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24 October 2014

From the Principal

Last weekend a number of students and teachers were involved in different activities. Three teams competed in the Future Problem Solving National Championships in Melbourne. The Year 9 Community Problem Solving team placed second and have been invited to attend the World Championships in the USA next year. Congratulation to the girls and Mrs Selvaggi who coached the team, along with Mrs Davey, Mrs Dirckze and Mrs Hadfield who were all involved in organising and coaching. A number of students took part in the Independent Girls’ Schools Festival of Speech and the Year 9 Current Affairs team placed fourth in the final, competing against girls from Year 11 from other schools. Thanks to Mrs Heaton and Mr Shaw who accompanied the girls on Saturday. Another group took part in the Duke of Edinburgh expedition, accompanied by Mr O’Brien, Mrs Barnett and Ms Sheehan. The generosity of the staff here at the College is extraordinary - they give up their own time to ensure the girls have these diverse opportunities. Congratulations to all the girls and teachers who show such commitment. Ultimately I know the girls gain a great deal from these experiences and the reward for staff is seeing them grow, learn and develop.

School Hat

The College now has a hat as part of the uniform. It is a navy straw hat with headband. From the beginning of 2015, the hat will be compulsory for students in Year 7 in Terms One and Four. It will have to be worn by students when they are in the sun during recess and lunch. In 2016 it will be compulsory for students in Years 7 and 8, and so on until eventually it will be worn by every student in the College. Students in year groups other than Year 7 next year can purchase a hat if they wish.

Years 9 and 10 students commence exams in the next couple of weeks. I encourage them to review their strategies for Study Skills and to consult their teachers for help. While assessment takes many forms these days, and is an ongoing process throughout the year, the ability to sit for an extended period and answer questions within a limited time is still an important part of the assessment process. We wish the girls well during this time.

Last week we were saddened to hear the news that Mr Albert Agius’ father had passed away. We remember him and his family in our prayers at this time, and also remember all those in our community who are mourning the loss of a loved one:

Remembering with deep affection those who have gone before,
Gone from our sight indeed but their love lives on,
In our hearts and in our loves,
In the lives of those they touched and knew,
And in God’s heart they are forever young,
Clothed with His life they are not dead to Him,
And in times fullness we will meet again.

(Doreen Gazey, in A Lifetime of Blessing, Geoffrey Duncan (Ed.), 2004, p157)

Expressions of Interest - MSB Board of Directors

Mount St Benedict College is seeking Expressions of Interest from individuals with an interest in joining the Board of Directors.

Currently there is a vacancy for a person with a financial background with CPA/CA or similar and experience at a senior/executive level in governance and strategic planning is desirable.

Please direct all enquiries to Mr Guy Fitzsimmons, Company Secretary at

International Teachers' Day

The staff would like to thank the P&F and parents for hosting a lovely International Teachers' Day morning tea today. Thanks to the wonderful parents Monica Gibian, Rebecca van Herk and Joanne Bailey (pictured bottom left) for their efforts.

Mission News

Last Sunday was Mission Sunday which would normally mean that we would be holding our Mission Week focus at the College this week as we have done in previous years. This year, however, things are being done a little differently. During last term, our House Captains and House Ambassadors put forward a series of proposals to increase our engagement with and support of the ministries of the Good Samaritan Sisters which we know as our House Partners. These proposals were very similar in nature to the type of things that we would normally focus on during Mission Week. We decided to support the proposals, however, given the timing of the Year 11 Exams, the term break and Year 11 Retreat it wasn’t possible to hold these events this early in the term. Therefore, for 2014 we have decided to shift our Mission Week focus away from its normal connection with Mission Sunday and to hold the various activities later in the term.

The readings from the liturgy for Mission Sunday include a curious case where God uses Cyrus, a Persian King to rescue the Hebrew people from captivity in Babylon. In the story told by the Prophet Isaiah, God calls Cyrus and anoints him to be the liberator of the Jewish people. This is the case even though Cyrus is from a gentile nation where worship of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob was unknown. The fact that Cyrus is not knowingly acting as God’s agent is shown to be irrelevant to this story. It shows, in a very powerful way, that God’s work in our world is done by many people of various backgrounds and that the work of 'mission' is not the exclusive domain of Christians.

