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28 Mar 2014

From the Principal

Dear parents, friends, staff and students,

Our girls In Years 7 to 10 had the most wonderful experiences last week on Camps and Retreat. As they returned home on Friday they were very tired but still quite excited about their achievements and the activities they had participated in. Staff likewise were exhausted but appreciated the positive ways in which the girls had responded to the opportunities provided for them. Knowing that so many girls would be arriving back at the College at around the same time I had arranged for a staff member to wait at the College gate to remind parents that it was not possible for them to enter the grounds at that time. Imagine if over 600 parents had wanted to drive in and collect their daughters - it could have been mayhem. I greatly appreciate those parents who parked offsite and walked to the College to collect your daughters. It is a matter of ensuring the safety of staff and students that parents are not permitted to enter College grounds at the beginning and end of the school day.

I must say I was extremely disappointed to hear that some people trying to enter the grounds were disrespectful when told that was not possible. Some of the comments made to staff and the language used shocked me. In a community where we work to build respectful relationships and where staff were merely carrying out their responsibilities and duty of care, such events are deeply disturbing. I hope that all parents will understand that the welfare of your daughters is paramount and our procedures are designed to ensure that.

If parents have a problem with any aspect of our policies and procedures please feel free to contact me at the College, to discuss further.

That same afternoon a number of parents entered the car park of the Mount St Benedict Centre which is private property. Please respect the fact that the Sisters allow our girls to walk through their property but ask that cars not enter. Last Friday the Centre had quite a large group of visitors arriving and it was not convenient to have the car park full of MSB parents. We want to ensure an ongoing good relationship with our neighbours so I ask that you do not enter their property except on foot.

This week has once again been busy with the Information evening for Year 10 students and parents, the talks by Paul Dillon with Years 10 and 11, and the first of the Year 7 Parent Teacher Interviews. Our annual visit from Paul Dillon is always very worthwhile, giving the girls accurate and up-to-date information about the facts, pressures and risks associated with the use of alcohol and other drugs. This is very important for our girls, as it is difficult to make informed decisions without accurate information.

As I depart for leave I do so confident in the fact that there are so many capable staff ready to step into roles requiring different levels of responsibility. During this time Mrs Jackie Duncan will be Acting Principal, Mrs Mairead Ennis Acting Assistant Principal Dean of Students, Ms Carly Beacroft Acting Arcadia House Coordinator and Mrs Kath Mason Acting Middle Years Team Member. At the end of term Mrs Di Cottrell Dormer will be leaving the College and I want to express my gratitude to her for her work in the TAS Faculty. Mrs Dominique Johnston will be assuming the role of Acting Head of TAS until the end of the year.

Bus Changes

Thanks to the many parents who helped in our approaches to the Bus Company and politicians, to secure safe and reliable travel for our students.

From Monday 31 March there will be some important changes to our school buses.

Kellyville: 3572 will now depart from the school at 3.20pm, go to Castle Towers then become the 2585 and go to Kellyville. (Route: Showground Road, Green, Kings, Wrights, Glenrowan, President, Acres, Memorial.)Girls going to Kellyville will not need to get off the bus at Castle Towers. Students getting off the bus at Castle Towers should catch a different bus so students going along this route can fit on the bus.

Pennant Hills Station: There will be three buses going to Pennant Hills Station from Beecroft Road.

  • 3602 at 3.25pm
  • 3652 at 3.25pm
  • 3653 at 3.37pm

All juniors will now depart from Beecroft Road. Only seniors will go across to Pennant Hills Road. Please do not run for these buses.

Dural and Glenorie: 3536 departing at 3.20pm will go to Castle Towers and then become the 3573 to Dural and Glenorie. Girls will not need to get off this bus if they are heading to Dural and Glenorie.

Last weekend I spent time with other Principals of Good Samaritan Schools and members of Good Samaritan Education. We spent some time reflecting on Sunday's Gospel reading of the Woman at the Well, which is a beautiful story of encounter with Christ and conversion. Many pages have been written by scripture scholars analysing this passage, but I think we can learn a lot simply by recognising that Christ was present to the woman, he engaged in conversation with her and she was changed by that experience.

