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05 Apr 2013

From the Principal

Dear parents, friends, staff and students

As Christians we break at Easter to spend time commemorating the Passion of Jesus Christ and celebrating the Resurrection. It is a time of solemn prayer followed by celebration of new life, accompanied by the tradition of Easter eggs. Sadly our secular world has turned it into merely an opportunity for a few days holiday and lots of chocolate. Hopefully we were all able to appreciate time away from work and school commitments to spend time with family and friends, as well as participating in the Easter Triduum. On Wednesday last week we anticipated Easter through liturgies held in Homeroom groups. The liturgies were led by students and focused on the emergence of new life. I thank Mr Paul Lentern in particular for preparing the girls so well for this occasion.

The first of the annual Parent Teacher Interview evenings was held this week, with Year 7 parents meeting the teachers. These meetings are opportunities for parents, students and teachers to discuss academic progress as well as the student’s general wellbeing, and provide a setting for constructive conversations and goal setting. If the short time available during these structured evenings is not sufficient, it is possible for parents to make appointments to meet teachers at other times.

Year 11 Drama students have been working with their teachers all term, preparing for their annual Drama evening. I am always impressed by the girls’ ability to take on the various roles of the characters and by their understanding of the many aspects of theatrical performance. Congratulations to the girls and their teachers for such an entertaining evening. The Debating season begins this week and we congratulate and encourage those girls who will represent us in the various teams. It is great to have girls who have competed in previous years continuing for another year and it is always good to hear of students taking up debating, who have not competed before. I thank Mrs Kelly Heaton for her work in coordinating the teams and wish them all well.

At this time of change in the history of the Church, with our new Pope, Francis, and at a time when we face the challenge of acknowledging the faults of people within the church in their treatment of children in their care, we recognize our need for forgiveness and give thanks for the Paschal sacrifice. We pray in praise and hope at this time of the Resurrection, as the Easter Season continues:

Risen Lord, you sprang forth,
Strode out.
Into all the world.
Meeting people on their own patch.
My soul leaps.

Living Lord, we are uplifted!
Filled with joy and hope,
Legacy of your costly victory,
Gaining direct access to God.
My spirit soars.

Lord, my heart sings.
A glorious Easter anthem,
Proclaiming Christ is Risen.
Happiness surges within me.
Lord, I will never stop singing.

(Adapted from Y Mochyn Daear, in A Lifetime of Blessing, compiled by Geoffrey Duncan, 2004, p281)

Maria Pearson,
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Mission News

Last week our College Community gathered in Homeroom groups to commemorate the events of Holy Week. We made use of a Children’s story and the stories of some of our Sisters of the Good Samaritan alongside symbols and ritual actions to help us reflect on the meaning of the death and resurrection for our own lives. Across the College 72 of our students led their Homeroom liturgies and many others contributed through readings and prayers. We hope that these reflections were a helpful lead into the Easter ceremonies in our Church communities as well as an aid to our own personal prayer and reflection.

This week we held our final gathering and debriefing for our Team India students and their parents. This followed on from a very successful immersion experience during the last summer break. At Mount St Benedict College we believe that such immersions have tremendous value in allowing us to see and experience something of the lives of people which are very different to our own. Shortly a small group of Year 11 students will take part in an immersion to Central Australia as part of the Good Samaritan Mission Team program. Our students will join with students from other Good Samaritan schools to visit Aboriginal communities in Central Australia. We wish them every blessing for their trip and we look forward to sharing their experiences on their return.

Next term begins with our ANZAC Day commemoration which will take place at the beginning of the first day of term. Later that week Year 10 will take part in their Retreat. Three venues are being used for the Retreats with students being organised in their Religious Education classes with two classes going to each venue. The focus of the Year 10 Retreat is the idea of “Choice”. The theme recognises that young people of this age are increasingly faced with an array of choices in life and we hope that through the Retreat process, our Year 10 students will be equipped with a strong foundation for making wise choices according to a clear values base.

During childhood and during early adolescence, it is expected that parents, and other significant adults, will make most important choices on behalf of the young people in their care. As they grow older, young people begin to seek greater freedom and independence in their decisions and choices. This is a natural and inevitable part of growing up and while it often leads to tension, especially with parents, it should not be taken to mean that there is something wrong with the young person, or indeed with their parents.

The Year 10 Retreat program provides a range of activities which encourages our students to reflect on important decisions about a range of areas. We invite them to think about the choices they make in terms of their approach to their education, their own physical health and well-being, as well as their emotional needs. We ask them to reflect on friendship and more exclusive relationships, on family relationships and on our faith in God and our spirituality. Finally we ask them to reflect on their place in the wider world, their approach to justice and their commitment to help those in need.

The second week of Term Two features our annual Mother and Daughter Breakfast which will take place on the morning of Tuesday 7 May. This is a wonderful occasion each year and we look forward to welcoming a large crowd as usual. To assist us with catering we ask that you RSVP to advise who will be attending.

Join us for Breakfast and a Mother’s Day Liturgy

7.30am – 8.30am
Tuesday 7 May
Come along to the Hall Courtyard and have breakfast with your daughter,
followed by a special Mother’s Day Liturgy in the Hall.

All mothers, carers, grandmothers and younger siblings welcome.

Mr Paul Lentern
Assistant Principal – Dean of Mission
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Curriculum News

News from the History Department

The History Department has had a positive start to the year and students have quickly settled into a variety of learning tasks, developing skills and broadening their knowledge. Some insights into some of the content and activities engaged with by several year groups are outlined below.

An annual event is a visit by the Year 12 Society and Culture students to Nan Tien Temple. The following is a student’s insight into this educational experience.

Arriving into temple grounds after a long one and a half hour trip, we were all quickly taken by the serenity and peaceful nature of the ‘Southern Paradise’, particularly admiring the various little Buddha statues that were located on the grounds. We checked into our rooms and used this time to settle in and drink the tea before dinner. As none of us were vegetarian, we wondered how we would cope with two whole days of no meat. But we had been told that the food was amazing and we completely agreed, eating until we were full! After dinner we were able to meditate our fullness away, replacing our thoughts with mindfulness. We then headed to the Ghanda hall to take part in a tea ceremony. This was a ritual in which the tea was washed and poured many times and required great mindfulness for what we were doing. As Society and Culture students, it was quite amusing to us when the phone of the Reverend (female monk) leading the ceremony rang. This was a clear sign of westernisation in a simple and traditional Buddhist environment.

We headed off to bed for a 5.00am wake the next day and attended the drum and bell ceremony which is used to wake everyone to morning chanting and prayer. Although we couldn’t understand the words, it was fascinating and exciting to be amongst the Reverends who made it their daily ritual. We were particularly stunned by the amount of Buddha statues in the main temple, over 10,000 covered the walls in varying sizes! Next, in front of the temple was tai chi, it was the perfect relaxing morning exercise before our long awaited breakfast.

After breakfast we had the opportunity to speak with the incredible Reverend Yo about the beliefs of Buddhism. We learnt all about her dissertation, a life’s work that she had put countless years of effort into, discussing Buddha’s Birthday. She answered all our questions with a huge smile, demonstrating the hospitality and mindfulness of Buddhists. After the talk we were blessed in a simple yet beautiful ceremony in the main Temple. The Reverends wished us luck for our HSC and asked that Buddha would guide us through the coming year, so that we would not get overwhelmed. It was so wonderful to receive a little bit of encouragement from people we had never met before and it gave us the confidence we needed!

A guided tour of the entire centre enlightened us to the principles of Buddhism as well as the intricacies of the Temple. We got to see the beautiful Temples and gardens, which were all very peaceful and tranquil. A lesson in traditional Chinese calligraphy helped to complete the relaxation as well as learning a little bit of Chinese!

