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22 August 2014

From the Principal

Dear parents, friends and staff,

Over the past few years the College has increased its total enrolments, largely through the addition of an extra class in each of Years 7 to 10. In some year groups there are numbers of students seeking enrolment who are unable to be accommodated. I would like to remind parents that if you are planning for your daughter to leave the College you are required to give one term’s notice, otherwise fees will be charged for one term in lieu of notice. In order to plan for future needs it is essential that we know our precise enrolment numbers to allow us to establish classes and allocate staff appropriately. Your assistance in giving us early notice of enrolment changes will be much appreciated.

HSC Visual Arts, Design and Technology and Music Major Works Showcase

I am hoping a significant number of people will be able to join us on Monday evening for the showcase of HSC Visual Arts, Design and Technology and Music works. So much preparation, practice and time have gone into these major works, by students particularly but also by teachers and parents supporting them, it would be great for them to have an appreciative audience to enjoy their works.

I received a number of telephone calls and letters of gratitude last week thanking the College for the Grandparents Assembly and Morning Tea and also for the wonderful music provided by our students in Parramatta Mall last Friday and Saturday. We are indeed blessed to have so many members of our community who are willing to share their talents for the benefit of others and I want to encourage them and thank them.

This week we have been celebrating both Book Week and Science Week. These are two of my great interests - my first career was as an Electrical Engineer and I have always had a love of Science and Mathematics, and am acutely aware of their importance in understanding the world around us. Reading is a wonderfully enjoyable activity, both for leisure and learning. It can take us to imaginary places and broaden our horizons of understanding in so many different areas. Congratulations to our Science Department on the ways in which they have engaged students in activities both this week and also in their regular lessons, and also to our Teacher Librarians and IRC staff, along with our teaching staff, who encourage the girls to read widely and regularly on a wide range of topics and in various genres.

Next week our focus will be on Refugees and Asylum Seekers, probably the most difficult and one of the most divisive issues we face as a nation. Australia has responsibilities under international law which are quite clear and we need to call our political leaders to account to ensure that we comply with those obligations. On Monday a group of independent school principals considered ways in which our schools may be able to assist in providing education for children in detention. It is a great travesty to know that children and young people are unable to access quality education while in detention, because we all know that a good education is essential in providing the basis for a productive meaningful life. The remoteness of most of the Australian detention centres presents a significant hurdle in delivering quality education programs but, with good will and motivation, I am sure we could do better than we are currently doing.

"Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you,
and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement,
you should include all things in your gratitude."

Ralph Waldo Emerson, (1802-1883)

Mrs Maria Pearson

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Mission News

“Jesus left Gennesaret and withdrew to the region of Tyre and Sidon. Then out came a Canaanite woman from that district and started shouting, 'Sir, Son of David, take pity on me. My daughter is tormented by a devil.' But he answered her not a word. And his disciples went and pleaded with him. 'Give her what she wants,' they said 'because she is shouting after us.' He said in reply, 'I was sent only to the lost sheep of the House of Israel.' But the woman had come up and was kneeling at his feet. 'Lord,' she said 'help me.' He replied, 'It is not fair to take the children's food and throw it to the house-dogs.' She retorted, 'Ah yes, sir; but even house-dogs can eat the scraps that fall from their master's table.' Then Jesus answered her, 'Woman, you have great faith. Let your wish be granted.' And from that moment her daughter was well again.“

This reading from Sunday’s Eucharist is one of the more intriguing passages from the Gospels. It is somewhat confronting and disturbing yet at the same time it provides a reassuring message about faith and our capacity to change. Scholars point out up to this point in the Gospel narrative Jesus had not ventured outside Jewish territory. Now, however, he has moved into the territories of the gentiles where he would be the foreigner, the outsider. It seems that there was little love lost between the Jews and the Canaanites and the text even reflects the common insult where Jews referred to their neighbours as “Canaanite dogs”. Perhaps the most startling aspect though is the change of mind that seems to take place on the part of Jesus. Initially he is unwilling to respond to the woman’s request because he believes his mission is only to the Jewish people, however, something in the encounter with the anonymous woman causes him to rethink his understanding and from this point onward, his mission has a more universal focus.

