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28 August 2015

From the Principal

This week the College focused on Refugee and Asylum Seeker Week, with students involved in a wide range of activities drawing attention to those who flee their homelands seeking refuge from wars and conflicts, poverty, persecution and oppression. This is an issue that is relevant in many parts of the world - some countries in Europe are currently experiencing an influx of migrants from parts of North Africa and the Middle East in particular. As a global problem it really needs a global solution, which will take an enormous amount of goodwill and generosity of spirit if it is to be achieved. In the meantime there are pressing issues for us as a nation, most significantly the issue of children being held in detention. As a community we are raising our voice to ensure that those in positions of political power hear our cries for change.

We also celebrated Book Week with many activities in the IRC, including author visits and writing workshops. It is great to see the girls enjoying their reading - it is a great way to both develop language skills and expand the horizons of thinking and imagination.

The Showcase of HSC works in Design and Technology, Visual Arts, Music and IT (Multimedia) was a wonderful tribute to the talents of our students, the skill and dedication of their teachers and the practical and emotional support provided by family and friends. Congratulations to everyone involved and we wish our students well as their works are marked for the HSC.

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Our annual Father Daughter Breakfast was a great celebration of the gift of fatherhood. The relationship between fathers and their daughters is unique and can be particularly important in helping young women develop an understanding of respectful relationships between men and women. Thank you to all those fathers who took the time to be with their daughters on Friday morning and we also understand that many others would have been there had they been able.

We received the good news earlier this week that Mrs Mairead Ennis and her husband welcomed a baby boy on Sunday morning.  We wish them well as they commence this new and exciting phase of life as parents.

God of hospitality and refuge,
come to us here in this place of security and safety.
Remind us that you are the God Almighty;
large enough for all people,
all nations, all tongues.

Help us, with the presence of your Holy Spirit,
to be able to create space
for those who seek asylum and refuge.
In the name of Jesus, your Son.



Maria Pearson

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Mission News

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On Friday of this week we had the pleasure of welcoming the dads of our community to our annual Father and Daughter Breakfast. It was great to see such a large crowd on a late winter morning. Thanks to the efforts of our Special Events team and our Hospitality Portfolio, with the generous support of our BBQ team we were able to feed the multitudes in the Courtyard. We then enjoyed a short prayer reflection provided by our newly elected Liturgy Portfolio with the assistance of Mrs Donna Dempsey.

At MSB we affirm the primacy of the relationship between parents and children and we firmly believe that the best outcomes for our students will be achieved through strong and authentic partnerships between the home and the school. We also believe that part of our role is to foster those partnerships as far as we are able. We do this through a range of initiatives. We encourage parents to pick up the phone and let us know if there is anything troubling them or their daughters. We believe that a lot can be achieved by talking through issues before they become serious concerns. Parents are encouraged to speak to Class Teachers, to Home Room Mentors, House Coordinators, Heads of Department or whoever may be appropriate to address their concern. We are all keen to know of any problems and will certainly work with parents and students to reach a positive resolution. We also have specific occasions such as our Parent Teacher interviews where matters can be discussed. Our community events such as our Welcome BBQ, Mother and Daughter, Father and Daughter and Grandparents Days are excellent opportunities to build the relationships between the College and the family. We are also pleased to be able to invite parents to join us on other occasions such as our Opening College Eucharist and MSB Day Eucharist.

Next year, of course, as we celebrate our Jubilee Year there will be many additional opportunities for the parents of our community to join us and share in the journey of their daughter’s education. These include our Jubilee Ball in May and our Jubilee Eucharist at St Mary’s Cathedral in June.

The partnership between parents and the College has significant impact on many aspects of the development of our students. Clearly, educational outcomes are enhanced when there is a good co-operative relationship between the school and the family. Additionally, social and emotional needs also benefit and there is also strong evidence to show that the handing on of faith and values happens most effectively when the school and the family are able to work together in these endeavours.

