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21 Jun 2013

From the Principal

Dear parents, friends, staff and students This week we welcomed home our victorious Future Problem Solvers. We are extremely proud of their efforts and those of the teachers and parents who assisted and supported them throughout their work over the last year. 

Year 10 Future Problem Solving International Champions

First Place Middle Division Civics and Citizenship.

Ms Selvaggi with our champions Rebecca Albertini,Stephanie Frost, Rebecca Koelmeyer, Laura Baker, Julia Ramos, Monique Cockram, Rebecca Calabrese and Emily-Kate Pfeiffer.

Our week ended on a high with MSB Day, so capably organised by our College Captains. Following a wonderful liturgy, which included the blessing and opening of our new facilities, D Block and the Hall extension, by Ms Terry Creagh, Chair of Good Samaritan Education, the students entered into a carnival atmosphere, before entertaining us with the Student Talent Quest. It was a day to celebrate and give thanks for the community we share, for our Good Samaritan heritage and for the many gifts which have been granted to us. 

All of us are aware of the Royal Commission and other enquiries into sexual abuse taking place at the moment. These are matters of serious concern both for our Church and for other churches and organisations. During the week I received information from retired Bishop Geoffrey Robinson, urging Catholics to make a strong stance to ensure a systemic response by our Church. If you wish to know more about Bishop Robinson’s work in this regard, copy this link: 

As staff and students begin the term break, I wish families well for this time. Hopefully the less structured routines provide an opportunity for some relaxation and recuperation from some of the winter ills which abound at this time. I know for many parents it is a time when special arrangements need to be made to accommodate the demands of working lives and caring for children, I encourage our students to help your parents to make this time as stress free as possible so that it can be a time of enjoying the company of your family without the daily pressures of school work. Students return for Term 3 on Tuesday 16 July. I will be on leave for the first week of term and Mrs Jackie Duncan will be Acting Principal during this time. I share this prayer for all families:

We Are Family

Lord, God, we thank you for the gift of family. We acknowledge that our image and name as family come from you. We believe that within our family lies a home made holiness. We affirm that it is in this household of faith that we experience your presence, your forgiveness, and your love.

We are Family. We give thanks to you for the many joys and blessings that have come to us through family.

As a family we sometimes feel pain. And so we offer you our disappointments, frustrations, and hurts. Help us to forgive those members of our family, including ourselves, who have caused pain.

We pray for the strength to be a light within our family. May we open our hearts, our eyes, and our ears and carry our light to those in need.

God, Creator of the earth and all its people, help us to be mindful that, as members of one global family, we are equal in your eyes. Help us to continue to appreciate the diversity of persons in our homes and in our world. As members equal in human dignity, may we build a better world and proclaim our willingness to be the holy people you call us to be.



Over one hundred and twenty students, parents and ex-students gathered on Wednesday morning for breakfast and to share the inspiring stories of three of our ex-students Ali Craig (Class 2001), Megan Tumminello (Class of 2007 ) and Gabby Craig (Class of 2001). (pictured left to right) 

Six Year Plan for Overseas Excursions

This table sets out a schedule of possible overseas excursions to be offered to students of the College over the next five years. There is no guarantee that future trips will proceed but at this stage it is likely that these trips will be offered. In general, overseas excursions are offered to students in Years 9 to 12, however immersion trips to countries such as India and the Philippines are usually restricted to girls in Years 11 and 12, with Year 10 students being considered on occasion.

Hopefully this table will give parents some indication of what opportunities may be available for their daughters in the ensuing years. As the inaugural History tour is proposed for June/July 2014, there may be further trips on a 2 or 3 year cycle.

Maria Pearson

Mission News

On Saturday I had the privilege of attending the launch of Refugee Week and the presentation of the 2013 Humanitarian Awards sponsored by the NSW Refugee Council and the Service for the Rehabilitation and Treatment of Torture and Trauma Survivors (STARTTS). At this ceremony, Emma Hayman of Year 11 was presented with an award for her outstanding work in supporting refugees and asylum seekers. Emma was one of only nine individuals across NSW to be presented with an award. She was recognised for her work in homework tutoring with refugee children, supporting asylum seekers in Villawood Detention Centre, helping to organise community gatherings such as the Family Fun Day with JCA, seeking support from businesses and mentoring younger students in a quest to have the issues relating to refugees and asylum seekers better understood. We are very proud of Emma and her outstanding work and we are delighted that her contribution has been recognised through this award.