Mrs Maria Pearson


'Like' the Mount St Benedict College Facebook page.

The official Mount St Benedict College Facebook page is now operational. We invite parents, family and ex-students to 'like' the page to receive news of our College community including key events and achievements.

To 'like' the page:

'like' the Mount St Benedict College Facebook page:
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Do you have a daughter in Year 5?

If you are a current family with a daughter in Year 5,

please ensure that you have lodged a Registration for Waiting List form.

Mrs Narelle McClure


Term Dates 2014

Term One


Term concludes Friday 11 April

Term Two


Tuesday 29 April - Friday 20 June

Term Three


Tuesday 15 July - Friday 19 September

Term Four


Tuesday 7 October - Friday 5 December


Mission News

Since 2008 Mount St Benedict College has been receiving funding from the National Schools Chaplaincy Program of the Commonwealth Government. We are nearing the end of the second funding period and will shortly be seeking the funding of this program into the future. The funding provides for the engagement of a College Chaplain to work with students who volunteer to take part in programs which are additional to or an extension of programs which were offered at the College prior to 2008. Our current College Chaplain is Ms Christina Liu who also teaches in our PDHPE Department. Our Chaplaincy program works in conjunction with aspects of our Mission work to provide a number of significant opportunities for our students.

One such opportunity has been the provision of immersion experiences for students. We have completed two trips to India, a trip to Timor Leste and a trip to the Philippines. A second trip to the Philippines will take place at the end of 2014. These immersion trips provide powerful encounters between our students and overseas communities which give a profound insight into life for people in the majority world and also challenge us to think deeply about our own lifestyles, our use of the world's resources and our relationships with the majority world in areas such as trade, tourism etc.

In addition to these opportunities, our Chaplaincy program has focused on regular gatherings of students in the context of service learning, formation and mentoring. Year 7 students have the chance to join one of our "Big Sister" groups which meet on a fortnightly basis throughout the year. These groups are led by a team of our recent ex-students who guide the younger students through a process of reflection and action based on the methodology of the Young Christian Students movement 'See, Judge, Act'. The aim of these groups is to allow students to reflect on situations that arise in their lives from a faith perspective and to look at appropriate responses that bring the values of the Gospel into play. These groups have been part of our Chaplaincy program since 2011.

Year 8 students also have opportunities to join these small groups with students in their year group. In Year 8 the program is called 'The Sisterhood'. They also have the chance to begin their service learning experiences through the SOJAD program in partnership with St Edmunds School at Wahroonga. Year 9 students likewise have the opportunity of taking part in the small group reflections called the 'Step Up' program. Year 9 students also have the opportunity to volunteer their time to be involved with programs with senior members of our community through the St Benedict's Club and Jamieson House programs which take place on a weekly basis and involve our students playing games, carrying out activities and generally socialising with the residents and participants. On Monday afternoons a small group of students travel to South Western Sydney to take part in a tutoring program for young refugee students who have recently arrived in Australia through the St Vincent de Paul 'SPARKS' program. On Wednesday afternoons, a similar initiative takes place in partnership with Josephite Community Aid 'JCA'. Both of these programs involve students volunteering on a weekly basis for the semester so that they can enjoy the development of close relationships with the young students they meet.

Year 10 students have the additional opportunity of taking part in a lunch time mentoring program with Year 10 students from St Edmund's School who join us for activities focussed on friendship and social skills. This program took place for the first time in 2013 and proved to be a wonderful success. In 2014 we are also offering a new initiative to students in Year 10. This is a leadership training program with the Sydney Alliance where our students will gather with students from other schools for a process of leadership training with a focus on community engagement and social change. We hope that this program will equip our students well for current and future leadership opportunities at the College and in the wider community.

Our senior students have further opportunities to be involved in programs such as Ministry Outreach where a group of our students, together with students from other Good Samaritan Schools spend a week engaging with a range of services for disadvantaged people in the Sydney area. Other opportunities include the Beecroft Forum of the Major Issues and Theology Foundation, Vinnies Van and the immersion experiences to Central Australia. We also have a lunch time formation program called 'Connect' which has been extremely well received in recent years. In 2014 we are also hoping to offer a version of the 'Connect' program to younger students as well.

