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21 August 2015

From the Principal

I returned to the College on Monday after a period of Long Service Leave and attendance at an International Conference of Principals in Helsinki, Finland. Much of my time was spent travelling with my husband and catching up with my daughter who lives in England, which was very relaxing and enjoyable. I am most appreciative and thankful to the Board for allowing me this time, particularly after the challenging times the community experienced in Term Two. I am also grateful to those who assumed additional responsibilities during my absence, especially Mr Paul Lentern and Mrs Donna Dempsey.

In Helsinki I joined 1,200 other Principals and senior educators from around the world, as we learned about what has made Finland so successful in the PISA tests, the international tests of literacy and numeracy. During the conference I was very aware of the ways in which the world has changed – the emerging super powers of China and India, the developing education systems of many African nations and the thirst for education in these nations, the breaking down of barriers between nations, especially in Europe, the availability of relatively low cost international travel and the need for cross cultural understanding. It really is a global world and we need our students to think in this paradigm – we can no longer assume that our students can survive provided they can function on the national stage, they need to be able to see the world broadly and work with people from many different contexts. Hopefully as cultural awareness grows it will also bring the enhanced possibility of peace between nations!

At the end of last term I issued Term Dates for 2016. You might have noticed that the dates are a little bit different from other years. The reason for this is that next year we celebrate our 50th anniversary as a College so there will be a number of community events to celebrate. Very soon you will receive a Save the Date for all the planned events. Some events are compulsory for students. We look forward to celebrating with our entire community.

At Assembly this week we had the opportunity to participate in the launch of a social media campaign organised by Kidz4Kidz. Many of our students have lent their support to this campaign which highlights the plight of children in detention, an issue which I believe is a serious black mark on our society. I am very proud of our students and staff who have worked so hard to highlight this issue and speak up for children who are powerless to change their situation.

Read the Kidz4Kidz Latest News article here

During our Assembly on Wednesday we welcomed over 400 grandparents to the College. It was wonderful to see our girls enjoying time with their grandparents and sharing something of their school experience with them.

In Homeroom on Monday we prayed this prayer as we recalled all that we have to be grateful for and those times in which we need support and help:

God who dwells within us, God who surrounds us, God who nurtures us, God who sustains us.
As we pause to pray on this day we pray in gratitude for the many ways we have been blessed.
For the opportunities we have
For the love that we receive
For the friendships we share
For the talents we have been given
We pray for ourselves and for others as we journey through different moments in our lives
For the times when we enjoy success
For the times when we feel overwhelmed with challenges
For the times when we feel close to others
For the times when we feel the pain of loss
For the times when we can lend a helping hand to others
For the times when we need someone to help us along
Be with us we pray as we laugh and as we cry,
as we grow and change and as we become the people you are calling us to be.
In our Year of Hospitality may we always make a welcome space.

Maria Pearson

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Mission News

Over the course of this past week we have had the great pleasure of welcoming the senior members of our community to our College for our annual Grandparents’ Assembly and Morning Tea. It’s always a delight to host visitors to our community and there’s absolutely no mistaking the pride our students have in ‘showing off’ their grandparents and also providing them with a bit of an insight into life at MSB.

Next week sees another highlight of our annual calendar when we host the dads of our community for our annual Father and Daughter Breakfast. This will be held on Friday 28 August with breakfast served from 7.30am. As usual we will have a few little activities for people to join in and we will conclude with a prayer together in the Hall finishing by about 8.30am. Please RSVP below to assist us with catering.

In the same week we will be holding our Refugee and Asylum Seekers focus where, through various activities, we seek to understand the needs of these vulnerable people, recognise the factors that are causing them to leave their own countries and look at ways that we can provide practical assistance wherever possible. Each year the MSB community works in conjunction with partner organisations such as Josephite Community Aid (JCA) and the St Vincent de Paul Society (Vinnies) to participate in homework help, tutoring, holiday programs, family picnics and hamper drives. Through our Refugee and Asylum Seeker Week program we try to help students understand the reasons behind what we do. This leads to an exploration of Catholic Social Teaching, the implications of our Good Samaritan ethos and our personal responsibility to act with compassion as we seek to understand the vast and complex issues concerning displaced people.

