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27 November 2015


From the Principal

As we come towards the end of the year it is a time to celebrate the many achievements and successes of our students and staff. This week we spent time acknowledging the many sporting achievements of individuals and teams throughout the year. As a Benedictine school, we believe that achieving balance in our lives is very important - this balance includes spending time in physical activity and recreation. Apart from the benefits to both our physical and mental health, sport offers opportunities to learn valuable skills for life. Our guest speaker at the Sports Presentation Assembly, Michelle Daley, shared her story of overcoming challenges in her life and her subsequent path towards elite sporting involvement. It is good to remember that when we overcome adversity and move forward positively we build our capacity to deal with disappointments and challenges in our lives, an important life lesson for all of us.

Special Events

There are a number of special events next week, which all students are required to attend. It is very important for our life as a community that we come together to celebrate achievements, reflect on the year we have shared and look forward to new experiences to come. I expect all students to be in attendance until 3.15pm on Friday 4 December. I hope that parents will join us, if possible, for our Presentation Day and end of year Liturgy. Families are also most welcome on Tuesday evening for Carols on the Mount which is always a lovely time to come together and remind ourselves of the coming of the Messiah at Christmas. I look forward to seeing many of you next week.

Many of our students, staff and family members have volunteered to be involved in delivering Christmas Hampers to families in need of support. I thank all those who so generously give their time to ensure that the spirit of Christmas is shared with others.

Over the Christmas break a group of 45 students and staff will commence the Jubilee year with a Benedictine tour in the Footsteps of Benedict. We will visit a number of monasteries after which our Houses are named, and will also visit many places where St Benedict spent his early life and began his monastic way of life and writing of The Rule. This is a wonderful opportunity to gain a deeper knowledge of the traditions which underpin all that we do at the College. Of course there are some challenges related to travelling to Europe at this time and we are deeply conscious of ensuring the safety of our staff and students.

Prayer for Victims of Terrorism

Loving God,
Welcome into your arms the victims of violence and terrorism.
Comfort their families and all who grieve for them.
Help us in our fear and uncertainty,
And bless us with the knowledge that we are secure in your love.
Strengthen all those who work for peace,
And may the peace the world cannot give reign in our hearts.

( )

Maria Pearson

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Mission News

Prayer for the Earth

God of love, teach us to care for this world our common home.
Inspire government leaders as they gather in Parish to listen to and heed the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor;
to be united in heart and mind in responding courageously;
to seek the common good and protect the beautiful earthly garden you have created for us,
for all our brothers and sister, for all generations to come. Amen

The prayer above is taken from a statement made jointly by the Cardinals, Patriarchs and Bishops of all Christians across the globe representing the continental groupings of national episcopal conferences.

It is part of an appeal, sent to the world leaders gathering in Paris this weekend for the Paris Climate Summit known as “COP21”. These Church leaders are appealing for the world leaders to reach a “fair, legally binding and truly transformational climate agreement”.

They write “We, Cardinals, Patriarchs and Bishops, join the Holy Father in pleading for a major break-through in Paris, for a comprehensive and transformational agreement supported by all based on principles of solidarity, justice and participation. This agreement must put the common good ahead of national interests. We call on COP21 to forge an international agreement to limit a global temperature increase to within those parameters currently suggested from within the global scientific community to avoid catastrophic climatic impacts, especially on the poorest and most vulnerable communities”.

The full text of this statement can be found at:

To coincide with the Paris Climate Summit many Christians will be marching alongside other concerned community members to demonstrate their support for urgent action on climate change. Catholics in particular are invited to gather on the forecourt of St Mary’s Cathedral to take part in the march on Sunday 29 November. Further information about the march can found at the Catholic Earthcare Australia site:

On Monday 30 November representatives of Josephite Community Aid (JCA) will come to collect our donations in preparation for their delivery on Saturday 5 December. On Tuesday a group of our Year 10 students will assist in the preparation of the hampers and further groups of Year 11 students will assist in this process on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. On Saturday 5 December we expect to have about 75 students together with about 30 parents and 10 teachers involved in our hamper deliveries.

Also during our final week of the term we have a number of significant community events scheduled and we would love to have parents joining us for these occasions. Our annual Carols on the Mount evening will take place on Tuesday 1 December in the College hall from 7.00pm. Presentation Day will take place at Hornsby RSL Club on Thursday 3 December between 10.00am and midday. Finally, our Thanksgiving Eucharist will take place in the College hall on Friday 4 December at 9.00am.