One of our hopes with the Chaplaincy program is that we will be able to enhance opportunities for meaningful engagement of parents with their daughters. We have held a Mother and Daughter Retreat each year since 2009 and occasionally we have been able to include some parents with Vinnies Van. In 2013 we joined with JCA to organise a family picnic day for refugee families in the July holidays as well as taking part in the Christmas Hamper delivery day at the end of the school year. These events provided great opportunities for our parents and their daughters to work together in a service context which would hopefully lead to some worthwhile reflection afterwards.

Towards the end of the first three year funding cycle for our Chaplaincy program we reviewed our activities and established priorities and strategic goals for the following three years. As we are now in the final year of the cycle, we are once again beginning to review our initiatives and plan for the future. With this in mind, we would greatly appreciate feedback from members of our community - parents, students and staff to help shape our future programs. I'm including a survey link below. We would be very grateful if you could spare a few minutes to provide us with your thoughts.

Click here to complete the survey on our Chaplaincy program:

Mr Paul Lentern
Assistant Principal - Dean of Mission

Curriculum News

Year 7 Parent Teacher Interviews

4.00pm - 7.00pm
Wednesday 2 April - Year 7 base classes 5 - 9
in the College Hall

The Year 7 Parent Teacher Interviews will be conducted over two nights this year. Year 7 base classes 1, 2, 3 and 4 will be held on Thursday 27 March and Year 7 base classes 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 will be held on Wednesday 2 April.

You have received an email with your username, password and instructions on how to make a booking. Once you have logged in, you will be able to book your interviews. The online booking system will close at midday on Tuesday 1 April. You will also see whether your daughter's teacher has requested an interview.

Students are to attend in school uniform with their parent/s.

Please contact the College if you are experiencing difficulties or would like further clarification.

Year 12 Parent Teacher Interviews

4.00pm - 7.00pm
in the College Hall
Wednesday 9 April

You will receive an email with your username, password and instructions on how to make a booking. The online booking system will open at midday on Wednesday 26 March and will close at midday on Tuesday 8 April.

Once you have logged in, you will be able to book your interviews. You will also see whether your daughter's teacher has requested an interview.

Students are to attend in school uniform with their parent/s.

Please contact the College if you are experiencing difficulties or would like further clarification.

Mr John Muskovits
Assistant Principal - Dean of Curriculum

College News

Master Plan Survey

At Mount St Benedict College we are constantly looking to improve College facilities for the benefit of our students and staff. This is consistent with our aim to always provide a modern, flexible and environmentally sustainable learning environment which not only responds to today's needs but can also meet our future academic needs.

With this aim in mind Mount St Benedict College is currently preparing a Master Plan for the continued enhancement and extension of College facilities. As an important member of our College community we seek your views and comments via the following survey which focuses on the physical needs of the College.

Please take a minute to complete the survey via the link below.

We greatly appreciate your feedback and request that the survey be completed by Tuesday 1 April.

Mr Guy Fitzsimmons
Business Manager

News from Human Society and It's Environment

With six different subjects falling under the umbrella of HSIE (Economics, Business Studies, Commerce, Business Services, Legal Studies and Geography) it is always going to be a busy time. During Term One students have had the opportunity to explore in various HSIE subjects.

Year 10 Commerce have just completed a self-directed unit which allowed students to choose an area of interest to them in the syllabus and complete further research and exploration. Topics have included: How and why has the law changed to accommodate Mental Illness? How does negative gearing affect property as an investment option? What are the selling techniques used by Cadbury to market their products?

Geography students in Year 8 explored the process of Globalisation by looking at the origin of their own possessions. Many found that most of the items they enjoy are actually manufactured in various countries around the world. Year 7 have been looking at what qualifies as a World Heritage Site and why they need to be preserved, whilst Year 9 have been focused upon what makes Australia unique.

Year 10 Geography are completing their Research Action Plan. This task requires them to explore and investigate a Geographical Issue such as Waste Management, Urban Growth, Air Quality or Water Management in their local area. Students have been photographing their local water catchment areas, counting traffic numbers or looking at the content of their rubbish bins in an effort to understand how these issues are relevant in and near their own backyard. This process then leads to recommendations of what could be done to improve their local environment. It is hoped that by working in their local area students can recognise the stewardship we have and be active in their communities.