At our College Assembly this week we took the unusual step of asking students to bring their phones into the Hall. It was only a week ago that Bishop Peter had challenged us all to be apostles in a digital age so it was most appropriate that we found a direct way to put Bishop Peter’s challenge into action. This action is the culmination of about 16 months’ worth of work by a group of students who are now in Year 11. The story begins in March 2014 when a group of about 20 Year 10 students were invited to take part in a student leadership training day with the Sydney Alliance. The Sydney Alliance is a broad based collective of community organisations who seek to work together on issues of common concern to try to bring about change in our communities. At the training day our students were introduced to notions such as theories of change, networking, people of influence and strategic goals to help them to see how they could plan effectively to bring about change in a community.

On their return to school the students considered how to put their training into effect. After some consideration they decided that they wanted to focus on the issue of children being held in Australia’s immigration detention centres. After some further discussion they decided to adopt a campaign strategy of children advocating for children and fittingly to use social media as the principal instrument in their campaign. The following months were taken up with brainstorming ideas and forming partnerships with community organisations who could assist and advise them.

Around five months ago they chose the name ‘Kidz4Kidz’ to identify themselves and set about designing their social media input. A Facebook page was set up along with a Twitter account under the name of ‘Kidz4Kidz_AUS’. In June they headed for Canberra to take part in a day of action sponsored by Catholic Mission. On this day they put their networking skills to the test as they made contacts with a range of community representatives and furthered existing connections with some of our partner organisations. On MSB Day the ‘Kidz4Kidz’ group made their first video to launch their campaign which has been viewed more than 19,000 times.

Then came the production phase of a more ambitious video using the words of children in detention centres as reported in the report of the Human Rights Commission into the plight of these children. The ‘Forgotten Children’ report, published in 2014, carries some disturbing reflections from children in detention. Our ‘Kidz4Kidz’ group have read this report and now, through the use of social media, have tried to give voice to the concerns of these children.

The ‘Kidz4Kidz’ video was launched live at our Assembly on Wednesday and taking up Bishop Peter’s challenge to be apostles of the digital age we invited students to bring their phones to Assembly so they could participate directly in the launch and, if they chose to do so, they could promote the video through their own networks.

The response to this video has already been quite strong with over 24,000 views in the couple of days since it was launched. We hope the campaign will gain further momentum over the coming days as more people watch the video and share it through their networks. We encourage family members to view the video at ( or to search for the ‘Kidz4Kidz’ group on Facebook or Twitter – ‘Kidz4Kidz_AUS’.

While there is some satisfaction in knowing that their campaign has been well designed and that their video has been widely viewed there is also a realisation among our students that this ultimately means very little while children still suffer in our detention centres. Many people have commented that future Australians will look back with shame at the treatment of these children and ask how we could have ever allowed this to happen. Hopefully, such policies will be short-lived and the children who suffer so badly will soon be free to play, to learn and to grow in a safe and secure environment.

Click here to RSVP to the Father Daughter Breakfast

Image 2

Paul Lentern
Assistant Principal Dean of Mission

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Curriculum News

'Curtain Call' - From the Drama Department

The HSC Drama Journey began in Term Four, 2014 for the Class of 2015. They embarked on a process of selecting an Individual Project Option (Monologue, Design, Critical Analysis, Video Drama or Scriptwriting) which they have worked on until this Friday when they had their HSC Drama Practical Examination in the Drama room.

The students haven’t just worked on this Individual Project, they have also critically studied two topics, Contemporary Australian Theatre and Black Comedy. The topics and texts are taught experientially. The practical experiences they had in class activities and workshops may be used to show a personal response rather than a purely literary one in their HSC essays.

In Term Two of this year they began work on the Group Performance. Using a list of stimulus to start their process off they worked in two groups of five to devise, script, rehearse and perform an 8 - 12 minute performance. This Group Performance requires many of the recognised 21st Century skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, reasoning, analysis, interpretation, synthesizing information, research skills, creativity, artistry, curiosity, imagination, innovation, personal expression, perseverance, self-direction, planning, self-discipline, adaptability, initiative, teamwork, collaboration and cooperation. It is the only subject in the HSC that requires you to work in a group (although you are marked individually) and certainly provides challenges, as well as moments of pure joy for the students.

