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29 May 2015


From the Principal

This week we have marked One World Week, a reminder to all of us of our connection with all creation. Led by the Social Justice and Environment Portfolios, and their Mentors Mrs Dempsey and Mr Greenwell, we were able to focus on various issues of relevance to our world, including the environment, our responsibilities to people in need in many parts of the world and the interrelationships between communities. The way we live our lives in Western consumer societies directly impacts on the lives of millions of people in the developing world. Many of the people fleeing persecution and/or poverty in their homelands would not be in such dire circumstances if the world were a more equitable and just place. On Tuesday evening students and staff from a number of our neighbouring schools, as well as other Good Samaritan schools, gathered to engage in conversations and workshops related to these themes. Inspired by Jody Lightfoot, one of the original members of the Love Makes a Way Movement, students considered ways in which they could make Australia a more compassionate society, one in which we reach out to those who are in need, particularly those fleeing for their safety from homelands ravaged by war, persecution, injustice and economic oppression.

College Musical

Image 2

Tickets are selling fast for the College Musical Hairspray. If you are still hoping to purchase tickets make sure you do so soon in order to be sure of a seat. After months of rehearsals and hard work, I am sure we will be entertained in style. Our students always look forward to the Musicals and this year in particular we have a very large cast.

Purchase your HAIRSPRAY tickets.

Pupil Free Day June 5

Parents are reminded that Friday 5 June is a Pupil Free Day. All staff will be involved in a Spirituality day, reflecting on the Benedictine Good Samaritan tradition and its meaning and impact on our various roles at Mount St Benedict. I’m sure our students are looking forward to a four day long weekend, and I know that many of them could use some of the time to complete assignments, homework and assessments.

Grant us a spirit of concern for the future of our environment;
Bring an end to the exploitation of the earth’s scarce resources;
Encourage us to be responsible stewards of your creation.

Grant us a spirit of respect, recognising the value and integrity of each person;

Encourage us to be accepting of ourselves and of others.
Help us become advocates of peace, bringing an end to conflict and division;

Renew our commitment to challenging the causes of injustice.

Grant us a spirit of openness to see God within and around us;
Help us rejoice in the good we have experienced as we move forward to the future;
Help us use our senses to celebrate beauty and creativity in the world.

Grant us a spirit of truth to recognise failings, which have hurt us, others and the world;

Give us the humility to ask forgiveness for our part in any wrongdoing;

Grant us a spirit of generosity to reach out in trust to those we encounter;
Help us to embody God’s love in our relationships with one another.

Lord, make us prophets of our time.

( © Sophie Stanes CAFOD )


Maria Pearson

Mission News

Over the past week, led by our Environment and Social Justice portfolios, the College has taken up the theme of 'One World Week' with an array of activities in classes, at lunch time, during our College Assembly and after school. On Tuesday we held our annual Social Justice Forum with the theme of 'Changing the Conversation' about refugees and asylum seekers.

Those old enough to remember the 1970’s will recall the time when boatloads of asylum seekers began arriving on Australia’s shores fleeing the conflict in Indo-China. At that time Governments and Community groups called in unison for the Australian public to open their hearts and make a welcome space for these new arrivals. Among many others, Parish communities called upon parishioners to help out, committees were established, donations we called for and plans put in place to help these needy people make a new start in Australia. By the 1990’s sadly, the conversation had changed. The new arrivals were now mostly coming from the war torn countries in the Middle-East like Iraq and Afghanistan and successive Australian Governments took less and less welcoming stances. In the mid 1990’s the policy of mandatory detention was introduced and subsequent policies of Governments of all political persuasions have led to more and more harsh and draconian policies intended to deter people from seeking asylum in Australia.

The current policies of offshore processing on Nauru and Manus Island, indefinite detention and detaining children are the latest examples of a bipartisan determination to deny hospitality to new arrivals. These policies have been condemned by many including Pope Francis, the Catholic Bishops of Australia and our own Sisters of the Good Samaritan. Earlier this year over 200 Australian human rights organisations and community groups presented a joint statement to the Federal Parliament calling for action to end the policy of detaining children. In 2014 the Australian Human Rights Commission published the results of its national inquiry into children in immigration detention. It also called for legislation to be introduced to prevent children from being detained.