We continue to look for ways to build this important partnership between our College and our families. Our Mother and Daughter Retreat has run very successfully for a number of years and we have had a number of parents join us on occasions such as our Saturday night Vinnies Van, our Hamper Delivery Day and Family Fun Day Picnic with refugees and asylum seekers. There is also a great communal dimension to our many sporting endeavours and our College Newsletter and website are great sources of information to keep in touch with goings on. We are always open to new ideas and we would be very happy to hear what else we might be able to consider to help us to enhance the partnerships between our families and our College.

In last week’s newsletter we passed on information about our Sydney Alliance group ‘Kidz4Kidz’ and their social media campaign on the issue of children in detention. Since the launch at Assembly on Wednesday 19 August the video they produced has now been viewed over 75,000 times with coverage of their campaign being carried on SBS and Mamamia websites as well as in the Hills News and The Monthly Chronicle. The video can be viewed at

Paul Lentern
Acting Assistant Principal Dean of Mission

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Curriculum News

MSB Market Day

Tuesday 11 August marked the exciting MSB Market Day run by Year 10 Commerce students. This was the first time in Market Day history for the event to be held on the deck. Many would agree that this arrangement gave the event a more lively, vibrant 'market' atmosphere. Stalls sold a huge variety of delicious treats ranging from ice cream to cheesecake, cake pops and chocolate-dipped goodies.

All profits made on the day were donated to our House causes with most stalls selling out quite quickly which is a great achievement! Despite the smooth running of the day, there was a six-week period of behind-the-scenes action to prepare for the day. It gave us a first-hand understanding of what goes into running a business including teamwork and perseverance.

The day wouldn't have been as successful as it was without the help of Miss Takchi, Mrs Forbes and Mrs Thadani and we thank them for their time and effort.

Diana, Amanda, Stacey and Zara
Year 10 Commerce

HSC Showcase Night

Despite the wet weather an enthusiastic and supportive audience of parents, teachers, friends and family attended the annual HSC DT/IT/Music/VA Showcase evening on Monday evening.

The efforts of Design and Technology, Industrial Technology Multimedia, Music and Visual Arts students were exhibited. Innovation, creativity and technology are at the heart of most successful projects of our time. The works on display represented the culmination of months of work by students, planning and designing, developing their skills and applying them to the task of creating inspirational artworks, innovative designs and beautiful music.

The evening was a great success and truly showcased the talents of these students. We wish the girls the very best of luck as their works and performances are presented for formal marking by HSC examiners in the upcoming weeks.

Peter Watters
Head of CAPA Faculty

HSC Showcase, Visual Arts

Annalise Blatchford, Mrs Jane Blatchford, Leah Blatchford

Rachel Montgomery, Mrs Tracy and Mr Peter Montgomery

Maddison Turner, Mrs Carol and Mr Ian Turner

Bridget Staal with her Body of Work


Veronica Goldman with her Body of Work


Congratulations to the Year 12 HSC Visual Arts students who exhibited their Bodies of Work at the Showcase on Monday evening. It was a great event. Thank you to the parents, grandparents and friends who came and supported the students. The students worked to the very best of their ability to complete their Bodies of Work and did a fantastic job setting up the Exhibition.

I am extremely proud of the student’s achievements with their Bodies of Work.

Thank You to Mrs Susan Webber, Mr Peter Watters and Todd Gardner for their help in assisting the students set up their artworks for the event. Thank you to the Staff community who attended and supported the students on the night.

Therese O'Kane
Year 12 Visual Arts teacher

Science Unleashed Excursion - Year 9

On Tuesday 18 August, a group of keen Year 9 students were fortunate enough to set out on an excursion to the Australian Museum Science Festival during National Science Week.

Once we arrived in the city we entered the Sydney Grammar School Theatre where we listened to a presentation from Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, who features on the Australian Government 2015 Intergeneration Report Advertisement and other programs, such as Radio JJJ . He gave some interesting insights into the future of science and possible career paths we could choose in the industry. Later we took a group photo with Dr Karl, we enjoyed recess in Hyde Park in the company of the frantic ibis birds. This was followed by another presentation which involved numerous exploding dry ice experiments, where we also learnt about the different forms of matter, all presented by a very enthusiastic host.