After another amazing meal and some time to take photos and visit the gift shop, we left the Temple and headed home, tired yet thoroughly relaxed. We all found the experience very exciting and unique, allowing us to broaden our experiences and making us more aware of the Buddhist culture.

By Kate and Caitlin

Year 12 have recently completed their assessment block and are now back in the classroom, working on units about Ancient and Modern Personalities such as Hatshepsut and Lenin. Further, the Extension History and Society and Culture students are working steadily on their research projects and PIPs, alongside their units on Elizabeth I and historiography and a depth study, namely Belief Systems.

The Year 11 Ancient History students have delved deeply into their unit on archaeology and have considered various bog bodies and Otzi the Ice Man, in relation to issues such as conservation, preservation and who owns and controls the past. Further, they enjoyed their hands on experience with an archaeological dig.

Lucy Hatcher and Emily Trezise from the Year 10 Elective History class provide the following insights for Term 1:

In Year 10 History Elective, we have been looking at the Holocaust. Our assessment was focussed around Kindertransport, which was a program set up to help Jewish children escape Nazi persecution. However, before this we looked at what Jewish people went through under Hitler’s rule. To help us learn we undertook a variety of activities including watching the movie Europa Europa. This German movie follows the story of a Jewish man who falsified his background to hide among the Nazi army. This film helped us to gain a better understanding of what the Holocaust was like from many different perspectives. Another activity we undertook was writing a postcard from the perspective of a Jewish person who had just disembarked from a train at a concentration camp.

Lastly, Beecroft’s Book Club was very useful in supporting this topic. Some of the books individuals read were ‘The Book Thief’, ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ and ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’. As we shared our opinions on the books, we came to a fuller understanding of the different experiences of people during the Holocaust.

Overall, although this was a fairly sombre topic, we enjoyed it very much and the activities used helped us to gain a full understanding of the Holocaust and the people involved.

Gillian Diekman from the Year 9 Elective History class gives her insights for Term 1:

Our Elective History class has made a great start to the year with our first topic ‘The Terrible Tudors’. We have learned about how the Tudors came to power, The Wars of the Roses, the Reformation, and the infamous Henry VIII. We have really enjoyed the varied activities, including making a Facebook Profile for Henry VIII and walking debates, where we have voiced our opinions on topics such as ‘Did Henry VIII care about his country?’ We are also learning important historical skills like how to properly analyse sources and incorporate them into research. Our Elective History class are really looking forward to the rest of the year with topics on Slavery, The Twentieth Century World and Film as History.

It is so exciting to witness the enthusiasm of the Year 7 cohort as they approach the subject of History. Below is Kae-cee Dadula’s thoughts on her experience of History during this term:

This term in History, we have looked at timelines, evaluated sources and investigated crime scenes, which isn’t really as easy as it sounds. Each little item in the picture we were given was a clue: a clock, a newspaper, even a toothbrush. We have also studied bog bodies, which, in my opinion, is the most interesting topic we have looked at. Piecing together a theory on the life they could have lived, when, where, how and why. Whether or not they were a farmer or someone higher up on the social ladder from the marks on their feet or the food they ate, and so much more.

Mrs Annette Swinfield
Head of Department
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Click here to book your tickets online


Instrumental Tuition

Tuition has now commenced for all students who have chosen to learn a musical instrument at the College.

There are still spaces available for guitar, piano, strings and drums
but be quick as places are limited.

Please fill in an application form and return to Student Services. If you have any questions please contact Mr Watters

Music Instrument Tuition Form

Peter Watters
Head of Department – Creative and Performing Arts
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News from the Mission Team

Ministry and Chaplaincy Corner

Vinnies Van – Saturday 6 April

We wish the following students an enjoyable evening as they complete their Community Outreach commitments by attending Vinnies Van on Saturday night: Justine Lee, Emily Matthews, Stephanie Kim, Adele Soans, Catherine Pearson, Stephanie Haskins and Reina Chehab.

Thank you to those who have donated non-perishable food, soup cups and toiletry items. The next Vinnies Van will be on Saturday 4 May. Donations can be dropped off at Reception or at Miss Liu’s Office.

Year 11 Community Outreach

The deadline for the notification of student’s choice for their Community Outreach is now over. Please discuss with your daughter details of where and when she will complete these commitments. Students have until the end of Term Three to fulfil their commitments at their chosen venue.
Students have chosen a variety of venues that help those who are disadvantaged including: hospitals, Aged Care facilities, schools catering for students with special needs and various programs associated with JCA, St Vincent de Paul and the Good Samaritan Mission Programs.


Erin Woolnough, Miranda Smith and Rachel Montgomery from Year 10 will be attending a workshop called Kidsview next week. This workshop is run by an organisation from the Phillipines called Bahay Tuluyan. In 2012, the MSB Phillipines Immersion group visited this organisation and saw first hand the wonderful work this organisation does in running an orphanage for children impacted by the various social issues. This workshop will highlight some of these issues and the initiatives that can be put in place to improve the quality of life of the people in the Phillipines.

Service Learning and Formation Programs

There are still availabilities for students to participate in the following Service Learning and Formation programs. Please see Miss Liu or email her at if you are interested in participating in these activities.

Service Learning Programs

Vinnies SPARKS Homework Tutoring Program for Refugee Children

A very rewarding experience for both volunteers and the refugee children. A small group of Year 9 girls travel to St Peter Chanel Primary School, Regents Park to assist refugee children with their homework.

This is a two-term commitment and requires students to finish school early every Monday in order to get to the venue on time. This means that students will miss Period Six on Mondays for two terms.

Volunteers are also required to attend a compulsory training day in the holidays before they begin the program.

For more information visit:

Jamieson House Visits

An opportunity to spend some time interacting with the elderly in our local community. A small group of Year 9 students will travel to Jamieson House, an aged care facility, and play games and interact with the residents e.g. play bingo, scrabble etc.

This will take place every Tuesday during Period Three and so students are required to leave at the beginning of recess and will return in time for Period Four.

Students will be put on a rotational basis, depending on the number of interested students.

St Benedict’s Social Club

Another opportunity for a small group of Year 9 girls to interact with the elderly in our local area. Students will spend some time having conversations and participating in activities with the elderly over at the Mount St Benedict Centre (across the oval). The aim is to show hospitality and companionship to those who may be isolated or living lonely.

This takes place every Thursday during Period Five. Students will be required to walk across to the Mount St Benedict Centre at the beginning of lunch and they will have lunch with the clients. They then participate in some games and activities and will finish around 2.00pm. Students will be back in time for Period Six.

Paper Chains Group (JCA)

Paper Chains is a group of Years 7 – 12 students who are passionate about Social Justice issues, in particular, supporting refugee and asylum seekers and those who are less fortunate. This group is mentored by a group called, ‘Josephite Community Aid’ which aims to provide hospitality and care for those in need.

There are many opportunities in which you can be involved with this group including regular meetings to discuss social justice issues, fundraising for necessary equipment to maintain JCA programs, street retreat opportunities (Years 11 and 12) and participating in an after school tutoring program at Seven Hills for refugee children on a rotational basis. In 2013, we are also looking to run a school holiday program for the refugee families in Seven hills during the Term Two break.

Big Sister Mentoring Program – Years 7, 8 and 9

Ex-students run a small group mentoring program based on the “See, Judge, Act” methodology. The aim is to provide an opportunity for students to develop their values and faith by participating in activities and discussions that are relevant and applicable to them.