The idea of a universal focus of mission is not a new thing for contemporary Christians, especially in a country like Australia with its rich melting pot of faith and cultures. Yet, the challenge remains for us to not turn in on ourselves but rather be open to the other and responsive to their needs. This is at the heart of Benedictine hospitality and it is fundamental to the work we seek to carry out here at MSB.

Last week our students were involved in activities in support of St Vincent de Paul and their work among the disadvantaged members of the community.

This week our students have been working in partnership with students from St Edmund's School for Students with Special Needs in a joint learning activity involving drama, food technology and visual art classes. A number of our students also took part in functions with the Australian Human Rights Commission and the Major Issues and Theology Foundation.

Year 11 students pictured with Sr Clare Condon at the Australian Human Rights Commission

Next week is Refugee and Asylum Seeker Week where we will have a range of activities and opportunities to engage our students in the issues relating to refugees and asylum seekers and the challenges faced by people fleeing persecution. On Monday we will have two chalk murals being created in our courtyards. On Tuesday we’ll have some facts and figures about Refugees and Asylum Seekers displayed around the College and there will also be a lunchtime workshop on how we can write letters to children who are in Australia’s Immigration Detention Centres. On Wednesday we will welcome visitors from Josephite Community Aid to the College for a lunchtime carnival as we get organised for our Family Fun Day Picnic in October. On Thursday we will have poetry reading from students who have composed works on the theme of Refugees and Asylum Seekers and on Friday the Junior Social Justice group will create an installation in the Hall Courtyard. In addition to these lunch time activities, there will be lessons devoted to studying particular issues related to Refugees and Asylum Seekers as well as prayer for their needs. I would like to acknowledge the work of Mrs Donna Dempsey, College Ministry Coordinator and the Social Justice Captains and their Portfolio for all the effort that has gone into the planning of these activities.

  MSB students pictured with Bob Carr at the Major Issues and Theology Foundation Dinner

Our next major community event comes around on Wednesday 3 September when we host our annual Father and Daughter Breakfast. This will take place between 7.30am and 8.30am. To assist us with catering please click on the link below to RSVP. We would be grateful to have your reply by Thursday 29 August so that we can organise our catering and seating for the morning.

Mr Paul Lentern
Assistant Principal Dean of Mission

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Curriculum News


HSC Drama Practical Examinations

Congratulations to the HSC Drama students who completed their HSC Drama practical examinations this week. The girls provided the invited audience of thirty, Year 10 and 11 Drama students, and Board of Studies HSC Markers with some engaging, comic and dramatic Group Performances and Monologues.

Photo: Not Guilty - Taite Gledhill, Emily-Beth Naylor, Nicole Ranzoli

Taite Gledhill, Emily-Beth Naylor and Nicole Ranzolin devised an original piece titled ‘Not Guilty’,

Throughout time Barbie has evolved physically, but her mind has stayed the same. What will happen when Barbie is faced with the reality of a modern world where society blames her…is she guilty?

Erin Montgomery, Georgia O’Callaghan, Cassiah Patrin and Zoe Peck devised a piece ‘Back to Basics’,

In a world of social media, lies and deception, four professors challenge the theories of love and discover the true meaning behind finding your soulmate.

All seven students this year performed Monologues which were either self-devised and written, or created from segments of scripts and plays.

Photo: Back to Basics - Erin Montgomery, Georgia O'Callaghan, Cassiah Patrin and Zoe Peck

Photo: (Left to right) The Gravy Boat - Nicole Ranzolin, The Peach Season - Zoe Peck, I Had No Choice - Emily-Beth Naylor

We wish the girls the very best for their final written HSC Drama written examination next term and for their future beyond Bennies.

Photo: (Left to right) Beyond Therapy - Georgia O'Callaghan, Wicked - Erin Montgomery

Mrs Gabrielle Keats and Mrs Lisa Stevens (HSC Drama teachers)


At Assembly this week, Year 12 student Keira McEntee presented her HSC Major Study Dance performance that she choreographed. The dance is titled ‘Beyond the Frame’. The piece follows an individual’s discovery of those boundaries between the ideal and reality and how it’s possible to blend the two, to turn ideals into a reality. The frame works as a physical reminder of this boundary, which individuals must break through to reach their ideals.