We continued on to the Australian Museum where the Expo was held. There was a wide range of exhibitions that were hosted by numerous organisations such as the University of New South Wales, 3M, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, Sydney Water, Jenolan Caves and the Dr Victor Chang Institute. We were able to gain further knowledge of the wide range of career paths the science industry has to offer and we also participated in hands-on activities. Following lunch at the Rooftop Cafe, we were engaged in another presentation from an author about the evolution of the human race. As we hopped on the train at Town Hall Station, our minds were buzzing with all the knowledge we had gained from this excursion.

We would like to thank Ms Bradstock for organising the excursion and Ms Collignon and Mrs Mason for accompanying us on the day. A fun day was had by all and we were further enriched from this excursion.

By Ksenya Konstantinoff and Judith-Grace Vella

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Pastoral Care

New Norcia News

Respect, Enthusiasm and Compassion, are the New Norcia House Values and it is very pleasing to see the girls of New Norcia live out these values through their interactions with their peers, their relationships developed in Homeroom and amongst the House with their participation in House activities.

One of these activities this year has been each Homeroom had to think about how they were to each show the spirit of hospitality, as an individual, within their Homeroom, House, and wider school community. They wrote these thoughts into pledges and displayed them in their Homerooms as a visual reminder. Throughout the year the girls have been revisiting their pledges to reflect on their actions of hospitality.

Another positive activity in which New Norcia has been involved in Homerooms is the ‘Gratitude Box’. Each Homeroom has a small box and slips of paper, where the girls have been writing acknowledgements and messages of gratitude’s to girls within their Homeroom. The girls are recognising positive actions and attributes of their peers and share with the rest of the Homeroom. These are either displayed in the room or given to the girls as a positive memento to keep. The girls have got into the spirit of this activity and are quite enjoying keeping them in their planners.

During PC the girls have been very busy with many initiatives and activities, either with Police visits, resilience doughnut activities, seeing small performances addressing current issues, study skills sessions, and having time to reflect and discuss these activities as a House or in their Year groups. Year 9 are working on creating and implementing a project they feel is a need within the school community and are planning to raise money for charities or the House Cause: Bacolod Kinder School in the Philippine’s. The three groups within New Norcia have come up with some creative and inspirational projects. The New Norcia Mentors regularly have conversations with the girls during PC or Homeroom, where this is an opportunity for the Mentors to catch up with the girls and hear about all the interests they are involved in.

And this leads me to gladly welcome and introduce New Norcia’s new leaders for 2015/16. Isabella Destafano is our House Captain, Chelsea McEntee is Vice Captain and Dominque Pigott is our House Ambassador. They are very excited and proud of their new roles and I am looking forward to working with them in in the following year. I would also like to thank the outgoing leaders, Avani Mohan, Laura Page and Rhiannon Hasson. Each have done a fantastic job within their role, and later in term the House will formally show their gratitude to these girls too.

Now, I will hand over to Chelsea who will acknowledge all the great achievements the girls from New Norcia have accomplished, and who are each in their own unique way putting into action our House Values of Respect, Enthusiasm and Compassion.  Well Done!

A Message from Chelsea, New Norcia Vice Captain

Chelsea here, and on behalf of Isabella and Dominique I would like to say we feel very humbled and honoured to be the new New Norcia leaders, and excited to work and support all in the House.

Firstly, I would like to praise some great things some of the New Norcia girls have been up to. They have been very varied, starting with the School Musical ‘Hairspray' from last term. Myself, Emelia Serra, Isabella Destefano had lead rolls, which we immensely enjoyed. Also, two New Norcia mentors show some acting skills where Mr O’Brien and Mr Agius had a role each, and many others were members in the chorus, had Nicest Kid leads and Detention leads.