The culmination of all the Drama Class of 2015’s hard work and persistence was witnessed by an audience of their family, friends, teachers and wider community last Thursday Night at their Showcase Evening. Their performances were wonderful and the girls are to be congratulated for their efforts. It was lovely for the girls to carry the praise and positive feedback into this week as they faced final preparation before their HSC Exam.

We had an audience of thirty Year 11 and 10 Drama students for this exam and we thank them for their support. This day gave them the opportunity to understand how the HSC Drama day is run in preparation for their own. As we prepare to farewell the Class of 2015 at the end of this term, the Class of 2016 is thinking ahead to Term Four when they begin their HSC Drama Journey.

To borrow from a playwright I leave the HSC Drama class with this quote:

“We do on stage things that are supposed to happen off.
Which is a kind of integrity, if you look on every exit as being an entrance somewhere else.”

(Tom Stoppard, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead)

Photo (top): time Group Performance Olivia Finnan, Ruby Gardiner, Olivia Jones, Anna O'Rourke and Alexandra Wade

Photo (bottom): Terminally Departed Group Performance Melissa Anderson, Cassandra Benco, Abigail Curtin, Rebecca Robinson and Kirstin Rowberry

Gabrielle Keats
Drama Teacher

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Pastoral Care


mindfulness     ˈmʌɪn(d)f(ʊ)lnəs/     noun

  1. the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something - "their mindfulness of the wider cinematic tradition"
  2. a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique

Why is Mindfulness of interest to us here at Bennies?

There is a long history of Mindful practices within Christian and Buddhist traditions, particularly the Benedictine tradition. Pax, Hospitality and Stewardship all have links with Mindfulness. In Pax, we practice a sense of calm and peace. In Hospitality, we see the face of Christ in others, as we stop to be in the moment when connecting with those around us. In Stewardship, we view the elements of our world around us and appreciate their beauty. As part of our practices in Positive Education, students and staff are encouraged to incorporate Mindfulness into our daily lives here at Bennies. Our 12.30pm prayer gong is a moment in our busy daily lives here at Bennies, to stop and offer a prayer, being present in that moment and aware of our surroundings. Clinical studies show that Mindfulness Meditation helps combat stress, improve focus and increase resilience.

Perhaps when you next pour yourself a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate, you can turn that into a mindfulness moment. Focus on the task at hand and be aware of each action as you make your drink. Then, stop for a moment to really enjoy the act of drinking it. Notice the taste and enjoy the way it makes you feel. Let it bring your thoughts to the here and now, if only for a few minutes.

For future reference, Smiling Mind is a free web and app based Mindfulness tool. Why don’t you check it out and talk to your daughter about it, the next time you share a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate with them.

Berenice Tanner
College Psychologist

Montserrat News

2015 has been a busy year for Montserrat with lots of great opportunities and initiatives taking place in Pastoral Care to help us focus on this year’s theme, Hospitality, while at the same time living out our House Values of Unity, Dedication and Honesty. We started the year with the creation of our new House Crest, designed and voted on by each member of Montserrat. Our eventual winner was blessed by the Abbot of Montserrat itself, with Fr Joseph M. Soler personally sending us his blessing along with the following message: " the whole Montserrat Community have embraced your request as an honour for our Abbey. With pleasure, we authorize you to include our emblem in your crest. ” The most representative iconographic symbol of the Montserrat’s emblem is the outline of the Montserrat’s mountains together with a saw. In fact, the lyrics of the most well-known song written as a pray for Our Lady of Montserrat, called Virolai, say:  “ With gold saws the angels serrated these mountains to build a palace for the Queen of the sky”.

Such an exciting way to start the year!

Throughout the first Semester each Homeroom has come together to create a number of initiatives during Pastoral Care; some of these include: Random Acts of Kindness cards - where students make a pledge to surprise one of their peers with a kind word or act - we see this as a way to embody our House value of unity and show respect and gratitude for our peers. Coming up is our Host a Homeroom initiative, in which each group will have the opportunity to show Hospitality by welcoming another Homeroom into their space, it will be a time to share in what it means to not only give but also receive Hospitality from others. Also this year we have collected food for Vinnies Van, worked to continue our connection with our House Partner in Timor Leste, added a ‘ What Went Well ’ space on our Noticeboard to recognise achievements of our Montserrat girls and finally just this past week had a visit from Father Sergi, Principal of the school in Montserrat Spain.