In the same week, we have celebrated MSB Day with Eucharist and a festival day of activities at the College. Our Gospel reading at our MSB Day Eucharist was the Parable of the Good Samaritan. In the light of Emma’s work with refugees and asylum seekers, the message of the parable could not be more clear. If we were to take an analogous look at the parable we could not avoid the comparison of the victim left to die on the road with the plight of the displaced people of our world who are forced to flee their homes. The parable reflects on the question “who is my neighbour?” in relation to the commandment to love our neighbour as ourselves. It seems painfully clear that as a nation we are profoundly failing the “neighbour” test, preferring to forcefully keep our distance from these most vulnerable people who are in need of our compassion and our care. I have been fortunate enough to meet quite a few refugees and asylum seekers in my life. I have taught some in my classes. I have worked alongside some as colleagues. I have visited some in detention centres and hospitals. Sadly, I have also met children who were born in refugee camps and who will most likely die there as well. Among all those I have met, there is a very common, very sad story. Each one of them, usually through no fault of their own, have found themselves in a situation of danger where their lives were at risk. Without a plan, or a destination in mind they have to escape, going wherever they can with whatever means they can muster. Everything must be left behind and often any amount of money they possess will be either stolen from them or extorted by someone with a promise of a safe place to stay. The journey they make is perilous, without exception they are subjected to assault, piracy, extortion and abuse as they are shunted from place to place. There is no one to appeal to, there is no authority to protect them, there is no choice but to keep moving and keep hoping. Finally, they will be detained. Perhaps in Pakistan, or Thailand, or Indonesia or Australia. Their detention is harrowing. They are detained without rights, without legal or diplomatic representation. Although they have committed no crime, they are treated more harshly than any convicted criminal in our country. We owe it to ourselves at the very least to reflect on this situation, to make ourselves aware of the plight of these people to listen to their stories and understand their suffering. 

During the course of this week I received the latest edition of the Good Samaritan Journal “The Good Oil”. This edition contained a podcast on the theme of refugees entitled “Refugees - The People Behind the Label”. Not only is it an excellent production but it also contains links to sites which provide easy access to good quality information about the situation with Refugees and Asylum Seekers. The podcast can be accessed at In the past our nation has pioneered rights for workers, rights for women, rights to universal health care and education, protection for people with disabilities against discrimination, protection against discrimination and vilification on the basis of race, religion or gender. These are all proud and distinguished achievements befitting us as a nation. Sadly though, our treatment of refugees and asylum seekers in recent years has been shameful and morally repugnant. It diminishes us as a nation when we turn our backs on those in need.

RSVP here

Mr Paul Lentern
Assistant Principal Dean of Mission

Ministry Corner

‘Paper Chains’ is a group of students from Years 7 to 12 who are passionate about social justice issues and want to make a difference. We do many activities including donating items to Villawood Detention Centre throughout the year, assisting with homework tutoring for primary school children of refugee background and many others. One of our big projects for this year is the JCA Family Fun Day. JCA is an organisation run by young people that supports people isolated by poverty and difficult circumstance, in particular, refugee and asylum seekers.

The purpose of this day is to provide friendship and companionship for Refugee families by organising a day for everyone to enjoy during the holidays. It will be a good opportunity for different communities to come together and simply enjoy each other’s company. There’s going to be a sausage sizzle, face painting, nail polish, arts & craft, sport games, jumping castle and loads more! In the past, this family fun day usually attracts about 300 people who turn up so it’s a big event. JCA usually run this event but this year, we are going to run it as a whole school on behalf of JCA. We are very fortunate to have the SRC, Hospitality Portfolio, local businesses and numerous staff members who will be supporting this event in a variety of ways. The JCA Family Fun Day will take place on Wednesday 10 July at Orana Park, Seven Hills from 11.00am to 2.00pm. All staff, students and their families are invited to attend this exciting day. Entrance to Orana Park will be Hayes Rd. The event will still go ahead in light rain however, if it is wet weather, please check Moodle on the day for the address of the alternative venue. We look forward to seeing everyone there!

 Miss Christina Liu
College Chaplain

Curriculum News



The College Musical “GREASE” was a huge success with sold out shows for each of the three evening performances. 

The Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) Department would like to congratulate all Cast, Crew and Staff who were involved to ensure the wonderful success of the production. Planning for “GREASE” began way back in Term 3, 2012 with the CAPA Department discussing options and finalising the choice of musical. Auditions for the lead roles took place in Term 4 2012. The entire Company chorus came together at the beginning of 2013 to commence rehearsals. The cast rehearsed for two terms on Thursday afternoons, as well as Sundays in Term 2. Rehearsals for the leads ran consistently during lunchtimes and chorus also rehearsed dance choreography and songs as we got closer to opening night.. 

