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22 Mar 2013

From the Principal

Dear parents, friends, staff and students

As I write this week I am away from school attending the Year 12 Retreat. It is always a privilege to spend time with our students, who both amaze and inspire me with their generosity of spirit, the depth of their insights and their willingness to face the challenges presented in their lives. From all reports the Year 12 students entered into the spirit of their Retreat, taking the time away from the many responsibilities they normally have and embracing the opportunity for reflection and a slower pace of life. As the girls continue their Year 12 journeys I hope they will remember some of the thoughts and experiences they shared during Retreat time.

With Years 7, 8 and 9 camps now complete, it is wonderful to hear of the many ways in which girls were able to overcome their fears, step outside their comfort zones and achieve things they might never have thought possible. In many ways that is what life is like for all of us – we are often confronted with challenges and events that require courage, and often when we succeed in something that we thought was beyond us, there is an enormous sense of satisfaction. I hope our students feel satisfied with their efforts and achievements.

I want to acknowledge the incredible efforts of staff over the past few weeks. With Open Day, Year 12 examinations, camps and retreats, as well as additional demands due to changes in curriculum, teaching staff have been extremely busy and Support Staff have been working behind the scenes to ensure all events have run smoothly. I want to thank them all for giving their time to ensure our students have every opportunity to grow and develop in the best ways possible, and to achieve the many outcomes we believe are important to them.

There will be no Newsletter next week as it is a short week leading up to Easter. This is also a reminder that the College is closed on Holy Thursday, 28 March. School resumes for all students on Tuesday 2 April.

As Lent continues we pray for the grace to continue to strive to follow the loving example of Jesus in our lives:

My loving Lord,
it’s so hard to love the world sometimes
and to love it the way Jesus did seems impossible.
Help me to be inspired by his love and
guided by his example.
Most of all, I want to accept that I can’t do it alone,
and that trying is an arrogance of self-centeredness.
I need you, dear God, to give me support in this journey.
Show me how to unlock my heart
so that I am less selfish.
Let me be less fearful of the pain and darkness
that will be transformed by you into Easter joy


Maria Pearson,
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Mission News

This week saw our Year 12 students heading off for their Retreat at Vision Valley, Elanora Heights and Kiah Ridge Conference Centres. The Year 12 Retreat stands out as one of the most significant experiences of school for many young people and the effects of the Retreat experience endures well into adult life.

It has long been recognised that the Retreat experience has a significant formative influence on young people. Research tells us that the significance of this experience lies in a number of areas. Firstly, the Retreat acts as an important element of the rite of passage from childhood to adulthood and the processes and approaches used lead the young people into a kind of liminal zone where they are prompted to think and act differently to their normal school environment.

A second element of significance is the tailoring of the theme of the Retreat to address the issues of significance for young people. Most particularly, for the young women of our Year 12 cohort this includes reflection on the people and experiences that have formed them into the people they are, as well as the values and principles they wish to hold on to and nurture as they move away from the relative security of school life as a teenager.

Throughout the Retreat, the students are encouraged to stop and reflect deeply on matters of substance. This process of deep reflection is a significant tool which they carry with them into later life which allows them to continue to reflect on and process matters of substance as they move through their adult lives.

When taking a group away on Retreat we encourage an attitude of separation for the normal day to day activities. We take the group away for three days to ensure that, for one day, at least, we are neither arriving nor departing. This gives us space to unwind, disconnect ourselves from our normal routine and immerse ourselves more fully in the Retreat processes.

We are very fortunate to have so many staff who have generously offered their support to our program of Camps and Retreats which has allowed us to provide a ratio of students to staff which greatly enhances our program.

Last week Year 10 students received permission notes for their Retreat which takes place in the first week after the holidays. Parents are reminded that these notes were due back to the College on Friday 22 March.

At the beginning of Term 2 we also look forward to welcoming the mothers of our Community to our annual Mother and Daughter Breakfast which will take place on Tuesday 7 May.  Every year we see large crowds for this event and the numbers have been increasing year by year. We look forward to welcoming the mums on this occasion. Please see the additional information provided in the newsletter. Also, please RSVP to enable us to cater appropriately.

Join us for Breakfast and a Mother’s Day Liturgy

7.30am – 8.30am
Tuesday 7 May
Come along to the Hall Courtyard and have breakfast with your daughter,
followed by a special Mother’s Day Liturgy in the Hall.

All mothers, carers, grandmothers and younger siblings welcome.

Paul Lentern
Assistant Principal – Dean of Mission
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Curriculum News


The Australian Curriculum for English, Maths, Science and History will be first implemented in NSW at the start of next year for Year 7 and Year 9 [the current Year 8 and incoming Year 6 cohort]. This will be followed by Year 8 and Year 10 in 2015 in the same courses. Other jurisdictions such as Queensland have already begun teaching the new Australian Curriculum.


Australian Curriculum has its foundations in the Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians which emphasises the importance of knowledge, understanding, skills and values and a range of cross-disciplinary skills that will support all young Australians to become successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active and informed citizens.


The Structure of the Australian Curriculum has three main areas:

  • Learning Areas (LA),
  • General Capabilities (GC) and
  • Cross Curriculum Priorities (CCP).

A good way to understand this structure is to think of a cube with the aim in helping students rotate the cube so that they can see the curriculum from each of the three perspectives (LA, GC and CCP) at different stages of the learning process.