Mrs Donna Dempsey, Ministry Coordinator and Miss Christina Liu, College Chaplain

IRC News – Student Access to Hornsby Council Library and the State Library of NSW Database Access.

Two weeks ago I sent an email to all students encouraging them to join both the Hornsby Shire Council Library (even if living outside of the Hornsby Council area) and State Library of NSW.
Why? We have a number of online resources on BenniesNet (Moodle) which I have been writing about each week but there are so many more which students can access for free from these two libraries. The IRC will also be holding introductory sessions on using these databases early next term so the more girls that have cards the better this training will be.
The girls were emailed the Hornsby Council Library Application to fill in and return to Mrs Shiels or myself and the link to the State Library online sign up is
Please encourage your daughters to take up this opportunity to access reliable information sources using both the IRC and public libraries such as Hornsby Council’s and the State Library of NSW.

Mrs Sharon McGowan
IRC Coordinator

Student Representative Council 2013

The Student Representative Council (SRC) is a voice for ALL students in the College. As a community, we recently congratulated the girls who were elected to the 2013 Student Representative Council. Each House group elects one representative from Year 7 to 11. I look forward to working together with the following SRC members for an eventful and exciting year ahead.

Miss Christine Takchi
SRC Coordinator

Disability Provisions for Higher School Certificate 2013

The Board of Studies allows disability provisions for students who will be completing
the Higher School Certificate Examinations in 2013. The provisions assist students who have a learning difficulty, physical disability or medical condition which may affect their exam performance. Students or parents of students currently in Year 12 who think they may be eligible for disability provisions and would like further information should contact Mrs Hadfield (Learning Support Coordinator) as soon as possible.
The closing date for most applications is the end of Term One.

Pastoral News


Many thanks for your support in ensuring that the uniform is worn according to College expectations. At the beginning of next term the transition into the winter uniform will occur. Girls may opt to wear winter or summer uniform for the first two weeks of Term Two, Monday 29 April – Friday 10 May. Students may not wear a mixture, but can choose complete summer uniform or complete winter uniform.

All students must be in full correct winter uniform on Monday 13 May. Blazers must be worn to and from the College with the winter uniform. Over the break could you please check the length of your daughter’s kilts and ensure that blazers have been dry-cleaned. ‘My blazer is at the cleaner’ will not be accepted as an excuse. Any students rolling up the waistband of their kilt to shorten its length will be issued with a uniform detention. We ask that students adhere to the College expectations in terms of not wearing makeup and that hair is one natural colour. Girls will be approached individually and asked to fix hair colour if it is not within the guidelines.

While the winter school uniform is worn it is expected that students will also wear the winter sports uniform. Any student in Years 7 to 10, when required to wear the sports uniform, is expected to wear the full College track suit when they are outside the College grounds. This includes representing the College in sport and travelling to and from venues for Physical activity, PDHPE and excursions.

The term has been a very busy and productive term. Years 7, 8 and 9 have attended their camps and there is a Year 9 report in this newsletter with Years 7 and 8 to follow next term. SRC representatives have now been installed and we look forward to the valuable contribution that these students will make to the College

Thank you to Mrs Gillian McGregor who has initiated a Year 7 inter-House competition at lunch time. Our Year 11 students have volunteered to manage the Volleyball teams and it is wonderful to see so many girls involved. We look forward to an expansion of the activities, incorporating different sports.

Finally a very large thank you to our Year 12 captains who have inspired our students with their leadership. Their energy, dedication and love of the College are evident in all their initiatives.

Ms Jackie Duncan
Assistant Principal – Dean of Students
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College News

Year 12 Parent Teacher Evening
4.00pm – 7.30pm
Monday 8 April
College Hall
Online booking is now open and will close promptly at 9.00am the day before the Parent Teacher Evening (Sunday 7 April). Make a booking now
All parents have been emailed their password to access the PTO Online Booking System. Parents may then access PTO to book appointments with their daughter’s teachers. This will be the only way to make appointments and parents only will be supplied with the password, although it is envisaged that parents will liaise with their daughter in this appointment process.

Parents wishing to make appointments after PTO has closed will need to contact Mr John Muskovits, AP Dean of Curriculum, at the College.

One of the new innovations with this on-line booking system is that the class teacher can not only request interviews with particular students but can communicate this directly to the parent. In this way the Parent Teacher night provides another opportunity for the teacher to address any learning issues with the student.

The College has made this move to an online system for the following reasons:

  • It better empowers the parents to make appointments with their daughter’s teachers;
  • There is less of a likelihood that the form will get lost, misplaced or not be utilised; and
  • Students and/or teachers will not be required to chase each other in attempt to make bookings.

As in previous years the following expectations or arrangements remain such as:

  • Students are to attend in school uniform with their parent(s);
  • A chime will ring every six minutes with a visual digital display of the time indicating a change to the next teacher; and
  • The aim of the evening will be:
    • An opportunity for parents to meet their daughter’s teachers and continue to foster positive relationships between parent, student and teacher;
    • For students and parents to be given valuable feedback on their learning so the student can set goals for the next Semester ;
    • For discussion of ways in which the teacher and parent can work together to support the student in her learning; and
    • For students (and parents) to develop an objective concept of their capacity and abilities.

As always we are looking to improve our practices and thereby improve the learning opportunities for students at the College.

Any feedback after the Parent Teacher Evening on the new online system would be very much appreciated and can be sent to

Mr John Muskovits
Assistant Principal Dean of Curriculum

­Year 7 Study Skills Evening with Prue Salter

The Year 7 Parent/Student Study Skills Evening held on Tuesday 19 March helped families put systems in place to help students work towards achieving their personal best in an efficient and effective way. Students examined their home study environment, the way they organise and manage their papers and files, how to work effectively at home and deal with distractions, how to manage the workload in high school, and the steps to studying in high school: making study notes, learning the notes by testing yourself and doing as much practice as possible.
Parents can also find extra study skills tips on the following website: and can download the slides from the session and planning grids at
All students at our school also have access to a great study skills website to help students develop their skills. Go to and enter the username: formsbenonly and the password: 124results and start improving your results today!
Annette Johnson
Acting Studies Coordinator

Year 9 Camp

As we boarded the coaches, Year 9 had no idea what this camp would be like. Instead of tents and camp fires we had cabins and air conditioners. We rolled into ‘Camp Toukley’ and out the window we saw the giant swing, quad bike track, leap of faith, high ropes and the ‘Be aware of Snakes’ sign. Everyone had a sense of excitement and we all knew how much fun we would have. From the exhilarating adrenalin rush of the giant swing to singing the Wiggles, boy band style, Year 9 Camp was filled with all kinds of funny, crazy, exciting and life long memories.

Group A was the first group of half of Year 9 to learn about Leadership with important tools that could be used in life. Rising Generations gave us a variety of activities that revealed messages of teamwork, respect, communication and other areas that would help someone to be a good leader. Playing the hip game was definitely a highlight. This activity was used to show our teamwork skills and think ‘we not me.’ The aim was to get as many points as possible by getting your oppositions hand to touch your hip. In this game and in the other activities, a moral always came through which made Year 9 camp knowledgeable and worthwhile.

Group B were the first group to get a chance at either doing the leap of faith, canoeing and high ropes or doing the giant swing, riding quad bikes and flying fox. The giant swing, I believe, tested everyone’s fear of heights and determination. Firstly being pulled up 18 metres and then having to pull the little string to let yourself wiz through the air, definitely required a strong mind. Canoeing showed how teamwork could also be put into practice with two people rowing the canoe. This needed teamwork and communication for the canoe to not flip. All in all, the activities were fantastic; they were a variety of trustworthiness and adrenalin rushing activities. I think that everyone overcame some sort of fear through these team building activities.