The popularity of such a well-known production such as “GREASE” meant that we would have the largest cast and crew ever, with 130 students being involved. We also had special guest appearances by teachers Mrs Jane Easterbrook in the role of Miss Lynch, as well as, Mr Albert Agius and Mr Adrian Gomez as Teen Angel. We would also like to thank Gail Davey who was also to play Miss Lynch but had an unfortunate accident at one of the Final rehearsals and was unable to continue. Ms Maree Henson and Mr Donal Menzies shared their beautiful singing voices as Pit Singers. We also welcomed back four ex-students: Sarah Pearce who worked as Lighting Designer and Operator and Cassandra de Gooyer, Morgan Simon and Mikala Smith who worked as Sound Operators which was wonderful. 

We are so thrilled that this production was so warmly received by the MSB community and want to also thank the audiences who came along in support. The students had a wonderful time putting the Musical on stage and it will remain a major part of their high school memories when they reflect in the future. Congratulations to everyone who was able to be part of the experience.

Until next time……….. We have already been asked what will be the next musical for 2015…..we’ll keep you posted.

To purchase photos go to

     Select viewing and ordering and select Mount St Benedict
     All cast were emailed a username and password

Mr Peter Watters and Mrs Gabrielle Keats

Instrumental Tuition 

Tuition has now commenced for all students who have chosen to learn a musical instrument at the College.

There are still spaces available for guitar, piano, strings and drums but be quick as places are limited.

Please fill in an Music Instrument Tuition Form and return to Student Services. If you have any questions please contact Mr Watters

Mr Peter Watters 
Head of Department - Creative and Performing Arts

College News

Our championship FPS Darug team were interviewed by Adam Spencer on ABC 702 for his breakfast program. The interview will go to air on Monday 24 June at 6.20am (this may be subject to change).

 Here are the girls pictured with Adam.

News from the IRC  

Just a reminder to all students that Holiday Reading is upon us. This is the perfect time to catch up on all your reading, particularly if you are completing the Premier’s and Principal’s Reading Challenges. Don’t forget you can still access our ‘OverDrive’ e-book and audio books over the break 24 hours a day through Oliver.

Happy Reading!

Mrs Rebecca Shiels
Teacher Librarian

Chemistry Titration Competition 

On Saturday 15 June twenty-one girls from Years 11 and 12 took part in teams of three in the RACI Chemistry Titration Competition at Macquarie University. The students had 90 minutes to perform a chemical reaction several times with exact quantities in order to accurately determine the concentration of an acetic acid solution. The girls were then assigned marks based on the error in their results such that the lower the mark they receive the less error they have.Titration requires a steady hand, an observant eye and precision in measuring and calculating data. The girls all had a great time and performed the technique well. Congratulations to the following teams on their awards:  

Certificate of Merit (126 points)

Christine Wareham, Eloise Harch and Christine Vinaviles (Year 12) 

Certificate of Excellence and 2nd place overall (90 points)

Ayurshi Khatri, Lauren Said and Nivedita Kumar (Year 11)

Mrs Annette Johnson
Science Teacher

Nathan Crowe visits our senior Japanese students 

Nathan Crowe from Temple University, Japan Campus visited the Years 11 and 12 Japanese classes and spoke about everyday student life in Tokyo. Nathan is an Admissions Counsellor at Temple University Japan Campus which is the first recognised foreign university campus and the largest in Japan.

He presented internship, career possibilities and scholarship opportunities to Year 12 students and shared his everyday experience in Japan with Year 11 students. As he was a graduate from Macquarie University Japanese studies, it was inspiring to see him working in Japan and using his past study for his career. The students found the presentation both informative and entertaining.

Mrs Belinda Jack
Head of Languages Department

French Study Tour

The French Study Tour 2013 leaves on Saturday 22 June.

Keep track of our adventures by reading and liking our facebook page:

Miss Erin O'Brien
Tour Organiser

Year 12 complete RSA Course

During the last April school holidays twenty-five Year 12 Bennies girls attended a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) TAFE course. 

This six hour course enabled students, after the passing of the exam, to be deemed competent to serve alcohol responsibly, providing many job opportunities in the hospitality and retail departments. For many jobs particularly in the hospitality industry, this course is a requirement but it is also a highly useful life skill. 

Throughout the course of the day students heard from a variety of people across a wide range of issues in relation to the service and consumption of alcohol.

These talks included police officers who spoke about the effects and dangers of the consumption of alcohol and how to handle a variety of situations in relation to alcohol consumption. They gave personal experience and provided opportunity for students to ask questions. 

We also heard from licensees and managers who spoke of their roles and responsibilities and what it is like to work in their industry. We were informed of the laws put in place and how they affect both the consumers and servers of alcohol, we were also taught about the variety of alcohols and the legal serving sizes for various drinks. We were informed of practical details such as the variety of licensed and unlicensed venues and the differences which came with these. We were informed about the rights that we have and those of others in relation to the consumption and service of alcohol, arming us with the knowledge to deal with alcohol responsibly and minimise danger to ourselves and others.