One of the great insights of recent Church teaching in the area of missiology is that the mission of God is much bigger and much more widespread than that which we find in the Christian Churches. God is at work in the world, creating, healing, forgiving, renewing and this saving work is taking place by the hands of people of all faiths and none, among people of various cultures and walks of life. It happens consciously and deliberately through the actions of some and in other cases it happens without any conscious awareness or decision. Yet, throughout the world, God’s work is taking place.

To think of mission therefore, is not just to think of what is happening in the Church or what type of actions Christian people are engaged in but rather it is a call for us to recognise the work of God in all its many forms and to put ourselves at the service of this mission by forming partnerships with the many others who are engaged in this mission. In doing so, we strengthen the work and allow our partnership with God to be enriched and renewed.

Last Friday, a large number of Catholic Schools took part in a campaign called 'Detention for Detention' where students voluntarily put themselves on lunch time detention to call attention to the plight of children in immigration detention centres. We did not participate in this action last week as we had already done this previously in 2013 as part of our Refugee and Asylum Seeker Week. It is interesting to note that the College received a number of enquiries from parents regarding whether we were taking part in this action. It was not evident in some of these enquiries as to whether the parents wanted us to take part or not, however, it does highlight the difficulties of schools working in areas of social justice, especially where the policies and practices of Government are at odds with the principles of Catholic Social Teaching.

At MSB we believe it is important for our students to be actively engaged with these social issues. We believe that children should be given information about issues which is appropriate to their age and development, accordingly, we often provide different experiences and learning opportunities for students on the same issue. We also believe that students should be encouraged to reflect on their learning and make a judgement in the light of the Gospel. Finally, we believe that students should be able to make choices to respond to the issue in an appropriate and meaningful way.

To enable us to work through such issues with students we regularly make use of a methodology known as See, Judge and Act which is widely used through the Young Christian Students Movement (YCS). The methodology sets out key phases of reflection and uses critical questions to assist in the process.

The YCS Movement explains the methodology as follows:

The SEE section is about finding out exactly what is happening in a situation that the students want to talk about.

  1. What exactly happened? What was your action in response? (the facts)

  2. What caused this to happen and why? (the causes)

  3. How were people affected? (the consequences)

The JUDGE section is about applying out faith and beliefs to the situation and developing an idea about what we are called to do.

  1. What do you think about this?

  2. What does your faith say about this situation? What would Jesus do here?

  3. What should be happening? (the ideal situation)

The ACT section is about deciding what we can do to change or see happen in this situation in a way that our faith and beliefs are calling us to.

  1. What exactly do you want to change or see happen in this situation? (Long term aim)

  2. What action could you take this week that would be a worthwhile step to achieving this change? (Short term action)

  3. Who else could you involve in the action?

    (source “Never Underestimate the Students” Australian Young Christian Students Movement 2011)

It is worth noting that the 'Detention for Detention' idea came from a YCS group in a Catholic School in Perth in 2012 using the See, Judge and Act methodology to reflect on the issue of children in immigration detention centres. It was promoted as an idea through the Young Christian Students Movement and has subsequently been taken up by many other schools including our own.

Mr Paul Lentern
Assistant Principal Dean of Mission

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Curriculum News


Keira McEntee has been nominated by the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards examiners for CALLBACK 2014, a showcase of the best HSC Dance examination performances. Keira was selected for her outstanding ability in the areas of Core Performance and Major Performance.

Congratulations to Keira on this achievement. We wish her all the best in the selection process and hope to see her performing at CALLBACK next year.

Congratulations also to Miss Emma Powell, Keira's Year 12 Dance Teacher, for her guidance and support.

Mr Peter Waters
Head of Creative and Performing Arts Department


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Good Luck to our HSC Students

We would like to wish all our Year 12s the best of luck as they continue their HSC exams.

Download complete HSC Timetable.

Image 1

National Numeracy and Literacy Week Results

Congratulations to Years 7, 8 and 9 on their numeracy activity entries for National Literacy and Numeracy Week. We have won seven prizes including four Macquarie Dictionary packs, two Penguin Book packs as well as one of the major prizes, a year’s subscription to Macquarie Dictionary for the whole school.

Water was the focus of this year’s National Literacy and Numeracy Week. The junior years participated in surveys and activities about bottled water during their Mathematics Classes. Years 7, 8 and some Year 9 focused on water supply, water bottles and data analysis. Other Year 9 classes investigated the environmental impact that water bottles have and also the negative affect they make on our finances.