At Mount St Benedict College we have a long history of seeking to show hospitality to new arrivals and challenging policies and attitudes which seek to exclude asylum seekers from finding refuge here. During our liturgies and prayers we regularly offer our prayers for those who are displaced from their homes that they might find a place of safety and security. We have long standing partnerships with groups like St Vincent de Paul, the Young Christian Workers Movement and Josephite Community Aid who work closely with new arrivals. We have offered support to those in Immigration Detention Centres through the Neighbours and Friends Program and visitation work alongside the Sisters of the Good Samaritan. We have held letter writing campaigns where our students have written to children in detention, we have shared picnic days with new arrivals and collected Christmas hampers to support them.

Many of our students have also chosen to involve themselves in actions aimed at changing the attitudes in our community and the policies of our Government. In 2012 and again in 2013 approximately 100 of our students placed themselves on a voluntary lunch time detention as part of the 'Detention for Detention' program. In 2014 volunteers from our College Choir sang at the launch of the Catholic Mission campaign to free children from detention.

Also during 2014 two other groups of students began their own work on this issue. Our Community Future Problem Solving group of Year 9 students undertook an investigation of the use of language in our community on the issue of refugees and asylum seekers. Their multi-faceted program included letter writing to members of Parliament, art work, social media activity and a forum for younger students to find out more about the issues. In the course of their work they looked into many aspects of the issue and met with a number of significant contacts including a Pastoral worker from Christmas Island, a young refugee woman from Iraq and a representative from UNICEF. Their work led to success at the Australian Future Problem Solving Competition and an invitation to showcase their work at the international competition in the United States next month.

The second group were Year 10 students who took part in community organising training with the Sydney Alliance. This group decided to take up the issue of children in detention and have designed a social media campaign to galvanise public opinion on this issue. This group, which include our newly elected College Captain and Vice Captains has looked at how various student groups have taken action in isolation from one another and have resolved to try and generate a more representative collective action. In addition to their social media campaign and their presentation at our Social Justice forum this group are also planning to travel to Canberra in June to take part in a day of action with other community organisations.

Since our College has begun its awareness raising and advocacy work on this issue the number of children in detention in Australia has been reduced from over 1,000 to approximately 200. While this is a positive trend, the remaining 200 are no less worthy of our support. Additionally, the situation is clouded by an absence of information. While it is believed that children are in detention on Nauru and Manus Island, the Australian Government does not provide statistics on these facilities and therefore it is not known who is detained there and whether there are children among them.

It is encouraging for our nation’s future that many young people are prepared to take a stand on moral issues and at MSB we are likewise encouraged that so many of our own students are prepared to act to create awareness and contribute to change on these issues.

Paul Lentern
Assistant Principal Dean of Mission

Curriculum News

Year 10 into 11 Subject Selection Evening

4.00pm - 7.45pm
Monday 15 June
College Hall

The Year 10 into 11 Subject Selection Evening provides the opportunity for girls and their parents to receive information on the range of courses on offer in 2016. The evening commences at 4.00pm and comprises of six 25 minute rotations with a 40 minutes dinner break. Light refreshments will be available. During the dinner break Mrs Pearson, College Principal with give her address and Mrs Dempsey, Head of Religion and Mrs Holmes Head of English will present overviews of their courses.

Students will be emailed their user and password to access the online PTO Subject Selection System on Thursday 28 May. The system will open on Friday 29 and close at on Thursday 11 June.

We look forward to meeting you on the evening.

Lucy Elgood

on behalf of Mr John Muskvits
Assistant Principal Dean of Curriculum

Year 7 MYBennies Classes Exploring: 'What’s Behind the Red Brick Wall?'

It’s been such an exciting and inspiring start to the year for our Year 7 MYBennies students. The girls have been exploring the multi-layered and dynamic heritage and identity of Mount St Benedict College and their place in it through a series of modules focussing around the driving question: 'What’s Behind the Red Brick Wall?'.

Areas of study included:

  • Physical environment
  • Benedictine Traditions
  • Support structures at the College
  • History of the College
  • College culture and Good Samaritan heritage
  • Personal identity
  • House involvement in Community

Throughout this time, girls participated in a variety of learning experiences that integrated aspects of a number of Key Learning Areas (KLAs) from throughout the scope of the Year 7 academic program and with an emphasis on the design process required for such a challenge. They were introduced to the concept of 'Need to Know' workshops, conducted virtually or in real-time by the MYBennies staff team and were aided in the development of a range of new skills, including the use of several emerging ICT technologies.