A good way to understand these three perspectives is through the table below:

The differences between NSW Syllabuses for Australian Curriculum and the Australian Curriculum

The NSW Australian Curriculum differs slightly in format such as Objectives, Stage Statements, Life Skills outcomes and content, and additions like Civics and Citizenship, Difference and Diversity and Work and Enterprise under Learning across the Curriculum areas]

While all the Year 7-10 Australian Curriculum will be signed off late this year it seems that they will be only progressively adopted by the NSW Government when the current NSW syllabuses come up in their natural cycle of review. Geography and PDHPE are likely to be the next courses to be implemented, but not until 2016 or 2017 at the earliest. Until all the Australian Curriculum Year 7-10 courses are implemented in NSW we will have a mixture of NSW Australian Curriculum and NSW non-Australian curriculum courses.

Differences and similarities between new and old syllabuses for English, Maths, Science and History

A summary below will give you the best idea for each course:

College’s Implementation Plan

The College has developed a three year implementation plan to help facilitate the links between information dissemination, Professional Development and Syllabus writing.

From 2015 Units of Work, which teachers will use to teach from, and are informed by the NSW Syllabus, will incorporate the following:

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at the College.

Mr John Muskovits
Assistant Principal Dean of Curriculum

News from the Science Department

Year 7’s First Science Experience

One of the most exciting things about starting High School has been attending our first science lessons in the laboratory and our practical lessons have been the highlight. This term Year 7 have been learning the exciting skill of lighting a Bunsen Burner. We watched our teacher demonstrate, and then it was time for us to have a go. We eagerly put on our aprons and safety goggles and then attached the rubber tubing to the gas valve. Before I could light the Bunsen Burner I had to improve my skills in lighting a match, something I have not done very often before. We learnt about the different types of flames and how we can adjust the valve to get the blue heating flame and the yellow safety flame. All in all, Year 7 have had a fun and enjoyable time lighting Bunsen Burners and we can’t wait to continue to use them in our future scientific investigations.  Who knows what we might discover!

By Alana Sylvester, Year 7

Year 11 Senior Science Excursion to Long Reef Rock Platform

As a part of the Senior Science course, these seven intrepid students ventured out into the vast expanses of this picturesque part of the Sydney landscape. On a gloriously sunny day, they walked good-naturedly through knee-high water along a slippery rock platform out to the edges of the low tide mark.

The girls spent much of the day investigating a variety of biotic and abiotic factors at work in this inter-tidal marine ecosystem. They engaged positively in all learning activities, encouraging and supporting each other in an impressive manner. These young women displayed a keen sense of the collaborative nature of team work in scientific investigations. They worked enthusiastically and with a determined manner. It was a pleasure to accompany them. They are to be congratulated for their behaviour and application. The girls will be doing an in-class assessment task based on their experiences and the breadth of data they have collected. We wish them well.

Mrs Mason
Science Department



Click here to book your tickets online

Instrumental Tuition

Tuition has now commenced for all students who have chosen to learn a musical instrument at the College.

There are still spaces available for guitar, piano, strings and drums
but be quick as places are limited.

Please fill in an application form and return to Student Services. If you have any questions please contact Mr Watters

Music Instrument Tuition Form

Peter Watters
Head of Department – Creative and Performing Arts
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News from the Mission Team

Ministry and Chaplaincy Corner

On Saturday 9 March, five Year 12 students took a break from their half yearly exams and took part in another Vinnies Van night with Mrs Dempsey, Miss Liu and Mrs Rowland. We spent the night showing hospitality to those less fortunate than us by providing the homeless with light refreshments and donated items but most importantly, it was an opportunity to have conversations and provide friendship to many who may be living in isolation.
Vinnies Van is always a very rewarding experience for our students as it gives them a chance to reflect and be grateful for the many things we often take for granted. It also helps in eliminating the stigma and stereotypes that are usually associated with homeless people and reminds us that each person is a gift from God and should be treated equally with respect and value.
This program is made possible through the generous donations from the staff, students and their families. Thank you to all those who have assisted in either being part of the Vinnies Van team or have donated items to support the program. We welcome and greatly appreciate any donations of food, clothing or toiletries that we could use on our Patrol nights. These can be brought to Miss Liu or Mrs Dempsey via the Ministry Office (next to C209). We look forward to another great year ahead with our new Year 11 volunteers.
Year 11 Community Outreach

All Year 11 students should have notified Mrs Goodie via email of their preferred placement. If your daughter is planning on participating in the Vinnies Van she must also fill in and return the note regarding the training program on Monday 25 March at 3.30pm – 5.00pm.

Service Learning and Formation Programs

There are still availabilities for students to participate in the following Service Learning and Formation programs. Please see Miss Liu or email her at if you are interested in participating in these activities.

Service Learning Programs

Vinnies SPARKS Homework Tutoring Program for Refugee Children

A very rewarding experience for both volunteers and the refugee children. A small group of Year 9 girls travel to St Peter Chanel Primary School, Regents Park to assist refugee children with their homework.

This is a two-term commitment and requires students to finish school early every Monday in order to get to the venue on time. This means that students will miss Period Six on Mondays for two terms.

Volunteers are also required to attend a compulsory training day in the holidays before they begin the program.

For more information visit:

Jamieson House Visits

An opportunity to spend some time interacting with the elderly in our local community. A small group of Year 9 students will travel to Jamieson House, an aged care facility, and play games and interact with the residents e.g. play bingo, scrabble etc.

This will take place every Tuesday during Period Three and so students are required to leave at the beginning of recess and will return in time for Period Four.

Students will be put on a rotational basis, depending on the number of interested students.

St Benedict’s Social Club

Another opportunity for a small group of Year 9 girls to interact with the elderly in our local area. Students will spend some time having conversations and participating in activities with the elderly over at the Mount St Benedict Centre (across the oval). The aim is to show hospitality and companionship to those who may be isolated or living lonely.