Madison Ehlers-Casada, Year 9, said, "The activity was interesting and very hands-on, but I found it rather horrifying that so many recyclable plastic bottles ended up in landfills every year. Who knew? I liked being able to incorporate the maths into the practical situation: 'What is cheaper: tap or bottled water?'"

Mrs Lara Hibbard
Numeracy Resource Teacher

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News from the Science Department

Education Perfect Science Championships 2014 (Years 7 to 10)

In late August, students were tested on their Science skills, including Biology, Chemistry, Physics and General Sciences.

They gained points by answering questions, and as they reached certain thresholds they earned certificates and went into the draw to win great prizes, including a MacBook Air, iPods and iTunes vouchers.

Competitors from more than 750 schools answered over seven million questions in just eight days, creating a huge buzz around Science learning.

Mount St Benedict College ranked 72nd out of 788 schools in the global rankings and 43rd out of 573 in Australia.

A total of seven students received awards:

  • Gold Certificate (and iPod Shuffle)
    • Olivia Gupta
  • Silver Award 
    • Clara Goossens 
  • Bronze Award
    • Charlotte Anderson 
    • Belinda Bonaccorso 
    • Brooke Turner 
  • Credit Award
    • Amy Federer
    • Daniella Murphy

Junior Science Update

Year 7 are presently working their way through a unit entitled Rock On where they are exploring the structure of the Earth and the various processes that form and change it. They have just submitted their last assessment task which involved constructing their own webpage to highlight the main features of some vertebrates they studied on their recent trip to Taronga Zoo. Parents are encouraged to make sure they have a look at the exceptional work produced by these dedicated students.

Year 8 are busy preparing for their next assessment which will cover a variety of topics studied this semester including Staying Alive (Biology), Pure Stuff Around Us (Chemistry) and Lost in Space (Astronomy). We wish them well in their preparations.

Year 9 took part in a fabulous day of Science on Tuesday 7 October. During the day they completed a forensic science scenario, watched a number of presentations on cool chemistry and physics and had an opportunity to get up close and personal to a number of native Australian reptiles, amphibians and mammals.

Year 10 are currently preparing for their final assessment task. Presently they are studying a unit called Pure and Synthetic in which they look at the applied chemistry of plastics, natural and synthetic fibres and their effects on the environment.

Mrs Jane Easterbrook
Head of Department

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Australian Mathematics Competition Results

Results of the 37th annual Australian Mathematics Competition have been received with great delight by the students and teachers.

Teachers nominate the best mathematicians to participate and the test is very challenging. It is completed without the use of a calculator. It is a real achievement to be chosen to compete at this level.

The results continue to showcase the talent of our girls. This year 126 students competed, earning 3 Distinction, 63 Credit, 46 Proficiency and 14 Participation Certificates.

Alexandra Maher of Year 8 won the Prudence Award for the longest sequence of consecutive correct answers.

Congratulations to all our award winners.

Distinction Certificate Winners

Emma Bourne (Year 7)

Daniela Taylor (Year 8)

Isabella Croker (Year 10)

Credit Certificate Winners

Year 7

Aishani Mathur, Amy Stuart, Andre Fisher, Annabelle Flannery, Caitlin Sultana, Caitlyn Hajje, Charlotte Turner, Christiana Davies, Claudia Geromboux, Claudia Gross, Dusana Barker, Emily Knight, Jessica Barr, Kate Bainy, Krupali Parmar, Monica Curtis, Natalia Reale-Bryant, Natalie Tong, Olivia Staal, Rachael Wang, Rebecca Wood, Rima Nigudkar, Sonia Bartolec, Sophie Lovell.

Year 8

Alana Sylvester, Alexandra Maher, Annabel Fisher, Caitlin Kelly, Claire Ward, Emily McKnight, Eshaa Sood, Grace Nicholson, Isabella Nati, Jessica Kotzander, Ksenya Konstantinoff, Lani Hinden, Lauren Klauser, Madeleine Emmett Duignan, Nicole Sandow, Paris Rose Yee, Sabrina Croker, Sarah O'Connell, Tina Aganovic, Vivienne Lee, Zali Levy.

