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28 November 2014

From the Principal

As is common in schools these days, all our students have individual laptops or tablets which are used in their learning everyday. When the government first announced the one-to-one laptop roll-out they dedicated substantial funds to every school in the country. Of course this is no longer the case but, having become an integral part of the girls learning, we have continued to ensure that all students have access to devices which are appropriate to their needs. In 2015, Years 8, 9, 10 and 12 will retain the devices they currently use and students in Years 7 and 11 will be issued with new devices. Students who need to return existing devices (current Year 10 students) will be notified when they need to do this. The charges for provision of devices will continue to appear on fees statements as usual.

This week Directors and Company members met together for their final meeting of the year. While not involved in the day-to-day management of the College, these groups of people are critical to the success of the College, ensuring our sustainability and ongoing development. I want to say thank you to each of these people who gives of their time so generously to support us:

  • Members
    • Mr Nigel Quarmby (Chair),
    • Sr Catherine Slattery sgs,
    • Mr Victor Lorenz and
    • Ms Virginia Ryan.
  • Directors
    • Mrs Dianne Dawson,
    • Mr Darren Day,
    • Mr Stephen Howcroft,
    • Mrs Louise Jackson,
    • Sr Therese Quinn sgs,
    • Mr Bill Raeside (Chair),
    • Mrs Jacqui Vandervelde Gilbert,
    • Mr Kevin Wenaden and
    • Mr Matthew Zschech.
  • Facilities Committee
    • Mr Des Hoens.

Without the commitment of these people the College would not have grown and developed in the way that it has.  As a community we are most grateful for their generosity.

Ellyse with our Sports Captains, Ellen Wearne and Erin Morley

We celebrated sporting achievement over this past year at our Sports Assembly this week. We recognised the girls who have represented the College individually or as part of a team, in particular those who have achieved at a high level.

I want to especially pay tribute to the teachers, ex-students, parents and family  members who assisted in coaching and supporting the girls in their endeavours.

We were fortunate to welcome current dual international athlete Ellyse Perry (cricket and football) as our guest speaker who spoke about how she balances her life including  sport and study.

This coming Sunday is the First Sunday of Advent, a time when we watch and wait for the coming of the baby Jesus into our world. As we do so it is timely to consider our response to this event - do we prepare ourselves through prayer to contemplate the enormity of God’s gift to us? It is very easy at this time of the year to become distracted by the glitz and excitement of gift giving and receiving, but the greatest gift we can give each other is reflected in the story of Jesus birth in Bethlehem - in humble beginnings Jesus came amongst us as a simple presence in difficult circumstances. His parents were far from home and not long after his birth had to flee even further to protect their son. Let’s remind ourselves during advent that Mary’s generosity in accepting her role as Jesus’ mother enabled each of us to benefit from the incarnation, and let’s make sure that we take time to be present to our families and friends at this most precious time, particularly those who find themselves in difficult circumstances. As we do say we pray that God’s reign of justice and peace will be brought to life through our lives of faithful service to the Gospel.

All-powerful God,
your eternal Word took flesh on our earth
when Mary placed her life at the service of your plan.
Lift our minds in watchful hope
to hear the voice which announces his glory
and open our minds to receive the Spirit
who prepares us for his coming.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.


Mrs Maria Pearson

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Mission News

This week we have been holding our annual Mission Week focus. This week allows us to focus on the partnerships we have with a number of Good Samaritan ministry initiatives. We provide opportunities to learn about the work of the Sisters in these areas and we look at ways to provide practical support in response to our learning. We are grateful to our eight House Ambassadors with the support of their House Coordinators for the planning and organisation of a whole week of activities.

On Monday the Pastoral Care lesson provided the opportunity for us to learn a little more about our House partners and the needs of their communities. This then led into lunch time activities during the week to highlight the work of one of these partners. The final day was a celebration of the work being done and the way it enriches our community as well as giving us opportunities to reach out to others.