Below are some accounts of just a few of these exciting events:

On Saturday 25 July, after collecting an enormous amount of supplies donated by Montserrat house, six Year 11 girls met to pack the Vinnies Van before heading out to feed the homeless. Our first stop was at Ward Park where many of the people visiting were more eager for the conversation and listening ears we provided than the food and drinks. Then it was off to Martin Place where the number of people and the conditions they were living in shocked us. We made coffees and hot chocolates and handed out lots of baked goods all the while listening to their jokes and stories. This was an incredibly rewarding experience and each and every girl finished the night with greater perspective and a strong appreciation of how blessed we are to live the way we do and have the opportunities that we have. - Lauren, Y11 Montserrat House Ambassador

On Wednesday 12 August, Father Sergi, the Principal of the school located at Montserrat, visited our school for afternoon tea. We had a lot of fun talking to him about a range of topics, including the pun on the name Montserrat: Monster Rat. He thought it was absolutely hilarious and kept on bringing it up in conversation. He told us a lot about the school in particular, the Montserrat school is a boys school, with a total of 57 students, who are famous for their singing at the Montserrat monastery. More than two million people visit the monastery to hear these boys sing each year, and Father Sergi talked a lot about how he had always felt as if he belonged at the school. He went travelling and went to study to be a journalist, but he said that the school was his place, and he was drawn back there after some time abroad. - Arabella Y10 Montserrat House Vice Captain

Montserrat has always had a strong connection to our house partner Railaco Secondary School in Timor Leste. Thanks to the help of Sister Rita, we have been able to continue quality communications and interactions with the people in Railaco in order to help improve their lives and ours. Recently, their community has been working hard to set up vegetable gardens for school students to cultivate and work on, to help develop skills and build responsibility. As well as this, they have been enjoying the benefits of having a doctor and dentist in the area to keep an eye on the health and wellbeing of the people. The community are also making incredible advances in many fields including construction of roads, opportunities for student immersion and developments in the liturgies and masses. As a House we are looking forward to continuing our relationship with the community and sustaining the positive changes that are arising for both parties. - Grace Y9 Mission Portfolio

Finally a word from our Spirit portfolio:

We in the Montserrat Spirit Portfolio have a lot of exciting events planned in order to boost pink spirit and get everyone in the House involved in a number of activities to help build House spirit. Some of these activities will go towards Homeroom points for one Dedicated, Honest and United Homeroom to strive for our House Cup. We are really looking forward to working with people from other grades and Homerooms to make Montserrat more of a positive and enthusiastic House with heaps of pink spirit. GO PINK!’ - Claire and Hannah Y9 Spirit Portfolio

Briohny Hickey
Montserrat House Coordinator

The Merit Award Program

Congratulations to the students who have received enough merits to achieve either a Bronze, Silver or Gold Merit.

Merits are awarded for achievement in any of the following categories:

  • School Service
  • Effort
  • Academic
  • Extra Curricular
  • Christian Commitment

Merits also go towards the House Cup with 10 merits equating to 10 House points, 50 merits equating to 20 House points and 150 merits equating to 50 House Points.

Merit Report

Jackie Duncan
Assistant Principal Dean of Students

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College News

Image 1

Year 7 MYBennies Course : Student Led Conferences

The girls are busy preparing for the first ever Student Led Conference, a new initiative introduced in the College to support the MYBennies Innovation Project.

Student Led Conferences (SLC) are happening in a number of schools and are designed to give students a voice in reporting to their parents and teachers about their learning progress. For our current Year 7 students it is a chance for the MYBennies Teachers to work with the girls to create a portfolio of work and for the girls to deepen their understanding of their learning and improve their communication skills.