Year 9

Annabel Anderson, Diana Kazakov, Emma Tolhurst, Isabella Steen, Isabelle Chacty, Mackensie Eddington, Olivia Kobal, Vanessa Chan

Year 10

Bethany Carr, Bonnie Wang, Georgina vanYzendoorn, Lucinda Prescott, Nicole Zeaiter, Taylor McMahon, Victoria Gupta

Year 11

Emily Bray, Madeline Bannon, Monique Cockram

Proficiency Certificate Winners

Year 7

Antonia Saul, Natali Kelava, Lily O’Brien, Natalia Bennett, Naomi Sheather, Elizabeth Chen, Maria Fahmy

Year 8

Laura Trezise, Khristiana Dadula, Anne Younis, Cassandra Obeid, Tameela Vijay, Lucy Koelmeyer, Naomi Massa

Year 9

Alana Bainy, Belinda Borgefjord, Emily Hunter, Belinda Bonaccorso, Charlotte Folkard, Lily Dittmar, Sarah Tan, Clara Gossens, Christine Merhi, Madeline Pfeffercorn, Sarah-Jane Arns, Kaitlyn Norman, Madeleine Skinner, Asini Rajapakse, Sarah Woodrow

Year 10

Emily Bannon, Alexandra Dowd, Tianna Raad, Brianna Taylor, Alicia Chen, Gillian Diekman, Madison Nicholson, Penelope Morato, Jessica Marcer, Natalie Thomas, Emelia Serra, Jessica Griffith, Ashleigh McDonald

Year 11

Julia Ramos, Ashleigh Habkouk, Joanna Quy, Arielle Kosasih

Participation Certificates

Sophia Cleveringa, Hannah Chadwick, Stacey Leong, Molly Breatnach, Lucy Sheppard, Amanda Grima, Yasmin Dicker, Mary Cook, Divya Sood, Lucy Hatcher, Jiwon Kim, Rebecca Albertini, Rebecca Calabrese.

Well done to all students who participated,

Mrs Denise Hillier
Head of Mathematics

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Year 7 Visual Arts excursion to the Art Gallery of NSW

On Friday 17 October Year 7 went to the Art Gallery of NSW to practise applying the frames. The frames are the frameworks which students use to understand and make art in four different ways: structurally, culturally, subjectively or within a post-modern understanding.

Easily the most popular work amongst the students was the contemporary aboriginal artist, Reko Rennie ’No Sleep Till Dreamtime’ The title is a play on the Beastie Boys song ’No Sleep Till Brooklyn’ which was lost on the students but the teachers collectively enjoyed the 1987 musical reference with a wry smile. The work ‘No Sleep Till Dreamtime’ is an installation of fluorescent paintings in a darkened room. The work celebrates the urban culture of indigenous Australians and makes postmodern reference to popular culture.

I encourage you all to visit the Gallery as a way of generating discussions with your daughter/s and to appreciate our culture and build visual literacy. Asking the simple questions of ‘Why do you like or dislike that artwork?’ is a fun yet powerful way for young people to build their confidence in forming their own opinions.

The Gallery is usually free apart from the travelling exhibitions. The 3rd and 4th Sunday of each month have family friendly fun days where there are dramatic performances to bring an artwork to life and art workshops.

Mrs Sonia Barnett
Visual Arts Teacher

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Dance excursion

Year 9 and 10 Elective Dance students recently viewed the Sydney Dance Company’s newest performance Louder Than Words and participated in a workshop at the company studios.

On Tuesday 14 th October our classes were privileged to have the opportunity to not only watch Sydney Dance Company perform live, but to also experience a workshop at the company studios. We didn’t know what to expect, but if anything, a two-hour contemporary dance class followed by a dance performance. But it was much more than that. We were guided through a warm-up that the Sydney Dance Company dancers would do on a regular basis. We were then taught a sequence from one of their works, and finally we learnt how to use different techniques to choreograph. For example, we used poetry as a stimulus. This was so different to what we would usually experience in a dance class and was such an amazing opportunity. The choreography was very literal as every word in the poem was represented in a movement. We were then given the opportunity to continue choreographing the poem both as a solo and as a duet. The workshop was only the start to the inspiring day.

The performance by the Sydney Dance Company professionals followed the workshop and was breathtaking. We were unable to take our eyes off the stage. The dancers moved with such grace but also were very dynamic in their movements. We were also very surprised to see that the movements we learnt in the workshop were then performed on stage by the company dancers. It was definitely a great opportunity to extend our choreographic skills and witness the work of such remarkable dancers. We have even started using the techniques learnt in the workshop for our choreography assessment at school. Finally, we would like to say thank you to Miss Saunders for organising this amazing excursion.