The girls participated in a Project Based Learning (PBL) experience, working towards a culminating experience that took place on Friday 22 May. This presentation was centred on a key theme unit: telling a story or narrative that connected the girls in some way to one of the main areas of study.

The PBL was carried out in a team setting. Each team was given complete choice over the theme, focus and presentation style of their ten minute PBL presentation. Collaborative teams were supported by specialist mentor teachers as they planned and designed their product to tell a story about what they thought was 'behind the red brick wall'. During the planning stage the girls were also mentored by their Peer Support Leaders who gave them invaluable feedback to refine their work before beginning.

With a focus on goal setting and developing the key 21st century skills of collaboration and team work, creativity and problem solving and communication the girls co-created a variety of innovative and engaging products that were delivered last Friday. The audience for the presentations was diverse and authentic. Audience members included eight ex-students of the College, a member of the Marketing Office, MYBennies team teachers and other members of the MSB teaching staff who had heard about this amazing initiative and wanted to see for themselves the remarkable work produced by the College’s newest members. Each student was given feedback from their audience members and will be reflecting on the planning, process, delivery and final product through a guided letter writing reflection this week in their MYBennies classes as they prepare to venture into the next unit for exploration: Window to the World – Going Global .

We would like to congratulate the girls on the enthusiastic way in which they have embraced this learning experience. They have shown great determination, skill in negotiation and have taken risks with their own learning to produce pieces of work that have amazed and impressed!

A huge thanks goes out the many staff who have worked tirelessly under the guidance of the College Leadership team and Mrs McGowan, MYBennies Innovation Leader. The girls had a wonderful experience, being able to showcase their gifts, talents and ever-increasing knowledge of their place in the MSB community.

To see a video of the girls in action please visit the College Webpage Latest News.

Photos: Top - A collage of so many creative work pieces from our girls
Bottom - Example of MSB story presented as a PowerPoint,The collaborative process at work,
and MY Growth chart - Goal setting process for PBL

Katherine Mason

Year 8 Geography Excursion to the Homebush Bay Wetlands

On Thursday 21 May, Year 8 Geography students went on an excursion to the Homebush Bay Wetlands. We completed many activities such as zooming in on a living organism to see how it adapted to its environment, learning about mangrove leaves and we also we able to investigate mangrove mud and pneumatophores. Another exciting activity was monitoring the mangrove wetlands environment where we measured water temperature, water turbidity and water PH. We used our fieldwork skills by measuring the air temperature, humidity and wind movement by reading a hydrometer, thermometer and wind meter. A fun activity was when we had to monitor the biological section of the wetlands where we found out if the water at the Homebush Wetlands was sensitive or tolerant by identifying water bugs that lived in the water. We finally got to look at a Geographic Information System to find out how the wetlands have changed overtime.

We learnt a lot about waterways and how they have changed through the creation of infrastructure and the development of urban areas. It was a fun and educational excursion, and we would like to thank Miss Takchi, Dr Gillett, Mr Hume and Miss Scott-Bell for accompanying us.

Amy Scott-Bell
Geography Teacher

College News


Image 1

Tickets are selling fast. Purchase your tickets now to avoid disappoinment .

CSDA Debating

The preliminary rounds for the 2015 CSDA Debating Tournament finished up on Friday 22 May at St Patrick's College Campbelltown. Congratulations to all the students and staff involved this year. We have had a great season so far and with three teams through to the Quarter Finals we are very proud.

A special congratulations goes to Teams 10B, 8B and 7A who are through to the Quarter Finals. We wish you the best of luck.

The Quarter Finals will take place on Friday 12 June (venue to be advised).

Kelly Heaton
Public Speaking and Debating Coordinator

Bennies Day out at the Sydney Writers’ Festival

On Wednesday 20 May six excited girls and Ms Collins Pope attended the Sydney Writers’ Festival. The girls won their spot into the excursion by writing interesting and thought-provoking responses to ‘Memory’. Here are some reflections from them:

Laurie Halse was the first speaker that we heard from. She was very funny and she talked about her life. She talked about how her father was tormented by World War Two even during his last week before he died he was still having nightmares about it and that was hard for her. She said that the only two things that cheered her up were reading and athletics. She then started writing stories but all she got was rejection letters so at this point she had to admit that her English teachers were right! So she tried so hard and finally she got accepted to get her story published. Laurie Halse also spoke about her life and told us about her books. It made me so interested to read those books.