In between the activities, Year 9 were given free time. This free time could be spent playing soccer, basketball, tennis or handball with Mr Ursino, jumping on the trampoline, playing on the low ropes or swinging on the swings. I think that the main message that shone through Year 9 camp is Leadership and Teamwork. In every aspect of camp this was shown. I, along with the rest of Year 9, hope that we get a chance to experience these activities as well as learning about Leadership and Teamwork again.


Sarah-Jane Eades, Year 9

Getting into Head Space – Brain Awareness Week

On Wednesday 13 March, a group of twenty Year 10 girls travelled to the UNSW School of Human Disease to attend Getting into Head Space – Brain Awareness week. The purpose of this excursion is to provide a range of scientific enrichment experiences and listen to real scientists speak about their areas of expertise.

After travelling to UNSW, we went straight into the activities. The first activity we did was looking at different cells in the nervous system though microscopes. These cells where from places such as the peripheral nerve, cerebellum, cerebrum and the spinal cord.

Next we went over to an experiment that messed with the proprioception sense. A person would be sitting down, wearing a lab coat with their real right hand in the sleeve and a realistic fake hand in the other sleeve. Their left hand would be hidden inside a box. The experimenter will then stroke the hidden real left hand and the fake hand at the exact same time and exact same area while the person will be looking at the fake hand. Soon the person would actually think that the fake hand was real. When the instructor stabbed the fake hand, the real hand on the inside would flinch.

After the proprioception experiment, we went to an experiment that confused the messages from some parts of your body to your brain. We were first asked to touch our nose with our eyes closed, it was really easy but once a vibrating device was placed just over our elbow most of us found it really difficult to perform the simple task of touching our nose. Once the massage machines were placed just above the ankle, the person would fall back. This is because the vibrations stretches the muscle therefore telling the brain that you are falling forward, so it tells the body to lean back to prevent falling.

The next one we did was to do with the vestibular system. This system is inside your ear and is responsible for posture, sight and balance. We used the Barany chair (spinning chair) to stimulate the vestibular system and check for posture reflexes. It was funny to see how the volunteers reacted during this experiment. Lastly we had a few reflex checks to measure how fast our reflexes were. We discovered that your reaction time is dependant on how far the certain part of your body is from your brain.

Overall this experience was a lot of fun and gave us a new way to learn things outside the classroom. We all enjoyed the hands on activities and would love to do them again. I hope students in future years will get the opportunity to experience science in action.

Julia Ramos, Year 10

Essay and Extended Response Skills Workshops for Year 9 and Year 10 students

3.30pm – 5.30pm
Wednesday 8 May, Wednesday 15 May and Wednesday 22 May

Your daughter is invited to attend a series of after-school workshops on essay writing in Term Two run by ICS Learning Group. Classes will be small with a maximum of 12 students per class.

The aim of this course is to provide a step-by-step approach for students to help them understand the specific requirements for essay writing and other extended response writing. The scope of the course extends from reading and interpreting the question, through to the final draft. The outcome is to maximise marks gained in exams and for assessment essays.

The focus of the course is on:

  1. Interpreting the question correctly
  2. Organisation of ideas through planning
  3. Structure of the response
  4. The writing phase

Content Overview

  • Essay Structure
  • Sentence Structure
  • Paragraph structure
  • Brainstorming
  • Planning Aids
  • Expanding an Idea
  • Sequencing Paragraphs
  • Punctuation
  • Linking Paragraphs
  • Time Management
  • Word Resources
  • Course essay
  • Composing Better Introductions
  • Language
  • Composing Better Conclusions

Students will analyse essay types (descriptive/informative; critical/analytical; argumentative/persuasive). They will also practise interpreting actual exam questions.

Understanding the logical process of extended response writing will enable the students to practise and refine their techniques. Essay questions can then be approached with skills and confidence.

All students actively participate. The workbook becomes a comprehensive reference document.

For further information and to book a place for your daughter:

T: 9449 8922
F: 9983 1320

Your daughter has received a letter in Homeroom this week, and it is included here for your convenience. It includes information about how to book a place in the course and arrange payment.

2013 ICS Essay Skills Workshop letter

Mrs Annette Johnson
Acting Studies Coordinator

An Evening with Paul Dillon

Wednesday 10 April
Marist College Eastwood

Once again we are please to announce that Paul Dillon will be running a Parent Information Evening on Alcohol and Drug Use of Young People in Australia at 7.00pm at Marist College Eastwood on Wednesday 10 April.

The evening aims to empower parents with some basic information about current trends in alcohol and other drugs by examining the questions young people really want and need answers to. This will assist parents to have meaningful conversations with their child when responding to queries that may be raised. The information session covers a range of issues, including resilience and the importance of connectedness. Positive norms are accentuated and aim to empower parents in this controversial area.

The evening is a joint initiative with Marist College Eastwood parents, and will be held at Marist College Eastwood. All parents are encouraged to attend as part of a community approach to educate and keep our children safe from the harms of alcohol and other drugs. Our College strives to educate young women around the harms associated with the use of drugs and alcohol. This is done through both our PDHPE and Pastoral programs. Our Year 10 and Year 11 students will also have the privilege of listening to Paul speak earlier in the day as will the Year 10 and Year 11 boys from Marist College Eastwood.

To register your interest please RSVP online


There has been a report of Head Lice in the school.
Could all parents be vigilant in checking your daughter’s hair.

For more information go to:


MSB Golden Jubilee
We are currently updating our archival records with the History Company in preparation for our Golden Jubilee in 2016. As a result of this process we have discovered some of our publications have been misplaced. If you are an ex-student and you have kept publications such as Bennies Buzz, Newsletters and School Diaries, or have photos of significant events etc, and you would be happy to share a copy with us and/or donate it to the College please contact Mrs Michelle Blackman on 9980 0401 or email

The College is once again participating in the WRAP WITH LOVE Project. We will be knitting squares to make into wraps for those less fortunate.

SQUARES: 25cm x 25cm (10”x10”)
WOOL: 8 ply
NEEDLES: 4mm (size 8 imperial)
This is approximately 47 – 50 stitches

I have plenty of left-over wool. Anyone interested, just let me know and I’ll happily supply you. I already have House-colour bundles arranged.

I am appealing to the MSB community for left-over wool in any of the eight house colours (white, green, red, cerise, purple, orange, blue and yellow), but particularly red, orange and yellow. Black (for contrast) would also be very useful. Please leave at Student Services marked for Mrs Davey.

Join me in the IRC at lunchtime on Thursdays. Come and learn to knit or just enjoy knitting with others.
We can all make a difference.

For more information on Wrap With Love click here

Mrs Gail Davey



If your daughter is absent or late, please send an SMS message to 0418 565 982 with a brief reason. For example ‘Susan Smith Y8 sick/appointment’. This is a text only number. Once you have sent a SMS message you are not required to send a written note. If you are bringing your daughter to school late, could you take the time to write a note in her diary before she gets out of the car. To have the ‘lateness’ explained on the day then requires no follow up.


All items of unmarked clothing etc. will be displayed on the Lost Property table outside Student Services on the last week of term. All named items are held at Student Services and reported in Daily Notices each day. If your daughter has misplaced anything please ask her to check the Lost Property table or Student Services before the end of term.


If any student is yet to receive their 2013 student travel pass/es please see Mrs Franco at Student Services.

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Representative Sport

Further details for all Representative Sports will be available on the MSB College website under Activities/Sports.

If your daughter has recently achieved outstanding sporting results please send me an email so that the College as a whole can share in her success.