This takes place every Thursday during Period Five. Students will be required to walk across to the Mount St Benedict Centre at the beginning of lunch and they will have lunch with the clients. They then participate in some games and activities and will finish around 2.00pm. Students will be back in time for Period Six.

Paper Chains Group (JCA)

Paper Chains is a group of Years 7 – 12 students who are passionate about Social Justice issues, in particular, supporting refugee and asylum seekers and those who are less fortunate. This group is mentored by a group called, ‘Josephite Community Aid’ which aims to provide hospitality and care for those in need.

There are many opportunities in which you can be involved with this group including regular meetings to discuss social justice issues, fundraising for necessary equipment to maintain JCA programs, street retreat opportunities (Years 11 and 12) and participating in an after school tutoring program at Seven Hills for refugee children on a rotational basis. In 2013, we are also looking to run a school holiday program for the refugee families in Seven hills during the Term Two break.

Big Sister Mentoring Program – Years 7, 8 and 9

Ex-students run a small group mentoring program based on the “See, Judge, Act” methodology. The aim is to provide an opportunity for students to develop their values and faith by participating in activities and discussions that are relevant and applicable to them.

Mrs Donna Dempsey, Ministry Coordinator and Miss Christina Liu, College Chaplain

IRC Resources to Support Students.

The IRC subscribes to a number of online resources which students can use both at school and home to support their academic studies.

Questia School gives access to over 7 million EBooks, online journal articles and newspapers which can be downloaded onto an individual bookshelf. Once on the Bookshelf students can highlight and annotate these resources. 

Students have access to Questia School via the IRC course on BenniesNet (Moodle). The user name for students is their individual email address and password bennies. Once logged in students can change their password at the top of the screen.

To learn more about using  Questia School these training videos are available for viewing:

Mrs Sharon McGowan
IRC Coordinator

Disability Provisions for Higher School Certificate 2013

The Board of Studies allows disability provisions for students who will be completing
the Higher School Certificate Examinations in 2013. The provisions assist students who have a learning difficulty, physical disability or medical condition which may affect their exam performance. Students or parents of students currently in Year 12 who think they may be eligible for disability provisions and would like further information should contact Mrs Hadfield (Learning Support Coordinator) as soon as possible.
The closing date for most applications is the end of Term One.

College News

Mater Dei Peace eggs
will be on sale Monday 25 – Wednesday 27 March for $2.50.
There will be no pre-orders this year due to supply shortages from Darrell Lea.

Year 7 Parent Teacher Evening
4.00pm – 7.30pm
Tuesday 2 April
College Hall

Online booking will open 4.00pm Wednesday 20 March and will close promptly at 9.00am the day before the Parent Teacher Evening (Monday 2 April).
Full instructions are available online.

Make a booking now

Year 12 Parent Teacher Evening
4.00pm – 7.30pm
Monday 8 April
College Hall

Online booking will open 4.00pm Monday 25 March and will close promptly at 9.00am the day before the Parent Teacher Evening (Sunday 7 April).

All parents will be emailed their password to access the PTO Online Booking System (Year 7 parents were emailed on 20 March and Year 12 parents will be emailed on 25 March).
Parents may then access PTO to book appoinments with their daughter’s teachers. This will be the only way to make appointments and parents only will be supplied with the password, although it is envisaged that parents will liaise with their daughter in this appointment process.

Parents wishing to make appointments after PTO has closed will need to contact Mr John Muskovits, AP Dean of Curriculum, via the College.

One of the new innovations with this on-line booking system is that the class teacher can not only request interviews with particular students but can communicate this directly to the parent. In this way the Parent Teacher night provides another opportunity for the teacher to address any learning issues with the student.

The College has made this move to an online system for the following reasons:

  •  It better empowers the parents to make appointments with their daughter’s teachers;
  • There is less of a likelihood that the form will get lost, misplaced or not be utilised; and
  • Students and/or teachers will not be required to chase each other in attempt to make bookings.

As in previous years the following expectations or arrangements remain such as:

  •  Students are to attend in school uniform with their parent(s);
  • A chime will ring every six minutes with a visual digital display of the time indicating a change to the next teacher; and
  • The aim of the evening will be:
    • An opportunity for parents to meet their daughter’s teachers and continue to foster positive relationships between parent, student and teacher;
    • For students and parents to be given valuable feedback on their learning so the student can set goals for the next Semester ;
    • For discussion of ways in which the teacher and parent can work together to support the student in her learning; and
    • For students (and parents) to develop an objective concept of their capacity and abilities.

As always we are looking to improve our practices and thereby improve the learning opportunities for students at the College.

Any feedback after the Parent Teacher Evening on the new online system would be very much appreciated and can be sent to

Mr John Muskovits
Assistant Principal Dean of Curriculum

Essay and Extended Response Skills Workshops for Year 9 and Year 10 students

3.30pm – 5.30pm
Wednesday 8 May, Wednesday 15 May and Wednesday 22 May

Your daughter is invited to attend a series of after-school workshops on essay writing in Term Two run by ICS Learning Group. Classes will be small with a maximum of 12 students per class.

The aim of this course is to provide a step-by-step approach for students to help them understand the specific requirements for essay writing and other extended response writing. The scope of the course extends from reading and interpreting the question, through to the final draft. The outcome is to maximise marks gained in exams and for assessment essays.