Busking for Vinnies

The College Choir, MSB Concert Band, Chamber Ensemble and Senior Flute Ensemble performed at Busking for Vinnie’s in Parramatta Mall on Friday 15 August to raise money for St Vincent de Paul. Thank you particularly to the students, Music staff (Mr Peter Watters, Mrs Susan Webber and Miss Laura Sheehan) and staff who attended to supervise and even perform (Mrs Donna Dempsey, Mrs Catherine Woodrow, Ms Melinda Kearns and Mrs Katherine Mason). The girls had a wonderful afternoon and once again represented the College to the highest standard, displaying their wonderful talent and making a difference to those less fortunate.

Andre Hajje, Casey McBride and Kirsty Smith who make up the band Leonine, performed at the same venue the next day performing cover songs as well as some of their originals. Thank you to Mr Paul Lentern for his assistance with helping the girls set up on the day.

Over the two days the students raised over two thousand dollars for St Vincent de Paul.

Busking for Vinnies Photo Gallery 

Mrs Pearson received the following feedback from the coordinator of the 'Busking for Vinnies' event, Mr John Neylan who is a volunteer for St Vincent de Paul:

"....the girls' positive, joyful, and highly skilled performances were not only uplifting for the static and passing audiences but will help many families in Western Sydney who are literally at rock bottom - both materially and emotionally. And when not actually performing, the girls' demeanour epitomised happiness, maturity and an unashamed willingness to be collecting money to help the poor. In fact, I fielded many compliments from passers-by wanting to know what school the girls were from. Many thanks also go to "Leonine" for their quality busking for Vinnies, in their own time...."

Mr Peter Watters (Head of Creative and Performing Arts)

Year 10 Commerce Market Day

Year 10 Commerce classes along with Miss Takchi, Mr Greenwell and Miss Scott-Bell assembled in the Hall to organise and officiate Market Day for 2014 on Monday 11 August. Market Day formed part of our assessment on ' Running a Small Business '. We were able to experience the pressure, stress and excitement involved in the business world as we competed against groups to make a profit to go to our House charities. Overall we raised $2,163.95!

With twenty groups selling different products such as chocolate, cupcakes, pizza, bruschetta, pretzels, slices, waffles, drinks, and cookies, the Bennies community had an enjoyable lunch buying a variety of treats.

Year 10 Market Day photo gallery »

Well done to all the Commerce students for their planning and endless hours of preparation which culminated in a fantastic and successful day. Also a big thank you to the Commerce teachers for all their hard work and organisation behind the scenes.

Marnie Lamb, Year 10 Commerce student

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College News

News from the IRC - Children’s Book Week

This week the College has been celebrating Children's Book Week. The theme for 2014 was 'Connect to Reading' and students were encouraged via displays in the IRC to connect to reading as well as Science as it is also National Science Week. Throughout the week students entered competitions and tested their knowledge of popular fiction both in the IRC and in Homeroom

Monday was the announcement of the Best Borrowers of 2014 for each year group:

  • Year 7 Georgia Harrold 
  • Year 8 Nicole Sandow 
  • Year 9 Arabella Young 
  • Year 10 Emma Smith 
  • Year 11 Rachel Cheung and 
  • Year 12 Georgia McKenzie

We also had a group of students at lunchtime connect via Skype to the library of Brigidine College, St Ives with author John Green the topic of conversation.

On Tuesday author Belinda Murrell discussed her writing with Year 7 classes concentrating on some of the books she has written where the history of Australia has been woven into the stories and the research that she must undertake for this to occur. The girls were also asked to vote on their favourite book covers with surprisingly similar results for all three groups throughout the day. A Homeroom Book Week Quiz also occurred on Tuesday with MT5 and T6 taking the crown for 2014 hotly followed by MT2 and N6 only one incorrect answer behind.

On Wednesday, during Assembly, two of the Bennies Book Club girls, Ella Meaker and Arabella Young, skyped into the Assembly to discuss the activities happening during Book Week and reminding girls of Bennies Book Club which meets every Thursday at recess in the IRC Reading Area.