Each of our houses is linked to one of four Good Samaritan ministries and we strive to develop close partnerships with these ministries in Kiribati, Timor Leste, the Philippines and with the Mater Dei school at Narellan. Earlier this year we have had members of our College Community visit Kiribati and the Philippines and in less than two weeks’ time we will have our Philippines Immersion Team heading off for their visit. It is a privilege for us to have members of our community spend time with our House Partners as it provides a much stronger sense of connection between our work and that of our House Partners.

Next week is our final week of the school year and curiously it is the first week of the new liturgical year. This Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent which begins the new year of the Church calendar. As we begin the Season of Advent we will notice the change in the colours and the symbols that appear in our liturgies.

One significant feature of the Advent liturgies is the Advent wreath which is used not only in Churches but in family homes as well. The circular shape of the Advent wreath is a symbol of eternity, and the greenery symbolises hope and renewal. The colours of the purple and rose candles symbolise both our penance and our joy as we prepare for and anticipate the coming of Jesus into our world. Each candle represents one of the four weeks of Advent. As we light each candle we are invited to reflect on its meaning. The progressive lighting of the candles one after the other symbolises the hope and the expectation of the coming of Jesus into our world.

Next week we will be holding three significant community events and we warmly invite family members and friends to join us on these occasions. On Tuesday 2 December we will have our annual 'Carols on the Mount' in the College Hall beginning at 6.30pm. On Thursday 4 December Presentation Day will take place in the auditorium of Hornsby RSL Club from 10.00am and on Friday 5 December our Thanksgiving Eucharist will take place in the College Hall from 9.00am. Family members and friends are most welcome to join us for any or all of these occasions as we bring our school year to a close.

Mr Paul Lentern
Assistant Principal Dean of Mission

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Curriculum News

Year 7 MYBennies Integrated Program

After careful planning and consultation, the MYBennies Year 7 Integrated program is set to launch in 2015. Students will be studying three units throughout the year:

  • What’s behind the red brick wall? This unit introduces students to life at MSB and has them investigate 'What is my story and how does it fit into the story of MSB?’
  • Going Global. Students will explore their role in the greater world and develop an understanding of what it means to be a truly responsible global citizen.
  • What am I passionate about? Students will co-create with a teacher mentor an individual in-depth investigation of a chosen area of interest.

It is our sincere hope that this program will be the first step in preparing our students to become independent and self-motivated 21st century learners and that students will transition from primary school to high school comfortably and with knowledge of our place as a Good Samaritan Catholic school.

School Visits

Maree Henson and John Muskovits visited Queensland schools, Brisbane State High School and Sommerville House, in early November as part of the Pearson Learning and Teaching Conference. They were impressed by the innovative building projects in these inner-city schools where enrolments are rising and land space is limited. BSHS has an impressive Junior leadership program and the Junior Captains spoke about community-building activities run within the school. Through its Middle School program, Somerville House aims to foster a smooth transition from Junior School to Senior School by providing a framework for their students to become independent, life-long learners.

On Friday 31 October, Sharon McGowan, Mairead Ennis and Karin Balmer were warmly welcomed by the Principal of Campbelltown Performing Arts High School, who led them on a tour of the school. We were lucky enough to witness a range of integrated projects underway in classrooms and to have a chance to question students about the process. We were impressed by their use of Office 365 OneNote as a mapping tool to make integration opportunities visible for all teachers and by their willingness to prototype a variety of models (using individual teachers) before scaling these models for wider use across a year group.

Recently, Emma Hopkins, Bec Shiels and Karin Balmer had the opportunity to each attend a day at Parramatta Marist High School, where they were immersed in the process of designing and implementing Project-Based Learning and 21st century skills. They had the opportunity to engage with educators from a variety of schools who are at various stages in implementing PBL into their programs. The importance of setting clear benchmarks for students to meet as they engage in their group projects and the importance of explicit teaching around group work were made very apparent. We were very impressed by the way their Year 7 students were able to articulate their own learning process to a group of adults, using the common language of PBL.

