students are introduced to the art of healthy debate in a safe environment. Volunteers to help out as time keepers and chair people are also needed for students who want to be involved but don't feel they are ready to compete.

If your daughter is interested in participating in debating this year - please ask her to direct her inquiries to .

Kelly Heaton
Public Speaking and Debating Coordinator

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Head Lice

There has been a case of head lice reported at the College. In these warm weather conditions please ensure you check your daughter's head regularly.

For further information go to the NSW Department of Health website.

Bus Travel

Castle Towers Bus in the Afternoon.

The 3572 is the bus that students who are going to Kellyville catch. Even though it stops at Castle Towers it then goes directly to the Kellyville Route. Girls who are not going to Kellyville should catch a different bus to Castle Towers. The 3536, 3623 and 3539 all go to Castle Towers. This bus is only for those students going to Kellyville.

Pennant Hills Station Bus in the Morning.

There is only one school bus, the 633 at 8.15am in the morning. Students may catch any public bus from the station but if the driver determines that the bus is already full then he can request that the girls not get on. It is important that the girls catch a bus that will get them to school on time.

Pennant Hills Station Bus in the Afternoon.

The beginning of the year is always hectic as students settle into the routine and navigate the correct bus to catch to and from school. The times that buses arrive and depart from the College vary depending on traffic and will vary daily.

We are aware of issues that have occurred. Teachers on duty have been asked to hold the bus to allow all students to catch the bus and get home. I am out with the buses a couple of times each week and will continue to monitor the situation.

There are three buses that leave Beecroft Road to take our students to Pennant Hills Station in the afternoon. Because of the number of students we have designated that different year groups catch the different buses. They cannot fit on one bus and they cannot all move out to the first bus that arrives as this is a safety concern.

  • The 3602 has been designated for Year 7 and 10 students.
  • The 3652 for Year 8 and 9 students.

The time of departure from the College of both of these buses is listed as 2.25pm.

While the time is listed as the same they will often arrive apart and not necessarily in the same order every day and not at the designated time. The College does not have any control over this situation. It is important that your daughter is aware of this and understands the timing will not always be the same. It is important that we are consistent in catching the same bus so everyone is able to get home.

The third bus: 3653 for others who need to catch the bus departs around 3.30pm to 3.35pm.

I am working with students who have spoken to me about the issues they are having with the bus they are catching and connecting trains. We will continue to collate information to work towards a solution that allows students to get home safely and within a reasonable time.

Ms Jackie Duncan
Assistant Principal Dean of Students

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Lost Property

A reminder that all unmarked clothing and lost property is displayed on the lost property table outside Student Services. All named clothing and lost property will be at Student Services. The items on this table will be recycled at the end of the term.

Parents and Carers of Year 7 - Immunisations

Reminder: Monday 9 March is the first of the immunisations for the year.


Representative Sport

If your daughter has recently achieved outstanding sporting results please send me an email so that the College can share in her success.

BROKEN BAY Website: There is a new BBSSSA site under construction - we will advise when it is 'live'

NSW CCC Website:

Representative Sports Calendar

Representative Sports Calendar - 2015 Term One


BBSSSA U13 Touch Championships - Manly Vale
Tuesday 17 March
MSB Junior Representative Team


Tuesday 10 March
NSW CCC Team  - E.Morley (Y12), J.Tong (Y10)


BBSSSA Championships - SOPAC
Monday 23 March
MSB Representative Team

Representative Sports Calendar - 2015 Term Two


MSB Athletics Carnival - HOMEBUSH
Wednesday 3 June


BROKEN BAY Y7/8 & Y9/10 - Terrigal
Thursday 7 May
MSB Junior/Intermediate Representative Team

NSW CCC Selections
Monday 25 May
Self nominated students


MSB Carnival
Tuesday 21 April

BBSSSA Championships - St Ives
Wednesday 29 April
MSB Representative Team

NSW CCC Championships - Eastern Creek
Friday 12 June
BBSSSA Representative Team


NSW CCC 15s Selections
Tuesday 5 May
Self nominated students

NSW CCC OPEN Selections
Wednesday 6 May
Self nominated students

NSW ALL SCHOOLS 15 Selections
Friday 29 May


Broken Bay OPEN Championships - Manly Vale
Monday 11 May (Friday 15 May B/UP DATE)
MSB Senior Representative team

NSW CCC Selections
Monday 25/Tuesday 26 May

Monday 15/Tuesday 16 June

Broken Bay U13 & U15 Championships - Manly Vale
Thursday 18 June
MSB Junior/Intermediate Representative team


NSW CCC Swiming/Diving Championships - Homebush
Monday 4 May

NSW ALL SCHOOLS Swiming/Diving Championships - Homebush
Monday 18 May


NSW CCC Championships - Port Macquarie
Tuesday 16 June (Friday 19 June B/UP DATE)

Stud ents who wish to trial for sports that are offered directly through NSW CCC will need to nominate through the NSW CCC website. I encourage you to visit the NSW CCC website if your daughter is an experienced state level athlete in any sport.