Fieldwork or investigations outside of the classroom are a key component of all Geography courses. Whether it occurs around the Mount St Benedict campus, at home or on an excursion, it creates a real context for the learning in the classroom. Years 8, 10, 11 and 12 Geography classes will undertake fieldwork excursions throughout the year and it is an expectation that all students participate in these valuable learning experiences.

By now Year 12 students have almost completed their half-yearly examinations. Whilst examinations can be stressful, it provides a key opportunity for girls to test their learning thus far and for teachers to provide valuable feedback. The information is then incorporated into future learning experiences by teachers and should enable Year 12 students to seek assistance in particular areas of need.

Lastly, congratulations to Year 12 (2013) and their teachers for the excellent HSC results. They reflect hard work and cooperation by both the girls and their teachers. A special welcome also to Miss Scott-Bell and Miss Sims who have joined the HSIE department this year.

Mrs Emma Forbes
Head of Department

Gifted and Talented Opportunities

Expressions of interest are sought from students interested in applying for the following extension programs. Please note closing dates for applications.

The University of Notre Dame is offering a program to interested and capable Year 11 students to undertake the study of philosophy and ethics. Completion gives the students advanced standing for two core units in any undergraduate degree offered at Notre Dame University.

Applications are now open and the closing date is Friday 25 April 2014. The first unit will introduce students to basic philosophical questions and arguments in an intensive week during the winter holidays Monday 30 June - Friday 4 July. The second unit is the discipline of ethics and key ethical theories delivered during the summer school holidays Monday 15 -Friday 19 December. As there are limited places applications need to be submitted by the due date. Along with a signed guardian form and teacher nomination a personal statement of 500 words exploring the reasons for their interest in philosophical and ethical questions must be submitted. The cost is $600.00 per unit. The application can be downloaded at

Oxbridge Academic Programs offers advanced secondary students the opportunity to study in Great Britain, France, Spain and New York City with over 160 courses across nine programs in subjects as varied as Law, Molecular Medicine, and Studio Art.

Information can be found at

Coordinator of Teaching and Learning

To parents of Year 12

Year 12 exams finish on Tuesday 1 April. School resumes as normal on Wednesday 2 April.

Mrs Gabrielle Keats
Studies Coordinator

Head Lice

There has been a report of head lice at the College. Could all parents be vigilant in checking their daughter's hair.

For further information go to

News from the Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) Department

Dates for your diary

Tickets $10 and are now available via the College website

Mrs Gabrielle Keats

Mrs Lisa Stevens
Drama Teachers

Music Tuition at the College

Lessons have now commenced, however there are still places available if your daughter would like to commence music tuition at the College. Download the following documents and return to Mr Watters if interested.

Download Letter to Parents - Music Tuition here

Download Music - Enrolment Form here

Download Music - Instrumental Tuition Application Form here

Mr Peter Watters
Head of Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) Department

From the Studies Coordinator

Essay and Extended Response Skills Workshop - for Years 9 and 10

8.45am - 3.15pm
Wednesday 23 April
in the IRC

Your daughter is invited to attend a holiday workshop on essay writing run by ICS Learning Group.

The aim of this course is to provide a step-by-step approach for students to help them understand the specific requirements for essay writing and other extended response writing. The scope of the course extends from reading and interpreting the question, through to the final draft. The outcome is to maximise marks gained in exams and for assessment essays.

Your daughter has received a letter and permission note about this workshop. This letter contains all the relevant information regarding booking and making payment with ICS Learning. This letter is also available to download from the Permission Notes area on BenniesNet and has been included below for your convenience.

Year 9-10 Essay and Extended Response Skills Workshop.

For further information, please contact ICS Learning Group

Mrs Sharon McGowan
MYBennies Innovation Leader / IRC Coordinator

Mrs Gabrielle Keats
Studies Coordinator

Maths Workshop

The Mathematics Department runs regular help sessions after school on Monday Day 1 and Wednesday Day 8 from 3.30pm to 4.15pm in the IRC Collaborative Space. Students from all years (in any course) who would like some assistance with their Mathematics are most welcome to attend.