The focus of the course is on:

  1. Interpreting the question correctly
  2. Organisation of ideas through planning
  3. Structure of the response
  4. The writing phase

Content Overview

  • Essay Structure
  • Sentence Structure
  • Paragraph structure
  • Brainstorming
  • Planning Aids
  • Expanding an Idea
  • Sequencing Paragraphs
  • Punctuation
  • Linking Paragraphs
  • Time Management
  • Word Resources
  • Course essay
  • Composing Better Introductions
  • Language
  • Composing Better Conclusions

Students will analyse essay types (descriptive/informative; critical/analytical; argumentative/persuasive). They will also practise interpreting actual exam questions.

Understanding the logical process of extended response writing will enable the students to practise and refine their techniques. Essay questions can then be approached with skills and confidence.

All students actively participate. The workbook becomes a comprehensive reference document.

For further information and to book a place for your daughter:

T: 9449 8922
F: 9983 1320

Your daughter has received a letter in Homeroom this week, and it is included here for your convenience. It includes information about how to book a place in the course and arrange payment.

2013 ICS Essay Skills Workshop letter

Mrs Annette Johnson
Acting Studies Coordinator

An Evening with Paul Dillon

Wednesday 10 April
Marist College Eastwood

Once again we are please to announce that Paul Dillon will be running a Parent Information Evening on Alcohol and Drug Use of Young People in Australia at 7.00pm at Marist College Eastwood on Wednesday 10 April.

The evening aims to empower parents with some basic information about current trends in alcohol and other drugs by examining the questions young people really want and need answers to. This will assist parents to have meaningful conversations with their child when responding to queries that may be raised. The information session covers a range of issues, including resilience and the importance of connectedness. Positive norms are accentuated and aim to empower parents in this controversial area.

The evening is a joint initiative with Marist College Eastwood parents, and will be held at Marist College Eastwood. All parents are encouraged to attend as part of a community approach to educate and keep our children safe from the harms of alcohol and other drugs. Our College strives to educate young women around the harms associated with the use of drugs and alcohol. This is done through both our PDHPE and Pastoral programs. Our Year 10 and Year 11 students will also have the privilege of listening to Paul speak earlier in the day as will the Year 10 and Year 11 boys from Marist College Eastwood.

To register your interest please RSVP online


There has been a report of Head Lice in the school.
Could all parents be vigilant in checking your daughter’s hair.

For more information go to:


MSB Golden Jubilee
We are currently updating our archival records with the History Company in preparation for our Golden Jubilee in 2016. As a result of this process we have discovered some of our publications have been misplaced. If you are an ex-student and you have kept publications such as Bennies Buzz, Newsletters and School Diaries, or have photos of significant events etc, and you would be happy to share a copy with us and/or donate it to the College please contact Mrs Michelle Blackman on 9980 0401 or email

The College is once again participating in the WRAP WITH LOVE Project. We will be knitting squares to make into wraps for those less fortunate.

SQUARES: 25cm x 25cm (10”x10”)
WOOL: 8 ply
NEEDLES: 4mm (size 8 imperial)
This is approximately 47 – 50 stitches

I have plenty of left-over wool. Anyone interested, just let me know and I’ll happily supply you. I already have House-colour bundles arranged.

I am appealing to the MSB community for left-over wool in any of the eight house colours (white, green, red, cerise, purple, orange, blue and yellow), but particularly red, orange and yellow. Black (for contrast) would also be very useful. Please leave at Student Services marked for Mrs Davey.

Join me in the IRC at lunchtime on Thursdays. Come and learn to knit or just enjoy knitting with others.
We can all make a difference.

For more information on Wrap With Love click here

Mrs Gail Davey

Year 10 Community Problem Solving

Last Thursday, the Year 10 Community Problem Solving team DARUG team along with Brooke Matthews, Year 12 D&T student, met with the Hornsby Area Residents for Reconciliation group (HARR). Whilst there we discussed the issue of reconciliation, what it means to society and ways in which it can be implemented and maintained. We learned about fascinating aspects of the Darug culture and way of life and how we can incorporate this into our lives and show respect for the heritage that we share. It was an extremely interesting and worthwhile visit and they helped us with our project immensely. We would like to thank them, as well as Ms Selvaggi and Mrs Dirckze for assisting us in organising this and for their continual support.

We look forward to our next activity which will be a visit from a Darug Elder, Uncle Greg. Stay tuned for updates and how you can be involved.

To find out more, please visit our Facebook page ‘DARUG’:

Mrs Nina Selvaggi
Community Problem Solving Coordinator



If your daughter is absent or late, please send an SMS message to 0418 565 982 with a brief reason. For example ‘Susan Smith Y8 sick/appointment’. This is a text only number. Once you have sent a SMS message you are not required to send a written note. If you are bringing your daughter to school late, could you take the time to write a note in her diary before she gets out of the car. To have the ‘lateness’ explained on the day then requires no followup.

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Representative Sport

Further details for all Representative Sports will be available on the MSB College website under Activities/Sports.

If your daughter has recently achieved outstanding sporting results please send me an email so that the College as a whole can share in her success.

All students have been emailed extensive information regarding Representative Sport this term. This document can be downloaded here. Students who wish to trial for sports that are offered directly through the NSW CCC Association will need to nominate through the NSW CCC website as outlined here. General NSW CCC information can be downloaded here.


NSW CCC Website:

Wet Weather Line:
9990 3633


Despite being in the midst of their current exam period a number of our Year 12 students have shown impressive time management skills by still participating in their sports at an elite level. Many Universities recognise this commitment and award up to five bonus ATAR points to students combining their studies with competition at a National Level.