Through the SLCs, students will be able to:

  • show how they have taken responsibility for their own learning
  • show how they are working towards achieving their own learning goals
  • communicate their understanding of the goal setting process
  • better recognise their individual strengths
  • develop strategies to address challenges to their learning

The benefits of a SLC for individual students includes:

  • Enabling students to communicate not only 'how' they are doing but 'why'
  • Allowing parents, students and MYBennies teachers to celebrate the student’s successes together
  • Promoting self-confidence in the students
  • Enabling students to develop and use real world skills
  • Allowing students a chance to show their parents and MYBennies Teacher direct improvement in their learning
  • Helping students to self-reflect and evaluate their learning
  • Providing students with opportunities to refine their organisation and communication skills
  • Allowing students to monitor, share and evaluate their progress through self, peer and teacher feedback

The SLCs will be held in the D Block rooms where MYBennies classes are taught and will involve each student presenting a portfolio of work to their parents and MYBennies teacher in a 20 minute time period on either the 2nd or 9th of September.

We look forward to welcoming our Year 7 parents to the College’s first ever Student Led Conference.

Sharon McGowan
MYBennies Innovation Team Leader

Katherine Mason and Christina He
MYBennies Innovation Team
and the Year 7 MYBennies Teachers

All Aboard the Bennies Matilda Express

One of the aims in the MYBennies Innovation Project is to enhance the relationships between students, parents and teachers. Therefore we are adding another unique and exciting event to the evening of Wednesday 14 October where Year 7 parents and daughters can meet and share time with other parents and girls from our Year 7 Bennies community. The event is to attend a night of amazing musical theatre as we take the Bennies express bus to a performance of Matilda, the Musical . This award-winning production is based on the work of Roald Dahl and all lyrics and music were written by Australian musician and composer, Tim Minchin. Details of this special event were distributed to parents and students on Thursday 13 August and we are seeking expressions of interest at this stage.  Please contact Mrs Katherine Mason ( ) or Mrs Kylie Gray ( ) if you have any further questions.

Katherine Mason
MYBennies Innovation Team
Kylie Gray
Marketing Manager

Pilot STEM Challenge Day

The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) movement is about teaching these subject disciplines in an integrated way so that skills students learn are seen as transferrable between disciplines and contexts, and relevant to real-world problems. It is important that our students are given the opportunity to engage in STEM-based activities and are able to consider engineering and other STEM occupations as possible career paths.

Last week, MSB held a pilot STEM Challenge Day for two Year 8 classes. The context for the STEM challenge was the field of bio-engineering, specifically remote surgery - being able to control a device from a remote location that could perform surgery such as a heart or kidney transplant. Students worked in teams of six to design and make a device that could carefully pick up a 'heart' (tennis ball) and 'kidney' (ping pong ball) from a distance of 1.1 metres away and accurately locate them on a given target. The materials budget was limited and students had to 'buy' materials and hire equipment from the 'shop'.

The highlight of the day was the testing of devices in the afternoon. Each team's surgeon was given just one minute to perform the required surgery. The 'surgeon' operating the device had to stand behind a screen and was only given a view of the surgery from real-time video footage.

When surveyed at the start of the day, many students rated their engineering skills as limited or non-existent. However, throughout the day the girls proved to themselves that they were more than capable of meeting the challenge, with several groups in close contention to take out the top prize. Congratulations to the winning team: Emma, Sophie, Sarah, Amelia, Charlotte and Natalie.

The energy and enthusiasm in the room during the testing of devices was testament to the students’ overall enjoyment of the day. Some feedback received was:

“I liked being able to create a product that can be used and is successful”

“I enjoyed being independent to make all decisions ourselves”

“I liked working in a team and getting the job done in the end!”

“I really enjoyed creating the pieces and seeing it all come together as part of a bigger product”

A big thank you to the team of teachers who made the pilot such a success, especially Mr Kevin Jones (Head of TAS) for his leadership on the day. Following this pilot STEM Challenge, MSB intends to run Challenge Days for all Year 8 students in 2016. As a College, we will be exploring the possibility of community partnerships with STEM professionals and industry. Teachers are also working on developing an integrated Mathematics, Science and TAS unit, as well as running an afternoon co-curricular STEM Club.

STEM Club Pilot this term

A two week STEM Club pilot will be running this term for interested Year 8 students in Weeks Eight and Nine after school (Thursday 3 and 10 September). Any Year 8 student wishing to participate in this pilot can access the permission form here.