There have also been some great academic and sporting achievements over the past few weeks. Semester Academic Awards were awarded at Assembly last week to some Year 7 and 8 students from New Norcia, including Cecilia Callen and Georgia Newell from Year 7 and Ariella Azzopardi, Elizabeth Chen, Imogen O’Keefe and Natalia Reale-Byrant from Year 8.

Along with these great academic achievements Anthea Jones, Lucy Sheppard and a Homeroom mentor Mrs Selvaggi, became World Champions in the ‘Civics and Cultural Future Problem Solving International’ in the USA.

As well as academic achievements there has also been some sporting achievements, with Ellen Wearne coming 1st in Javelin 17 years at the Broken Bay Athletics Championships.

Congratulations to all these great achievements from New Norcia.

Chelsea McEntee
New Norcia House Vice Captain

Nicola Murray
New Norcia House Coordinator

Strength Spotting

Why is it often so easy to recognise the strengths in others, yet so challenging to do the same to ourselves? How can we see the capabilities of our family and friends, but struggle to find the right words to let them know just how remarkable we think they are?

The VIA Institute of Character ( has quantified their list of 'character strengths'. A list of attributes that we can and do recognise in ourselves and others which they describe as having 'a significant impact on quality of life as well as a positive effect on relationships, careers and personal growth'. Informally and within the Pastoral program at Bennies, we ask our students to utilise such tools as a means of finding the words to name the strengths they innately recognise in themselves and their peers.

Is it an easy task to complete? Not always. Sometimes we can be challenged when asked to look inwards. However, the simple process of 'strength spotting' can be a liberating and affirming process for ourselves and others.

Some questions to ponder related to strength spotting:

  • How could we build 'strength spotting' into the dinner table conversation?
  • What strength/s can you recognise in your daughter?
  • How can you share this with them?
  • What strengths do they recognise in themselves?
  • What strengths can you recognise in yourself?

What does Strength Spotting look like at Mount St Benedict College?

Here’s an example of strength spotting used recently within the Science faculty.

This term, our students in Year 8 participated in designing their own experiment (SRP) that they, in small teams, designed, carried out and reported upon. The SRP required the utilisation of the strengths of each individual as well as those of the whole team for a common purpose.

As a mechanism for feedback and way of threading through our Positive Education program throughout the curriculum, some students were invited to do an activity in 'strength spotting'. Girls were asked to reflect on their effort and participation in this extensive task and to recognise one or more strengths they could identify in themselves. From this, they were invited to write a gratitude letter to themselves; acknowledging their strengths and explaining when and how they were able to demonstrate and develop this attribute.

Each girls was then asked to do like-wise with the other member/s of their team – identify a personal character strength and write a letter of gratitude to each team member outlining how they saw this strength in action. Each student then shared their letters of gratitude with their collaborative partners as a means of affirmation.

Attached is a copy of the task given to some of our Year 8 girls and a link to a brief overview of each character strength.

Strength Spotting Task

VIA Character Strengths Classification

Image 1

Character strength Infographic from

Image 2

How does Strength Spotting fit into the Positive Psychology framework? Source:

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College News

News from the IRC - Children's Book Week Celebrations

This week the College has been celebrating Children's Book Week. The theme for 2015 was 'Books Light up our World' and students were encouraged via displays in the IRC to light up their world through reading. We had plenty of tea, fairy bread and flashing lights on display to light up the IRC with even a still functioning 'overhead projector' projecting this year's logo onto the wall and ceiling. Throughout the week students were invited to participate in guessing competitions displayed in the IRC such as 'guess the silhouette', 'name the book cover' and a twenty question competition based on locations around the world.

Monday was the announcement of the Best Borrowers of 2015 for each Year group, congratulations to:

  • Year 7 - Katherine Spencer
  • Year 8 - Lily O’Brien
  • Year 9 - Jessica Clements
  • Year 10 - Arabella Young
  • Year 11 - Collette Chung and
  • Year 12 - Amita Trikam.