This course was highly beneficial; as well as being interesting and practical, it provided young students with the knowledge of not only the laws surrounding alcohol but also the necessary knowledge of how to act responsibly in a wide variety of situations where alcohol is involved. Due to its success, another course will be run in this July school holidays.

Heidi Pfeiffer, Year 12

MSB Golden Jubilee

We are currently updating our archival records with the History Company in preparation for our Golden Jubilee in 2016. As a result of this process we have discovered some of our publications have been misplaced. If you are an ex-student and you have kept publications such as Bennies Buzz, Newsletters and School Diaries, or have photos of significant events etc, and you would be happy to share a copy with us and/or donate it to the College please contact Mrs Michelle Blackman on 9980 0401 or email

The College is once again participating in the WRAP WITH LOVE Project. We will be knitting squares to make into wraps for those less fortunate. SQUARES: 25cm x 25cm (10”x10”) WOOL: 8 ply NEEDLES: 4mm (size 8 imperial) This is approximately 47 - 50 stitches I have plenty of left-over wool. Anyone interested, just let me know and I’ll happily supply you. I already have House-colour bundles arranged.

I am appealing to the MSB community for left-over wool in any of the eight house colours (white, green, red, cerise, purple, orange, blue and yellow), but particularly red, orange and yellow. Black (for contrast) would also be very useful. Please leave at Student Services marked for Mrs Davey.

Join me in the IRC at lunchtime on Thursdays. Come and learn to knit or just enjoy knitting with others. We can all make a difference. 

For more information on Wrap With Love click here

Mrs Gail Davey


If Your Daughter is Absent or Late

If your daughter is absent or late, please send an SMS message to 0418 565 982 with a brief reason.

          For example 'Susan Smith Y8 sick', "Susan Smith Y8 Physio appt'.

The College is required by law to record a reason for absence/lateness so to avoid a follow-up, please ensure that you explain your daughter's 'absence/lateness' when sending your SMS message. This is a text only number. Once you have sent a SMS message you are not required to send a written note. If you are bringing your daughter to school late, could you take the time to write a note in her diary before she gets out of the car. To have the ‘lateness’ explained on the day then requires no follow up.

Lost Property

All unnamed items of lost property will be on display on the table outside Student Services in the last week of term. Named articles are held at Student Services and your daughter is notified via Daily Notices.

Please ensure that your daughter checks the table if she has lost anything. All items that are left at the end of the week will be recycled.

Student Travel 

If your daughter needs to change her travel arrangements to/from school please ask her to obtain a Travel Form from Student Services and return it filled in with her new travel details before the end of term. The State Transport system only allows you to do this in the first five weeks of Terms One and Three.

Effective Monday 17 June Hillsbus have amended the following routes:

The 632 will now terminate at Pennant Hills Station.
The M60 will be the only bus to go between Hornsby and Pennant Hills stations and will not be coming past the school. Students will have to go to Pennant Hills station to catch the bus to Hornsby.

There have been several changes to current timetables and these have been communicated to your daughter via Daily Notices. These are displayed on the Noticeboard outside the Printroom. Please have your daughter check here regularly. 

Please check the website - for further information.

Representative Sport

Further details for all Representative Sports will be available on the MSB College website under Activities/Sports.

If your daughter has recently achieved outstanding sporting results please send me an email so that the College as a whole can share in her success.

All students have been emailed extensive information regarding Representative Sport this term. This document can be downloaded here. Students who wish to trial for sports that are offered directly through the NSW CCC Association will need to nominate through the NSW CCC website as outlined here. General NSW CCC information can be downloaded here.


NSW CCC Website: Wet Weather Line: 9990 3633

2014 MSB Sports Tour to England and France

A meeting was held this week and offer letters for the 2014 Tour were distributed. Acceptance slips now need to be returned prior to Thursday 18 July in order to secure a place on the tour. All deposits are fully refundable up to this time, after which the original refund policy will proceed.

MSB Representative Athletics Team

All team members were emailed the Broken Bay permission note this week, and a draft program. Please note that this is based on the 2012 Broken Bay program as we are still awaiting confirmation of times for 2013 so it is subject to change. Student will be advised as soon as the 2013 program becomes available next term to confirm event times. 

Students who have gained selection into an MSB Knock Out Athletics team will be notified next term.

MSB Representative Netball Teams

All team members were emailed the Broken Bay permission note last week. This year the divisions have changed slightly to feature a SENIOR (Year 11/12), INTERMEDIATE (Year 9/10), JUNIOR (Year 7/8) and a Year 7 only competition. As hosts of these Championships we look forward to a great day and wish all MSB students who are members of local association sides good luck at the upcoming State Age Championships.

