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20 Jun 2014

From the Principal

Dear parents, friends, staff and students.

Term Two ended with celebrations and great community spirit on MSB day this Friday. The day began with a wonderful liturgical celebration, acknowledging the rich heritage of the College in the Benedictine tradition and it’s Good Samaritan foundation. Thank you to Father Paul Durkin for leading our community in celebrating the Eucharist in the morning. Our energetic Year 12 leaders then took over with organised activities on the oval. Rides, a petting zoo, silent disco and other games kept the students entertained and engaged. The finale was the celebration of student talent in the College with the Student Talent Quest. Faced with the large number of talented students, it was a difficult task to select those that would compete in the finale. Congratulations to all those involved in the logistics and organisation of the day, particularly Mr Paul Lentern, Ms Marion Zammit, Mrs Mairead Ennis and our very energetic and talented Year 12 leaders.

 Left to Right: Ms Jackie Duncan (Acting Principal), Taylah Hurst (Communications Captain), Kate Aubusson, Jessica Jones, Monica Kenig, Suzie Monks and Lauren Pinto (Communications Captain) On Tuesday morning the Beyond Bennies Breakfast was both engaging and informative. Having taught three of the four presenters it was extremely satisfying to listen to their journeys and celebrate their achievements. Key messages came through the presentation such as, the choice that our young women have in pursuing careers, that doors will open when you persist, do something that you are passionate about that will keep you energised and that the College had an important influence on the formation of these young women, Thank you to Suzie, Jessica, Kate and Monica for giving up their time to share their journey and advice with our current students.

Photo: Left to Right: Ms Jackie Duncan (Acting Principal), Taylah Hurst (Communications Captain), Kate Aubusson, Jessica Jones, Monica Kenig, Suzie Monks and Lauren Pinto (Communications Captain)

On Wednesday the Year 11 students were told of the results of the voting process for leaders. Congratulations to all those students who gained election, they have the confidence and support of their year group and the College. This can be both a joyous and difficult time. We have such talented students, many who exhibit wonderful leadership qualities who have missed out on positions. Unfortunately even though there are many leadership positions, the quality of our young women is such that not all will receive a badged position. Our experience from the past is that this will not stop anyone from continuing to develop their leadership. All Year 12 students are the leaders in the College as the younger students look towards them. Also as members of a portfolio there are many opportunities for them to lead and form the direction of the College. We look forward to installing our new leaders in the Induction Ceremony on Wednesday 23 July. We also acknowledge and appreciate the leadership of our current Year 12 students throughout this Year.

Over the break there are two significant trips. Six of our Year 11 students will be participating in the Good Samaritan Ministry Outreach Program. An excellent opportunity that will both challenge the girls as well as develop their sense of purpose. Thank you to Ms Christina Liu and Mrs Marg Rowland who will accompany the students. The second trip is the History Tour of Europe. Thirty students are involved in this fascinating trip. Thank you to Mr Greg Hume for his organisation of the trip and to the other teachers who are giving up their break to accompany the students. There continues to be a wealth of opportunity at the College for students to enrich their learning.

A reminder that at the beginning of 2016, ‘The Footsteps of Benedict Tour’ will happen as a start to the College Jubilee Year. If you have a daughter that will be in Year 10, 11 or 12 in 2016 and are interested in her attending this trip, there will be an information evening on Thursday 17 July at 7.00pm in the staffroom. Please book your attendance through the link found on the newsletter.

At the beginning of next term we welcome Mrs Maria Pearson back to the College. We are looking forward to her return and know the College will be enriched by her learning and experiences. I would like to thank all the staff at the College for their dedication, hard work and support. I would also like to thank Maria for the opportunity to work in her role, it has been a rewarding time and I also thank the parents for their support.

I hope that the break over the next few weeks in restful and I invite you to join with me in the following prayer:

A Prayer for Presence

May we awaken to the mystery of being here and enter the quiet immensity of God’s presence.
May we have joy and peace in the temple of our senses.
May we receive great encouragement when new frontiers beckon us.
May we respond to the call of our gifts and find the courage to follow the path.
May the flame of love free us from falsity.
May warmth of heart keep God’s presence aflame and anxiety not linger amongst us.
May our outer dignity mirror the inner dignity of our soul.
May we take time to celebrate the quiet miracles that seek no attention.
May we be consoled in the secret symmetry of our souls.
May we experience each day as a sacred gift woven around the heart of wonder.