All students have been emailed extensive information regarding Representative Sport this term. This document can be downloaded here. Students who wish to trial for sports that are offered directly through the NSW CCC Association will need to nominate through the NSW CCC website as outlined here. General NSW CCC information can be downloaded here.


NSW CCC Website:

Wet Weather Line:
9990 3633


Our Senior Basketball girls competed at the Broken Bay Championships earlier this term and again brought home a medal. Some of these girls have a phenomenal record losing only two games in the past six years at these Championships, and they have always returned with medals, four gold and two silver – what an achievement!

They have been our only Basketball team to ever win a Regional title and progress onto the CCC State Championships.

I had the pleasure of coaching them as Juniors and would like to thank Mrs Kate Gillies and Miss Christina Liu for the generous time they have spent preparing the girls for competitions over the last few years.

Congratulations girls on your incredible results – we will miss you next year.

Following is a report from Sarah Crisafulli (Representative player since Year 7):

On Monday 4 March, ten Bennies girls headed out to Terrigal for the Senior Broken Bay Basketball Tournament. We won the first three games in our pool and advanced to the Semi-Finals against Stella Maris. This meant that we proceeded to the Grand Finals against St Josephs, who we have had a rivalry with since Year 7. They also were undefeated throughout the entire day and so this was going to be a good match up. We had a tough game as predicted, and even though we played well we ended up losing the Grand Final to St Josephs. It was a long day, but we all played really well and came out in an amazing 2nd place.

BACK ROW L to R : Georgia Fitzalan, Rhiannon Toohey, Jenna Gardiner, Sarah Crisafulli, Kaitlin Quinlan, Lily Vidler, Miss Christina Liu (Coach)
FRONT ROW L to R: Kerilee Coote, Brooke Mathews, Jessica English, Gemma Morris


Our swimmers have brought home our first Broken Bay title for 2013 with the Intermediate girls (15/16 yrs) winning their division!

Our Intermediate Girls – Broken Bay Champions
Back: Jessica Marcer, Emily Dennis, Zoe Holling, Amy Pearse
Front: Brooke Mindham, Mia Nielson, Rachael Fraietta

Congratulations to these girls:

  • Brooke Mindham (Y9) – U15 AGE CHAMPION
    • GOLD – U15 50m Breaststroke, 50m Freestyle and 50m Butterfly),
    • SILVER – U15 50 Back and 200IM)
    • BRONZE – U15 100m Freestyle
  • Rachel Fraietta (Y9)
    • GOLD – U15 50m Backstroke (narrowly beating our own Brooke in an exciting race)
  • Jessica Marcer (Y9)
    • BRONZE – U15 200m Freestyle
  • Emily Dennis (Y10)
    • BRONZE – U16 50m Fly
  • Zoe Holling Y11
  • Mia Nielson Y10
  • Amy Pearse Y10

The girls presented Mrs Pearson with the Broken Bay Divisional Championship plaque this week on Assembly.

Other top 3 finishes were –

  • Madeleine Emmett-Duignan (Y7)
    • GOLD – U13 50 Breaststroke
    • SILVER – 100m Freestyle
    • BRONZE – 50 Backstroke and 50m Freestyle.
  • Chelsea Brackin (Y9)
    • SILVER – U14 50m Fly, 50m Breaststroke, 50m Backstroke
    • BRONZE – 200IM and 50m Freestyle (tie with Armelle)
  • Emily Michell (Y11)
    • BRONZE – 17+ 200m Freestyle
  • Armelle Kolton (Y8)
    • BRONZE – U14 50m Free

Our relay swimmers also performed brilliantly winning three of the seven girls relays.

Rachel, Brooke, Emily and Jessica won both the Intermediate relays – the medley by an incredible 7 seconds!!

Armelle, Madeleine and Chelsea teamed with Tamaryn McGregor (Y8) to win the Junior Medley relay and will now also contest the CCC Championships next term.

MSB will have eight swimmers now competing at the CCC Championships.

Winning Intermediate Medley and Freestyle team
Back Jessica Marcer, Rachel Fraietta / Front Emily Dennis, Brooke Mindham

Winning Medley Junior team
Back L to R Armelle Kolton, Tamaryn McGregor, Front Madeleine Emmett Duignan, Chelsea Brackin


The sign up sheets that have been on the Sports Noticeboard for over two weeks were removed today and a final start list for all races will be up by Tuesday.

If you can no longer compete please email Mrs Grant immediately so the start list is accurate for all teachers.

Although we run a number of age groups together, the top five runners in each age group are then selected to represent MSB at the Broken Bay Championships next term.

Approximate start times are as follows –

1.45pm – INTERMEDIATE race (14/15/16yrs)
2.15pm – JUNIOR race (12/13yrs)
2.35pm – SENIOR race (17+)

Parents are most welcome, seats are available on the oval.

2013 Cross Country Map
The course differs slightly this year due to the construction work taking place.


Our first Representative Soccer team was in action last week and finished the day with only one goal scored against them all day. Despite this it was still not enough to progress to the Semi Finals in a particularly strong field of teams.

Congratulations to Annabelle Doheny, Ellen Schiffler, Hayley Evans and Natalie Tobin who have been selected to represent Broken Bay at the CCC Championships next term.

I would like to thank Mr Greg Hume for all of his work selecting and coaching the team. Here is his report on the day -

On Tuesday 26 March, the Open Representative Soccer Team went to Montview oval in Hornsby Heights hoping to maintain an excellent record at Broken Bay level. The girls started the day with a very difficult draw, playing Stella Maris first up and going on to play their second game immediately against Brigidine. In both games, the girls were clearly creating better chances. After a tough nil all draw against Stella where we lacked the important final touch to score, Brigidine took their only chance and we lost 1 – Nil. After this start it was always going to be difficult to make the Finals. A win over St Leos was the highlight of the day. In our final match against Mercy College, MSB spent the entire game attacking but could not score. Overall the girls were a pleasure to coach and gave their best efforts at all times. Special thank you to Hayley Evans who captained the side and lead the team with her endeavour and skill. Thankyou to all the parents for their support on the day, the girls are truly fortunate to have this encouragement. Finally, congratulations to the Year 12s (Laura, Sophie, Reina, Chloe, Lauren and Maddy) for representing the College in soccer so well over the years and I hope they continue to use their skills and play sport after school has finished.

Back Row L to R
Anna Williams, Lauren Major, Chelsea Spokes, Sophie Gilbert, Ashleigh McKimm, Jasmine Boudib, Laura Schaafsma-Fullick, Lauren Taylor, Mr Greg Hume (coach)

Front – Hayley Evans, Reina Chehab, Maddy Bergfield, Gabby Barford, Annabelle Doheny, Chloe Boudib, Ellen Schiffler

Sign up sheets with trial dates are now on the noticeboard for the U15 team and the U13 team have progressed to their final selections to be held on Wednesday 1 May (First Wednesday back in Term Two)


Students wishing to nominate for long distance events at the NSW All Schools Championships will need to return the Nomination Forms emailed to all students. These forms are available on Moodle and have been included here for your convenience.

2013 NSWCCC Swimming – NSW ALL SCHOOLS Distance Application Form

These are State level carnivals for experienced swimmers only.
Please send them through Mrs Grant instead of directly to All Schools so the College can follow up if necessary.

NSW ALL SCHOOLS Nomination forms are due Wednesday 17 April to Mrs Grant.


Some sports have direct pathways through the NSW Combined Catholic Colleges (NSW CCC) Sports Association System.

For these sports parents need to nominate their daughter via the NSW CCC website

These are State level teams for experienced athletes only.