Representative Sports Trials and Training

Representative Sports Trials and Training Next Week

Monday 9 March



Mrs Grant / Brittany Haskins

Tuesday 10 March


Call Backs

Mrs He / Mrs Parle

Wednesday 11 March



Mrs Grant / Brittany Haskins

Thursday 12 March



Mrs Grant / Brittany Haskins


It was another great day out at the NSW All Schools teams triathlon last Friday with many of our students achieving Top Ten NSW CCC results:




SENIOR (all Y11)

Alicia John (Y7)

4th Run

Alicia Marcer (Y9)
Briana Clements (Y8)
Elly Gallagher (Y10)

4th overall

Rachael Fraietta
Georgia Quick
Kirsten Simpson

4th overall

Jessica Smillie (Y8)

10th Cycle

Armelle Kolton (Y10)

2nd Swim

Jessica Marcer
Lucinda Prescott
Sophie Cann

5th overall

Elly Gallagher (Y10)

2nd Run

Georgia Quick

2nd Cycle

Capri Vidler (Y9)

4th Run

Jessica Marcer

4th Swim

Alicia Marcer (Y9)

7th Swim

Rachael Fraietta

6th Swim

Kirsten Simpson

7th Run

Olivia Taylor

8th Swim

Lucinda Prescott

9th Cycle

Sophie Cann

9th Run

The day prior Jemma Gallagher (Y9) and Jessica Corcoran (Y11) had competed at the individual Championships gaining valuable experience with Jemma finishing 4th in the NSW CCC Junior Division and Jessica 19th in the Seniors.

Thanks to Mrs Lewis for these great photos and to Mrs McGregor and Mrs He for assisting our students on the day. A very special thanks to parent Andrew Clements who fulfilled our duty on the day and assisted one of our younger team members with a bike issue - generously offering one of his own daughter's bikes - what a great member of our MSB community.

Senior Basketball

Our Senior Basketballers brought home more silver BBSSSA medals last week.

The girls went through their pool undefeated and then met a very experienced St Josephs side in the Final.

Thankyou to parents Kate McGrath and Brett Fitzalan for transporting the girls and to Mr Young for selecting, training and coaching the girls on the day.

Pictured Back (left to right) - Sarah-Jane Eades, Abigail Curtin, Grace Logan, Mr John Young (coach), Alyson McGrath, Olivia Taylor
Front Brianna Fitzalan, Madeline Fernando, Georgia Toohey

Look out for a full coaches report next week.

2015 Pierre de Coubertin Award

The Australian Olympic Committee is again offering this prestigious award in 2015. Students in Year 12 who wish to self-nominate need to complete the form emailed to them earlier this week.

This is not necessarily an award for an elite sports person, rather an award that aims to recognise a student who displays great sportsmanship and encourages others to be involved in sport for the joy of competing, rather than a 'win at all costs' attitude.

They may have demonstrated this by 'giving back' to their sport through coaching, umpiring etc rather than just playing sport for their own benefit.

Students at some stage throughout Years 7 to 12 they must have

  1. Represented the school in at least one sport on the current Olympic Program eg triathlon, swimming, athletics, soccer, basketball etc
  2. Participated in at least two other sports (these don't have to be currently on the Olympic program eg softball, touch, netball etc).
  3. Have participated actively in the school Physical Education Program with a consistent positive attitude
  4. Demonstrated attributes consistent with the fundamental aims of the Olympic movement

A literary or artistic piece of work also needs to be submitted by 9.00am Monday 9 March which demonstrates/depicts an appreciation of Olympism. This year applicants are asked to depict one or more Olympic moments that epitomise the core value of participation in sport.


Broken Bay Championships Monday 23 March

All swimmers have been emailed permission notes for this Carnival. Please advise Mrs Grant immediately if you need to withdraw from an event. The Broken Bay Program and Team List is now available.

Training for all Relay teams will take place on Tuesday 10 March at C2K from 6.00pm - 7.00pm. Please be there at 5.45pm

The team list will be updated on the Sports Noticeboard if changes occur.

NSW CCC Championships - Monday 4 May

Information regarding this Carnival is currently available on the NSW CCC website.