Maree Henson
MYBennies Innovation Team

Busking for Vinnies

Last week Mount St Benedict College went on their annual performance excursion to raise funds for St Vincent de Paul. A variety of ensembles including the Chamber Choir, College Choir, MSB Concert Band, Chamber Ensemble, Flute Choir, Senior Flute Ensemble and The Senior Rock Group performed in Centenary Square, Parramatta from 12.00pm -2.00pm.

This annual tradition of 'Vinnies Busking' is a wonderful opportunity for our students to display their talents whilst raising money for a good cause.

We would like to thank all the staff and students for their efforts. Below is an email I received from the event organiser, Mr John Neylan, Zone Coordinator, St Vincent de Paul.

Our sincere thanks go out to you, your colleagues and especially to your wonderful Mount St Benedict musicians for another sensational performance in Parramatta's Centenary Square last Friday!

On the day, $1,864.55 was collected in buckets as well as a donation from Parramatta City Council. This is another fantastic result.

Please know that your students' efforts, not to mention their countless hours of practice, is really appreciated by Vinnies. Also your involvement is especially appreciated by our brothers and sisters who usually don't have in their lives what we all have in abundance - love, health and the support of family and friends.

Thanks again for a wonderful day!

Mr John Neylan
Zone Coordinator - St Vincent de Paul

Peter Watters
Head of Creative and Performing Arts

#MSBFIT – Week One: Zumba

On Tuesday the Year 9 MSB Fit project team launched their five week lunchtime activity program. Each Tuesday for the reminder of the term, the girls are conducting a variety of fun fitness activities that all students are welcome to take part in. This week was Zumba.

It was great to see a large number of students participating and having fun. Next Tuesday’s activity will be Dodgeball. Congratulations to the MSB Fit group on a great start to your program.

Gillian McGregor
Physical Activity Coordinator/Teacher

6th Community G&T Workshop

Congratulations to the participants of the Gifted and Talented workshop held last week. Twenty six parents, teachers and pre-service teachers engaged in unpacking gifted education research using a variety of Harvard Thinking Skills routines. Kicking off with a mindfulness activity and a brain teaser we uncovered research on identifying gifted learners, academic and social needs of gifted students, friendship issues, personality types, over excitabilities, underachievement mindset and a variety of research articles. The MSB gifted and acceleration policies were presented along with the benefits of the plethora of co-curricular programs suited particularly to gifted students.

Elizabeth Dirckze
Coordinator of Teaching and Learning

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P & F News

Golf Day

To RSVP click here

Image 1

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Representative Sport

Representative Sports Calendar

Representative Sports Calendar - 2015 Term Three


NSW CCC Championships - JUN / INT
Monday 24 - Tuesday 25 August
MSB Y7/8 and Y9/10 Representative team


NSW CCC Championships
Friday 11 September

Students who wish to trial for sports that are offered directly through NSW CCC will need to nominate through the NSW CCC website. I encourage you to visit the NSW CCC website if your daughter is an experienced state level athlete in any sport.

Please remember that these are trials for State teams and as such students must be very experienced for their nomination to be approved.

Photos from Representative Sports Competitions

Just a reminder that photos from most of the BBSSSA Championships are available on the Photos In A Flash website

Students have been emailed the password for both MSB and BBSSSA photos.

BBSSSA Website

The new BBSSSA website (address above) is up and operational with information, reports, photos etc for all BBSSSA sports. I encourage all parents to take a look as they are seeking feedback – please email me any comments, queries you may have as this will become more integrated into administration for our representative pathways in a similar manner to the NSW CCC website in upcoming months.

BBSSSA U13 and U15 Soccer Championships

After two washed out dates our U13 and U15 Representative Soccer teams were finally able to compete this week at Cromer.