Jessica Clements

After Laurie Halse Anderson’s humorous and heartfelt presentation, we welcomed Melina Marchetta to the stage. The bestselling Australian author explained how influences and experiences surrounding her own life translated into her multiple greatly successful novels, differences between novel and script writing, as well as the struggles and eventual rewards of a film-making process and the process of handling other sitautions throughout her life.

Emily James

The third speaker, Brenton McKenna, is the first Indigenous graphic novelist of Australia. When he was younger he struggled to read, so he turned to graphic novels and developed a life-long interest in comic books and drawing. As an adult, he continues to share his passion of drawing through his graphic novel series ‘Ubby’s Underdogs’ and through various drawing workshops.

Nicole Sandow

Jeannette CollinsPope
Literacy Specialist

Gifted and Talented News

Photos: G&T Conference participants, Year 8 Community Problem Solvers and da Vinci Girls Hard at Work.

Girls have been engaged in a plethora of Gifted and Talented programs this semester. The da Vinci Competition has been contested by 32 students in teams of eight across Years 7 to 10 this week competing against 3000 students over the three days of competition. Results will be published when they are released. From all accounts the girls have enjoyed the deep thinking challenges and the connections that they have made with other very able students. Many thanks to their inspirational coaches Mrs Mason, Ms Collins Pope and Mrs Donohoo. Friday lunch times have been lots of fun as the training teams have delved into the areas tested in the decathlon. Congratulations to the 60 students that have been involved. The wider College community is enjoying the trivia questions displayed on the visual screens that the girls have designed.

Future Problem Solving is in full swing with our International team polishing their project ready for the competition in Iowa in June. The girls showed terrific leadership and passion in running workshops at the Social Justice forum this week. Congratulations to coach Ms Selvaggi on leading the girls. Mrs Davey and I are looking forward to accompanying the team and their coach on this international quest to change the perceptions about the language used to describe and dehumanise asylum seekers by Australian politicians and media. The team has held a Junior Asylum Seeker Forum, met with a pastoral worker who has visited detention centres, spoke on our local radio, made a short film for UNICEF Australia and ran letter writing programs. They have attended vigils, information days and countless meetings in preparation for the International Conference. They have been recognised by Amnesty Australia and the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre and have introduced the project to primary and other high schools. They are hoping to continue this work after the International Conference.

Six scenario writers, Arabella Young, Lauren Wilkes, Madison Ehlers-Casada, Maddy Skinner, Rebecca Wood and Gillian Diekman are drafting and re-drafting their futuristic stories that are due early next term. These girls have shown wonderful support for each other. Mrs Davey's Community team Annabel Fisher, Emily James, Jessica Kotzander, Anna-Cate Macoustra, Alexandra Maher, Nicole Sadow, Ashaa Sood and Natalya Denaro have been researching anxiety issues that teenagers may face. Mrs Forbes has been leading the Year 8/9 Community Team with Lara Bryant, Lily O'Brien, Rabia Rasul, Rebecca Wood, Jessica Clements, Elizabeth Chen, Aishani Mathur through engaging students in being active. The Global issues team coached by Mrs Hadfield; Kimberley Spencer, Lauren Wilkes, Emily Hendry, Olivia Boxwell, and my team Alana Sylvester, Lauren Klauser, Kathleen Notohamiprodjo and Lani Hinden are working towards their second problem on processed food and have started research on the qualifying problem of propaganda. I am excited to share the benefits of Future Problem Solving at the Gifted and Talented Secondary Association Conference on Friday at ACU Strathfield.

Isha Rana has captured the essence of the Year 10/11 student Gifted and Talented Conference as follows. In a dynamic lifestyle it has become merely impossible to set time aside to simply reflect independently and question intelligently about the world we live in. On Tuesday 19 May eight students from Years 10 and 11 were privileged to attend an intensive one day Gifted and Talented Conference at St Ignatius College, Riverview. Students’ preconceived ideas of the death of individuality, thought, sexual ethics, and correlation between science and civilisation were identified and challenged through perpetual analysis, reasoning, and debate. The girls who attended the Conference agreed that the day was highly thought-provoking and a brilliant opportunity to engross themselves in the arena of philosophy and critical thinking. Congratulations to Kimberley Spencer, Emma Smith, Jessica Yi, Emily Hendry, Sarah Tan, Erika Mendes, Isha Rana, Trish Nguyen and Mrs Forbes for stepping out of their comfort zone by representing MSB at this engaging and stimulating conference.