At lunchtime on Tuesday we had a group of students involved in our Refugee and Asylum Seeker Week events participating in writing activities in the IRC Collaborative Space, where they were able to write short stories in response to pictures of children in detention centres or write letters to children in detention.

Wednesday we welcomed writer Claire Zorn to the College, winner of the 2015 CBCA Book of the Year (older readers) who ran a number of creative writing workshops with our Year 9 students in conjunction with National Literacy and Numeracy Week. Four of our students were also selected from a creative writing competition run leading up to Book Week where they needed to write a 500 word piece based on a set character and location set by Claire herself. The winners of this competition Arabella Young, Aoife Twamley, Nicole Sandow and Claire Ward won the prize of having lunch with Claire and a signed copy of her winning book 'The Protected'.

On Friday author Jennifer Walsh was invited to speak with our Year 7 students about her writing, concentrating on some of the books she has written where the history of Australia has been woven into the stories and the research that she must undertake for this to occur.

Our Book Week Lunch will be celebrated on Monday 31 August, the first day of National Literacy and Numeracy Week with over 80 students in attendance representing:

  • Principal's Reading Challenge recipients
  • Best Borrowers of 2015 for each Year group
  • IRC Celebrity Status Award recipients
  • Peer Reading Tutors from Year 9 and their reading partners from Year 7;
  • Bennies Book Club students and
  • Mathematics Program Tutors.

We also acknowledge our latest six students to have CELEBRITY STATUS in the IRC as they have completed the Principal’s Reading Challenge along with a special additional challenge to read across genres amounting to over 60 books in total.

These students are:

  • Ashley Dilworth and Emma Wilkinson (Year 7)
  • Jessica Clements and Nicole Sandow (Year 9) and
  • Isabelle Chacty (Year 10).

The week ended with judging at lunchtime of the competitions running in the IRC each day. Next week we will publish the names of all the girls who have completed the Principal’s Reading Challenges and photos of the Awards given at the Lunch.

Congratulations to all the girls who got involved in Reading Challenges this year. And a big thank you to the wonderful staff of the IRC who ensured that there were many activities happening throughout the week.Each member of the team put a great deal of effort in the weeks leading up to Children's Book Week creating the displays.

Rebecca Shiels
Teacher Librarian

Future Problem Solving - Solution Focused and World Champions.

The following is a copy of the speech that Ms Selvaggi delivered at a recent College Assembly. Her words embody the essential for what the staff, in collaboration with our students, strive to achieve . . .

Good morning everyone.

It is my great honour this morning to introduce the nine students from Year 10 who, in June, became Middle Division World Champions for Community Problem Solving. Due to the incredibly high standard of this year’s competition the judges were forced to devise new marking categories which makes this victory even more impressive.

In a minute the team will address you and show you the obligatory power point with the highlights of the competition at Iowa State University and they will thank a long list of people as is fitting but what they will not do is tell you how hard they worked.

This team has met every lunch time for 18 months and during the school holidays not because anyone told them to but because they had a true passion for their project and a genuine belief that their work and their goal mattered.

This team very early on recognised that the success of their project did not hinge on doing one thing well but on doing everything well. That quality outcomes can only be achieved by daily habit and drive. Passion isn’t enough nor are ideas. It is meticulous attention to every detail of a well devised action plan that delivers.

Future Problem Solving has taught this team to be solution focused and to see obstacles as opportunities for creativity. They have learnt to work as a team, to listen to one another and be doggedly focused on solving and addressing their problem. They have learnt that compromise sometimes means giving your opinion but it not being accepted by the group.

It has been inspiring to work with nine individuals who intrinsically understand that project delivery hinges on beginning every suggestion with the words “We could…” rather than “I think...”

By reframing sentences they also reframed their attitude – to let go of ego in order to achieve the best outcome for their project.