  • 400 Freestyle
  • 100 Backstroke
  • 100 Breaststroke
  • 100 Butterfly

Students wishing to nominate for these long distance events at the NSW CCC Championships (not held at the BBSSSA Championships) will need to return the Broken Bay Swimming Distance Nomination Form to Mrs Grant via the Representative Sports slot before Period One on Monday 9 March.

This is a State level Carnival for experienced swimmers only. Only one female swimmer per age division from the entire Broken Bay Diocese will usually be successful (in some cases multiple swimmers may be successful from the same Diocese for an event, particularly if times are quite close or they are different ages). Unsuccessful athletes will not be notified.

There are multi class events at this Carnival. Please contact Mrs Grant if you are a multi class athlete.

NSW All Schools Championships - Monday 18 May

This event is the selection trial for the Pacific School Games to be held in Adelaide from Saturday 21 - Sunday 29 November.

Students wishing to nominate for long distance events at the NSW All Schools Championships (not held at the NSW CCC Championships) will need to submit a NSW CCC Swimming Long Distance Nomination Form (with long course times) prior to 3.00pm on Tuesday 21 April to Chris Anschau as directed on the form.

  • 1500m Freestyle Open Mixed
  • 800m Freestyle Open  Mixed
  • 200m Breaststroke
  • 200m Backstroke
  • 200m Butterfly
  • 400m Individual Medley

This is a State level Carnival for experienced swimmers only.

Please notify Mrs Grant if you apply for one of these events so that the College can follow up if necessary.

There are multi class events at these Championships. Please see the NSW CCC website if you are a multi class athlete.

Remember nominations for all events are very competitive. You will be notified only if your application is successful.

Divisional age groupings for all school swimming carnivals are as follows:


12 / 13 / 14 yrs 


15 / 16 yrs 


17 yrs and over




Congratulations to Kate Barry (Y9) who was selected into the Open NSW Cricket team on Tuesday.

This team will compete at the NSW All Schools Championships in Bathurst on Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 March.



NSW CCC Open Tennis Trials

On Monday Kirsten Simpson, Y11, attended the NSW CCC Open Tennis trials. In order to attend these trials you have to have a current Australian ranking and then only the top 32 players are accepted to trial. Although unsuccessful on this occasion Kirsten performed very well advancing to the final sessions in the afternoon.

Here is a report on her experience -

I attended the NSW CCC tennis trials on Monday 2 March. I won all my three matches in the morning session and proceeded into the afternoon session. In the afternoon session I had a close set losing 5 - 6 and went down in the other two sets. I unfortunately did not make the team but I played my best tennis and was proud of my achievements. It was a great opportunity to compete in the sport I love playing and compete against other girls from Catholic schools from all over the State.

Karen Grant
Representative Sports Coordinator

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Co-curricular Sport

MSB Swimming Carnival

Last Wednesday started with 20 buses filled with all the MSB students and staff travelling to Sydney Aquatic Centre, Homebush for the annual Swimming Carnival. A day filled with colour, noise and hundreds of girls competing in events.

A Bennies Swimming Carnival is a spectacular event showcasing our amazing house spirit, outstanding participation and talented athletes.

The results of the Carnival this year were incredibly close, with only a few points separating the top houses. Congratulations to all the girls who entered events, particularly to earn points for your houses. Your efforts made it a very close finish.

The 2015 Swimming results are:

Overall Champion House

1st Maredsous
2nd Montserrat
3rd Arcadia
4th Subiaco

House Trophy for Participation

1st Maredsous
2nd Monte Cassino
3rd Arcadia
4th Montserrat

War Cry

1st Subiaco
2nd Monte Cassino
3rd New  Norcia
4th Maredsous

The outstanding participation by so many of our girls in the events is something we are extremely proud to recognise, especially our senior girls who had tremendous participation in all their events. Across the events in the 50m pool we had approximately 1050 competitors, with hundreds more in the 25m events! Congratulations to all the girls who participated with such enthusiasm.

As well as witnessing the remarkable participation, we are also blessed with some extremely talented swimmers. Congratulations to the following girls on their individual achievements:

Overall Champion Swimmer

1st Madeleine Emmett Duignan (Arcadia) – 133
2nd Christina Kwon (Maredsous) – 132
3rd Armelle Kolton (Subiaco) – 130

Junior Age Champion

1st Christina Kwon (Maredsous) – 132
2nd Caitlin Walsh (Terracina) – 123
3rd Caitlin Sultana (Maredsous) – 101

Intermediate Age Champion

1st Madeleine Emmett Duignan (Arcadia) – 133
2nd Armelle Kolton (Subiaco) – 130
3rd Alicia Marcer (Subiaco) – 108

Senior Age Champion

1st Jessica Marcer (Subiaco) – 129
2nd Rachael Fraietta (Montserrat) – 116
3rd Olivia Taylor (New Norcia) – 95

Thank you to all the staff, sports captains, sports portfolio, student helpers and officials from NSW Swimming who assisted with the running of the Carnival on the day; the House Coordinators and House Captains who encouraged and motivated their girls in the lead up and on the day and the parents who came along to support their daughters.