Closing dates approaching are:

  • DIVING – NSW CCC Championships – Tuesday 30 April – closes Thursday 11 April
    Competitions are held for Spingboard events in each age group and Open Platform. Parents will need to provide transport to and from SOPAC.
    • NSW CCC Trials (15s) – Tuesday 7 May – closes Friday 3 May
    • NSW CCC Trials (Opens) – Wednesday 8 May – closes Friday 3 May
      Trials will be held at Auburn for the U15s (must turn 15 in 2013 to attend the trials) and OPEN (students turning 16+ in 2013) NSW CCC Netball Teams. Only students currently playing in a local Representative team will be considered for the trials. Students will need to be transported to and from the trials by their parents.

      Trials for MSB Representative Teams to compete at the Broken Bay and CCC carnivals will be held during Term Two. Listen to Daily Notices for further information.
  • SAILING – NSW All Schools Championships – Tuesday 16 April
    Further information is available on the NSW CCC Website
  • BASKETBALL – NSW OPEN CCC Trials – Monday 20 May – closes Monday 13 Mayl
    Trials will be held in Penrith. Students will need to be transported by their parents.



Thursday 11 April (Periods Five and Six)
College grounds

Parents and friends most welcome

(Wet Weather Backup TBA)
Fri 14 June (BB Team)
Wed 8 May (OPEN)
Fri 24 May (15s)
Tues 18 June (CCC U13/U15 Teams)
(Wet Weather Backup Thu 20 June)
Perth (Liz Leipa Y12)
Sat 4 – Sat 11 May
Tues 30 April
Mon 6 May
(Wet Weather Backup Wed 12 June)



Thursday 11 April (Periods Five and Six)
College grounds

Parents and friends most welcome

If you would like further information on any of the upcoming Representative Sports events
please email Mrs Grant.

Mrs Karen Grant
Representative Sports Coordinator
Physical Activity Coordinator

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P & F News

MSB Dinner Dance – Change of Date

The annual dinner dance is being held on Saturday 25 May. The venue is soon to be advised. Please save this date in your diaries as it is a fun evening and a great opportunity to socialise with parents and staff in a more relaxed environment.

2013 P&F General Meeting Dates

Term 2: 20 May, 17 June
Term 3: 12 August, 9 September
Term 4: 14 October, 11 November

The general meetings commence at 7.30pm in the College Staffroom.

Social Convenor Position – Vacant

The P&F Executive has one remaining position vacant – the Social Convenor role. This role is mainly to oversee the sub-committees who organise the various social functions. Each of the social functions currently has a sub-committee to organise and run the event. If you are interested in this role and have any questions please contact the P&F Executive on This role is vital in ensuring the P&F can provide our MSB community with successful social events and so your support in filling this position would be greatly appreciated.

Next P&F General Meeting

The next meeting is on Monday 20 May at 7.30pm in the Staff Room. (Please enter through Reception and take the stairs on your left). If you are unable to personally attend the next meeting but wish to put forward an agenda item, please feel free to make contact with any of the P&F Executive members by emailing us on

Ms Julie Essey
P&F President on behalf of the P&F Executive


The Canteen opens daily from 9.00am – 2.00pm.

MY STUDENT ACCOUNT – Cashless Canteen

Students may order and pay for purchases with our ‘cashless’ option using their Student ID card.

Comprehensive instructions on how to use this system can be found on the College website

If you have any queries please contact Mrs Elke Forrest, Assistant Business Manager.

Place an Canteen order here


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday FrIday
Linda Gleeson Aileen Buecker Georgina Khamis Marlene Manning
Ann-Marie Corcoran Sally Cooper Georgina Pollard Rowan Dollar
Susannah Knowles Adriana
Please notify Melissa if you are unable to attend or if you would like to be removed from the Roster.
** If you can assist on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday please call Melissa **

Mrs Melissa Arane
Canteen Manager
T: 9980 0448
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Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop Opening Hours:

Monday: 10.00am – 2.00pm
Thursday: 8.00am – 11.00am

Mrs Melissa Arane
Uniform Shop Manager T: 9980 0447
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Careers information will be posted here when available. Students can access this information from MOODLE.

NSWACT Newsletter 25 March
NSWACT Newsletter 01 April

University of Wolloongong – Year 12

At key dates throughout 2013, the University of Wollongong (UOW) will be communicating with Year 12 students about university admission, important dates, the Early Admission Program etc. Any students who would like to be included in UOW’s mailing list should log onto and click the purple ‘Register for Updates’ tab. This will be a very quick form to fill in with mailing details etc.

If you are the parent of a Year 12 student and would like to receive information each month about UOW programs and upcoming events, please join ‘Parents UniAdvice’ by registering at and click the purple ‘Sign up Parents E-News’ tab to complete your details.

Defence Force University Sponsorship

The Defence University Sponsorship allows students to study an accredited degree at any Australian university and graduate with a career in the Navy, Army or Air Force.

Charles Sturt University
Charles Sturt University will be holding the following MyDay events in Bathurst and Orange:
MyDay Communications and Sports Journalism
10.00am – 2.00pm

Courses to be showcased: Advertising, Commercial Radio, Journalism, Sports Journalism, Public Relations and Theatre Media
MyDay Dentistry and Allied Health
10.00am – 2.00pm

Courses to be showcased: Dental Science, Clinical Science, Physiotherapy and Pharmacy
These events are targeted at small groups of Year 11 and Year 12 students.
Registration is essential. Each student must complete a Student Registration Form and return to CSU by Fax or email no later than Wednesday 10 April.
To register or further information:
Judy Walsh
F: 02 6338 6011
Once you have registered further details of the days will be forwarded directly to you via email in the week preceding the events.

School Holiday Programs
Academy of Interactive Entertainment April School Holiday Courses
9.00am to 5.00pm
Monday 15 to Friday 19 April
There are a variety of school holiday courses being held at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment’s Canberra and Sydney campuses. These courses are for ages 7 and above and cover 3D design, game programming, Photoshop, and more.
Contact: Canberra: T: (02) 6162 5131 or E:
Sydney: T: (02) 8514 8800 or E:

William Blue College Day in the Life of a Hospitality Manager
10.00am to 4.00pm
Tuesday 16 April
North Sydney Campus, 171 Pacific Highway, North Sydney
Young people interested in the hospitality industry can visit Sydney’s hotels, restaurants and bars for a behind-the-scenes view of the industry.
Contact: Jake Brown on for bookings

University of Sydney HSC Essay Writing Course
University of Sydney, Darlington
This course for senior high school students will teach them how to properly write essays in a HSC exam situation.
Course Dates: Monday 15 – Friday 19 April, Monday 22 – Friday 27 April, Monday 1 – Friday 5 July, and Monday 8 – Friday 12 July.
Contact: (02) 9036 4789

Architecture on Show
2.00pm to 3.00pm
Saturday 27 April
Architecture and Building, Surry Hills Library and Community Centre, 405 Crown Street, Surry Hills
Christian Grennan from Grennan Architecture will discuss the relationship between the architect and the builder.

Speak Out Education School Holiday Program
Speak Out Education are running public speaking, debating and mock trial workshops during the April School Holidays for Years 3 – 9 at Pymble Ladies College, Sydney Church of England Grammar School, and St Catherine’s School.
Contact: or 0466 970 796

The Morrisby Report

The Morrisby Report is a well-established, assessment based career guidance system, that takes into account individual aptitude, career interest, and personality, and blends these together to provide information that is invaluable when selecting senior school subjects, or in starting to think about career direction.