Adapted from John O’Donohue – Eternal echoes:
Exploring our Hunger to Belong

Ms Jackie Duncan
Acting Principal

Mission News

Friday 20 June is the final day of the term for our students and staff and it is certainly a day we look forward to with great anticipation. Of course it does mean the end of a very busy term and the chance of a well-earned break, however, more significantly it is the day we mark as Mount St Benedict Day.

MSB Day is a great day of community celebration to commemorate the Feast day of the Patron of the College. We begin in the morning with the school community gathering for a celebration of Eucharist. The Liturgy captains and their portfolio have been working for some time now to develop a liturgy which will engage and enrich us in its celebration. We’re delighted that Fr Paul Durkin, Parish Priest of St Agatha’s, Pennant Hills is able to join us and lead us in the celebration of Eucharist on this great occasion as we honour our College Patron St Benedict.

While our MSB Day liturgies are always wonderful celebrations this will be particularly noteworthy with many original pieces being used. The sung responses to Lord Have Mercy, Holy Holy and Lamb of God together with the Psalm setting and the Acclamation have all been composed by Kirsty Smith, Casey McBride and Andrea Hajje of Year 12. The reflection after Communion is a piece including verses written by a number of Homeroom groups. The choreography for the movement accompanying this reflection has been created by Keira McEntee of Year 12. We are also delighted to be using a hymn composed by a parent from the MSB class of 2013 and a hymn composed by an ex-student of the College. It is wonderful to have such creative talent in our midst and it is very encouraging to have these students using their talents to enrich our prayer.

Benedict is known world-wide as a giant of the Christian Church and he has left a legacy which few could rival. Although his immediate contribution is seen in the foundation of the monastic movement and the development of his rule for monastic life, the wisdom and insight found in Benedict’s thinking go far beyond their immediate application in the monasteries and convents of the world.

The Benedictine way of life which highlights the balance between prayer, work and leisure is recognised as an outstanding model for the development of a rich and meaningful human life. Despite the simple wisdom expressed in this sense of balance it remains one of the more elusive elements of Benedict’s teaching to embrace.

A further aspect of Benedict’s thought focuses on the transformation that we must undergo in order to respond more fully to the invitation of the Gospel. Benedict teaches that as we develop our response in faith we will ultimately experience this conversion or transformation where “through love you will begin to observe without effort, as though naturally, from good habit all those precepts which in earlier days were kept at least partly through fear”.

Benedict is, therefore, recognising a time when our response to the Gospel will be a more immediate and natural thing because we have trained and disciplined ourselves to be faithful to the invitation of faith.

During the week we had a dinner where our Philippines Immersion Team raised funds for the communities they will visit during their trip in December. It was great to see the restaurant packed with supporters which helped the team to raise approximately $5,000 on the night. Entertainment was provided by "Leonine" our Year 12 band made up of Andrea Hajje, Kirsty Smith and Casey McBride along with some hilarious games organised by immersion team members. Congratulations to the team for organising such an enjoyable evening and thank you to all who came along to support.

Our community celebrations continue early in Term Three when we invite the grandparents of our community to join us for a special college assembly followed by refreshments. This will take place on Tuesday 12 August. We will be asking our students to extend the invitation personally to their grandparents to join us on the day. Please RSVP by Wednesday 6 August to allow us to make appropriate catering arrangements.

As we finish for our term we ask God’s blessing on all our community and especially those who are representing the College in the Good Samaritan Ministry Outreach and those travelling to Europe both of which take place in the break.

Mr Paul Lentern
Assistant Principal Dean of Mission

2014 Philippines Immersion

On Tuesday evening, the 2014 Philippines Immersion Team hosted a fundraising dinner at the Eastern City Chinese Restaurant at Pennant Hills. One hundred and thirty family and friends joined together for a night of great food, entertainment and lots of fun, games and dancing. The night was to gather donations for three organisations that the group will stay with in the Philippines: The Good Samaritan Kinder School, Bahay Tuluyan and PREDA. All of these organisations work with children who are either orphans, homeless or from poor families. The money donated at this dinner will make a significant contribution in ensuring that these organisations continue their very significant work.