Broken Bay Soccer Championships

Congratulations to our U15 and U13 Representative Soccer Teams who competed on Tuesday. After an extraordinary Semi Final game (see full report below) the U13 team finished the day as silver medallists only losing to one school all day. The U15 team also impressed me not only with some fine moments of soccer displayed but with their willingness to support the younger College members at the end of the day during their final matches. Once again these students did us proud.

U13 Report

Back L to R Cassandra Hill, Alanna Zeaiter, Natalie Santelli, Kate Barry, Alexander Black, Elise Schaafsma-Fullick, Lauren Simpson, Ella Lehmann, Jessie Ebbs, Mr David Campbell. Front Shannyn Bissett, Rayel Rahme, Courtney Harkin, Kassidy Grant, Renee Khamis, Maddison Gardoni.

On Tuesday morning the Bennies junior soccer team assembled early in the Undercroft to travel to the Northern Beaches to participate in the Broken Bay Soccer Gala Day. The girls had been training hard for the Gala Day and they were quietly confident that they would be competitive. Our first game was against the highly fancied Stella Maris and although we attacked throughout the game we could not score and came away with a one nil loss.


Alex Black in action

Inspired by the need to win the rest of our pool A games we progressed through the rest of our games undefeated and qualified second in our pool. In the semi-finals we played against Mater Maria and although we attacked for the majority of the game could not capitalise on our opportunities and finished regular time with a nil all draw. The game was decided by a penalty shoot-out which was not for the faint hearted. After a nail biting 15 shots from each side we won the shoot-out 12-11 with our Goal Keeper Alex Black making some brilliant saves to take us through to the Grand Final. Once again we were confronted by Stella Maris and once again we worked tirelessly and played really good football. Unfortunately, once again Stella snuck one past us and we could not respond with an equaliser. So we came away with a very creditable second place. The girls had a fantastic day of soccer and really participated with enthusiasm and effort. They represented the College with distinction and their performance was commendable. A big thank you must also go out to all the parents who attended on the day, your support was very much appreciated.

David Campbell (Coach)

U15 Report

Back L to R Brianna Taylor, Lauren Purcell, Grace Gibbeson, Emily Hunter, Whitney Skirka, Georgia Emerton, Sonja Jeffery, Gillian Diekman (Mr Adam Shaw-coach)Front Kirsten Simpson, Lauren Thompson, Madison Nicholson, Kaitlyn Noble, Julia Cormio, Jasmine Boudib

The team had a day of mixed results despite many moments of great soccer in a tough pool.

Whitney's defence was brilliant throughout the day, combining well for the first time with Julia and Georgia at the back and Maddie in goals. Our midfielders Kaitlyn, Gillian and Lauren led by Jasmine in the middle also adapted quickly to new team dynamics. The speed of Lauren and Bri up front was a great asset leading to many goal scoring opportunities. Versatility of the day award goes to Grace who played both attack and defence with finesse supported by Kirsten, Sonja and Emily who were asked to contribute in multiple positions.

Madison Nicholson in action

Soccer continues to be a growing sport at MSB and this was another exciting MSB team to be involved with.

Thanks to Mr Adam Shaw who coached the girls and the many parents who supported the team.


  • To Clare Krajancic (Year 12) 4th, Elly Gallagher (Year 8) 6th and Capri Vidler (Year 7) 9th who ran magnificently at last week’s NSW CCC Cross Country Championships and will now compete at the NSW All Schools Championships during the first week back next term.

From top, Clare, Elly and Capri

  • To Hayley Evans (Year 11) who had a great day as a member of a strong NSW CCC Soccer team at the NSW All Schools Championships on Tuesday. Here is her report from the day

I headed to Seymour Shaw Park, Miranda to represent the NSW CCC Soccer Team in the NSW All Schools Soccer tournament. We played the CHS2 team first and had a rocky start, trying to become familiar with each other. After half time at 3-0 down, we finally began to gel very well and came back scoring 3 great goals to equalize and finish at a 3-3 draw. The second game was against CHS1 who are renowned for being the best of the best and we knew it wouldn’t be easy. After a tough 80 minutes and some great soccer, we ended with a 1-1 draw. On Tuesday our final game was against the CIS team. They had a number of chances and convincing amount of possession to begin with but we were able to slot two goals away and keep a clean sheet.

In the end we were placed equal first with CHS2 on goal difference, however we were awarded 2nd place since they had scored one more goal than us! It was a great two days with a great bunch of girls and we were fortunate to have a successful tournament.