Positive Education

This year, all year staff have engaged in training in Positive Education research, concepts, language and application. As we move towards implementing Positive Education with students and parents in 2015, it is the role of the MYBennies Team to help support this implementation and a working party was formed to plan the culminating session for staff. It was important to get a range of staff from all facets of the College to have input into what Positive Education would look like and we were very grateful to Kath Mason, Christina Liu, Kathy Reid, Jen Collins-Pope and Berenice Tanner who joined Jackie Duncan and the MYBennies Team to design and run this session.

With Good Samaritan Sister Meg Kahler’s previous session on ‘purpose’ and ‘mission’ still fresh in our minds, we set about creating a session which would revisit the ‘why’ of Positive Education, the key concepts that we have learned throughout the year and the application of our skills and knowledge to the MSB context. We heard from staff who shared their experiences of using Positive Education strategies and language in various situations. The key objective of the session was to gain valuable input from staff on what the implementation could look like with students and parents in 2015, with the focus on a whole-school approach. Staff were offered the opportunity to put forward ideas regarding the scope and sequence of Positive Education implementation in each of the year groups.

The MYBennies Team and other staff members have also been investigating the way other schools have implemented Positive Education with students and parents in their contexts. It is envisaged that we will be able to utilise this feedback to help inform the direction of the MSB implementation in 2015.

MYBennies Team

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College News

College Musical

Mount St Benedict College is excited to announce that the Musical for 2015 will be:


  • Wednesday 10 June 2015 7.30pm
  • Thursday 11 June 2015 7.30pm
  • Friday 12 June 2015 7.30pm

Ordering Your 2015 Textbooks

There is a new option for ordering your textbooks for the coming year, through the Mackays Books e-order website. You can still phone, fax or email your orders if you prefer but now you have the additional option of placing your order directly at the Mackays Books website.

Ordering is easy and secure with payments being made via the ANZ egate payments system.

To make an order on the website follow the directions on screen or the following steps:

  • Go to
  • Select the Year for your student from tabs at top of the page
  • Select the books you wish to purchase by entering quantity into the selection boxes
  • Delivery or School Pick up Button.
    School pickup orders are available till 04 Dec. After this time all orders are by Delivery to your work or home address
  • Fill out your details - Name, Address and other Contact details
  • Click on the Complete Order  Button
  • The next page to appear will have order information and then click onProceed to Payment Gateway  Button. This takes you to the ANZ egate payments system
  • Select your Credit Card type - Mastercard or Visa by clicking on the relevant logo
  • The next page enter your credit card details and click on the Enter Payment Button at the LHS near the bottom. At this time you may be required to enter further information on a Verified by Visa  page. This is an additional layer of security. This does not occur for all payments but is a function of your credit card
  • Your order is now complete and you will receive a confirmation of your order at the email address you have given on the order page

If you are receiving by delivery it would be expected to arrive in one to two weeks depending on the current availability of the books.

If you have any queries please contact:

T: 02 9876 6332
F: 02 9869 8823


Year 8 Beach Day

On Monday 10 November Year 8 met in the Undercroft to embark on a four hour practical surf education day at Manly Beach. As we moved onto the buses and headed to Manly we all anticipated what the day would bring and what our experience of the program would be.

When we arrived, we ate recess overlooking Manly Beach and moved quickly into our activities. Some classes also moved off to Shelley Beach where we participated in swimming drills and surf awareness in the water, learning how to recognise and respond to being caught in a rip.

Next, we walked back to Manly Beach to participate in activities involving movement through the water. We learnt and practised many skills such as dolphin diving, and had a few fun bodysurfing competitions. We then had the opportunity to use boards to swim out on a rip current and catch a wave back to the shore. We had lots of fun and laughs, many of us trying new things

After lunch, we teamed up with other classes to take part in relays. In groups of three, we used the skills learnt during the day to complete relays and drills of different styles. We were required to use skills gained through the water movement activities and board activities to successfully complete each one. This was a lot of fun, and definitely put the skills learned to good use.