Paul Lentern
Assistant Principal Dean of Mission

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Curriculum News

MYChoice Project Presentations in MYBennies

Over the last week our very talented Year 7 students have presented their individual in-depth investigations of a chosen area of interest which they have co-created with their MYBennies teachers throughout this term. Each student created a specific driving question, drawing on their individual passions and capabilities, and followed the design process used in Technology classes (TAS) to create a product to show their new found understanding in answering the question. Weekly targets were set throughout the project and self, peer and mentor feedback occurred allowing reflection on skill development and personal performance throughout the MYChoice project.

With over 180 questions here are just a few of the amazing questions students have developed answers to:

  • How can I use music to promote wellbeing in the community?

  • How can I encourage young children to look after their pets responsibly?

  • How can I assist the Good Samaritan Kinder School in the Philippines to improve their quality of life?

  • How can I help improve the overall wellbeing of special needs children through interactive activities?

  • How can I educate young dancers about common dance injuries so they can prevent it from occurring?

  • What can be done to help patients keep a positive outlook while recovering in hospital?

  • How can I create a learning program to promote Forensic Science to middle years students?

  • How can I use recycled products to create DIY projects for younger children?

Some of the products included books, board games, comics, posters, paintings, lesson plans for teachers, videos, letters to the editor, Pinterest boards, Instagram and Weebly websites.  Below are just a few examples:

The students showcased their individual efforts over the last week to an authentic audience appropriate to their project.  Over 40 people (parents, ex-students, community members and students and staff from our Benedictine connections) generously gave up time to see the girls present their work and reflect on their term of work on their project.  The MYBennies team of teachers are extremely appreciative of each guest’s interest in assisting with the project and for giving invaluable feedback to the students.  The students, whilst apprehensive about presenting to an authentic audience, were very excited to know that there are people outside the College who care about and value their many gifts and talents.

Congratulations to every Year 7 student who completed the challenge to create their own individual in-depth investigation.  It was wonderful to see the students pushing themselves to learn more about something of interest and ensuring there is a need in the world for the product they have created.

Congratulations also to the Year 7 MYBennies teachers who have worked tirelessly throughout the year to put together our innovative integrated subject for Year 7 students which has been taught for the first time this year.  Throughout the year we have sought feedback from our Year 7 students so we can improve the program of study in 2016 and beyond.  As we move forward with our Middle Years Engagement work the girls in Year 8 will continue to experience integrated learning and opportunities to work on real world projects.

Sharon McGowan
MYBennies (Middle Years) Innovation Team Leader

Year 8 STEM Challenge Day

Last Thursday, 180 Year 8 students participated in a full day STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology and Maths) Challenge.

The context for the day’s challenge was outlined in the morning. Based on climate change, the challenge focused on increased incidence of flooding and the need for households to be able to pump as much water as possible out of flooded homes in a short period of time. Students were then set their challenge: to build a device which could lift 1 litre of water up a vertical distance of 30cm in 1 minute.

Working in teams of six, the girls designed and built their device which was then scientifically tested at the end of the day. Teams had certain criteria to fulfill, limited budget and resources, and also had to create a video log of their work throughout the day. The TAS design process was utilised so that there was brainstorming, narrowing of ideas and careful planning before any construction began.

At the end of the day, each group showed their video log, was marked on a range of criteria including their design record sheets, elegance of design and adherence to budget, and then tested their device. Much splashing of water and cheering ensued!

Many thanks go out to the entire STEM team for their hard work both leading up to and on the day, as well as our guests: Mrs Kim Mahoney (Careers Advisor and Design & Technology Teacher at The Hills Grammar School), Mrs Karen Michie (Year 7 Parent, Molecular Biologist and Science Teacher) and Mr Jonathan Arthur (Year 8 Parent and Research Scientist) - who were happy to lend their time and expertise during the day. We look forward to expanding the STEM program in 2016 to a series of challenge days for Year 8 students, as well the development of an integrated TAS, Science and Maths curriculum project.