  • Liz Liepa has again been selected to officiate at the School Sport Australia Softball Championships in Perth in May after her performance at the NSW All Schools championships last week. This is the second year the current Year 12 student has been selected to umpire at these championships which is a significant achievement.
  • Five of our Year 12 students (Lily Vidler, Genevieve Cowie, Maddy Bergfield, Karina Takchi and Becky Clark) competed at the Australian Junior Athletics Championships in Perth last week with two bringing home medals!
  • Karina finished a terrific 4th in the U18 100m Final and was part of the gold medal producing 4 x 100m NSW Relay Team.
  • Maddy continues to show us what hard work and great technique can be achieved by finishing with a bronze medal and a PB in the U18 Discus and a Top 10 finish in all her events (including 5th in the Hammer Throw!)

Special mention also to Year 10 student Carla Takchi who also competed and finished 4th in the U17 Hurdles.

To have six MSB athletes qualify for these championships is truly amazing!

  • Natalie Tobin (Y11) has been busy as ever as part of the Young Matildas Squad and she will again be heading to camp at the Australian Institute of Sport as part of their selection process next week.
  • Many of our swimmers were also in action at the NSW State Open Championships last weekend at Homebush. It has been a great season for some of them outside of school with Brooke Mindham (Y9) this week receiving a certificate of recognition from Swimming NSW for breaking the U14 Breaststroke  record (34.79) at the Metropolitan Championships in February. Look out for a full report in the next newsletter on our swim team that competed at the Broken Bay Championships yesterday.


Sign up sheets are currently on the Sports Noticeboard and all students have been emailed information regarding the MSB Cross Country which is only three weeks away. Although not a compulsory event, championship and participation points are awarded to competitors for the House Trophy. The top five runners in each age group are then selected to represent MSB at the Broken Bay Championships next term.


To the MSB Open Soccer team who will compete at the Broken Bay Championships on Tuesday. An Open Broken Bay team will be chosen from the Championships. Check your emails for the competition draw. A final training session will be held on Monday


Students wishing to nominate for long distance events at the NSW All Schools Championships will need to return the Nomination Forms emailed to all students. These forms are available on Moodle and have been included here for your convenience.

2013 NSWCCC Swimming – NSW ALL SCHOOLS Distance Application Form

These are State level carnivals for experienced swimmers only.
Please send them through Mrs Grant instead of directly to All Schools so the College can follow up if necessary.

NSW ALL SCHOOLS Nomination forms are due Wednesday 17 April to Mrs Grant.


Some sports have direct pathways through the NSW Combined Catholic Colleges (NSW CCC) Sports Association System.

For these sports parents need to nominate their daughter via the NSW CCC website

These are State level teams for experienced athletes only.

Closing dates approaching are:

  • DIVING – NSW CCC Championships – Tuesday 30 April – closes Thursday 11 April
    Competitions are held for Spingboard events in each age group and Open Platform. Parents will need to provide transport to and from SOPAC.
    • NSW CCC Trials (15s) – Tuesday 7 May – closes Friday 3 May
    • NSW CCC Trials (Opens) – Wednesday 8 May – closes Friday 3 May
      Trials will be held at Auburn for the U15s (must turn 15 in 2013 to attend the trials) and OPEN (students turning 16+ in 2013) NSW CCC Netball Teams. Only students currently playing in a local Representative team will be considered for the trials. Students will need to be transported to and from the trials by their parents.

      Trials for MSB Representative Teams to compete at the Broken Bay and CCC carnivals will be held during Term Two. Listen to Daily Notices for further information.
  • SAILING – NSW All Schools Championships – Tuesday 16 April
    Further information is available on the NSW CCC Website
Wednesday 8 May (OPEN)
(MSB Senior Representative Team)
Tuesday 26 March (OPEN)
Tuesday 2 April (Wet weather backup)
Tuesday 30 April
Monday 6 May



Thursday 11 April (Periods Five and Six)
College grounds

Parents and friends most welcome

If you would like further information on any of the upcoming Representative Sports events
please email Mrs Grant.

Mrs Karen Grant
Representative Sports Coordinator
Physical Activity Coordinator

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P & F News

MSB Dinner Dance – Change of Date

The annual dinner dance is being held on Saturday 25 May. The venue is soon to be advised. Please save this date in your diaries as it is a fun evening and a great opportunity to socialise with parents and staff in a more relaxed environment.

2013 P&F General Meeting Dates

Term 2: 20 May, 17 June
Term 3: 12 August, 9 September
Term 4: 14 October, 11 November

The general meetings commence at 7.30pm in the College Staffroom.

Social Convenor Position – Vacant

The P&F Executive has one remaining position vacant – the Social Convenor role. This role is mainly to oversee the sub-committees who organise the various social functions. Each of the social functions currently has a sub-committee to organise and run the event. If you are interested in this role and have any questions please contact the P&F Executive on This role is vital in ensuring the P&F can provide our MSB community with successful social events and so your support in filling this position would be greatly appreciated.

Next P&F General Meeting

The next meeting is on Monday 20 May at 7.30pm in the Staff Room. (Please enter through Reception and take the stairs on your left). If you are unable to personally attend the next meeting but wish to put forward an agenda item, please feel free to make contact with any of the P&F Executive members by emailing us on

Ms Julie Essey
P&F President on behalf of the P&F Executive


The Canteen opens daily from 9.00am – 2.00pm.

MY STUDENT ACCOUNT – Cashless Canteen

Students may order and pay for purchases with our ‘cashless’ option using their Student ID card.

Comprehensive instructions on how to use this system can be found on the College website

If you have any queries please contact Mrs Elke Forrest, Assistant Business Manager.