Good luck to our swim team who will represent the College at the Broken Bay Diocese Swimming Championships on Monday 23 March.

MSB Netball

Coaches URGENTLY required for MSB Junior and Cadet teams. This is an opportunity for students in Year 10 or above, as well as parents and friends.

No experience is required just a willingness to support a team through the season. You will be offered opportunities to attend coaching clinics as well as the support of a team manager and the MSB Netball committee.

Please contact the Coaching Convenor by email, if you are interested or would like further information.

MSB Football

The College enters teams in the North West Sydney Womens Football Association Competition. The teams are open to all students from Year 7 - 12 and for all players from beginners through to experienced players. The games are played on Sundays, usually in the mornings, from April through to August. We currently are looking for few more players from Year 7 and 8 to fill these teams.

Enquiries to

MSB Basketball

The College enters teams in the Hills Hornets Basketball Association Winter Competition. The teams are open to all students from Year 7 - 12 and for all players from beginners through to experienced players. The games are played on Thursday (Under 13 - Under 16) and Friday (Under 17 - under 18) evenings at Castle Hill during Terms Two and Three.

Registration forms have sent to students via email and must be returned to Student Services by Monday 16 March .

Queries to

Rebecca Lewis
Co-curricular Sports Coordinator

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Westmead Hospital Nursing Work Experience

On Monday 9 February I went to Westmead Hospital for a week of work experience in Nursing. I was allocated to the to the Oncology ward. This ward was mainly for acutely ill medical and radiation oncology patients. The patients were present for symptom management, active treatment with chemotherapy and radiotherapy and complications relating to treatments. On the first day I was taken on a tour around the ward with a nurse that I was with for the first few days. I completed a worksheet about finding my way around so I could help when asked to go somewhere or collect things. I was taken into the room where all the important medicine was kept and only nurses could have access to that.

Throughout the week I had the opportunity to take and record patient’s blood pressures and temperatures. I got to make beds to hospital standards using their special techniques. I was able to interact with patients and assist them in any way possible. I also saw some patients get injections and helped with medications. This experience was definitely worthwhile. I would like to thank the staff at Westmead hospital for giving me this opportunity and making it such a fun experience. I would definitely recommend this experience to every student in the coming years.

Jessica Vijay Year 10

University of Sydney

As Australia’s first and Sydney’s leading university, our reputation spans more than 160 years. We are regularly ranked in the top 0.3% of universities worldwide. We teach more than 50,000 bright minds, with 10,000 students from more than 145 countries.

Our network of campuses extend from the heart of the city and beyond, and our students have access to a world of opportunities through our international institutional affiliations, industry and alumni mentoring programs and innovative partnerships.

We offer the widest range of academic programs in Australia, as well as the country’s best student experience. With more than 200 clubs and societies, there’s something for everyone!

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Lucy Elgood
Careers Advisor

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The Canteen opens daily from 8.00am to 2.00pm.

MY STUDENT ACCOUNT - Cashless Canteen

Students may order and pay for purchases with our 'cashless' option using their Student ID card.
Cashless Canteen - Comprehensive instructions on how to use this system
Place a Canteen order .

Canteen Roster for the week commencing Monday 9 March







Karen Benco

Louise Weihen

Georgina Khamis

Kath Darcy

Charlene Worne

Lisa Follows

Roza Bindschedler


Lisa Young

Joanne Murrie

Jeonghwa Jang

Carmen Galluzzo

Please notify Melissa if you are unable to attend or you would like to be removed from the roster.

Mrs Melissa Arane
Canteen Manager

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Community Notices

Mater Dei Peace Eggs for Easter

The PEACE EGG is a means by which individuals, school communities, businesses, families and friends of Mater Dei can be involved in an action of community building. Help improve the quality of life for children with imtellectual disability by purchasing a Peace Egg.

The Mater Dei Peace Egg is now available for order:

  • The ‘Original’ chocolate PEACE EGG (100g egg, 12 cm tall) - $3

  • The 80g gift box PEACE EGG - $5

  • 160g gift box PEACE EGG - $10

Please download the MATER DEI PEACE EGG Order Form. Orders, with correct money, can be returned to the box at Student Services by Friday 13 March. Orders will arrive during the last week of school.

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