There have been extension courses advertised to all students. For students in Years 11 and 12, the University of Notre Dame is again running the philosophy and ethics programme, Logos for Schools, a University Delivered Board Endorsed 2 unit HSC preliminary course. The programme allows student to explore important philosophical and ethical questions while developing valuable skills in analysis, critical thinking, reasoned argument and constructive discussion. These are skills that may also be beneficially applied to the study of other subjects in the HSC and at university. The program is run over two intensive weeks during the school holidays. Students in Year 10 have the option to study a Macquarie first year university course Philosophy 137 as part of their pattern of study in the first semester of Year 11 as advertised in the Subject Selection Handbook.

Parents, teachers and community members are invited to the 5th Gifted and Talented Community Workshop on Thursday 13 August at 5.00pm - 6.30pm here at the College. The workshop will address gifted and talented research, MSB programs to enrich and extend our learners and catering for Gifted and Talented students and their emotional needs. Further details will be published early next term.

Most important is the engagement of students in their regular and challenge classes. Girls have been given the opportunity to share their learning needs with their teachers and to develop goals for their learning and are invited to contact me if they need support.

Elizabeth Dirckze

Representative Sport

If your daughter has recently achieved outstanding sporting results please send me an email so that the College can share in her success.

BROKEN BAY Website: There is a new BBSSSA site under construction - we will advise when it is 'live'

NSW CCC Website:

Representative Sports Calendar

Representative Sports Calendar - 2015 Term Two


MSB Athletics Carnival - Homebush
Wednesday 3 June


NSW All Schools Championships
Monday 1 June


NSW CCC Championships - Eastern Creek
Friday 12 June
BBSSSA Representative Team


Monday 15 / Tuesday 16 June

Broken Bay U13 and U15 Championships - Manly Vale
Thursday 18 June
MSB Junior/Intermediate Representative team


Y9/10 NSW All Schools Championships
Friday 12 June
(Y9/10 Rep Team)

NSW CCC Championships - Port Macquarie
Tuesday 16 June (Friday 19 June b/up date)

Students who wish to trial for sports that are offered directly through NSW CCC will need to nominate through the NSW CCC website. I encourage you to visit the NSW CCC website if your daughter is an experienced state level athlete in any sport.

Please remember that these are trials for State teams and as such students must be very experienced for their nomination to be approved.

Representative Sports Trials and Training

Representative Sports Trials and Training

Monday 1 June

U13 Soccer


Monday 1 June

Intermediate Basketball

3.40pm - 4.30pm

Thursday 4 June

U13 Soccer


Thursday 4 June

Uniform Fittings
- netball
- Junior/Intermediate Soccer

Fittings will take place at lunchtime
in the back of the Hall

NSW CCC Basketball Trials

Congratulations to Abi Curtin, Year 12, who has gained selection into the NSW CCC Open Basketball Team that will compete at the NSW All Schools Championships on Monday. These Championships also serve as the selection trials for the NSW All Schools team to compete at the Pacific School Games in Adelaide in Term Four, so we wish her well.

Here is her report from the NSW CCC Trials -

On Monday 25 June the NSW CCC Basketball Trails for individual players were held at Penrith Basketball Stadium. The day began at 9.00am with an introduction and warm ups running basic drills. We then moved on to play three on three games and then learned plays which we put into a short scrimmage. After lunch we were separated into two courts to help the selectors decide from the last fourteen girls. Finally the team was selected after more games, each person battling as hard as they could to hopefully be selected in the final squad. The trial lasted all day and despite feeling very tired afterwards from having to sustain a high level of play over quite a few hours, it was a very rewarding experience. I suggest to any student who wish to try out for NSW CCC in any sport to take the opportunity. Many of the girls who had come to trial were from all across NSW from Newcastle to Bathurst and whether each individual made the team or not, they gained experience and improved with help from the coaches throughout the day. The NSW CCC team will now compete at All Schools on Monday 1 June against CHS (Combined High Schools) and CIS (Combined Independent Schools).