Place an Canteen order here


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday FrIday
Aileen Buecker Jennifer Campbell Kym Lamb HOLY THURSDAY GOOD FRIDAY
Barbara Folkardi  **  **

Helen Merhi

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday FrIday
 EASTER MONDAY Louise Spencer  Natalie Conway Jaye Harkin Helena Cheung
Marie Kirkham  Kay Munro  Lynne Chen
Helen Merhi
Please notify Melissa if you are unable to attend or if you would like to be removed from the Roster.
** If you can assist on Tuesday 26 March, Wednesday 27 March or Wednesday 3 April please call Melissa **

Mrs Melissa Arane
Canteen Manager
T: 9980 0448
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Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop Opening Hours:

Monday: 10.00am – 2.00pm
Thursday: 8.00am – 11.00am

Mrs Melissa Arane
Uniform Shop Manager T: 9980 0447
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Careers information will be posted here when available. Students can access this information from MOODLE.

NSWACT Newsletter 18 March

The Morrisby Report

The Morrisby Report is a well-established, assessment based career guidance system, that takes into account individual aptitude, career interest, and personality, and blends these together to provide information that is invaluable when selecting senior school subjects, or in starting to think about career direction.

In a recent survey, 91% of students said that they had a better idea of what they would do after leaving school as a result of completing the Morrisby report, and 99% were glad to have taken the tests.

Public Morrisby Report Test Session
1.00pm – 5.00pm
Sunday 7 April
Pennant Hills High School

Cost: $121 (which includes the test session, and your individual 20 page bound report).
Assessor: Emma Goodsir, Educational and Developmental Psychologist (representing Career Analysts).

To book into this session, please email Emma Goodsir at or call 9875 5150 or 0422 537 627

The University of Sydney

HSC Preparation Courses
The Centre for Continuing Education at the University of Sydney is running intensive HSC Preparation courses in a variety of subjects for Year 12 students who want to extend their studies and enhance performance in their HSC year.

Selected preparation courses are also offered for Years 10 and 11, including Year 10: Preparing for Success and Years 10 – 12 Course: Improving Written English.

The next series of courses commence between Monday 15 April and Monday 22 April. Third term “Part 3″ courses are also available for enrolment and commence Monday 1 July.

The range of HSC courses assist students in improving performance in all HSC assessment tasks and facilitate a deeper conceptual understanding of course content.
For more information visit our website.

Download the HSC Preparation Course Guide. The guide outlines upcoming course dates and times as well as indicative dates for courses later in the year.

Download the Getting Through Your HSC: A Practical Guide.

Centre for Continuing Education
T 02 9036 4789
F 02 9036 4799

Accounting Cadetship Opportunities

Moore Stephens Sydney and Moore Stephens Sydney West are members of the Moore Stephens network of independent accounting firms with over 630 offices in 100 countries. Moore Stephens Sydney is located in the heart of the Sydney CBD servicing a broad range of clients throughout Sydney. Moore Stephens Sydney West is a Parramatta based firm servicing the expanding Western Sydney business community and is now one of the most substantial practices in Western Sydney.

Institute of Chartered Accountants Information Evening
Wednesday 15 May
Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour

Representatives from both firms will be available to address any questions from students and parents first hand. Students wanting to attend the information evening must register with the Institute of Chartered Accountants on their website

Applications for the 2014 Cadetship Program will open on Monday 13 May and close on Friday 21 June.

Defence Force Recruiting – WOMEN IN THE ARMY MOVIE NIGHT

Wednesday 28 March

Defence Force Recruiting will be taking a number of selected women to attend the Women in Army Movie Night.

The night will consist of an Information Session at the Theatre presented by Captain Petrina Baldwin about the types of jobs within the Army, the lifestyle, benefits and the recruiting process. We will then watch they newly released movie “OZ: The Great and Powerful” and there will be time on conclusion of the movie to mingle with various Australian Defence Force Representatives about their experiences in the Army and ask any questions you may have.

Places are limited so get your RSVP in ASAP to attend this great night!

Once RSVPs have been collated you will be contacted and given final details for the night including location. Please send your RSVP to Jordan or Aline on:

University Visits for Parents
Come and experience university for yourself so you can better support your child. Information provided about getting in, university life, costs, courses, and the support available. Common questions answered and a campus tour provided.

Bridges Parents Visits (March – May 2013)

William Blue College of Hospitality ManagementWilliam Blue College of Hospitality Management

2014 William Blue Industry Scholarship Applications
Are your current Year 12 students wishing to give their hospitality career a kick start in the right direction?William Blue College of Hospitality Management invites all aspiring Hospitality Managers, Event Managers, Tourism Managers and Executive Chefs to apply for the industry scholarship of a lifetime.
Developed and chosen by the hospitality industry, this scholarship offers applied education – the recipients will get the chance to work with industry in the field.Visit for a list of Scholarship instructions and an application form, available from 1 April.
Contact : Jake Brown E:
Applications close 5.00pm Tuesday 20 August.

William Blue College Information Evening
Date : Tuesday 30 April
Time : 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Venue : North Sydney Campus, 171 Pacific Highway, North Sydney, NSW 2060
Cost : No charge
Contact : Jake Brown – your students thinking of launching their hospitality career soon? From commercial cookery, events, hotel and tourism management we have something in store for all interests.

Meet our current students and hear about their student experience at William Blue. Speak with our career management team and learn why our students flourish in the industry.

For reservations please email Jake on or go to for further details.

William Blue College – Day in the Life of a Hospitality Manager Workshop
Dates: 16 April, 2 July, 9 July, 24 September.
Time: 10.00am – 4.00pm
Venue : North Sydney Campus, 171 Pacific Highway, North Sydney, NSW 2060.
Cost : No charge
Contact : Jake Brown –

During the school holidays, William Blue College runs ‘Day in the Life’ Workshops taking young hospitality hopefuls into some of Sydney’s most well-known hotels, restaurants and bars for a real behind the scene view of this vibrant and exciting industry.