Following a student's thoughts on the STEM Challenge Day:

STEM Challenge Day was an amazing experience for Year 8 as we got to learn all about engineering and what engineers do for a living. It is a challenging job that puts your patience and intelligence to the test. I really enjoyed the STEM Challenge Day because I got to spend time with students that I don’t often talk to and I also got to combine elements from different subjects to create my design. I found that manufacturing the design was my favourite part, thinking about how it would work and what it would look like from a little drawing on a piece of paper. The best part about the STEM Challenge Day was showcasing our designs. The whole day came down to one moment when we had to see if our designs would actually work. The STEM Challenge Day taught me a lot about patience, team work and problem solving. I really enjoyed it and gained a lot more respect for engineers

Ashleigh James

Maree Henson
MYBennies Innovation Team

From the Studies Coordinator

A Note for Year 12 Students and Parents

Students will have completed their first assessment tasks for most subjects in the last two weeks and may need to spend time working through their results for these tasks and celebrate what they did well and make a plan for what they need to work on for future tasks. They may have tasks early on in Term One 2016 that they need to do some work for during the holidays.

The summer holidays will require some work (revision and/or study and/or preparation for 2016) by all the Year 12 students, along with some exercise, proper sleep and a break.

The work may include:

  • Ensuring their class and study notes are up to date for the Term Four topics in their subjects they have just learnt
  • Reading novels and/or plays set for study in 2016
  • Re-reading texts from Term Four that might need revision
  • Memorisation of formulas, terminology and definitions
  • If taking a subject that has a major work, such as Design and Technology, Visual Arts, Drama, Music and/or Society and Culture, students should be keeping on top of their development process so they can return in 2016 to show teachers some progress on their selected works.

Students should also take the advice from their teachers as to what to work on over the holidays in each of their subjects to keep them up to date and on track for the rest of their HSC year in 2016. Students can use the holiday study planner that was emailed to them at the start of the week.

If students have struggled with the workload this term then I recommend they access the online study skills handbook or the bennies study skills lib guide for some valuable resources and advice for all things study related.

The holiday period can be a wonderful time to regroup, catch up, refresh and set some new goals for the year ahead.

Username: formsbenonly
Password: 124results

Students will also have a presentation on their first day back by Dr Prue Salter from Enhanced Educational Learning Services (ELES), the creator of the online handbook, with some valuable study skill tools for their HSC year.

I wish all Year 12 students a restful and balanced holiday. I hope they return refreshed and inspired for their studies in 2016.

Holiday Study Tips for Year 12

Students will be receiving their reports over the next week. These can be a valuable tool for helping students to set new goals for their learning and consider improvements they could make to their study skills in the new year. The attached article from Dr Prue Salter of Enhanced Learning Educational Services (ELES) may assist you and your daughters in making the most of their semester 2 report.

Mrs Gabrielle Keats
Studies Coordinator

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College News

Image 1

Q and A visit for Student Alliance Girls on White Ribbon Day

The MSB Student Alliance representatives (an initiative of the Alliance of Girls Schools Australasia) were invited by the ABC to attend the live filming of the program Q and A with a domestic violence theme on White Ribbon Day in acknowledgement of our work on our #1MINUTE video.

In this special episode we viewed the second part of Sarah Ferguson's documentary 'Hitting Home' and proceeded to watch a distinguished panel of guests discuss the issue of domestic violence in Australia. We heard many touching stories from both 'Hitting Home' and audience members whose lives were touched by this issue. In watching 'Hitting Home' and discussing the domestic violence crisis Australia faces as a nation, no holds were barred and no aspect was too taboo to discuss. Sarah Ferguson's documentary explored the issue exposing its causes and effects in a brutal light. We were forced to question all we knew about what was being done to lessen the prevalence domestic violence and how deep its roots run.

View the #1minute video

View the ABC Hitting Home story

Elizabeth Khoury, Student Alliance member

Technology Update

2016 Laptops have been rolled out

During the last few weeks students in Year 8 and Year 9 have been returning their College laptop for a new device to support their learning in 2016 and 2017. The new devices have been well received offering the latest in Windows 8 and touch screen technology.

The new devices can be used either as a standard laptop computer or converted to be used as a tablet. The laptops are preloaded with all the software they will need for work at the College. Access to eBooks and digital textbooks is also available for the girls, negating the need to carry cumbersome and heavy books around from home to school.

During the rollout the students were also introduced to their new cloud storage solution. The College OneDrive for business solution offered all users access to 1000Gb of secure online data storage, access to the Office 365 suit of applications and a wide range of other collaboration tools.