Before I  invite the team members to the stage to present the 2015 World Champion trophy to Mr Lentern I would like to wish the current Community Problem Solving teams in Year 8 and Year 9 as well as the GIPS teams the very best of luck as they embark on the National Competition.

Lastly I would especially like to thank the eight students in Year 12 who were World Champions in 2013 for offering words of advice and encouragement to this team. At the moment this school has 17 World Champions in its student body – that is amazing!!

The 2015 Middle Division Community Problem Solving World Champions are:

  • Rebecca Day
  • Amelia Dunkerley
  • Mackensie Eddington
  • Anthea Jones
  • Audrey McLachlan
  • Lucy Sheppard
  • Isabella Steen
  • Sarah Tan
  • Emma Tolhurst

Ms Nina Selvaggi
FPS Mentor teacher and Head of History Department

Katherine Mason

Position Vacant

Mount St Benedict College  is inviting applications for the following full time permanent position:

Grounds and Maintenance / Design & Technology Assistant

Do you have experience in general repairs and maintenance?

Do you have knowledge of a range of design techniques?

Want to work close to home in the Hills area?

The role of the Grounds and Maintenance / Design and Technology Assistant is to assist the Maintenance team in the service and up keep of the College as well as provide support to teachers in the TAS faculty in preparation for practical Design and Technology classes.

Click here for further information and to apply

Closing date: Friday 11 September 2015

Melisa Fitzgerald
Human Resources Officer

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Upcoming Reunions


The Class of 1985 30 Year Reunion registration page is open. Click here to register for this event.


The Class of 1975 40 Year Reunion registration page is open. Click here to register for this event.

Michelle Blackman
Archives Officer

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Representative Sport

Representative Sports Calendar

Representative Sports Calendar - 2015 Term Three


NSW CCC Championships
Friday 11 September

Representative Sports Calendar - 2015 Term Four


NSW All Schools Championships
Thursday 8 - Sunday 11 October

Australian KO Championships
Monday 7 December


BBSSSA Championships
Friday 23 October
MSB OPEN Representative Team


BBSSSA Championships
Tuesday 27 October
B/Up Tuesday 3 November
MSB OPEN Representative Team


BBSSSA Open Team Trials
Friday 29 Novemberr

Students who wish to trial for sports that are offered directly through NSW CCC will need to nominate through the NSW CCC website. I encourage you to visit the NSW CCC website if your daughter is an experienced state level athlete in any sport.

Please remember that these are trials for State teams and as such students must be very experienced for their nomination to be approved.

Karen Grant
Representative Sports Coordinator

NSW ALL SCHOOLS Athletics KO Championships

Our Intermediate Knock Out Athletics team had a great night last Thursday evening competing at the NSW All Schools Championships and finishing as Bronze medallists! Congratulations to these eight very excited students.

Back Row Capri Vidler, Amie Bowrey, Sasha Savenko, Whitney Skirka
Front Jemma Gallagher, Shannyn Bissett and Elly Gallagher

Read More »

It was a long night with our relay event not starting until almost 10.30pm. Despite this and a number of team changes due to injury etc in the lead up, all team members performed well across nine different events during the night, proving that consistent performances create a great team better than a few brilliant individual results. Our girls finished ahead of many schools with very strong athletics and scholarship programs including Westfield Sports High, Ascham, PLC Sydney, Loreto Normanhurst, Ravenswood etc.

This is the 5th consecutive year that MSB have qualified for the National KO Championships to be held in Melbourne in December. It was also great to see ex MSB student and original KO team member Maddy Bergfield cheering the girls on and even staying to the very end to support them. Thanks to Mr Batten for also supporting our girls all evening and sharing his valuable athletics experience.

NSW ALL SCHOOLS Athletics Nominations

Students who wish to nominate for individual events at the NSW All Schools Athletics Championships can now do so online via the ANSW website. This is a pathway through to the Australian Championships.

NSW CCC Basketball Championships

Our Intermediate girls had qualified after their victory at the BBSSSA Championships earlier this year and in an exciting development our Junior team were also granted a wildcard entry after their close final game. This pitted us against the best Catholic schools in NSW across two days.