After a tiring, yet exciting day, we arrived back at school knowing we had experienced many new things, gained many new skills, and overall, had an enjoyable day at Manly.

Article and photo selection by Emily James, Brooke Bolgoff and Mary Banks

Year 8 Goes to Knox to Dance

On Friday 21 November Year 8 attended the Joan Carmody Dance at Knox Grammar School. Before the dance, Joan Carmody and her staff came to Bennies to go over several dances that we would perform with the Year 8 Knox students. The day started with Joan and her team joining us again to revise the dances we had learnt the previous term, we then travelled to Knox Grammar school and met up with the boys for the first time. We were put into a horse-shoe shape and partnered up, we then chatted with our partners, then the dancing began. A first it was slightly awkward but by the end everyone was having a blast. We joined the boys for lunch, which consisted of more chatting and even some basketball.

The Joan Carmody Dance was an amazing experience where we learnt many skills, including socialising and dance. We would like to thank Ms O'Brien and all the teachers, Knox Grammar and Joan Carmody and her staff for giving us this amazing experience.

Ella Lehmann, Year 8

Philippines Immersion Trip Fundraising Raffle

Our group of eight Year 11 students and three staff, including Mrs Pearson, depart soon on a 17 day social justice trip working amongst the very poor of the Philippines.

Thank you to everyone who bought tickets and so generously donated their prize money back. Your ticket purchase will assist the following charitable organisations:

  • Bahay Tuluyan
    A non-government organisation that provides programs and services aimed at preventing and responding to abuse and exploitation of children in the Philippines including drop in centres and residential emergency care in Manila and an orphanage in Laguna.
  • YCW Young Christian Workers
    A world-wide organisation addressing issues involving workers in the Philippines. The MSB Philippines Immersion Team will be participating in an immersion experience learning about the problems with contract workers who own pedi-cabs.
  • Good Samaritan Kinder School, Bacolad
    House Partner of Mount St Benedict College, the Kinder School provides education for kindergarten level children from the impoverished Boulevard Community to help them successfully enter primary school. The school also provides a feeding and skills program for the families through the Good Samaritan Outreach Centre.
    A Philippine human rights social development organisation working for 40 years through fair trade practices to help the poorest and most vulnerable people in society and overcome injustice and poverty. PREDA takes children off the streets and places them in the Boys and Girls Home where they are given an education.

We look forward to hearing all about their very rewarding trip in the new year.

Peer Support Leader Training for 2015

On Monday 10 November, eighty chosen Year Nine students experienced a day filled with learning on leadership, interesting information and academic activities. It was our Peer Support Training Day, and we were ready to learn whatever we could and accept any challenge that the teachers threw at us. The aim of this day was to train and prepare us for being Peer Support Leaders for the new, excited and possibly even scared Year 7s in 2015.

Walking into the classroom we first talked as a group about the responsibilities we would have to uphold as Peer Support Leaders. Attending and being punctual to meetings and sessions was one of them, but the main responsibility was to be there for the Year 7s and help them with whatever they needed or had trouble with in this new schooling environment. Our teachers facilitated activities that helped us to empathise with the newcomers and how they might be feeling in their first year of high school, what qualities we would have to portray to them and understanding what types of activities we would do on their Orientation Day, first day back and Pastoral sessions throughout the year. We made sure to remember that we were working in ‘Teams of 10’ with the Year 7s, working in our Houses rather than in our smaller Homeroom groups. We all think that our teachers drilled that phrase, ‘Teams of 10’, into our heads so much we were mumbling it in our sleep.

We then learnt about facilitation and how it would be our responsibility to facilitate our own group. That meant that we would have to help the group work easily together, encourage students to participate, and help the group work to achieve a common goal. We learnt about closed questions and open questions, what to say and when to say it.