The dinner was supported by many individuals and organisations who donated prizes and items for the Silent Auction. Thank you to the Lyric Theatre, Hills Cricket Academy, Lolly Potz, John Young, the Staal Family, Pat Lamont and Xanthe Pope. Over $5,000 was raised on the evening.

The Philippines Immersion Team have a number of other fundraising events organised for later in the year, including a Philippines Lottery and the Principal Homework Raffle where the winners from every year group will have the opportunity to have their homework done for one night by Mrs Pearson.

Mrs Donna Dempsey
Religious Education Head of Department and Ministry Coordinator

Curriculum News

Conversation Corner - Musings of an Educator

Quarterly reflections on Education from Mr John Muskovits, Assistant Principal Dean of Curriculum with an invitation to promote deep thinking through courageous conversations.

The child psychologist, Michael Carr-Gregg, recently in the Sydney Morning Herald(1) agreed that society’s desire to shield children from risk may be doing more harm than good.

“Children might have fewer accidents because they’re not playing outside but I worry about the effect on their mental health” Carr-Gregg went onto say that “children need to fall out of trees or come off their bikes or simply endure disappointment to build resilience".

I wonder how as educators in partnership with parents, we give our students and daughters an opportunity in their learning to ‘fall out of trees’ and ‘come off their bikes’ in a safe learning environment ?

I am reminded of Bruce Wilson, formerly, the Chief Executive of Curriculum Corporation reflections on failure:

(2)We have turned away from the notion of failure, but this has not made failure disappear. If children are to be given the chance to gain the most powerful possible learning, 'we must be able to expose them to the risk of failure, help them understand failure and success, and support them in trying again at something which has so far defeated them'.

Experience tells me that this notion of failure and disappointment are somewhat unpalatable and unfashionable in an adolescent’s journey through high school. Arguably, both parents and educators have at times been ‘helicopter’ and ‘dragon adults’, in trying to protect their students/daughters along this journey. Ironically, while this is often a well-meaning intention inadvertently it contributes more to the problem then to the solution, especially in developing 21st Century learners who are truly resilient, independent and risk takers in their learning.

In a recent study in (3) Norway, resilience was defined as “firstly, a sense of self-esteem and self-confidence; secondly, a belief in one’s own self-efficacy and an ability to deal with change and adaptation; thirdly, a repertoire of problem solving approaches”.

Literature on resilience states a lack of resilience for students in schools, and especially for girls, is on the rise. Translating this challenge into classrooms I argue we need a conceptual shift from spoon-feeding to independent, creative and critical thinking; from students consuming knowledge to co-creating and constructing it; from students being able to regurgitate information to applying knowledge in unknown and differing contexts. Unless this strategic shift occurs, in both design and practice, we will fail our students to be able to successfully problem solve, adapt and develop self-efficacy and therefore become more resilient in their learning.

A small number of staff are currently undertaking a course in Visible Thinking with the WIDE World(4), which is an innovative professional development program based at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. In the course staff are exploring how can they activate students’ thinking to build understanding?

And how can they help students to think more critically and creatively at the same time?

All staff are now beginning to implement, in either design and/or practice, the Harvard based Teaching for Understanding Learning Framework which shifts the focus from the knowledge and skills teachers are teaching to how students are performing their understanding of this knowledge; from end of unit assessments to assessment that is on-going throughout the unit with regular feedback which promotes better student engagement and learning.

The College has also been invited to be one of four participating high schools in a Sydney Hub for Learning Frontiers(5) which is an initiative of the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSIL). The project is collaborative and created to transform teaching and learning so that every student succeeds in an education worth having.

It brings together clusters of schools and other interested parties - ‘design hubs’ - to explore professional practices that increase student engagement in learning.

The engagement with Learning Frontiers is note-worthy and should be celebrated. It serves as a reminder that Mount St Benedict College is a leader in learning and endeavours to provide the very best for students.

Yet, these are but small but significant steps. Inevitably there is and will be ‘push back’ in this mission.

While we train (often inadvertently) our students/daughters to: be afraid of crossing out answers for fear of getting them wrong; wait for teachers before learning can begin or continue; expect others to do the work for them because it is hard or they don’t want to try; give up because of poor results- we know we have a long way to go.

But I live in the confidence that with a hard working and dedicated staff, a supportive parent body, wonderful students, the best you could ask for, and with God and a (6)‘all things are possible’(7).