Current Year 10 students will receive their new devices in January ready for the 2016 academic year.

Video Conferencing

Just over six weeks ago the College’s new broadband solution went live. This new fibre broadband link has not only significantly increased our bandwidth but opened up a world of opportunities for the girls.

One of these additional facilities is the use of high speed, high quality video conferencing.

In the past few weeks’ students have had the opportunity to link live with a number of experts and take some virtual excursions from the comfort of their own classroom. Last week Professor Tamara Davis, an award-winning astrophysicist based at the University of Queensland, joined science students for an hour. She spends most of her time trying to figure out why the expansion of the universe is accelerating, and thus figure out whether we can harness that acceleration to make things like hoverboards or clean energy. One of the most highly cited astrophysicists in the world, Tamara has been awarded many prizes; including the 2015 Nancy Millis Medal for Women in Science by the Australian Academy of Science. She is a highly engaging speaker with a passion for playing ultimate Frisbee. The girls spent the hour learning about her work and had the opportunity to ask her questions about her current research.

This week a number of senior students were lucky enough to link live with leading Australian contemporary artist, Ben Quilty, in his studio and talk with him about his life and what inspires him and his art. A group of Year 11 students linked live with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority in Townsville, QLD. The group discussed with a Marine Biologist managing the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and the effect of human uses of the reef. The girls also had the opportunity to interact live with a SCUBA diver underwater on the reef. We explored the diversity of reef creatures, the adaptations they possess and the role they play within the reef community.

Next year the College will be expanding the ability to utilise the video conferencing technology across different faculties.

Mr Stewart Duncan
Head of ICT

Year 8 Beach Day

On Monday 9 November, Year 8 students put on swimmers under their uniforms, and had towels in our sports bags in order to plunge straight into an exciting day trip to Manly Beach. The buses left at 8.30am sharp in order to get the most out of the four hour surf education program.

So we arrived at Manly with beautiful weather and views to enjoy while we leisurely enjoyed our recess in the shade, but not for long. Before we knew it, we were in our red rash shirts and split into class groups ready to kick start the activities.

We took a beautiful walk around to Shelly Beach and started off with some freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke relays. Then, we went back into the water to tread water, and refreshed important lifelong skills like how to spot a rip and how to call for help in the water. We also learnt how to respond to being caught in a rip, just in case.

Next we walked back to Manly Beach in order to learn how to successfully handle a board in the surf, and how to catch a wave. We used the boards to get right out behind the waves, and bring ourselves back to shore, similar to what we would do if we were caught in a rip. This was definitely a class favourite, but it certainly tested our upper body strength! We then learnt great ways of movement through the water, especially in the shallows, by dolphin diving and other techniques.

After a short lunch break we were able to test every skill we had learnt on the day in a head to head relay against our class. We teamed up in groups of three along the beach and began the races. These included sprinting across the beach, swimming various strokes and diving through waves. It was a great way to test or skills, strength and to see just how far we had come from the beginning of the day.

With our legs aching and arms sore, it was time to get changed and go home. Overall, it was such a successful day and we were all proud of ourselves with our personal development of skills and knowledge on surf safety that we had learnt on the day. It was safe to say that it was enjoyed by everyone in Year 8, and we would all love to thank the teachers working behind the scenes to make our day at Manly Beach run smoothly.

Alanah Schier, Year 8

David Campbell
Head of PDHPE Department

Mackays Booklists and College purchased lists for 2016 now available

All Booklists and College purchased digital and book resources are now available to be viewed on the Parent and Student portals of the College Website.

Mackays Book List orders can be placed online at Alternatively the Booklist can be printed and returned to Student Services by 2.00pm on Wednesday 2 December.

College Purchased resources will be provided to students on their return to the College for the 2016 school year. Many of these resources are digital and log on details will be emailed to students.

Sharon McGowan
IRC Coordinator

Busways Timetable changes

Busways have advised us of Timetable changes for their School or Public Route services effective Sunday 29 November. To view the changes please visit their website at or contact their Customer Service team on 9497 1870 or 9497 1887.