An activity that had us all working together as a group in our ‘Teams of 10’ was the balloon challenge. In this activity we had to link our arms together and stand in a circle. A balloon was thrown into the middle and we had to keep the balloon from touching the ground by passing it around to our teammates without using our hands. This was a great activity as it helped us work together and figure out strategies on how we would be able to achieve our goal, and enhanced the qualities which we would have to use, like patience, supportiveness, good communication skills, responsibility, inclusiveness and enthusiasm.

We believe that this Peer Support Training Day helped us understand our roles as leaders and how we would be able to fulfil that role with our Year 7s. It not only did that but helped us with our everyday lives, how we interact with each other and encourage and include people in everything that we do. All of the Peer Support Leaders would like to thank the teachers for facilitating this wonderful day, and know that we appreciate their support and effort in making sure that not only the Year 7s have a fun time with us, but that we also have a fun time with them.

By Isabelle Chacty and Julia McDonnell

Student Travel

Travelling to School

If any student needs to change the way she travels to school, she will only be able to do this in the first five weeks of Term One and Term Three. Transport forms may be collected from Student Services and must be returned by the end of term.

Hillsbus Amendments to Current Timetable

Effective Monday 10 November Route 3604 from Beecroft Road will terminate at Bellbird/Oratava not Oratava/Aiken.

Route 3178 has been removed from the timetable. Students will be able to board Route 635 for travel to school.

Further information, including a map, can be found on the Noticeboard outside the Printroom or via the HILLSBUS website.

Representative Sport

If your daughter has recently achieved outstanding sporting results please send me an email so that the College can share in her success.


NSW CCC Website:

Broken Bay Wet Weather Line: 9990 3633

Representative Sports Calendar - Term Four


Australian All Schools Athletics Championships - Adelaide
Friday 5 - Monday 8 December
Carla Takchi (Y11), Amie Bowrey (Y7) and MSB U15 KO Team


Broken Bay Championships - Terrigal
Monday 1 December
MSB Representative Team

2015 Dates

Representative Sports Calendar - 2015


BBSSA U15 and Senior Touch Championships - Manly Vale
Monday 16 February
MSB Intermediate and Senior Representative Teams
Back Up Tuesday 24 February

BBSSA U13 Touch Championships - Manly Vale
Tuesday 17 March
MSB Junior Representative Team


NSW CCC Softball Championships - Blacktown
Tuesday 17 February
E.Morley Y12, J.Tong Y10, H.Breytenbach Y9, N.Tong Y8,
B.Stafford-Gaffney Y8, C.Wilde Y8

NSW All Schools Championships - Blacktown
Tuesday 10 March
NSW CCC Team  


MSB Swimming Carnival - SOPAC
Wednesday 25 February

BBSSSA Championships - SOPAC
Monday 23 March
MSB Representative Team  


BBSSSA Senior Basketball Championships - Terrigal
Thursday 26 February
MSB Senior Representative Team


NSW Cricket Selctions - Bankstown
Thursday 26 February
Self Nominated students - see NSW CCC website
Nominations close 26 March 2015


NSW All Schools Teams Triathlon - Penrith
Friday 27 February
MSB Representative Teams


NSW CCC Selections - Parramatta
Monday 2 March
Self Nominated students - see NSW CCC website
Nominations close 23 February 2015

The Representative Sports Dates for Term One 2015 have now been added. Please note these dates and cut off times if applicable. The holiday break would be a great time to train for the Teams Triathlon, the MSB Swimming Carnival and refine your skills in preparation for early trials for Term One sports.

2015 has already started well for our MSB students with six students selected into the Open Broken Bay Softball Team.

Congratulations to Erin Morley (Year 11), Jessica Tong (Year 9), Hannah Breytenbach (Year 8), Natalie Tong (Year 7), Blaise Stafford-Gaffney (Year 7) and Caitlin Wilde (Year 7) who were selected at the Broken Bay Open Softball Trials conducted in very hot conditions last Friday. This means almost half the Open Broken Bay Team will be comprised of MSB students in 2015.