Whether cooking is a passion, running events or just have an eye to serve and travel in style a ‘Day in the Life’ will open eyes to both the glamorous side, but also the reality of the hard working world, of hospitality.

For reservations please email Jake on or go to for further details.

William Blue College Open Day
Date: Saturday 17 August
Time : 10.00am – 2.00pm
Venue : North Sydney Campus, 171 Pacific Highway, North Sydney, NSW 2060
Cost : FREE
Contact : Jake Brown –

This interactive open day allows prospective students to talk to current students and graduates of William Blue College, meet our Industry Partners and speak to our Career Management team to see why William Blue graduates are so highly sought after.

Take a tour of our campus and dine in our award winning student operated restaurant, William Blue Dining.

To register your interest contact our Course and Career Advisers on 1300 851 237.

Hear what our students have to say at William Blue College

APM College of Business and Communication Serhat Ferat

2014 APM College of Business and Communication Industry Scholarship
Are your current Year 12 students wishing to give their business and communication career a kick start in the right direction?APM College of Business and Communication is one of Australia’s leading business colleges. It is for this reason that we are seeking five of Australia’s most business savvy students to be awarded the industry scholarship of a lifetime. APM offers scholarship programs in marketing, event management, public relations, business and management.Visit for a list of Scholarship instructions and an application form, applications available from 1 April.
Contact: Jake Brown –

Applications close 5.00pm Tuesday 6 September

APM College Information Evening
Date: Tuesday 7 May, Tuesday 27 August
Time: 6.30pm – 8.00pm
Venue: Level 4 & 5, 213 Miller St, North Sydney, NSW 2060.
Cost : No charge
Contact : Jake Brown – APM information evening is a great way to learn more about the college; find out what studying at APM will be like and discover how APM prepares for success.Information Evenings are suitable for those who cannot attend our Open Days throughout the year. They offer a great opportunity to meet with our academic team, Careers and Industry Consultant over a couple of drinks and canapés to discuss career options. Explore the Fortitude Valley and North Sydney campuses and facilities, find out about our Scholarship Programs, and talk to current students and alumni about their APM experience.For reservations please email Jake on or go to for further details.

APM Alive! Day in the Life styled Workshop
Date: Thursday 26 September
Time: 10.00am – 4.00pm
Venue: Level 4 & 5, 213 Miller St, North Sydney, NSW 2060.
Cost: No charge
Contact: Jake Brown –

Bring career aspirations to life in the exciting fields of business, marketing, event management, management and public relations at APM College.

Visit the APM Sydney and Brisbane campuses to meet industry professionals and experience what is it like to be successful in this industry. Work on real life industry case studies and take a secret behind – the – scenes venue tour to discover the many vibrant facets of this industry.

For reservations please email Jake on or visit our events page on for more information.

Southern School of Natural Therapies SSNTSSNT

SSNT Ambassador Scholarship Program!
If you’re passionate about helping others, then SSNT wants you. Students who demonstrate a passion for the industry and want to promote the School across a range of activities are encouraged to apply. Scholarships will cover tuition fees for one full year of study.
Find out more »

Information Session
Nurture your future and take the first step towards a career in natural therapies with SSNT. SSNT hold regular Information Sessions throughout the year, allowing potential students to experience the college first hand. Tour the vibrant campus and it’s high quality facilities and learn about the range of courses offered. There will bepresentations from academic staff as well as the chance to talk with a Course and Careers Adviser to discuss study options. The next Information Session will be taking place later this year.

Find out more »

Australian Natural College of BeautySSNT

Day of Beauty Workshop
At our Day of Beauty Workshop, you’ll learn new practical skills and get a taste for life running a busy salon. It’s a one-day session packed with invaluable insights – a must for any would-be beauty therapist.Next workshop – Saturday 11 May

Learn more and register

Open Day
With our exciting move to Pyrmont in April comes our Pyrmont Campus Open Day. This will give you the chance to spend a day at our premium standard campus, attend information sessions, see our clinic in action, learn about courses and career options, meet students and staff, and see what it’s like to be a student at ANCB.

Next Open Day – Saturday 27 April

Learn more and register

Australasian College of Natural TherapiesSSNT

Day in the Life Workshop
These hands on workshops will provide you with a taste of what it would be like to work in the growing field of natural medicine. You will learn the fundamentals of nutrition and naturopathy and get practical hands on experience across multiple subjects.Next workshop – Saturday 11 May

Learn more and register

Open Day
Do you want to know more about healthy eating? Want to discover herbal treatments? The best want to burn fat and build muscle? Want to know more about a career in health and wellbeing? Discover the answers and more at ACNT’s Open Day.

Next Open Day – Saturday 27 April

Learn more and register

Jansen Newman Institute
Think ClassInformation Evenings
Interested in a career in counselling, psychotherapy, community services or human resources but not sure which JNI course is right for you? Come along to an Information Evening to discover your course options in more detail. They are a wonderful chance to chat to friendly lecturers about study options, view the JNI campus and its facilities, hear from graduates and current students and discover our student support services.Next information evening – Tuesday 9 April

Learn more and register

Open Day
With our exciting move to Pyrmont in April comes our Pyrmont Campus Open Day. This will give you the chance to spend a day at our premium standard campus, attend information sessions, see our clinic in action, learn about courses and career options, meet students and staff, and see what it’s like to be a student at JNI.