Some of the reasons students attend the workshops include: preparation for upcoming assessment tasks, assistance with classwork, or getting some help with homework.

Maths Workshop provides a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere where students are able to receive assistance on a more individual basis. They are encouraged to bring along specific examples of concepts they would like to address.

Mrs Denise Hillier
Head of Mathematics

MSB Golden Jubilee

We are currently updating our archival records with the History Company in preparation for our Golden Jubilee in 2016. As a result of this process we have discovered some of our publications have been misplaced. If you are an ex-student and you have kept publications such as Newsletters and School Diaries, or have photos of significant events etc, and you would be happy to share a copy with us and/or donate it to the College please email

MSB Alumni Memories

If you have fond memories of your time at Bennies, we'd love it if you could please jot these down and email them to If you have photos to go with these memories, please include. The Archives are looking for memories that we can put in a safe place to share with the future MSB Girls.

Hot topics of discussion would be:

  • Food
  • Fads
  • Friends
  • Favourite places to hang in the College.

From Student Services

If Your Daughter is Absent or Late

If your daughter is absent or late, please send an SMS message to 0418 565 982 with a brief reason.

For example 'Susan Smith Y8 sick', "Susan Smith Y8 Physio appt'.

If your daughter is attending an appointment please specify the type of appointment. The College is required by law to record a reason for absence/lateness so as to avoid a follow-up, please ensure that you explain your daughter's 'absence/lateness' when sending your SMS message. This is a text only number. Once you have sent a SMS message you are not required to send a written note. If you are bringing your daughter to school late, could you take the time to write a note in her diary before she gets out of the car. To have the ‘lateness’ explained on the day then requires no follow up.

Lost Property

A reminder to all parents to clearly name all of your daughter's personal possessions. Lost Property is displayed on the table outside Student Services. All UNNAMED items are placed here and your daughter should check regularly for anything she has misplaced. All uncollected unnamed items will be recycled at the end of term. Named items are held at Student Services and students are notified via Daily Notices. Note: All items of value are held at Student Services.

Fitness Studio - Opening hours for Use by Senior Students


The MSB Fitness Studio will be open and supervised for use by senior students on Tuesday Day 2 and Thursday Day 9, from 3.20pm - 4.20pm. Following their fitness session, the girls are required to leave school in either their full PDHPE uniform or otherwise change back into their full school uniform to travel home.

Mrs Gill McGregor
Physical Activity Coordinator

Representative Sport

If your daughter has recently achieved outstanding sporting results please send me an email so that the College can share in her success.


NSW CCC Website:

Wet Weather Line: 9990 3633


Representative Sports Calendar - Term Two



NSW CCC Championships
Tue 29 April
BB Representative Team

NSW ALL SCHOOLS Championships
Mon 5 May
NSW CCC Representative Team



NSW ALL SCHOOLS Championships
Mon 5 May
NSW CCC Representative Team



NSW CCC U15 Trials
Tue 6 May
(Angela Cloeraine)

Wed 7 May

NSW All SCHOOLS U15 Trials
Tue 24 May
(NSW CCC U15 Team)



BROKEN BAY Championships
Fri 9 May (wet weather Backup Tue 13 May)
MSB OPEN Representative Team

Wed 11 June (wet weather Backup Tue 18 June)
MSB U13, U15 Representative Team

NSW CCC Championships
Mon 26 - Tue 27 May
BB OPEN Representative Team

NSW ALL SCHOOLS Championships
Mon 16- Tue 17 June
NSW CCC OPEN Representative Team



MSB Carnival
Periods 3 and 4
Tue 6 May

BROKEN BAY Championships
Fri 16 May
MSB Team

NSW CCC Championships
Fri 16 May
BB Representative Team

NSW ALL SCHOOLS Championships
Fri 13 June
NSW CCC Representative Team



NSW CCC Championships
Fri 3 June (wet weather backup Tue 17 June)
K.Noble, B.Duncan, A.Shepherd, S.Bissett



BROKEN BAY Championships
Thu 19 June
MSB Senior Representative Team


NSW CCC Team Notifications

Students who wish to trial for sports that are offered directly through NSW CCC will need to nominate through the NSW CCC website as outlined in the attached information - please read it carefully.