2014 Representative Sports Presentation Assembly

The 2015 Sports Portfolio ran a great Assembly on Wednesday celebrating another year of Representative Sport. We were fortunate to have dual international athlete Ellyse Perry as our guest speaker who spoke about how she balances her busy and successful life.

This has certainly been a very successful year of Representative Sport. Our athletes have won an incredible twelve Representative titles this year - most of them undefeated at various Broken Bay, Regional or even State Championships. We even won an international tournament with our 16A Touring Netball team winning the International Junior Netball Festival in Paris, France.

    • Basketball,
    • Year 7 Netball,
    • Junior Netball,
    • Year 7/8 Touch team,
    • Junior Athletics
    • Intermediate Swimming,
    • Intermediate Triathlon
    • U15 Touch,
    • Senior Basketball,
    • Senior Athletics
    • Senior Soccer
  • Overall Cross Country Champion school for the 7th time in the past eight years.

We had two NSW All Schools, sixteen NSW CCC and forty-six Broken Bay Representatives across six different sports.

Traditionally the Sports Woman of the Year awards have been presented at the MSB Presentation Day. This year however the award for each year group was presented at this event with the College’s overall award to still be presented next week.

The students that received the Year group awards based on a cumulative point tally have represented the College in numerous sports.

Students receive four points per Representative Sport, two points for each Co-curricular and one point for further representation, thus these awards recognise an overall athlete.

Congratulations to the following recipients

  • Alice Woodrow, Year 7
  • Capri Vidler, Year 8
  • Courtney Harkin, Year 9
  • Kirsten Simpson, Year 10
  • Ellen Wearne, Year 11

2015 Broken Bay Open Softballers selected

2015 has already started well for our MSB students with six students selected into the Open Broken Bay Team.

Congratulations to Erin Morley (Year 11), Jessica Tong (Year 9), Hannah Breytenbach (Year 8), Natalie Tong (Year 7), Blaise Stafford-Gaffney (Year 7) and Caitlin Wilde (Year 7) for their selection into the Broken Bay team in very hot conditions last Friday.

Good Luck

To the MSB Surf Lifesaving team who will compete at Terrigal on Monday.


Again we have had some very talented performances lately by our students and some have gained selection into elite teams.

Congratulations to -

  • Lauren Thompson, Year 10, who placed 1st on the Uneven Bars at the 2014 National Club Championships in Geelong, Victoria last week.

    Her Level 10 team placed first in Australia and her club, Sydney Academy of Gymnastics, placed 1st in Australia.

  • Alyson McGrath, Year 10, Angela Cloeraine, Year 9, and Kassidy Grant, Year 8, who will represent NSW at the Australian Indoor Netball Championships in Perth.

    All three students play representative netball for the Hills Association with Angela also excelling at outdoor netball, selected into the Sydney Academy program for 2015 and in the final phase of selections for the NSW U17 team.

Mrs Karen Grant
Representative Sport Coordinator

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Co-curricular Sport

This week our Touch teams, playing in both the Loreto Touch and Parramatta Touch Competition, came to the end of their seasons. This year we had fourteen teams play in these competitions. I would firstly like to thank our teachers, parents, ex-students, current students and friends of the College who took on roles as coaches. It was wonderful to watch the teams develop under their guidance. The time and effort involved by our coaches is greatly appreciated. Thank you also to the students who played. It a great testament to each of the girls, that with around 140 players representing MSB in these Touch competitions each week that not a single complaint was received about any of our teams. In fact, the teams were often complimented about the great sporting spirit they display. And finally, thank you to the parents who continue to support their daughters in their Touch teams.

Loreto Touch Competition

Last Saturday was the Grand Final for a group of Year 7 girls in MSB16 in the Junior Division 1 competition.