The Book Week Morning Tea was celebrated on Thursday with 70 students in attendance representing:

  • Principal's Reading Challenge recipients
  • Best Borrowers of 2014 for each year group 
  • Peer Reading Program Tutors from Year 9 and their reading partners from Year 7 
  • Winners for the home 'Connect to Reading' competitions and
  • Bennies Book Club students

We also welcomed four students who have new “celebrity status” in the IRC as they completed the Principal’s Reading Challenge along with a special addition Challenge to read across genres amounting to 65 books in total.

These students are:

  • Sarah Assaf, Caitlin Callinan and Nicole Sandow of Year 8 and
  • Arabella Young of Year 9.

The week ended with last minute judging at lunchtime of the competitions running in the IRC each day and Year 7 students finishing their participation in the Premier's Reading Challenge for 2014. Next week we will publish the names of all the girls who have completed both Challenges and photos of the Awards at Morning Tea on the Thursday.


Congratulations to all the girls who got involved in Reading Challenges this year both Principal's and Premier's and a big thank you to the wonderful staff of the IRC who ensured that there were many activities happening throughout the week. Each member of the team put a great deal of effort into the weeks leading up to Children's Book Week creating the displays which the girls enjoyed connecting with.


Mrs McGowan
IRC Coordinator / MYBennies Innovation Leader

Mrs Shiels
Teacher Librarian

MYBennies Team Update

The Parent and Friends Forum gave the MYBennies Team the opportunity to inform the parent body, as one of the key stakeholders, about some of the projects that are currently in progress and answer any queries, while receiving some very valuable feedback to guide future direction. Consultation is an essential component for the success of any new initiative and the MYBennies Team have engaged in discussions with staff, students and other schools who have embarked on similar projects to those currently in motion. Engaging parents in the new initiatives is regarded as a high priority for the team and the P & F Forum provided the perfect opportunity to get this part of the process underway.

Those in attendance on the evening were invited to participate in a Harvard ‘Visible Thinking’ routine using Compass Points. Each of the compass points prompted thoughts from the participants based on the MYBennies Team presentation to be written on ‘post-it’ notes, which they were invited to place around the room on the suitable compass points. ‘N’ invited comments on ‘Need to know’, ‘S’ on ‘Suggestions for moving forward’, ‘E’ on ‘Excited about’ and ‘W’ on ‘Worried about’.

Mrs Sharon McGowan, as the Innovation Team Leader, provided an overview of the two years of extensive research carried out by the Middle Years Project Team, prior to the appointment of the MYBennies team and the directives which it established, with the aim of better engaging students in the middle years. The visual representation of the ‘MYBennies Tree’ was utilised to demonstrate the focus of the team with the key underpinning foundations of the Good Samaritan Tradition, Rule of Benedict and Catholic Tradition. With the limitation of time, it was explained how the presentation for the Forum would focus on the progress of two major initiatives being undertaken by the team; supporting the implementation of Positive Education and discussion about the proposed Year 7 Integrated Learning program ‘MYBennies’ for 2015.

Mrs Mairead Ennis (MYBennies team member) explained to the Forum how the College had committed to Positive Education as a whole-school approach across all areas of curriculum, pastoral and mission and how it was the role of the MYBennies Team to support this implementation. The reasoning behind this initiative was explained that by nurturing well-being in both staff and students, a positive learning environment where students will flourish both academically and emotionally will more likely be experienced. On the MYBennies Tree, ‘relationships’ take central place and this demonstrates the strong belief that girls learn at their best when they have strong connections, when they feel valued, respected and known. It was explained that under the leadership of Ms Jackie Duncan, Assistant Principal Dean of Students, all staff members are currently being trained in using Positive Education in cross-faculty Professional Learning Teams, demonstrating the commitment to this being a whole school initiative that can be used by the whole community, not just in the classroom.

The ‘Visible Thinking' compass point suggested that attendees were ‘excited about’ the possible benefits that Positive Education would bring to the College with comments such as;

  • “Teaching students to remain focused and positive while trying to address a challenge and then move forward is a wonderful life skill”
  • “This positive learning will equip our girls with skills to remain positive when dealing with difficulties in life/work when trying to move forward”
  • “Using the research of Martin Seligman is a great step and his work is being used in the business community”

On the ‘Suggestions for Moving Forward’ compass point, attendees were able to offer valuable guidance about how they saw the implementation of Positive Education working in the College community. Comments included “use a global language - being positive is the quicker pathway” and “practise being the change we want to see.”