What do you think of these musings?

Want to know more about something that you have read?

Readers are invited to make a comment by dropping an email to:

(1) Sydney Morning Herald 7-8 June 2014 News Review p 32
(2) How to teach better - Pedagogy - what's wrong in Curriculum Leadership Journal (2003-4)
(3) Measuring Protective Factors: The development of two resilient scales in Norway in Child Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics of North America (2007) p 306
(6) Allusion to the Rule of Benedict - Chapter 72: On the Good Zeal Which They Ought to Have
(7) Allusion to Mathew 19:26

Mr John Muskovits
Assistant Principal Dean of Curriculum

2014 Year 9 Parent Teacher Evening

3.40pm - 9.00pm
Monday 21 July
College Hall

Online bookings will open on Monday 30 June at midday and close on Sunday 20 July at midday. Parents wishing to make appointments after that will need to contact the College.

The booking system allows for the class teacher to not only request interviews with particular students but also to communicate this directly to the parent.

The College has made this move to an online system for the following reasons:

  • It better empowers the parents to make appointments with their daughter’s teachers
  • There is less of a likelihood that the form will get lost, misplaced or not be utilised
  • Students and/or teachers will not be required to chase each other in attempt to make bookings thereby arguably increasing valuable learning time

The aim of the evening will be:

  • An opportunity for parents to meet their daughters teachers and continue to foster positive relationships between parent, student and teacher
  • For students and parents to be given valuable feedback on their learning so the student can set goals for the next Semester

  • For discussion of ways in which the teacher and parent can work together to support the student in her learning; and For students (and parents) to develop an objective concept of their capacity and abilities

Students are to attend in school uniform with their parent(s).

As always we are looking to improve our practices and thereby improve the learning opportunities for students at the College.

Mr John Muskovits
Assistant Principal Dean of Curriculum

Year 10 PASS take the '$10 Challenge for an Athlete'

At the College, we always want to make learning fun and engaging for our students. But, the question is always, HOW? As most people already know, research has shown that learning is most effective when you make authentic connections between the classroom and real-world examples.

So, the PDHPE faculty did just that. We took our Year 10 PASS classes on a small excursion during their double period to visit Coles Supermarket to complete Curtis Stone’s $10 Challenge for an Athlete. This is the first time we have organised this excursion and it was a success. The girls really took on the challenge with enthusiasm and the learning that took place was more than we had anticipated. They weighed bananas, compared nutritional labels, analysed different marketing strategies of a range of products, calculated total costs of their purchases to the cent and used apps to find healthier alternatives. All of this was only possible with the knowledge not only gained in PASS, but from all other subjects areas such as Maths, English, Commerce, PDHPE, TAS to name a few.

It was a really worthwhile experience for not only the students but for us as staff to see our students actively engaged in an authentic, integrated and real-world learning experience. At the very least, they have definitely gained an insight into the challenges and demanding nature of the weekly grocery shop and are unquestionably more appreciative of their parents! Please find below the reflections of this experience from two of our PASS students.

Miss Christina Liu
PDHPE Teacher

A few weeks ago, both Year 10 PASS classes were given a very challenging task. We had to find the cheapest, most convenient and healthiest meal ideas appropriate for young athletes with only $10 between four students. To do this, we went on a brisk walk to Coles Supermarket at Thompsons Corner in our double period. The task required us to compare and analyse different food products and decide on the most nutritionally sound items that would be ideal to improve sporting performance.

We found this experience to be very rewarding yet difficult as we soon realised that ideal foods were quite expensive. This excursion enhanced and broadened our understanding about different food’s nutritional value and this knowledge will now influence the food choices we make in the future. We would like to thank Miss Liu and Mrs Parle for organising this enriching experience for us.

submitted byTianna Raad and Catherine Owusu-Sekyere, Year 10 PASS

Year 10 PDHPE Well-being Toolkit

Year 10 have just completed an assessment task for the PDHPE topic “A Beautiful Mind”. This assessment task was a Project Based Learning activity which allowed the students to create a unique Well-being Toolkit for maintaining and improving the well-being of MSB students. The students had to hand in deliverables throughout the term, participate in class discussions and partake in physical activities which helped us complete the final product as well as making for interesting, diverse and fun class lessons.