Wed 21 Aug (MSB Rep Team)


Fri 13 Sep (BB Team)
(Wet Weather Backup tba)


Thu 22 August (MSB Rep KO Team)



Fri 19 July (E. Gallagher, C Krajancic, C Vidler)



Fri 30 Aug (MSB Golf Team)
(Wet Weather Backup Tue 3 Sep)



Tue 23 Jul (MSB Rep Teams)
(Wet Weather Backup Wed 24 Jul)
Wed 14 Aug (Champion MSB Rep Teams)
(Wet Weather Backup tba)



Fri 26 - Sun 28 Jul (NSW CCC Team)
(Wet Weather Backup Thu 20 June)

If you would like further information on any of the upcoming Representative Sports events please email Mrs Grant.

Mrs Karen Grant
Representative Sports Coordinator Physical Activity Coordinator

P & F News

MSB Dinner Dance - Save the Date!

Thank you for your patience in awaiting the announcement of a new date. The MSB Dinner Dance 2013 will be held on Saturday 10 August at The Pennant Hills Golf Club. Details of the cost and how to purchase your tickets will be available shortly. 

The new booking system will be used to secure your tickets and tables. You can book per table or request to be seated on a table with parents from your daughter’s Year Group. Staff, parents and friends are all welcome to attend what is hoped will be a very enjoyable and relaxing evening.

MSB/St Bernadette's Golf Day - Friday 6 September

The P&F would like to invite you to the Ladies and Gents Golf Day. Everyone is invited, bring your husband, bring your wife, bring your friends and join the P&F at Muirfield Golf Course on Friday 6 September.

Great prizes and a bottle of wine for everyone. RSVP online at  

2013 P&F General Meeting Dates

Term 3: 12 August, 9 September Term 4: 14 October, 11 November

Each General Meeting commences at 7.30pm in the College Staffroom.


Ms Julie Essey
P&F President on behalf of the P&F Executive



he Canteen opens daily from 8.00am - 2.00pm.

MY STUDENT ACCOUNT - Cashless Canteen

Students may order and pay for purchases with our 'cashless' option using their Student ID card.

Comprehensive instructions on how to use this system can be found on the College website

If you have any queries please contact Mrs Elke Forrest, Assistant Business Manager.

Place a Canteen order here









Kathleen Van Den Broek

Andrea Montgomery

Victoria Papallo

Carla Savorgnan

Jennifer Campbell




Lisette Smith

Please notify Melissa if you are unable to attend or if you would like to be removed from the Roster. ** If you can assist on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday please call Melissa **

Mrs Melissa Arane
 Canteen Manager
T: 9980 0448

Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop Opening Hours:

Monday: 10.00am - 2.00pm Thursday: 8.00am - 11.00am

Mrs Melissa Arane
Uniform Shop Manager
T: 9980 0447


Careers information will be posted here when available. Students can access this information from MOODLE.

NSWACT Newsletter 10 June
NSWACT Newsletter 17 June


Four Day HSC Study Intensive

Monday 8 July - Thursday 11 July

During this four day program, experienced HSC teachers and markers will show you how to avoid the most common examination mistakes, study effectively, deal with stress and understand important course content. Morning tea and lunch included. $285 per person. 

Find out more and register at:
T: 02 8204 4404

Scholarship Information Evening

6.00pm for a 6.30pm start Wednesday 26 June
Eastern Avenue Auditorium, Camperdown Campus (K5/6 on map)

RSVP: Register here. Registrations open 5.00 Monday 3 June.

HSC Essay Writing Course

This course for senior high school students will teach them how to properly write essays in a HSC exam situation.
Course Dates: Monday 1 - Friday 5 July, and Monday 8 - Friday 12 July.
T: 9036 4789

HSC Preparation Courses - Term Three

The Centre for Continuing Education at the University of Sydney is running intensive HSC Preparation courses in a variety of subjects for Year 12 students who want to extend their studies and enhance performance in their HSC year. Selected preparation courses are also offered for Years 10 and 11, including Year 10: Preparing for Success and Years 10 – 12 Course: Improving Written English

The range of HSC courses assist students in improving performance in all HSC assessment tasks and facilitate a deeper conceptual understanding of course content. 

For more information visit our website

Download the HSC Preparation Course Guide. The guide outlines upcoming course dates and times as well as indicative dates for courses later in the year. 

Download the Getting Through Your HSC: A Practical Guide.

T: 1300 362 006

Defence Force University Sponsorship

The Defence University Sponsorship allows students to study an accredited degree at any Australian university and graduate with a career in the Navy, Army or Air Force.