Thanks to Mrs He, Mrs McGregor and Abi Curtin from Year 12 who coached our girls and as always were excellent role models for our girls and ambassadors for MSB. Thanks also to the parents who assisted with bench duty, transport etc and ensured that our girls were ready to compete at their best.

Despite being undefeated at the Broken Bay Championships earlier this year, the girls expected very tough competition at the NSWCCC Championships. We knew that the standard of play would be completely different and indeed it was a battle. We found it hard to secure a win until the second day of the tournament but regardless, I am very proud of the girls achievements. We came close to some very talented teams that included State and Australian players and our girls kept toughing it out every second of the game.

Read More »

Here is Mrs He's report on the Intermediate team -

Every single player on the team had a role to play and they all contributed in different ways. Despite not making the playoffs, we had different successes. I've seen the exponential growth in each individual player since the initial selections in Term Two. With that, came the remarkable improvements in their ability to work together in a team that supported each other's strengths. Each training they came with a positive attitude and they always encouraged each other both on and off the court. To me, these are the real lessons that sport can teach our students. It isn't always about winning the race, but the hard work and lessons learnt along the way. As always, our girls represented the College with the utmost respect and sportsmanship and I could not be any prouder of all that they have achieved to get this far. No doubt, bigger and better things are yet to come with such a talented group of young women!

Here is Abi's report on the Junior Team's experience -

The Junior representative basketball team had an amazing tournament at this years NSWCCC Championship held at Penrith Stadium. Despite only just missing out on the finals due to a for and against points tally, the girls showed amazing skills and perseverance on the court. The main highlight of the competition was the game against Xavier College, Albury where the girls were down by 15 in the first half but through defensive pressure and an astounding amount of three pointers where able to win the game 53-44. I am beaming with pride at how the girls performed and acted at the tournament and know they will all go far in their sporting endeavours.

Upcoming Representative Sports Trials

Sign up sheets are now on the Sports Noticeboard for Representative Water Polo (Open Team only) and Tennis (U13, U15 and Open teams) trials. Nominations close Friday 4 September.

Good Luck

Good luck to all of our students who are involved in final series for their winter sports during the upcoming weekends.

Karen Grant
Representative Sports Coordinator

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Co-curricular Sport

Parramatta Touch

Registrations are closed for Parramatta Touch teams. The competition begins on Wednesday 2 September. The draw will be up on the Parramatta District Touch Website .

We are still looking for coaches to assist with a few of  the teams. Please contact Mrs Lewis if you are interested in a coaching position.

Loreto Touch

We are currently looking for players from Years 7 to 10 to fill a few vacancies in the teams. The Year 7 team is especially in need of players. The games are played on Saturday mornings during Term Four only. Registration forms are attached for interested players.

We are still looking for a couple of coaches to assist with a few of  the teams. Please contact Mrs Lewis if you are interested in a coaching position.

Hills Summer Basketball

Registrations are now open for the Hills Summer Basketball competition.  Registration packages were emailed to all students this week and are due to be returned to Student Services by Monday 31 August. The games are played during Term Four, 2015 and Term One, 2016. Registration package is attached for interested students.

Please contact Mrs Lewis if you have any queries.

Rebecca Lewis
Co-curricular Sports Coordinator

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The Canteen opens daily from 8.00am to 2.00pm.

MY STUDENT ACCOUNT - Cashless Canteen

Students may order and pay for purchases with our 'cashless' option using their Student ID card.
Cashless Canteen - Comprehensive instructions on how to use this system
Place a Canteen order .

Canteen Roster for the week commencing Monday 31 August






Nicola Grassi

Tereza Miletic

Natalie Conway

Jaye Harkin

Simone Williams

Claudia Heer

Kay Munro

Susan Brown

Sylvana Boyd

Joanne McCormack

Please notify Melissa if you are unable to attend or you would like to be removed from the roster.

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