The girls were undefeated during the rounds, developing their skills and teamwork with each game. The game was fiercely contested with MSB taking the lead early. Unfortunately the girls were unable to hold the opposition out towards the end of the game and were defeated by Roseville College with a final score of 3 - 4. Congratulations girls on a great first season together.

It was also the final rounds for the teams in the Intermediate and Senior competitions, with the results of these games determining the top two teams to progress to Grand Finals. Despite not making Finals the teams have all experienced some excellent results this season. Congratulations to MSB13 (Senior D), MSB14 (Intermediate B) and MSB15 (Intermediate C).

Parramatta Touch Competition

Wednesday night was Grand Final night, with three MSB teams playing in Grand Finals.

The Year 7 girls from MSB11 played extremely well to win the Under 13 Grand Final game 7 - 3.  The game was closer than the score reflected, with the girls getting their last few points in the final minutes of the game. The girls had an outstanding season being undefeated throughout the entire competition. They played with determination and their improvement during the course of the season was exceptional, especially given some of the girls had not played before.

The Year 9 girls from MSB7 played a nail biting game in the Under 15 Grand Final. The score was even for most of the game. It seemed every time MSB scored the opposition scored straight back. The girls finally broke the deadlock in the final few minutes with a final winning score of 9 - 7. The team finished the rounds in 3rd position and played two very close games in the final rounds. Congratulations girls on a tremendous season.

The Year 10 girls from MSB6 always knew it would be a tough game in the Under 17 Grand Final. The opposing team had gone through the rounds undefeated by any other team. The girls played extremely well during the Grand Final but were unfortunately unable to contain the opposition. Congratulations to the girls for your enthusiasm during the game, playing with great determination and never giving up. Despite the end result the girls have had a great season, with many of these girls playing their fourth season together since they began in Year 7.

Barker Touch Competition - Term One 2015

All the girls have received an email with details and registration forms for the Barker Touch Competition played on Friday evenings during Term One in 2015. Registrations forms were due by Friday 28 November. Any girls still wishing to play must return forms to Student Services on Monday.

Mrs Rebecca Lewis
Co-curricular Sport Coordinator

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The College has subscribed to Jobjump, a careers website that students and parents can register to receive personalised career information.

Download the Jobjump instructions document for instructions on how to log in.

The College is also registered with mhscareers
(user: bennies pswd: careers).

There is also a number of career profile programs available on BenniesNet for the senior students to access.

Agriculture Work Experience

In Week Four of this term, I was fortunate to receive a Royal Agricultural Society Scholarship to attend a TAFE Agriculture Readiness course. This week-long program was run by Richmond TAFE in partnership with the Royal Agricultural Society with around twelve students from Years 9 - 12. The first day of the program was instruction on how to safely operate tractors. We drove through many obstacle courses and team challenges to do tasks required on farms such as moving hay bales, digging and levelling land with the front loader, and using the tractors to prepare the land for sowing. Day Two was learning about fencing, and then putting our new skills to the test to build a fence. Our patience and problem solving skills were tested later that day to repair the mysteriously cut fence and dismantle it at the end of the day. The third day we spent conducting soil samples throughout Olympic Park and learning about weeds and pastures. Day Four was all about handling livestock and definitely the most enjoyable. We discussed all things cattle, pushing the cattle through the yards and into the crush to inspect each one. We then practised our techniques in cattle oral drenching, vaccinations, and back lining. As the day got hotter we headed into the stables to work with the merino sheep. We ran the sheep through a chute and practised drenching, determining their age, and throwing them (a way of holding them still on their backs). The best part would have been my personal discovery of an object in the cattle yard and the eventual realisation it was a bull’s testicles that had been castrated only a few weeks before arriving here. The last day started with an industry literacy and numeracy test and then personal exit interviews. I would like to thank Mrs Elgood for allowing me this opportunity. Also a huge thank you to Mr Muskovits for his ongoing support as my supervisor for the last two years of Agriculture via Distance Education. You both have allowed me to follow my passion and enjoy school and lead me to future opportunities to turn that passion into a career.