NSW CCC Soccer Championships

On Monday and Tuesday four MSB students, Caitlin Crammond (Year 12), Grace Gibbeson (Year 10), Alex Black (Year 10) and Maddison Gardoni (Year 9), competed at the NSW CCC Soccer CHampionships as members of the Open BBSSA team.

The girls had a great two days gaining valuable experience and staying overnight as a team at Blacktown. Congratulations to Alex who was then selected into the Open CCC team as the goal keeper to compete at the NSW All Schools Championships later this term.


To Lauren Thompson, Year 11, who won a bronze medal in Level 10 gymnastics at the Australian Gymnastics Championships last week. This is an impressive achievement as Level 10 is the highest level before international events.


To all our students at next week's MSB Athletics Carnival. Results from this day will be used to determine our Representative Team for the BBSSSA carnival and possible NSW All School KO teams if additional talent is identified.

Karen Grant
Representative Sports Coordinator

Co-curricular Sport

MSB Athletics Carnival - Wednesday 3 June

The annual College Athletics Carnival will be held on Wednesday 3 June at Sydney Athletics Centre, Homebush. This is a complusory school day for all students in Years 7 to 12.

We strongly encourage all students to participate in the events. We have Championship events for the keen athletes and House events for those who want to have a go and show their House spirit.

The girls are required to wear their full PDHPE tracksuit to school and home again. Year 12 students may wear their Year 12 Jersey and school trackpants. Anyone who does not have the correct uniform items is required to wear their full winter uniform and get changed at school into house coloured clothing or suitable athletics clothing for the carnival.

The track is an all weather track so the carnival will go ahead if there is light rain or showers. It is highly unlikely we would need to cancel the carnival, however if there is severe weather a notice will be placed on the College website by 7.00am and the girls will come to school for a normal school day.

Parents are welcome to come along and enjoy the atmosphere of a Bennies Carnival. Parking can be validated for spectators to provide four hours free parking at the Athletics Centre Office.

Download the Carnival Program with the list of events, carnival rules and record holders of the events.

Rebecca Lewis
Co-curricular Sport Coordinator


All Year 10 girls have recently received a copy of the Subject Selection Handbook is to assist in their selection of subjects for Year 11 2016.

It is important for students to take the time to read this Subject Selection Handbook carefully and talk to, and listen to, parents, Heads of Department, class teachers and senior students as they come to a better understanding of the different courses being offered at Mount St Benedict College

Over the next few weeks students will have many opportunities to talk to their families and other members of the College community in order to make informed decisions about which courses to choose for next year.

The only two courses that are compulsory in the senior years at Mount St Benedict College are:

  • English
  • Studies of Religion.

Consistent with current educational thinking, the selection of courses should be based on courses that students are:

  • interested in,
  • good at,
  • challenged in and
  • relevant to future career choices.

Some useful web links that may help students are:

V.E.T. Work Placement Awards

Congratulations to Year 12 students Olivia Finnan and Yasmine Tabone, who were awarded Student Workplace Achievement Awards at the ‘Begin 2realise Awards’ last week. These awards are in recognition of outstanding achievement by Year 11 and 12 students following their mandatory V.E.T. work placement.

Olivia demonstrated excellence during her Hospitality work placement at Atlantis Bar and Dining. Yasmine also demonstrated excellence at her Business Services work placement at Trevor Leslie Real Estate receiving two awards.

Olivia (left) and Yasmine (right) are pictured with Mrs Lucy Elgood, MSB Careers Advisor.

Lucy Elgood
Careers Advisor


The Canteen opens daily from 8.00am to 2.00pm.

MY STUDENT ACCOUNT - Cashless Canteen

Students may order and pay for purchases with our 'cashless' option using their Student ID card.
Cashless Canteen - Comprehensive instructions on how to use this system
Place a Canteen order .

Canteen Roster for the week commencing Monday 1 June







Tereza Miletic

Natalie Conway

Jaye Harkin


Claudia Heer

Kay Munro

Sylvana Boyd

Joanne McCormack

Please notify Melissa if you are unable to attend or you would like to be removed from the roster.

Mrs Melissa Arane
Canteen Manager

The content of this email is privileged and confidential and is intended only for the named recipient. If you have received this email in error, please advise the sender and delete the email. You must not disclose, copy or distribute any information contained in this email or take any action in reliance of its contents if you are not the intended recipient.

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