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P & F News

P&F News

The AGM was held recently and the College welcomes the 2016 executive:

  • PRESIDENT: Damien Pigott
  • VICE PRESIDENT: Francis Bindschedler
  • TREASURER: Greg Smith
  • SECRETARY: Karen Farrell
  • SOCIAL CONVENOR: Christa SIlvia

The meeting dates are:

  • GENERAL MEETING: 14 Mar, 6 Jun, 22 Aug and 7 Nov (AGM)
  • EXECUTIVE MEETINGS: 15 Feb, 9 May, 25 Jul and 17 Oct


The 2016 Welcome BBQ is on Friday 5 February. This is a wonderful opportunity for families with daughters new to the College to experience first hand the spirit of friendship and community the College strives for.

Traditionally the current Year 7 families assist the P&F Executive and join with members of the staff to make this a rewarding and welcoming event for our new students and families.

A request was emailed out to all current Year 7 families requesting your assistance. If you would like to help please download the attached form and return it to Student Services or alternately email Christa at

Download 2016 Welcome BBQ Request for Volunteers form

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The AGM was held recently and the following is the Committee for 2016:

  • PRESIDENT: Jessica Micallef
  • VICE PRESIDENT: Vicki McClure
  • TREASURER: Karen Maher
  • SECRETARY: Nicole Wheeler

and the Ordinary Members:

  • Cathy Bray
  • Karen Michie
  • Annaleen Chacon
  • Ann Jackson
  • Melissa Woolnough
  • Rob Conroy


Save the date

Class of 1976 - 40 Year Reunion

When: Saturday 8 October 2016

The remainder of the reunion details will be confirmed at a later stage.  In the meantime join their facebook page Class of 1976 to be kept in the loop with your peers.

Michelle Blackman

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Representative Sport

Pacific School Games

Caitlin Walsh (Year 8 – Swimming) and Shannyn Bissett (Year 9 – Touch) have been competing at the Pacific School Games in Adelaide this week with great results. Caitlin won silver in both her individual breaststroke and relay events early in the week and Shannyn's touch team were sitting in second place at the time of going to print.

Sports Presentation Assembly

Our annual Sports Presentation Assembly was held on Wednesday where students who gained selection into a MSB Representative team in 2015 were recognised.

Our special guest, past MSB student and staff member, Michelle Daley, gave an interesting presentation regarding her road to representing Australia at the International transplant games.

She also encouraged the girls to be involved in next year’s Australian Games in Sydney.

The College ‘Sportsperson of the Year’ Awards for each year group were also be presented. Congratulations to these worthy recipients -

  • Year 7 -  Nicole Sanders
  • Year 8 - Alice Woodrow
  • Year 9 - Capri Vidler
  • Year 10 - Courtney Harkin
  • Year 11 - Kirsten Simpson / Jessica Marcer

BBSSSA Surf Lifesaving

Our surf lifesaving team competed at Terrigal on Tuesday at the BBSSSA Championships. As usual our girls represented the College well and had a great day competing. Here is a report on the day from Whitney Skirka (Y10) who shared her experience with other team members throughout the day.

On Tuesday 24 November, a group of MSB students and two teachers attended Terrigal Beach for a Surf Lifesaving Carnival. Many of the students were new to the team and some had been selected to attend the carnival before. One of MSB’s youngest intermediate participants, Rosie Leavey, finished off her flags event in 5th place which is an outstanding result. Capri Vidler (intermediate) as well gained 5th place in her sprint intermediate finals, and the Senior competitors finished off strongly, with Jessica Marcer finishing 4th in her senior swim final, Kirsten Simpson again finishing off 4th in her Sprint senior final and myself (Whitney Skirka) finishing my event, Senior Sprint finals in 3rd place. Unfortunately the relay team which consisted of two juniors (Jessica Barr and Rosie Leavey), two intermediates (Lindsay Mills and Capri Vidler) and two seniors (Kirsten Simpson and myself), did not place in the final but each girl tried their hardest and gave their all. I would like to say a special thank you to Mrs Grant and Mrs McGregor for helping and attending the Carnival with us as, if they didn’t, our school wouldn’t be able to compete. Having competed in this Carnival in previous years, I would encourage any student who is interested in Surf Lifesaving to put their name down next year as it is a really fun and enjoyable day.

Schoolgirls Tennis Tournament

Congratulations also to Charlotte Brennan and Kassidy Grant from Year 9 who competed in this tournament on Monday at Pennant Hills. Due to Year 9 exams and PASS Camp clashing with other dates, the girls had to enter the Year 10 competition against older and more experienced players. This however ensured great development for their games. Here is a report from Charlotte -

On Monday, Kassidy and I participated in the School Girl’s Tennis Tournament at Pennant Hills Park. We played in the Semi Finals against Abbotsleigh but unfortunately did not progress further. We had a great time on the day and really enjoyed the experience. We look forward to trying out again next year.