Defence Force Recruiting

Parramatta Information Sessions Mon 24 June - ADFA Wed 26 June - RMC

All sessions commence at 6.30pm at Defence Force Recruiting Parramatta, Level 4, 9 George Street, Parramatta. Please RSVP to specifying the name and date of the Information Session you woud like to attend. Further Information:
T: 02 8831 2243
F: 02 8831 2300
E: Email:


Admission to UTS:INSEARCH will now be based on a student’s average HSC subject results (based on non-VET subjects). The Academic and English Admissions Committee recently approved the new model with the aim of giving more Year 12 graduates, an opportunity to study at UTS:INSEARCH and start their pathway to university study. If you would like to discuss this with UTS:INSEARCH please contact David Sam or call 9218 8749

Discover Sessions

  • Nursing - City and Kuring-gai (Lindfield) campuses

  • Midewifery - City campuses

  • Human Movement and Sport and Exercise - Kuring-gai (Lindfield) campuses

Futher information: 

Engineering Information Evening

6.00pm Tuesday 25 June UTS Broadway Campus

E: Jenny Donovan
T: 9514 4302 

Law Undergraduate Information Evening

5.30pm - 8.00pm Tuesday 2 July UTS Broadway Campus

E: Jenny Donovan
T: 9514 4302

University of Wollongong - Year 12

At key dates throughout 2013, the University of Wollongong (UOW) will be communicating with Year 12 students about university admission, important dates, the Early Admission Program etc. Any students who would like to be included in UOW's mailing list should log onto and click the purple 'Register for Updates' tab. This will be a very quick form to fill in with mailing details etc.

If you are the parent of a Year 12 student and would like to receive information each month about UOW programs and upcoming events, please join 'Parents UniAdvice' by registering at and click the purple 'Sign up Parents E-News' tab to complete your details.

teach.NSW Scholarships

Year 12 can apply for a scholarship worth up to $28,000 for their university study! Teach.NSW offers valuable Teaching Scholarships. Applications now open and will close in October 2013. For the latest information go to

My Health Career

MY HEALTH CAREER offers over one hundred videos on over ten different health careers from real health practitioners. Everything from the future of pharmacy in Australia to the difference between a nutritionist and a dietician to eight areas of specialisation in podiatry. Go to to enter your name and email address and receive FREE updates.

WEP Volunteer Abroad

WEP's Volunteer Abroad provides school leavers with an opportunity to travel overseas, gain meaningful work experiences and sometimes even learn another language. Programs start every week and are flexible in duration. Further information

TARONGA ZOO - Meet a Keeper

This is a one-day program for students 14 years and over who have expressed a keen interest in a career at the Zoo. This program includes a seminar presented by a panel of Zookeepers and other Zoo staff members. Students will learn about all aspects of zoo-keeping, including qualifications, career opportunities, core responsibilities, careers structures and wages. Afterwards students will explore the Zoo and enjoy a mystery behind-the-scenes animal tour. For booking forms and information visit

Wesley Institute School of Graphic Design - Designer for a Day Workshop

Curious about a career in Graphic Design? Wesley Institute's School of Graphic Design invites you to experience what it's like to be a designer for a day, in a creative and collaborative environment. Explore the possibilities and unlock your creative DNA. 

For more information, register your interest at or call 02 9819 8824. Workshops will be offered during NSW school holidays at Wesley Institute, 5 Mary Street Drummoyne NSW

E: Lucy

William Blue College - Day in the Life of a Hospitality Manager

10.00am - 4.00pm Tuesday 2 July
North Sydney Campus, 171 Pacific Highway North Sydney

'Day in the Life' workshops takes young hospitality hopefuls into some of Sydney's most well-known hotels, restaurants and bars for a real behind the scene view of this vibrant and exciting industry.
E: Jake Brown

AIE Industry Experience Day

10.00am - 3.00pm Wednesday 3 July AIE Sydney

Are you thinking about an exciting career in game development, 3D animation or visual FX?
E: Simon Freeman
T: 8514 8800

Macleay College - Industry Days

Sports Management - Preparing for the Big Game 2.30pm - 5.30m Monday 1 July
28 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills

Student taking part in this simulated exercise at Macleay College will go behind the scenes to understand how the sporting world operates, how many jobs are involved in planning a sporting event and the specific business and personal skills required to ensure everything comes together.
Limited numbers, register here
E: Conrad Barns-Graham

Advertising - Developing the Perfect Brief 2.30pm - 5.30m Wednesday 3 July
28 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills

Students will work in creative teams to develop a creative advertising pitch for a new product, learning about the creative process and the importance of using their imagination in the workplace. This is a great chance to find out what life is really like in an advertising agency and the range of jobs on offer in the advertising world.
Limited numbers, register here
E: Conrad Barns-Graham


Cadet Program applications are now open. It’s never too early for your students to get ahead. For more information on our Cadet Program go to To apply online go to and click on the preferred program, complete the application form and attach an academic transcript. 

Applications close at midday on Wednesday 19 June.

AFTRS School Holiday Courses

AFTRS school holiday workshops are designed to give kids and teens fun and creative experiences in a professional environment. Work in our state-of-the-art film studios in Moore Park, Sydney with industry tutors to write, shoot and cut for screen. All courses are taught by industry professionals at AFTRS state-of- the-art film studios at the Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park, Sydney. Book 28 days in advance and receive a 10% Early Bird discount! For more information
T: 1300 065 281.