Lauren Adler, Year 10

Mrs Lucy Elgood
Careers Advisor

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P&F News

The P&F would like to reiterate Maria's comments in last weeks newsletter and thank the outgoing P&F Executive members for their involvement in the P&F over many years. We would like to acknowledge the generosity of Julie Essey and Darrin Lincoln who have given so much to the College through their active involvement in the P&F. We would also like to thank the other parents who have volunteered to help at BBQs, open days, book sales, International Teachers' Day and the many other activities P&F support.

Please congratulate the incoming P&F Executive:


Mr Damien Pigott

Vice President

Mr Francis Bindschedler


Mr Greg Smith


Mrs Karen Farrell

Social Convenor

Ms Christa Silvia

At our 2014 Annual General Meeting the P&F passed a new and revised Constitution (that is available on the college website). I just wanted to highlight the aims of the P&F.

The objectives of the Association shall be:

  • To support the aims and objectives of the College, Good Samaritan Education and the College Board.
  • To foster a spirit of co-operation and friendship among parents of the college through social, cultural and other activities.
  • To provide a forum for the open discussion among parents and staff on education policy, school aims and proposed cultural and educational developments.
  • To initiate projects or co-operate with other organisations in projects which will be of benefit to the College or its students.
  • To disburse the Parent Levy for appropriate school projects.

The Executive are keen to have an open dialogue and welcome feedback, comments or questions to help us reach our objectives.

P&F General Meetings are held once per term on a Monday starting at 6.30pm in the staff room. Dates for 2015 are:

  • 9 March
  • 1 June
  • 10 August
  • 9 November - Annual General Meeting

Other important dates to note for 2015 are:

  • Year 7 Welcome BBQ - Friday 6 February - parent helpers needed
  • MSB Open Day - Sunday 8 March
  • MSB Dinner Dance - Saturday 30 May

Please feel free to contact the P&F via email or through the executive listed below.

I hope you have time to enjoy one of the upcoming end of year College events such as Carols on the Mount or Presentation Day.

Wishing you and your family the peace and blessings of the Christ child during this special season.

Mr Damien Pigott
P&F President

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Class of 2009 - 5 Year Reunion

Don't forget Class of 2009, your reunion is fast approaching.

When: Sunday 7 December from midday
Where: Fagan Park (Shelter 1, Arcadia Rd)
Bring: food, soft drink (no alcohol), children are welcomed!
Cost: $2.50 to cover Hornsby Shire Council shelter hire fee.
Contact:  Ellen de Vries (


The Canteen opens daily from 8.00am to 2.00pm.

MY STUDENT ACCOUNT - Cashless Canteen

Students may order and pay for purchases with our 'cashless' option using their Student ID card.
Cashless Canteen - Comprehensive instructions on how to use this system
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Thank you to everyone who has volunteered this year, your support is greatly appreciated.

If you would like to volunteer next year please fill in the online Volunteer Request form.

Please remember that there will no pre-ordered lunch option on Thursday and there will only be limited stock available.

The last day of trading will be Thursday 4 December.

Mrs Melissa Arane
Canteen Manager

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Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop will be closed on Thursday 4 December.

The Uniform Shop hours at the start of 2015 are as follows:

  • Tuesday 20 January 8.30am - 2.00pm

  • Wednesday 21 January 8.30am - 2.00pm

  • Thursday 22 January CLOSED

  • Friday 23 January CLOSED

  • Monday 26 January PUBLIC HOLIDAY

  • Tuesday 27 January 8.00am - 10.00am

  • Thursday 29 January 8.00am - 11.00am

Then from Monday 2 February, the hours will return to normal:

Mondays 10.00am - 2.00pm and Thursdays 8.00am - 11.00am

Mrs Melissa Arane
Uniform Shop Manager

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