Closing dates approaching include trials for Diving and U15 (students must be turning 15 in 2014) and Open Netball. These are State level team trials and as such only experienced athletes should nominate to attend.

NSW CCC How to Register an Expression of Interest

Year 12 Pierre De Coubertin Nominations

The Australian Olympic Committee is again offering this prestigious award in 2014. Students in Year 12 who wish to self-nominate need to complete all of the questions emailed to them this week.

This is not necessarily an award for an elite sports person, rather an award that aims to recognise a student who displays great sportsmanship and encourages others to be involved in sport for the joy of competing, rather than a 'win at all costs' attitude.

They may have demonstrated this by 'giving back' to their sport through coaching, umpiring etc rather than just playing sport for their own benefits.

Students at some stage throughout Years 7 to 12 must have

  1. Represented the school in at least one sport on the current Olympic Program eg triathlon, swimming, athletics, soccer, basketball etc
  2. Participated in at least two other sports (these don't have to be currently on the Olympic program eg softball, touch, netball etc).
  3. Have participated actively in the school Physical Education Program with a consistent positive attitude
  4. Demonstrated attributes consistent with the fundamental aims of the Olympic movement.

A literary or artistic piece of work also needs to be submitted by 9.00am Monday 7 April which demonstrates/depicts an appreciation of Olympism.

In 2013 MSB student Lily Vidler went on to represent Australia at the International Youth Forum in Norway.

To ensure that our applicant does not miss out on gaining a spot at the Academy Day we will need to close entries at 9.00am on Monday 7 April. Please hand in your entries to the Representative Sport slot, to Student Services (if too large) or to Mrs Grant prior to this time.

NSW CCC Tennis Trials

On Monday 3 March I trialled for the NSW CCC girls Tennis team. Out of 32 girls, I was selected to compete in the trials. In the morning session I was in a pool with three other girls. The games consisted of one set. After a well played morning I came top two in my pool and proceeded to the afternoon session where I played another three girls and the top two then went through to the NSW CCC team. I had great competition and matches against the girls.

Unfortunately I did not make the NSW CCC team but I believe that I played to the best of my ability and I am very proud of myself as I developed and improved from last year. I am privileged to get this opportunity to play the game I love and for representing the College the best I can.

I met some great girls that shared the same passion as me and am looking forward to this next year.

Kirsten Simpson (Y10)

U13 Representative Touch Team

TEAM PHOTO L to R Mrs Rebecca Lewis (Team Manager) Emma Duff, Jesse Smith, Jessica Barr, Ashley Purcell, Alice Woodrow, Brittany Haskins (Coach) Front Lauren Simpson, Julia Zubak, Amy Stuart, Caitlyn Hodges, Meg Tyler, Jemma Gallagher

Here is a report on our U13 Representative Touch team who were Semi Finalists at last week's Broken Bay Championships from their coach Y10 student Brittany Haskins:

The girls had an early start to the day being at school by 6.50am with a long bus trip to Bateau Bay. A tough game against Mater Maria to start off the day but the girls were only going to improve from then. Winning the next game against St Leo's and having a very close game against Brigidine, with Brigidine scoring a try within the last few minutes to make it a 3 all draw.

The girls made it to the Semi Finals against St Josephs and put up a strong fight but were unable to take the win.

All the girls tried their hardest, and it was a great day for their first touch carnival at Bennies and they should be very proud of themselves.

I would like to thank Brittany for all of the lunchtimes she spent assisting with the team selections and training the girls despite her own individual schedule. Thanks too to Mrs Lewis who stepped in at short notice to manage the team on the day.

Broken Bay Swimming Championships

Above 6 x 50 relay swimmers.