U13 Representative Soccer Team L to R

Back - Ms Rebecca Enright (Manager), Bianca Raad, Taylor Kueh, Michaella Hourican, JAsmine Rheinberger, Nicole Sanders, Claire Matthews, Lauren Purcell (Coach)

Front Olivia Kerr, Isabelle Natoli, Annie Stewart, Ashley Purcell, Sophie Williams, Maggie Callinan, Angelina Wehbe

U15 Representative Soccer Team L to R

Back Julia Pinto, Daniella Taylor, Ashleigh Schaafsma-Fullick, Jamie Yazbek, Sarah Farrell, Ella Lehmann, Lucy Koelmeyer, Mr David Campbell (Coach)

Front Renee Khamis, Lauren Simpson, Jessie Ebbs, Elizabeth Black, Natalie Santelli, Cassie Hill, Caitlin Sultana

Here is a report from the team members on the day –

The girls arrived for an early start and played really well as teams throughout the entire day. The weather held out from start to finish and there were times when it was so warm it was easy to forget that it was winter.

Although the U15s team did not make the final they played well and their teamwork and goal scoring success improved throughout the day. They also enjoyed the snow cones at the end of the day.

The U13 team also had a good day despite not qualifying for the final, displaying hard work and enthusiasm.

Thank you to Ms Enright, Mr Campbell and Lauren Purcell for their support and encouragement in their coaching roles.

NSW CCC Soccer KO Competition Quarter Finals

Our senior girls also competed last week in the Quarter Finals of the NSW CCC KO Soccer Championships. Although they lost 2 - 0 to a strong Woolwich team the girls should be pleased with their effort to make the top eight teams in the State.

Thanks to Mr Hume and all of our wonderful parents who assisted with transport to and from the game and were resilient spectators in some wild winter weather.

NSW CCC Netball Championships

Our teams both enjoyed another successful day on Tuesday at Penrith only losing one game each to the eventual winners across the entire day to finish officially ranked 3rd (but we suspect 2nd on ability) in the State in both the Junior and Intermediate Divisions – still an incredibly impressive achievement. Both these games were very close and either team could have come away with the victory.

We are lucky to have such a wealth of playing talent across these four year groups and just to gain selection into these teams is an accomplishment in itself. Thank you to all the parents who assisted as always with the team tents, scoring, etc – again we are lucky to have such supportive parents who make these days easy for the coaches.

Thanks also to Mrs Walsh for her coaching the Intermediate girls across two terms and to local HDNA umpires Helen Simpson and ex MSB student Mikala Smith for fulfilling our umpiring duties.

Good Luck

Good Luck to our JUNIOR and INTERMEDIATE Basketball Teams who are competing at the NSW CCC Championships on Monday and Tuesday at Penrith

Karen Grant
Representative Sports Coordinator

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UNSW Women in Engineering


School Holiday Event

Engineering Camp

UAC News

Volume 21 Issue 3 July 2015 - See page 4 for important key dates and Open Days

Charles Sturt University

Charles Sturt University (CSU) will host four Information Evenings providing a unique opportunity for parents and students to gather first-hand information from CSU about courses, accommodation, scholarships, costs, how to apply and early-entry programs.

The dates and locations for the CSU Information Evenings in Sydney are:

Monday, 24 August, 6pm, Parramatta RSL, Cnr O’Connell St & Macquarie St, Parramatta,

Tuesday, 25 August, 6pm, Chatswood Club, 11 Help St, Chatswood,

Thursday, 27 August, 6pm, Waverley Library, 32-48 Denison Street, Bondi Junction,

Thursday, 3 September, 6pm, Hornsby RSL, 4 High St, Hornsby,

Students and parents may register at

Avondale College

Open Day - Sunday 30 August

Bedford College

Open Day - Saturday 29 August (Glebe), Saturday 12 September (Norwest)

Whitehouse Institute of Design

2015 Graduate Exhibition and Parade - Monday 23 and Tuesday 24 November

National Art School

Open Day - Saturday 29 August

University of Western Sydney

Open Day - Sunday 30 August

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The Canteen opens daily from 8.00am to 2.00pm.

MY STUDENT ACCOUNT - Cashless Canteen

Students may order and pay for purchases with our 'cashless' option using their Student ID card.
Cashless Canteen - Comprehensive instructions on how to use this system
Place a Canteen order .

Canteen Roster for the week commencing Monday 24 August






Kath Darcy


Susan Bell

Karen Khoury

Josephine Vaggis

Rachael Taylor

Carmen Galluzzo

Sarah Cusack

Please notify Melissa if you are unable to attend or you would like to be removed from the roster.

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Community Notices

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