Alyssa Coleiro and Emelia Serra, Elective Dance students

College News

Northconnex Wilson Road Tunnel Support Facility

Members of the College Executive have attended public briefings and have met with representatives of the NSW Government and Transurban to discuss the impact of the tunnel works on the College and our students.

The tunnel will run under the College at a depth of 76m. The representatives have advised us that there will be no noticeable vibration or noise in the College.

The site at Wilson Rd will include an emergency smoke extraction outlet, air intake system and a substation. The site will also be a construction site during construction of the tunnel.

We have been assured that the extraction outlet is only to be used in the event of an emergency within the tunnel ie fire, and will not be used as part of the regular extraction system. The exhaust stacks for the tunnel are only to be situated at the exits of the tunnel. Further, the regular maintenance of the extraction system at Wilson Rd will occur during the term breaks.

Vehicle access to the Wilson Rd site will only be from Pennant Hills Rd. Wilson Rd will still be available for student drop off and pickup. The representatives have agreed to have pedestrian management controls in place for the safety of our students crossing the entry/exit point.

The link will take you to information relating to the work that will be happening on the Wilson St worksite for the Northconnex tunnel.

Download the Northconnex Wilson Road Tunnel Support Facility Factsheet

Success at the 2014 Future Problem Solving National Competition

Three teams with a total of twenty-six students travelled to Melbourne to compete in the 25th National Future Problem Solving Competition last weekend. St Leonards’ College, in their 100th year, hosted the conference where 400 students from all over Australia competed. The top 10% of students were successful in gaining a place at the competition. In our College’s proud record of achievement since starting the program in 2009 we have had representatives at the National level in each year, a testament to the fine minds of our students and the skill of our coaches.

MSB had three teams in this National competition, Year 8 Global Issues Team Lauren Klauser, Kathleen Notohamiprodjo, Grace Nicholson, Alana Sylvester, coached by Liz Dirckze, the Year 8 Community Problem Solving team P.A.T.H.S. with Natalya Denaro, Nicola Dunkerley, Tara Finlay, Annabel Fisher, Emily James, Jessica Kotzander, Anna Macoustra, Alexandra Maher, Emily McKnight, Lauren McKnight, Ella Meaker, Nicole Sandow, Michelle Tan, along with Caitlin Kelly, Kaitlin Hourican, Ella Lehmann and Uktha Budithi coached by Mrs Gail Davey and the Year 9 Community Problem Solving Team Mind Your Language , with Rebecca Day, Amelia Dunkerley, Mackensie Eddington, Anthea Jones, Audrey McLachlan, Lucy Sheppard, Isabella Steen, Sarah Tan, Emma Tolhurst, coached by Ms Nina Selvaggi.

The Year 8 Global Issues team grappled with the topic of land transportation and in a Bennies first competed in the Finals of the action plan skit making them one of the top six teams from a field of 30 in the presentation of action plan.

It is no surprise with our College’s strong emphasis on mission that our Community Problem Solving Teams chose to delve into issues surrounding homelessness and refugee and asylum seekers. The Community Fair was well attended by the Melbourne public including some of our student’s grandparents and families. Part of the Community Problem Solving Competition requires the students to not only write an academic paper, present a visual display and a record of the teams’ progress but also to participate in a somewhat gruelling interview. The evaluators were impressed with the passion that our teams displayed in their interviews.

Our Year 9 Community Problem Solving team with Mind your Language and coach Ms Selvaggi ranked second and were rewarded with medals at the closing ceremony. This gives them the opportunity to compete in June next year in Iowa on the world stage. Congratulations to our fine coaches and students on this outstanding success and to all the students who participated in the FPS program in 2014.

Many thanks to the College and Mrs Pearson for supporting the program each year and to our families for their commitment to Future Problem Solving. Each and every girl represented the College with excellence and in the words of the FPS ambassador, Elida Brereton (you may have seen her acting as the principal on Summer Heights High) “my admiration and respect to you as you demonstrate the power of positive thought and strong problem solving skills… the program not only enhances students skills of how to think and how to solve problems in ways that transfer across all learning, but it also engages students in their local and global environments. It is heartening to know that students and school communities involved in FPS tend to be far more positive about the future and are willing and able to be part of the future through their wise decisions now.”

Mrs Liz Dirckze
Coordinator of Teaching and Learning

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Confronting Concepts

Last week six Year 10 students went to The Kings' School to participate in a Gifted and Talented program called Confronting Concepts along with fourteen other schools. This day was based on listening and delivering speeches with confronting messages and concepts. Some of the topics were ‘in 2048 I hope to see…’ and ‘schools need to teach …’.