Next information evening – Tuesday 9 April

Learn more and register

Billy Blue College of DesignBilly Blue College of Design

Billy Blue College of Design Scholarship
Billy Blue is committed to discovering and nurturing emerging talent, and our updated 2014 Scholarship program is designed to engage Year 12 students interested in pursuing a career in creative industries.We offer 3 scholarships up to the value of $20,000 each. The program is based around students submitting a creative solution to a challenging brief, which is due to be released soon. All participants will have a chance to attend an exclusive Scholarship Camp –a workshop-style event where they will receive invaluable guidance from our mentors and lecturers – current industry practitioners.We are looking forward to collaborating with Visual Arts, Media and Graphics teachers and Career Advisors to help achieve the best outcomes for their students.
For more information and to register your school’s interest, please contact Ekaterina on 02 8588 4758 or email:

Billy Blue Day in the Life of a Designer Workshops
Ever wondered what a day in the life of a designer would be like? Experience it first hand at Billy Blue! This one day workshop is a great way to learn what a designer does, be hands on and creative and experience our college first hand.

Upcoming workshops at our Campus are in June.

View registration forms and dates »

Billy Blue Open Days
Billy Blue campuses will be opening their doors, and would love you to pop in and have a look around! Speak to lecturers about the different Degrees available, look around the campus and experience the Billy Blue way of life!

Next Open Day date: Sydney Campus Open Night – Thursday 20 June.

Find out more »

CATC Design School

Serhat FeratCATC Design School Scholarship
At CATC we are looking for creative individuals with a passion for design or photography. Through our Scholarship program, we offer three exceptional students an opportunity to master their skills and become leading photographers or designers.Each scholarship is up to the value of $20,000 and will see the candidates working on a creative brief. The details of the 2014 CATC Scholarship program will be released shortly, and we are looking forward to working with your Visual Arts, Media and Graphics teachers and Career Advisers to help your students do their best.To register your school’s interest and for more information, please contact Ekaterina on 02 8588 4758 or email:

CATC Design Discovery Workshops
Explore the worlds of Graphic Design, Interior Design or Photography at our full-day action-packed Design Discovery Workshops. This is your chance to get creative, learn new skills, and experience firsthand what the life of a designer is like.

Next Design Discovery Workshops:
Graphic Design – 1 June 2013
Interior Design or Photography – 2 June 2013

For more info and to register, visit here.

CATC Design School – Information Evening
CATC The Rocks Open Nights are a great way to get a true insight into the creative industries learning, CATC unique culture and the pathways to creative careers.

Next Information Evening – 1 May 2013

For more info and to register, visit here or join us on Facebook

The Institute of Chartered Accountants
Cadetship Evening
Wednesday 15 May

Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre

This is an excellent opportunity for Year 12 students to engage with over 22 employers, attend information sessions regarding cadetships and receive tips on the recruitment process.

Meet the Business Leader
Tuesday 30 July

Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia

This event will provide Years 10 and 11 students the opportunity to meet and network with young and experienced professionals from a variety of business roles to gain a better insight into the business profession.

Further Information:

Linda Nguyen, Relationship Consultant
T: 61 2 9290 5779
F: 61 2 9262 3953

Students are able to apply for a tax file number through the College. The application offered through the secondary schools program simplifies the process for the girls as the College is able to verify student information through our College records. No other form of identification is required to be sent with the application. Forms for secondary school students are available from Student Services and outside the Careers Office. Applications will be verified and sent to the Taxation Department at the end of each month.

Lucy Elgood
Careers Advisor
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Community Notices

A Message from Mount St Benedict Centre

Mount St Benedict Centre and Convent is a private property. There is no parking permitted or vehicular access to the College. Students are permitted to walk through the grounds to and from the College.

Exciting French Exchange Opportunity

The Hunters Hill – Le Vesinet Friendship Committee is currently seeking applications from students to participate in their six week exchange to Le Vesinet, just 20 minutes from the heart of Paris. This very exciting opportunity is open to students aged between 14 and 16 who are studying French at school. Students will stay with families in Le Vesinet during the next Christmas holidays and then welcome their French correspondent for six weeks in July/August 2013. The exchange runs under the auspices of Hunters Hill Council and has been sending small groups of students to France each year for more than 20 years. For further information and details of our upcoming information nights please refer to our website at or contact us at

Christ the King Catholic Primary School, North Rocks
40th Anniversary and Reunion Ball

Christ the King Catholic Primary School is celebrating its 40th Anniversary this year. An Anniversary and Reunion Ball is being held to mark the occasion on Friday 5 April at Curzon Hall, Eastwood.

All former students, past staff members and families and friends of Christ the King are invited to join us for those celebrations.

Further details and enquiries:

Sarah Kaltoum, 0404 828 887, Hounaida Younan or Jeff Saul 0418 662 912.

St Bernadette’s Parish

Want to meet great people, eat yummy food, and set some awesome foundations for your life?
Check out the St Bernadette’s Parish youth events below:

  • 6pm Youth Mass
    Every Sunday night followed by LIFE Nights for Years 9 – 12 from 7.00pm – 8.30pm
  • Into Life for Yrs 7-8 Friday nights, 7.00pm – 8.30pm
    $2 donation appreciated

Contact Sr Rosie Drum 0420 594 277 for more information.

St Kevin’s Netball Club

The St Kevin’s Netball Club is currently looking for umpires to umpire games at Meadowbank Park and Brush Farm Courts on Saturday’s at the following times:

  • Meadowbank Park: 8:00am (11 and 12 year old age groups)
  • Brush Farm Courts Eastwood: 9.10am and 11.30am (10 year age groups)

Umpires are paid $20 (unbadged) and $25 (C badge or better) per game.

Umpires are also required for the upcoming St Kevin’s Gala Day on Sunday 7 April.

If you can assist please contact Loren Jagers on 0410 409 842 or

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