Congratulations to all of our swimmers who competed at the Broken Bay Championships on Monday with some terrific results. Highlights were as follows –

  • 2 x Age Champions - Chelsea Rah (Year 7) U12 and Brooke Mindham (Year 10) U16,
  • 3 new Broken Bay records set by MSB swimmers -
    • Caitlin Walsh (Year 7) U13 50m Breaststroke,
    • Intermediate 4 x 50 Medley Relay (Brooke Mindham Year 10, Jessica Marcer Year 10, Olivia Bygrave Year 10, Chelsea Brackin Year 10) and
    • Intermediate 4 x 50 Free Relay (Brooke, Jessica, Chelsea and Armelle Kolton Year 9)
  • Intermediate Champions
    Congratulations to Brooke, Jessica, Olivia, Chelsea, Armelle, Tammy McGregor (Year 9) and Rachael Fraietta (Year 10)
  • 10 swimmers off to the NSW CCC Championships
    Brooke, Jessica, Olivia, Chelsea, Rachael, Armelle, Chelsea, Emily Michell (Year 12), Caitlin and Maddy Emmett-Duignan (Year 8).

Special mention also to our four Year 12s who competed during their exam period and secured us valuable overall points as did our new Year 7s swimming with MSB for the first time!

There are some great photos currently on the Photos in a Flash website - students have been emailed the password.

Above Intermediate 4 x 50 Freestyle Relay (Jessica, Brooke, Chelsea and Armelle)

Above Intermediate 4 x 50 Medley Relay (Chelsea, Brooke, Jessica, and Olivia)

Top three individual finishes were achieved as follows -


  • Chelsea Rah (Y7) U12 1st U12 50m Backstroke, 50m Butterfly, 2nd 100m Freestyle, 3rd 50m Freestyle
  • Caitlin Walsh (Y7) U13 1st 50m Breastroke, 2nd Freestyle, 3rd Fly, 3rd Backstroke
  • Maddy Emmett-Duignan (Y8) U14 1st 50m Breaststroke, 2nd Freestyle


  • Brooke Mindham (Y10) U16 1st U16 50m Breaststroke, 50m Backstroke, 200 Intermediate IM, 2nd 100m Freestyle
  • Chelsea Brackin (Y10) U15 1st 50m Backstroke, 50m Freestyle, 50m Butterfly, 2nd 50m Breaststroke
  • Armelle Kolton (Y9) U15 3rd U15 Freestyle, 3rd 100m Freestyle, 3rd Intermediate 200m Freestyle
  • Rachael Fraietta Y10 U16 2nd U16 50m Backstroke
  • Jessica Marcer (Y10) U16 2nd U16 50m Breaststroke
  • Olivia Bygrave (Y10) U16 3rd U16 50m Butterfly


  • Emily Michell (Y12) 17+ 2nd 17+ 50m Breastroke
  • Many thanks to Mrs McGregor, our parents and students who fulfilled our timekeeping duties throughout the day and to all of our parents and grandparent spectators.

    We are looking at holding a relay training on the Tuesday or Thursday in the second week of the holidays possibly at Cherrybrook with one of our new RE teachers Mr Young who has worked previously with swimmers at the AIS - please keep these dates free if possible, I will email the girls as soon as it is confirmed.

    Good luck to all of our swimmers competing at the Australian Age Nationals during the first week of the holidays.

    2014 Sports Tour

    There are now only 15 days until our teams depart for Europe.

    Dates for next week -

    • Tuesday 3 April - Meeting in Drama Room for all students at lunchtime
    • Friday 4 April - Football team vs Barker 3.30pm - 5.00pm at Barker


    To Amie Bowrey (Year 7) who has continued her strong Javelin form winning the U13 Javelin event with a throw of 34.21 at the NSW Little Athletics Championships last weekend. Looks like the MSB Javelin record will be in for a shake at next term's Athletics Carnival.

    To ex MSB student Mikala Smith (Class of 2012) who received her National B badge recently at a NSW Umpiring camp (click here to read more: Mikala was a regular umpire who represented MSB repeatedly at the Broken Bay Netball Championships during her time as a student at The College and even represented us on our last overseas tour to the World Netball Championships in Singapore!.

    Mrs Karen Grant
    Representative Sports Coordinator / Physical Activity Coordinator

    Co-curricular Sports

    MSB Cross Country

    The annual Cross Country will be held at the College during Periods Three and Four on Tuesday 6 May.

    MSB Netball

    Netball teams have been finalised and are available on the College Sports Noticeboard.