As staff training on Positive Education moves towards the end of the year, the MYBennies team will help to support the implementation across all dimensions of College life with our students. On the ‘Need to Know’ compass point, it was clear from the comments that parents wanted to be kept informed of the progress of the implementation; “we would appreciate continued updates as to how the approach will be implemented: an intricate/involved task ahead.” With this very valuable feedback in mind, the MYBennies team will continue to keep you updated on the progress of the Positive Education implementation, so stay tuned!

Mrs McGowan then provided the Forum with an update on the progress of the proposed Year 7 Integrated Learning program ‘MYBennies’ which the team has developed in consultation with the College Leadership Team, Middle Managers of the College, interested teachers and a focus group of current Year 7 students. The Year 7 Integrated Learning program “MYBennies” will be characterised by:

  • Student experiences focusing on 21st Century fluencies - collaborative, global citizens, self-directed and the general capabilities of the Australian curriculum - information and communication technology, critical and creative thinking, ethical understanding, intercultural understanding and personal and social capability
  • A personalised approach to learning with positive relationships built between teachers and students through individual mentoring of students and development of learner agency through a co-created individual task and through the use of inquiry, project and problem based learning approaches
  • Opportunities throughout the year for incorporation of Catholic perspectives, Mission Activities each term such as Caritas Week, One World Week, Refugee and Asylum Seeker Week and spiritual reflection to be integrated throughout the “MYBennies” program
  • A collaborative inquiry model of research where students are encouraged to discover and sort information from multiple sources, reflect and take action where appropriate
  • Student voice where proactive behaviour and taking responsibility for individual and group learning is achieved through shared decision making with teachers and students.
  • Authentic audiences for both exhibition of final group and individual projects as well as mentoring for students as they work on the projects
  • Preparation and upskilling for future integrated learning opportunities as Year 7 are immersed into the culture of integrated learning

Sharon explained to the Forum that the Year 7 integrated program would incorporate three units:

1. What Does it Mean to be a Bennies Girl?

2. Going Global

3. What am I passionate about?

This integrated learning program will respond to the following recommendations of the Middle Years Engagement Project:

  • A curriculum integration model for transitioning into Year 7 where students participate in authentic, independent and collaborative learning projects relevant to the real world incorporating 21st Century fluencies.
  • Positive relationships will be developed between teachers, students and parents through the embedding of the positive education approach into the learning program.
  • The program will be written using the Teaching for Understanding (TFU) framework and introduce students to the Harvard Thinking routines which they will use throughout their learning at the College.

Attendants at the P & F Forum responded to the Year 7 Integrated program with comments on the ‘Excited about’ compass point such as:

  • “Allows students to meet more students in their year groups”
  • “Relevance to the individual learner”
  • “What am I passionate about will help with subject selection”

On the ‘Need to Know’ compass point, parents once again emphasised their desire for regular updates on how the integrated learning program is moving forward. Comments were made such as; “how it’s working (the program is travelling) at various times during its implementation” and “feedback from teachers, students and parents after trial period.”

On the ‘Suggestions for Moving Forward’ compass point, comments included “collaboration and group work is a fun way to learn. It’s important that everyone gets the opportunity to be the leader.” One comment also suggested that the MYBennies Team “use social media to explain the project to the broader community.”

The parents responded to the ‘worried about’ with questions such as “how will you monitor that each girl is contributing fairly whilst working ‘collaboratively’?” and “some students find it hard to belong to a group. How do we ensure no-one is left out?”

Thank you to those parents who braved the elements and attended the P & F Forum. All of the feedback was very valuable to the MYBennies Team and we will ensure that it is taken into account as we move forward. One way that parents can be regularly informed is through following the College on Facebook or Twitter @benniesmsb which is regularly updating the MYBennies Team initiatives. We invite you to follow us and be involved in the conversation on how we can better engage our middle years students. We will also continue to write in the College newsletter and Bennies Buzz each term.

MYBennies Innovation Team - Mrs Sharon McGowan, Mrs Karin Balmer,
Mrs Mairead Ennis and Mrs Maree Henson

Private Vehicle Conveyance (PVC)

Transport for NSW offers a PVC subsidy for students who need their parents to drive them to the bus stop in the mornings and afternoons. This can now be accessed directly through the Transport for NSW website.