Maddison Flook represented Mount St Benedict with a speech about ‘Why words matter ’. Her presentation was very confronting and won the award for most engaging speech. Bella Duncan, as part of the panel, commented on the speakers just like the X Factor but with intelligence and Tianna Raad delivered an impromptu speech.

Overall, the day was a great success and it was definitely an experience we won’t forget. I would like to thank Mrs Dirckze on behalf of the girls for taking the time to organise the day for us and for assisting us on the day.

Tianna Raad, Year 10

Pic: Madison Nicholson, Maddison Flook, Isha Rana, Rachel Takchi, Isabella Duncan, Tianna Raad

Festival of Speech

For the first time ever, Mount St Benedict College entered the prestigious Festival of Speech, run by AHIGS (Association of Heads of Independent Girls Schools) on Saturday 18 October at OLMC, Parramatta. MSB entered eleven students into seven of the eight sections. The sections included; poetry readings, religious/scriptural readings, public speaking, religious and ethical questions and current affairs.

All of the students performed extremely well and as a school we placed 14th out of 27 independent girls high schools from the greater Sydney and Canberra area. This was an excellent effort and all the girls are to be congratulated:

  • Hannah Neylan (Junior Poetry Section)
  • Tanika Gardiner (Junior Religious Readings Section)
  • Divya Sood (Senior Religious Readings Section)
  • Diana Kazakov (Junior Public Speaking Section)
  • Tarana Fernando (Senior Public Speaking Section)
  • Julia McDonnell, Eva Harrington, Isabelle Chacty (Religious and Ethical Questions Section)
  • Annabel Anderson, Olivia Kobal, Holly Porvaznik (Current Affairs Section)

Special mention goes to Annabel, Olivia and Holly who came fourth in the Current Affairs Section which is in itself impressive but even more so when you consider that these three Year 9 students were competing against students in Years 10 and 11. Their performance was nothing short of spectacular.

On the whole it was a great day and the students gained some valuable experience performing in front of an audience and thinking on their feet. We look forward to competing again next year.

Mrs Kelly Heaton, Debating Coordinator
Mr Adam Shaw, Public Speaking Coordinator

Flute Ensemble Dawn Chorus

On Thursday mornings during Term Four the Flute Ensemble will be performing a series of concerts of 15 minutes each, to allow staff and students to find some quiet reflection time during this busy time of year.

Last week the Flute Ensemble performed Pachabel's Canon, Jesus Joy of Mans Desiring and La Primavera by Vivaldi. This concert was well received and students are invited to attend over the coming term.

Image 1

SRC Multicultural Food Market

On the last day of Term Three the SRC Portfolio ran a Multicultural Food Market where we sold different cultural foods including French, Greek, Mexican, Australian, Italian, Lebanese and Asian cuisines for the girls to buy at lunch. The event was a huge success running out of all food within fifteen minutes and raising approximately $1,000 for our House causes.

We would like to say a massive thank you to Mrs Linda Pollock and Miss Elizabeth Arane who helped cook and clean on the day and also to Miss Mesker, Miss Scott-Bell and Miss Takchi who ensured that the event ran smoothly.

Rechelle and Hollie, 2014/2015 SRC Captains

Image 1

From the Fees Desk

The balance of 2014 school fees is now due.

If paying automatic deductions by the term, the payment will be processed on Friday 24 October. Monthly, fortnightly and weekly deductions will continue until mid November.

If you require a final balance or statement of your College fees for 2014, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Fiona Barnett on 9980 0445 or

Found - St George card

A St George card has been found and handed in to Student Services. If you have lost a card please come to Student Services with the number of the card.

Representative Sport

If your daughter has recently achieved outstanding sporting results please send me an email so that the College can share in her success.


NSW CCC Website:

Broken Bay Wet Weather Line: 9990 3633

Representative Sports Calendar - Term Four


Australian All Schools Athletics Championships
Friday 5 - Monday 8 December
Carla Takchi (Y11), Amie Bowrey (Y7) and MSB U15 KO Team


Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Blitz Tournament
Friday 31 October

MSB Junior Representative Team


NSW All Schools State Championships
Friday 7 November
MSB Year 7/8 Representative Team


NSW CCC Senior Championships
Wednesday 29 October
MSB Representative Team


Broken Bay Trials
Friday 21 November


Broken Bay Championships
Monday 1 December
MSB Representative Team

Upcoming Representative Team Training and Trials

Term Four Week Four

  • Monday 27 October (Year 7/8) Representative Basketball training (3.30pm - 4.30pm Convent Courts)
  • Monday 27 October (Year 7/8) Representative Touch training (lunch)

Broken Bay Tennis Championships

Congratulations to Mrs Dudley and our three Representative Tennis Teams who competed this week in the Broken Bay Championships and particularly to our Open team who finished as Runners Up.