    Dates for your diary

    • Wed 26 March: Beginner level Umpires Course commences
    • Sat 5 April: Beginners Coaching Clinic
    • Sat 3 May: Winter Competition commences

    Training Sessions

    All girls are reminded that they are expected to wear their full PDHPE uniforms to all training sessions, including your cap when training outdoors. Relevant safety gear, as required by your sport, is also required at all training sessions.

    Students being picked up from inside the College grounds are permitted to wear their PDHPE uniform home from school after training. Any student who needs to leave the College grounds to make their way home is required to get changed back into her correct school uniform.

    Changes and cancellations to training sessions will be posted on the whiteboard outside Student Services. Please check the whiteboard between lunchtime and the end of Period 6 on your training days.

    Mrs Rebecca Lewis
    Co-curricular Sports Coordinator

    P & F News

    P & F Coming Events


    Online booking is now available


    The P&F Executive wishes to advise that the MSB Golf Day advertised for 21 March 2014 is being rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances. The new date will be advertised as soon as it has been secured with the Golf Club. Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused and thank you for your patience.

    Ms Julie Saad
    P&F President on behalf of the P&F Executive



    Class of 2004 – 10 Year Reunion

    Organisers of the Class of 2004 Reunion have started a reunion Facebook page. Join this group at

    Class of 1976 – Where are You?

    If you were in the Class of '76, Anne Jackson (nee Williams) would like to hear from you. Anne is keen to start discussions on your 40 Year Reunion. This one falls in a significant year, as it is the College's Golden Jubilee Year.

    If you are interested in connecting with your peers socially and/or becoming involved in starting the discussion, please email Anne on

    2014 MSBESA Dates

    2 June
    17 June (BEYOND BENNIES 7.15am)
    11 August
    10 November (AGM)

    Each Meeting commences at 5.45pm in the College Boardroom.

    Bennies Connect

    Register at, log on as a 'first time user', update your details, explore the site, network and stay connected.


    The Canteen opens daily from 8.00am - 2.00pm.

    MY STUDENT ACCOUNT - Cashless Canteen

    Students may order and pay for purchases with our 'cashless' option using their Student ID card.

    Comprehensive instructions on how to use this system can be found here.

    If you have any queries please contact Mrs Elke Forrest, Assistant Business Manager.

    Place a Canteen order here









    Helen Merhi

    Natalie Conway

    Jaye Harkin

    Tania Bainy

    Marie Kirkham


    Kay Munro


    Rosie Lancaster

    Please notify Melissa if you are unable to attend
    or if you would like to be removed from the Roster.

    ** If you can assist on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday
    please call Melissa **


    Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers, we certainly could not provide the vast array of healthy nutritious food if it wasn't for our volunteers who give up one day a month to assist. If you would like to volunteer please click here.

    Mrs Melissa Arane
    Canteen Manager
    T: 9980 0448

    Uniform Shop

    The Uniform Shop is open Mondays between 10.00am and 2.00pm and Thursdays between 8.00am and 11.00am.

    Mrs Melissa Arane
    Uniform Shop Manager
    T: 9980 0447


    All students are able to access career information through the Careers page in BenniesNet. This includes current career newsletters, career assessments, career profiles, occupational videos, links to Universities, TAFE and private providers of training in NSW, the University Admissions Centre, HSC bonus point schemes, scholarships, gap year programmes and tips to assist with resumes and cover letters. Senior students are emailed important information as it becomes available. Parents will have access via the College website to Career newsletters.

    The College offers the opportunity for students over 13 to apply for a Tax File number. Application forms are available at Student Services and outside the Careers office. Completed forms are to be returned to student services and will be sent to the Australian Tax Office each month.

    Mrs Lucy Elgood
    Careers Advisor

    Community News


    PCYC NSW is opening registrations for the Blue Star Citizenship Award. This is an excellent opportunity for young people aged between 16 to 18 who are looking to challenge themselves, give back to the community and have a blast in the meantime. Upon completion of the award, the student will receive a Certificate I in Active Volunteering, First Aid Certificate and their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh's Award. The program goes for a term, including regular volunteer hours at their local PCYC and has two camps.

    Contact PCYC Hornsby Ku-ring-gai for more details on 9477 2310 or visit