Please contact Mrs Jan Franco on 9980 0400 if you require further information.

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Representative Sport

If your daughter has recently achieved outstanding sporting results please send me an email so that the College can share in her success.


NSW CCC Website:

Broken Bay Wet Weather Line: 9990 3633

Representative Sports Calendar - Term Three


NSW All Schools KO Championships
Thu 28 Aug
MSB Representative U15 KO Team

NSW CCC Championships
Fri 12 Sep
BROKEN BAY Representative Team


NSW ALL SCHOOLS Regional Championships
Wed 27 Aug
MSB Year 7/8 Representative Team

Representative Team Trainings and Trials

  • Tuesday 26 August (Year 7/8) Representative Touch training (Mrs Hickey)
  • Tuesday 26 August (Year 7/8) Representative Basketball training (Miss Liu)
  • Thursday 28 August (Year 7/8) Representative Basketball training (Miss Liu)
  • Thursday 28 August (Year 9/10) Representative Basketball training (Mrs Grant)

MSB - Best Netballers in the State

On Wednesday our talented netballers took on girls from all over the State at the NSW CCC Netball Championships with fantastic results!

Our Junior team finished the year without conceding a game, dominating their opposition. These girls can now claim to be the best Junior Catholic Schoolgirl team in the State. Congratulations to Mrs Walsh and her team.

The "Bennies Heart" was again on display as our Intermediate girls overcame a reshuffle of positions due to an early injury to win all of their pool games and only lose the Final to finish as silver medallists. As coach of this team I was so proud of the way they rose to the challenge and really played well throughout the day as a team.

Our Senior girls, many having just completed their HSC Trials, welcomed the opportunity to compete over an entire day without team disruptions. For some of our Year 12 students and parents it was their last opportunity to compete for MSB at a Representative level after many years of solid contributions including competing around the world with MSB netball teams. Thanks to Mrs McGregor for the time she spent with these girls over the last two terms.

Thanks also to our HDNA umpires Tom Elbourne, Jenny Ferreira and Lisa Anderson and our amazing parents who support, supply coffee and assist with tent construction and pack up - it is always great to have you all in attendance.

Team Reports:

Junior (Year 7/8) Team

Image 1 Back Row Claudia McKenzie (Y8), Georgia Dean (Y8), Shannyn Bissett (Y8), Annie Dittmar (Y7), Kyara Waaijer (Y8)
Front Row Sasha Savenko (Y8), Capri Vidler (Y8), Kasidy Grant (Y8), Elise Bond (Y8)

Nine very talented junior netballers represented the College proudly at the NSW CCC State Championships last week. The girls had an early start in the cool weather at Penrith. The team played teams from Wagga Wagga, East Gosford, Strathfield, Parramatta, North Sydney, Bellambi and Albury in the pool matches and during the pool games the only close game was the first game against Wagga.

The girls finished top of their pool and played Loreto Kirribilli in the final winning 22-11. The team scored 210 goals with only 45 against displaying a dominance on the day. Amazing defence from the entire team resulted in a huge number of turnovers from the constant pressure on the opposition.

Mrs Walsh, Coach

Intermediate (Year 9/10) Team:

Image 2

Back Row:  Angela Cloeraine (Y9), Tammy McGregor (Y9), Bella Duncan (Y10), Charlie Folkard (Y9), Rachel Takchi (Y10)
Front Row: Lauren Martin (Y9), Georgia Quick (Y10), Alyson McGrath (Y10) Absent Kaitlyn Noble

On Wednesday 13 August three teams of representative MSB students attended the NSWCCC Netball Championships. After a 45 minute drive to the Jamison Park in Penrith, the Intermediate girls and I started preparing ourselves for an eight game netball carnival to hopefully achieve a spot in the Semis. The first game kicked us off to a great start against St Joseph's East Gosford. This hard work and team commitment continued throughout the day leaving us as the only team undefeated throughout our pool. Then came the Finals and the champions from the two intermediate pools competed against each other. Although we lost the Final we were still so proud of ourselves coming second in the State.