In a recent survey, 91% of students said that they had a better idea of what they would do after leaving school as a result of completing the Morrisby report, and 99% were glad to have taken the tests.

Public Morrisby Report Test Session
1.00pm – 5.00pm
Sunday 7 April
Pennant Hills High School

Cost: $121 (which includes the test session, and your individual 20 page bound report).
Assessor: Emma Goodsir, Educational and Developmental Psychologist (representing Career Analysts).

To book into this session, please email Emma Goodsir at or call 9875 5150 or 0422 537 627

The University of Sydney

HSC Preparation Courses
The Centre for Continuing Education at the University of Sydney is running intensive HSC Preparation courses in a variety of subjects for Year 12 students who want to extend their studies and enhance performance in their HSC year.

Selected preparation courses are also offered for Years 10 and 11, including Year 10: Preparing for Success and Years 10 – 12 Course: Improving Written English.

The next series of courses commence between Monday 15 April and Monday 22 April. Third term “Part 3″ courses are also available for enrolment and commence Monday 1 July.

The range of HSC courses assist students in improving performance in all HSC assessment tasks and facilitate a deeper conceptual understanding of course content.
For more information visit our website.

Download the HSC Preparation Course Guide. The guide outlines upcoming course dates and times as well as indicative dates for courses later in the year.

Download the Getting Through Your HSC: A Practical Guide.

YOUR PATH TO SYDNEY UNI – An Information Evening for Students and Parents

Come along and hear:

  • current students talk about life at uni
  • information about pathways, scholarships, and study options at Sydney Uni
  • Keynote speaker Corey Payne (pictured), NSW Young Australian of the Year 2013, Churchill Fellow and former Canterbury Bulldogs player, talk about his study choices
  • university staff and current students answering your questions.
Date: Wednesday 22 May 2013
Time: 6.00 – 8.30pm
Refreshments will be available from 6.00pm
Event begins at 6.45pm
Venue: Revesby Workers’ Club
2B Brett St, Revesby
Entrance via Tarro Ave
RSVP: Places are limited, so please register online by 15 May

Centre for Continuing Education
T 02 9036 4789
F 02 9036 4799

Accounting Cadetship Opportunities

Moore Stephens Sydney and Moore Stephens Sydney West are members of the Moore Stephens network of independent accounting firms with over 630 offices in 100 countries. Moore Stephens Sydney is located in the heart of the Sydney CBD servicing a broad range of clients throughout Sydney. Moore Stephens Sydney West is a Parramatta based firm servicing the expanding Western Sydney business community and is now one of the most substantial practices in Western Sydney.

Institute of Chartered Accountants Information Evening
Wednesday 15 May
Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour

Representatives from both firms will be available to address any questions from students and parents first hand. Students wanting to attend the information evening must register with the Institute of Chartered Accountants on their website

Applications for the 2014 Cadetship Program will open on Monday 13 May and close on Friday 21 June.

University Visits for Parents
Come and experience university for yourself so you can better support your child. Information provided about getting in, university life, costs, courses, and the support available. Common questions answered and a campus tour provided.

Bridges Parents Visits (March – May 2013)

William Blue College of Hospitality ManagementWilliam Blue College of Hospitality Management

2014 William Blue Industry Scholarship Applications
Are your current Year 12 students wishing to give their hospitality career a kick start in the right direction?William Blue College of Hospitality Management invites all aspiring Hospitality Managers, Event Managers, Tourism Managers and Executive Chefs to apply for the industry scholarship of a lifetime.
Developed and chosen by the hospitality industry, this scholarship offers applied education – the recipients will get the chance to work with industry in the field.Visit for a list of Scholarship instructions and an application form, available from 1 April.
Contact : Jake Brown E:
Applications close 5.00pm Tuesday 20 August.

William Blue College Information Evening
Date : Tuesday 30 April
Time : 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Venue : North Sydney Campus, 171 Pacific Highway, North Sydney, NSW 2060
Cost : No charge
Contact : Jake Brown – your students thinking of launching their hospitality career soon? From commercial cookery, events, hotel and tourism management we have something in store for all interests.

Meet our current students and hear about their student experience at William Blue. Speak with our career management team and learn why our students flourish in the industry.

For reservations please email Jake on or go to for further details.

William Blue College – Day in the Life of a Hospitality Manager Workshop
Dates: 16 April, 2 July, 9 July, 24 September.
Time: 10.00am – 4.00pm
Venue : North Sydney Campus, 171 Pacific Highway, North Sydney, NSW 2060.
Cost : No charge
Contact : Jake Brown –

During the school holidays, William Blue College runs ‘Day in the Life’ Workshops taking young hospitality hopefuls into some of Sydney’s most well-known hotels, restaurants and bars for a real behind the scene view of this vibrant and exciting industry.

Whether cooking is a passion, running events or just have an eye to serve and travel in style a ‘Day in the Life’ will open eyes to both the glamorous side, but also the reality of the hard working world, of hospitality.

For reservations please email Jake on or go to for further details.

William Blue College Open Day
Date: Saturday 17 August
Time : 10.00am – 2.00pm
Venue : North Sydney Campus, 171 Pacific Highway, North Sydney, NSW 2060
Cost : FREE
Contact : Jake Brown –

This interactive open day allows prospective students to talk to current students and graduates of William Blue College, meet our Industry Partners and speak to our Career Management team to see why William Blue graduates are so highly sought after.

Take a tour of our campus and dine in our award winning student operated restaurant, William Blue Dining.

To register your interest contact our Course and Career Advisers on 1300 851 237.

Hear what our students have to say at William Blue College

APM College of Business and Communication Serhat Ferat

2014 APM College of Business and Communication Industry Scholarship
Are your current Year 12 students wishing to give their business and communication career a kick start in the right direction?APM College of Business and Communication is one of Australia’s leading business colleges. It is for this reason that we are seeking five of Australia’s most business savvy students to be awarded the industry scholarship of a lifetime. APM offers scholarship programs in marketing, event management, public relations, business and management.Visit for a list of Scholarship instructions and an application form, applications available from 1 April.
Contact: Jake Brown –

Applications close 5.00pm Tuesday 6 September

APM College Information Evening
Date: Tuesday 7 May, Tuesday 27 August
Time: 6.30pm – 8.00pm
Venue: Level 4 & 5, 213 Miller St, North Sydney, NSW 2060.
Cost : No charge
Contact : Jake Brown – APM information evening is a great way to learn more about the college; find out what studying at APM will be like and discover how APM prepares for success.Information Evenings are suitable for those who cannot attend our Open Days throughout the year. They offer a great opportunity to meet with our academic team, Careers and Industry Consultant over a couple of drinks and canapés to discuss career options. Explore the Fortitude Valley and North Sydney campuses and facilities, find out about our Scholarship Programs, and talk to current students and alumni about their APM experience.For reservations please email Jake on or go to for further details.

APM Alive! Day in the Life styled Workshop
Date: Thursday 26 September
Time: 10.00am – 4.00pm
Venue: Level 4 & 5, 213 Miller St, North Sydney, NSW 2060.
Cost: No charge
Contact: Jake Brown –

Bring career aspirations to life in the exciting fields of business, marketing, event management, management and public relations at APM College.

Visit the APM Sydney and Brisbane campuses to meet industry professionals and experience what is it like to be successful in this industry. Work on real life industry case studies and take a secret behind – the – scenes venue tour to discover the many vibrant facets of this industry.

For reservations please email Jake on or visit our events page on for more information.