Pictured from left to right Back Row Kim, Sarah, Laura, Zoe, Alex
Front - Kate, Kirsten, Nicole, Samantha

Here is her report from the day -

On Tuesday 21 October, nine enthusiastic Bennies girls made their way to the Australian Tennis Academy at Oxford Falls to compete in the Broken Bay Tennis Competition. The weather was cool, providing excellent conditions for playing tennis. The girls were all great ambassadors for the College and displayed good sportsmanship throughout the day.

Our Senior Team convincingly won all their sets in the pool matches and in the semi-final against Mater Maria. Unfortunately this winning streak came to an end in the final against St Josephs who were too strong on the day. Congratulations to Kirsten Simpson (Year 10), Sarah Assaf (Year 8) and Samantha Hardman (Year 10).

The Intermediate Team had a great win against St Peter’s, followed by two narrow losses. Well done Kate McDonald (Year 8), Kimberley Spencer (Year 9) and Nicole Sandow (Year 8). These girls thoroughly enjoyed every set played.

Last but not least, our Junior team lost in the semi-final, to St Peter’s. Laura Diblasio, Zoe Mayoh and Alexandra Ryan, all from Year 7, proved that they are the team to watch out for in the future. Well done girls!!

Thank you to the parents who came and supported the girls. A great day was had by all.

Mrs Mary-Ann Dudley


Experienced softballers who are interested in nominating for the 2015 Broken Bay Open Team should have emailed Mrs Grant to receive a nomination form and permission note.

Trials will be held at St Ives and students will need to organise transport to and from the venue with their parents. Nominations are due to Mrs Grant by Friday 7 November.

Good Luck

Good luck to our MSB Representative Water Polo team who will contest the NSW CCC Titles on Wednesday and to our MSB Representative Junior Basketball team who will contest the Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Tournament after their terrific win at the Junior Broken Bay Titles on Wednesday.

Mrs Karen Grant
Representative Sport Coordinator

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Co-curricular Sport

MSB Netball News

Thank you to all players, parents, coaches and managers who attended the MSB Netball Club AGM and Presentation.

The committee position of Junior Registrar remains VACANT and we ask that all parents consider taking on this vital role. This position needs to be filled prior to Registration Day or the Club cannot continue to function. Mentoring is available to assist you, so please contact the committee if you are interested.

The Club is also calling for volunteer managers and coaches (U15s and older) as well as umpires (must turn 13 in 2015) for next season. Please indicate your interest on the registration form or email the club.

Grading Day for the 2015 season will take place on Sunday 9 November at Pennant Hills Indoor Court.

  • Under 14s: 9.00am - 11.00am
  • Under 15s: 11.00am - Midday
  • Cadets: Midday - 12-1:30pm

All girls should wear trainers and bring a water bottle.

Registration Day – Thursday 5 February 2015 3.15pm - 5.30pm at the College

Download MSB Netball Registration Pack (includes Grading policy) here. Special consideration forms will be available on Grading Day.

The MSB Netball Club committee can be contacted via


Class of 1994 Reunion - 3 weeks to go...

Date: 15 November 2014
Time: 6.30pm
Venue: Hotel Pennant Hills, 352 Pennant Hills Road, Pennant Hills
Cost: $40 per person (drinks purchased individually)

Register for the Class of 1994 Reunion here


The Canteen opens daily from 8.00am to 2.00pm.

MY STUDENT ACCOUNT - Cashless Canteen

Students may order and pay for purchases with our 'cashless' option using their Student ID card.
Cashless Canteen - Comprehensive instructions on how to use this system
Place a Canteen order .

Canteen Roster for the week commencing Monday 27 October






Therese Davies

Anna D'Ambros

Silvia Black

Victoria Papallo

Jodie Gross

Jennifer Fox

Please notify Melissa if you are unable to attend or you would like to be removed from the roster.

Mrs Melissa Arane
Canteen Manager

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