After a long day the Intermediate team proudly collected our silver medals at the presentation and headed home. This NSW CCC Championship Carnival has really helped our MSB Intermediate girls to improve and develop as a team and we’ll always take this with us.

report by Rachel Takchi, Year 10

Senior (Year 11/12) Team:

Image 3

Back Row: Emily Michell (Y12), Alyssa Tanner (Y11), Rachel Montgomery (Y11), Samantha Fitzgerald (Y12), Emma Hayman (Y12), Mrs Gillian McGregor (Coach)
Front Row: Alex Wade (Y11), Ashleigh McKimm (Y12), Caitlin Knight (Y12), Monique Frendo (Y12), Antonia Essey (Y12)

It was a pleasure to coach the senior netball team at the NSW CCC Championship Carnival. Placed in the Open Championship Division, we were up against some very tough competition, however this team continued to enjoy the challenge and strove to play at their best. We won some and lost some but all in all it was a great day of netball. I was very proud of the way in which the girls played with good spirit, good fun and good sportswomanship.

Once again, thanks to our team parents for your support, bringing the girls out to Penrith and for scoring. Finally to our Year 12 netballers - Caitlyn, Emma, Ashleigh, Emma, Antonia and Monique, who represented MSB netball for the final time last week - thank you for your skill, commitment and enthusiasm in representing your college.

Mrs McGregor, Coach

MSB Open Soccer Team contest NSW CCC Quarter Finals

After some great matches our winning streak came to an end last week when we were defeated 1-0 in the NSW CCC KO Quarter Finals. With some of our senior players injured on the bench it was always going to be difficult, however we had our chances.

Photo: Back Row: Mr Greg Hume (Coach), Kerilee Coote, Hayley Evans, Ellen Schiffler, Ellen Wearne, Lauren Khoury, Annabelle Doheny, Natalie Tobin, Chelsea Spokes, Brianna Taylor
Front Row: Kirsten Simpson, Maddy Gardoni, Alex Black, Grace Gibbeson, Jasmine Boudib and Lauren Taylor
Absent: Caitlin Crammond

For our Year 12 students this was their last representative game for the College after many opportunities across the last six years competing in the CCC pathway Championships and even on our recent overseas tour. We hope that these fond memories remain with you as you reflect back on your time at MSB.

I would like to thank Mr Hume for all of his time spent with the girls this year and the parents who assisted with transport and supported the girls at their games.

Greg Hume, Coach Report:

Unfortunately, the MSB Senior Soccer team was defeated last week in the Quarter Final stages of the NSW Knock Out. The 1-0 score line reflects the closeness of the contest. The girls played admirably and, with limited substitutions available, fought the game out right until the final whistle. A special mention goes to the determined efforts from Brianna and Kirsten.

Finally I would like to recognise the contribution made by Ellen, Annabelle, Natalie, Kerilee and Hayley who, as Year 12s, finish their representation with the MSB Soccer teams. The have been a big part of the 2014 team setting such high standards for future teams to aim for.

Good Luck

Good luck to our Year 7/8 Representative Touch team who will compete on Wednesday at the NSW All Schools Regional Championships and to our KO Junior Representative Athletics team who will compete at the NSW All Schools KO Championships at Homebush next Thursday night.

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Class of 1994 Reunion - Register Now

Date: 15 November 2014

Time: 6.30pm

Venue: Hotel Pennant Hills, 352 Pennant Hills Road, Pennant Hills

Cost: $40 per person (drinks purchased individually)

RSVP: 17 October 2014

Register here

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Community Notices

Parent Survival Strategies for Teaching Young Drivers

Free seminar for parents and their young drivers, organised by the Ku-ring-gai Police and Community Safety Committee.

Date: Monday 15 September

Time: 6.00pm for 6.30pm till 8.00pm

Venue: Level 3, Ku-ring-gai Council Chambers, 818 Pacific Highway, Gordon
             (access via rear entrance - off Dumaresq Street)


The Canteen opens daily from 8.00am to 2.00pm.

MY STUDENT ACCOUNT - Cashless Canteen

Students may order and pay for purchases with our 'cashless' option using their Student ID card. Comprehensive instructions on how to use this system can be found here. Place a Canteen order here.







Therese Davies

Kym Lamb

Angela Hatcher

Volunteers are urgently required on any day.

Please notify Melissa if you are unable to attend or you would like to be removed from the roster.

  Mrs Melissa Arane
Canteen Manager

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