Students are able to apply for a tax file number through the College. The application offered through the secondary schools program simplifies the process for the girls as the College is able to verify student information through our College records. No other form of identification is required to be sent with the application. Forms for secondary school students are available from Student Services and outside the Careers Office. Applications will be verified and sent to the Taxation Department at the end of each month.TAX File Numbers DelayWe have been informed that there has been a delay in the processing of TFN applications by the Taxation Department. As soon as they have been processed individual tax file numbers will be sent to postal addresses on the applications.

Lucy Elgood
Careers Advisor

Community Notices

A Message from Mount St Benedict Centre

Mount St Benedict Centre and Convent is a private property. There is no parking permitted or vehicular access to the College. Students are permitted to walk through the grounds to and from the College.


Child and Adolescent Parenting Service

The Child and Adolescent Parenting team provide parenting courses, workshops and seminars for mums, dads and carers of children in the 1 - 18 years age range in the Northern Sydney area. Child and Adolescent Parenting is part of Northern Sydney Local Health District. For details see Course Descriptions and Term Brochure Where and when: Most courses, workshops and seminars are held in the evening during school terms in the Northern Sydney area. However, we can run any of our courses, workshops and seminars at a venue and time convenient to your school or organisation. Our leaders: All our leaders are professionally qualified and experienced, and supervised by the Child and Adolescent Parenting team. 

Fees: We are a non-profit making service with most of our income generated from our fees. These fees help to cover costs only and concessions are available (see Term Brochure (hyper link to PDF attachment). All fees include GST.
Child and Adolescent Parenting
PO Box 142 North Ryde NSW 1670
T: (02) 9887 5830
F: (02 9887 2941
E: Vivienne: Susan:

Did you know teenagers are 20 - 30 times more at risk of being harmed in a crash once they get their P's? The keys2drive program aims to reduce this risk by helping learning drivers gain the necessary decision making skills to stay safe on the road. Funded by the Australian Government, the program provides learner drivers and their parents/supervisors with a free driving lesson by an accredited keys2drive instructor. 

Call 1300 728 205 to book your free keys2drive lesson with NRMA Safer Driving School.

ACVIR Newsletter Article 2013 ACVIR Report April 2013
Exciting French Exchange Opportunity

The Hunters Hill – Le Vesinet Friendship Committee is currently seeking applications from students to participate in their six week exchange to Le Vesinet, just 20 minutes from the heart of Paris. This very exciting opportunity is open to students aged between 14 and 16 who are studying French at school. Students will stay with families in Le Vesinet during the next Christmas holidays and then welcome their French correspondent for six weeks in July/August 2013. The exchange runs under the auspices of Hunters Hill Council and has been sending small groups of students to France each year for more than 20 years. For further information and details of our upcoming information nights please refer to our website at or contact us at

St Bernadette's Parish

Want to meet great people, eat yummy food, and set some awesome foundations for your life? Check out the St Bernadette's Parish youth events below:

  • 6.00pm Youth Mass Every Sunday night followed by LIFE Nights for Years 9 - 12 from 7.00pm - 8.30pm

  • Into Life for Years 7 - 8 Friday nights, 7.00pm - 8.30pm

  • $2 donation appreciated

Contact Sr Rosie Drum 0420 594 277 for more information.

St Agatha’s Youth Ministry

Looking for a way to get involved in all kinds of great stuff and meet new people outside your school? St Agatha’s Youth Ministry is for you. From weekly youth groups to overnight camps, beach trips, bowling nights, community service projects and much more we have something to suit everyone. It’s a great way to meet and get to know other guys and girls from around the area who you may not otherwise have the chance to hang out with, and to keep in touch with friends from your primary school days. And as part of the Catholic Parish of St Agatha, Pennant Hills, we aim to follow Christ and live out his teachings in everything we do. Get involved! For more information please contact: Matt Donnelly St Agatha’s Youth Minister M: 0432 494 786

Hornsby Cathedral Parish Youth Groups

All meetings are held in the Light of Christ Centre (at the end of Yardley Avenue, Waitara)

  • Years 7 - 9     -     7.00pm - 9.00pm Friday nights (1st and 3rd Friday of the month)

  • Years 10 - 12 -     7.00pm - 10.00pm Fridays (2nd and 4thFriday of the month)

Please bring $5 for pizza Upcoming Dates:

  • YEAR 7- 9 - June 21

  • YEAR 10-12 June 14 , 28

Come join is for fun, friendship and faith building!! Please call PF 0422 000 0521 or Pat 0412 813 165 for more information.