Good Luck

To MSB PDHPE staff member Belinda Cox who is currently in Denmark as the Australian coach at the Trampoline Gymnastics World Championships.

BBSSSA Open Softball Team 2016

Congratulations to the following girls who trialled in hot conditions on Friday for the 2016 BBSSSA Open Softball team:

  • Tiffany Bassett
  • Hannah Breytenbach
  • Amy Tilly
  • Jessica Tong
  • Natalie Tong
  • Caitlin Wilde

A great start to Representative Sport for 2016.

Year 10 student Jessica stated that "although it was hot we had a good time and everyone wanted to be there, which is always a nice and positive thing"

Karen Grant
Representative Sports Coordinator

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Co-curricular Sport


Registrations are now open for everyone who wishes to play in the 2016 winter season (April through Sept).  For the first time, registrations can be completed online and payments can also be made online.

Important Note:  we are unable to place you in a team until your registration has been completed and full payment made.

Step 1 - Complete your Registration via the MyNetball website

Step 2 - Make your Payment via the MSB website

  • open the MSB website -
  • click on online payments
  • click on co-curricular sport registration
  • complete your payment details

Thank you, and we look forward to a fun and energetic 2016 season.

Parramatta Touch Grand Finals

On Wednesday night we were very excited to have three of our touch teams playing in Grand Finals. This was a great effort by these teams to make it to this point of the competition. It was great to also see a number of MSB girls who had come along to cheer along their friends. A very visible sign of Bennies spirit!

  • MSB 7 played in the Under 17 Girls A Division Grand Final. The girls had a nail biting finish to their season, with a very tight game  finishing with a 5-5 draw. This took them into extra time with a drop off where some great team play saw them score the first try to win the Grand Final. Congratulations to the players Brianna Barr, Jemma Brooks, Georgia Emerton, Grace Gibbeson, Sonja Jeffery, Brittany Maggs, Lauren Martin, Julia Murray, Whitney Skirka and ex-student Maddy Bergfield who coached the girls this season.
  • MSB 8 played in the Under 17 Girls B Division Grand Final. The game was very close during the first half but the strength of the MSB girls during the second half resulted in a 7-3 win at full time. Congratulations to the players Lily Dittmar, Georgia Francis, Dana Griffin, Mary Harb, Jasmin Raad, Bridget Sarks, Abigael Shepherd, Kirsten Tole and ex-student Lily Vidler who coached the girls this season.
  • MSB 10 played in the Under 15 Girls Blue Division Grand Final. This team has performed well all season, and the Grand Final game was no different. The girls began the game scoring in the first few minutes and went on to win the game 9-3. A great result for the girls who were undefeated throughout the season. Congratulations to the players Kate Barry, Charlotte Brennan, Madeleine Emmett Duignan, Laura Gould, Claudia McKenzie, Isabella Nati, Georgia Pearse, Kareena Trikam, Juliet Wearne, Jaime Yazbeck and  Brittany Haskin (Year 11) who has coached this team for the past three seasons.

Thank you very much to all our coaches and managers for the great work and support of the girls throughout the season. We hope that you have enjoyed your time with the teams and found it to be a rewarding experience. Thank you also to the parents for your involvement and support in getting the girls to and from games and training sessions. I know the girls appreciate all you do.

Rebecca Lewis
Co-curricular Sports Coordinator

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The Canteen opens daily from 8.00am to 2.00pm.

MY STUDENT ACCOUNT - Cashless Canteen

Students may order and pay for purchases with our 'cashless' option using their Student ID card.
Cashless Canteen - Comprehensive instructions on how to use this system
Place a Canteen order .

Canteen Roster for the week commencing Monday 30 November






Nicola Grassi






** Additional volunteers are most welcome **

Please notify Melissa if you are unable to attend or you would like to be removed from the roster.

The Canteen will be closed for lunch orders on Thursday 3 and Friday 4 December.
Thank you to everyone who has volunteered this year, your support is greatly appreciated.
If you would like to volunteer next year please fill in the online Volunteer Request form.

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Community Notices

Good Sams Foundation

Download the Good Sams Fundraiser Form here

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