Southern School of Natural Therapies SSNTSSNT

SSNT Ambassador Scholarship Program!
If you’re passionate about helping others, then SSNT wants you. Students who demonstrate a passion for the industry and want to promote the School across a range of activities are encouraged to apply. Scholarships will cover tuition fees for one full year of study.
Find out more »

Information Session
Nurture your future and take the first step towards a career in natural therapies with SSNT. SSNT hold regular Information Sessions throughout the year, allowing potential students to experience the college first hand. Tour the vibrant campus and it’s high quality facilities and learn about the range of courses offered. There will bepresentations from academic staff as well as the chance to talk with a Course and Careers Adviser to discuss study options. The next Information Session will be taking place later this year.

Find out more »

Australian Natural College of BeautySSNT

Day of Beauty Workshop
At our Day of Beauty Workshop, you’ll learn new practical skills and get a taste for life running a busy salon. It’s a one-day session packed with invaluable insights – a must for any would-be beauty therapist.Next workshop – Saturday 11 May

Learn more and register

Open Day
With our exciting move to Pyrmont in April comes our Pyrmont Campus Open Day. This will give you the chance to spend a day at our premium standard campus, attend information sessions, see our clinic in action, learn about courses and career options, meet students and staff, and see what it’s like to be a student at ANCB.

Next Open Day – Saturday 27 April

Learn more and register

Australasian College of Natural TherapiesSSNT

Day in the Life Workshop
These hands on workshops will provide you with a taste of what it would be like to work in the growing field of natural medicine. You will learn the fundamentals of nutrition and naturopathy and get practical hands on experience across multiple subjects.Next workshop – Saturday 11 May

Learn more and register

Open Day
Do you want to know more about healthy eating? Want to discover herbal treatments? The best want to burn fat and build muscle? Want to know more about a career in health and well-being? Discover the answers and more at ACNT’s Open Day.

Next Open Day – Saturday 27 April

Learn more and register

Jansen Newman Institute
Think ClassInformation Evenings
Interested in a career in counselling, psychotherapy, community services or human resources but not sure which JNI course is right for you? Come along to an Information Evening to discover your course options in more detail. They are a wonderful chance to chat to friendly lecturers about study options, view the JNI campus and its facilities, hear from graduates and current students and discover our student support services.Next information evening – Tuesday 9 April

Learn more and register

Open Day
With our exciting move to Pyrmont in April comes our Pyrmont Campus Open Day. This will give you the chance to spend a day at our premium standard campus, attend information sessions, see our clinic in action, learn about courses and career options, meet students and staff, and see what it’s like to be a student at JNI.

Next information evening – Tuesday 9 April

Learn more and register

Billy Blue College of DesignBilly Blue College of Design

Billy Blue College of Design Scholarship
Billy Blue is committed to discovering and nurturing emerging talent, and our updated 2014 Scholarship program is designed to engage Year 12 students interested in pursuing a career in creative industries.We offer 3 scholarships up to the value of $20,000 each. The program is based around students submitting a creative solution to a challenging brief, which is due to be released soon. All participants will have a chance to attend an exclusive Scholarship Camp –a workshop-style event where they will receive invaluable guidance from our mentors and lecturers – current industry practitioners.We are looking forward to collaborating with Visual Arts, Media and Graphics teachers and Career Advisors to help achieve the best outcomes for their students.
For more information and to register your school’s interest, please contact Ekaterina on 02 8588 4758 or email:

Billy Blue Day in the Life of a Designer Workshops
Ever wondered what a day in the life of a designer would be like? Experience it first hand at Billy Blue! This one day workshop is a great way to learn what a designer does, be hands on and creative and experience our college first hand.

Upcoming workshops at our Campus are in June.

View registration forms and dates »

Billy Blue Open Days
Billy Blue campuses will be opening their doors, and would love you to pop in and have a look around! Speak to lecturers about the different Degrees available, look around the campus and experience the Billy Blue way of life!

Next Open Day date: Sydney Campus Open Night – Thursday 20 June.

Find out more »

CATC Design School

Serhat FeratCATC Design School Scholarship
At CATC we are looking for creative individuals with a passion for design or photography. Through our Scholarship program, we offer three exceptional students an opportunity to master their skills and become leading photographers or designers.Each scholarship is up to the value of $20,000 and will see the candidates working on a creative brief. The details of the 2014 CATC Scholarship program will be released shortly, and we are looking forward to working with your Visual Arts, Media and Graphics teachers and Career Advisers to help your students do their best.To register your school’s interest and for more information, please contact Ekaterina on 02 8588 4758 or email:

CATC Design Discovery Workshops
Explore the worlds of Graphic Design, Interior Design or Photography at our full-day action-packed Design Discovery Workshops. This is your chance to get creative, learn new skills, and experience firsthand what the life of a designer is like.

Next Design Discovery Workshops:
Graphic Design – 1 June 2013
Interior Design or Photography – 2 June 2013

For more info and to register, visit here.

CATC Design School – Information Evening
CATC The Rocks Open Nights are a great way to get a true insight into the creative industries learning, CATC unique culture and the pathways to creative careers.

Next Information Evening – 1 May 2013

For more info and to register, visit here or join us on Facebook

The Institute of Chartered Accountants
Cadetship Evening
Wednesday 15 May

Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre

This is an excellent opportunity for Year 12 students to engage with over 22 employers, attend information sessions regarding cadetships and receive tips on the recruitment process.

Meet the Business Leader
Tuesday 30 July

Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia

This event will provide Years 10 and 11 students the opportunity to meet and network with young and experienced professionals from a variety of business roles to gain a better insight into the business profession.

Further Information:

Linda Nguyen, Relationship Consultant
T: 61 2 9290 5779
F: 61 2 9262 3953

Students are able to apply for a tax file number through the College. The application offered through the secondary schools program simplifies the process for the girls as the College is able to verify student information through our College records. No other form of identification is required to be sent with the application. Forms for secondary school students are available from Student Services and outside the Careers Office. Applications will be verified and sent to the Taxation Department at the end of each month.

Lucy Elgood
Careers Advisor
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Community Notices

A Message from Mount St Benedict Centre

Mount St Benedict Centre and Convent is a private property. There is no parking permitted or vehicular access to the College. Students are permitted to walk through the grounds to and from the College.

Exciting French Exchange Opportunity

The Hunters Hill – Le Vesinet Friendship Committee is currently seeking applications from students to participate in their six week exchange to Le Vesinet, just 20 minutes from the heart of Paris. This very exciting opportunity is open to students aged between 14 and 16 who are studying French at school. Students will stay with families in Le Vesinet during the next Christmas holidays and then welcome their French correspondent for six weeks in July/August 2013. The exchange runs under the auspices of Hunters Hill Council and has been sending small groups of students to France each year for more than 20 years. For further information and details of our upcoming information nights please refer to our website at or contact us at

St Bernadette’s Parish

Want to meet great people, eat yummy food, and set some awesome foundations for your life?
Check out the St Bernadette’s Parish youth events below:

  • 6pm Youth Mass
    Every Sunday night followed by LIFE Nights for Years 9 – 12 from 7.00pm – 8.30pm
  • Into Life for Yrs 7-8 Friday nights, 7.00pm – 8.30pm
    $2 donation appreciated

Contact Sr Rosie Drum 0420 594 277 for more information.

RESTORED Life Teen Camp!

Want to have your heart restored these holidays? Why not attend the St Bernadette’s Parish School Holiday Camp to Crosslands Retreat Centre, Galston. Make new friends, canoe, hear from people who love their faith and get the spiritual fix you need!

Years 9 – 12: 19- 21 April
Years 7 – 8: 2123 April

Cost: $130

So what’s stopping you?
Go on – register now at or contact Sr Rosie for more info: 0420 594 277

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