The final product had to have project logs to report our progress and what we learnt each lesson, plus a piece of creative work that could include a virtual toolkit, a video, a practical toolkit and anything else imaginative that we could design. Some of the final products are currently on display in the IRC to help educate the rest of our peers on well-being and also on display on the Digital signage around the College. The girls also had an opportunity to showcase their work to teachers and students last week and Lauren Adler’s video was shown to all students at assembly.

The task was designed to develop understanding of adolescence well-being whilst allowing students to participate in a variety of class activities and use their new knowledge in a practical situation to inform and make a difference to other students. Many of the students found that a flexible assessment format like the final project allowed them to explore different ideas and show the extent of their learning. Overall this task was seen by the year 10 students as a successful and enjoyable task to complete and prepare us for our Senior Studies in the College.

Examples of some of the Student projects are shown either as images or by linking to the blogs or videos the girls have created:

Lauren Adler - Video: How can we maintain and improve the mental well-being of MSB students?
Jordana Beatty - Well-being Toolkit
Sienna Chacon - Powerpoint Presentation: The Well-being Toolkit

Madyson Chippendale: Blog - Toolkit for a Healthy Well-being
Sarah Jane Eades: Book - Mental Well-being strategies for MSB students
Madeline Fernando:
Blog - A Beautiful Mind Project

Madison Nicholson: Well-being Toolkit
Catherine Owusu-Sekye: Blog - Stress Less: The blog for you
Dominique Pigott:
Blog - A beautiful mind: “How can we maintain and improve the mental well-being of MSB students”

Ellie Webber and Victoria Gupta: You-Tube video - Well-being Toolkit for MSB Students
Bonnie Wang: Posy of well-being strategies and support
Kirsten Simpson: Mind, Body and Soul Magazine and Well-being Toolkit

Report compiled by Lauren Adler Year 10 and PDHPE Staff

2014 History Study Tour

Good luck and safe travels to the thirty-three students and six staff as they fly out on Saturday on the History Study Tour. The girls will land in Munich, visiting Dachau. They will then travel to Nuremberg, Berlin, Naples, Pompeii and Rome. Whilst there will be many learning opportunities, relaxation on the Isle of Capri and Shopping in Berlin and Rome will also be on the agenda.

You can follow the girls adventures on The MSB History Tour facebook page.

Mr Greg Hume
History Study Tour Coordinator

College News

Footsteps of Benedict Jubilee Tour Information Evening

Thursday 17 July
College Staffroom

Come along and hear all about the upcoming Footsteps of Benedict tour to be held December 2015/January 2016.

Please confirm your attendance

Download the Footsteps of Benedict Information Flyer

MSB Day Thank You

On behalf of the College, and in particular the Captains organising MSB day, we would like to officially say a massive THANK YOU to both the Parent and Friends Association and MSBESA.

The P&F’s kind contribution allowed us to have a petting zoo on the day, allowing for great memories for many of the girls, juniors and seniors alike, with their new cute and fluffy best friends.

MSBESA’s generous contribution additionally allowed the College to get down and boogie with a silent disco! This allowed for a great number of girls to be involved throughout the day and have fun, because of how kind our parents and ex-students are, completely free of cost!

Thank you again so much!

Submitted by Jessica Smith, Emma Hayman and Amelia Ruddock on behalf of MSB


Christine de Launey Spellathon Year 7 and 8 Finals

Whilst texting and acronyms are becoming the norm, eg, MSB, IRC, NAPLAN, ROSA, HSC, LOL, YOLO, etc, it’s important to know that spelling matters. We all need to be able to spell accurately in order to communicate effectively. For example, when filling, not filing in, an application form, or writing an essay or that important message to someone special when ILY just won’t do.

This week, the Year 7 and 8 Spellathon finals were held. This was a spell off between our most consistent spellers who over six weeks, competed in vigorous spelling test heats in order to qualify for the Christine de Launey Spellathon finals.

Congratulations to Claire Ward who is our Christine de Launey Year 8 Spelling Champion for 2014 after correctly spelling mischievous.

Also congratulations to Rima Nigudkar who is our Christine de Launey Year 7 Spelling Champion for 2014 after correctly spelling ecosystem.

IRC Bennies Book Club

Each Thursday at recess in the IRC Bennies Book Club meets with girls sharing stories, completing quizzes and having lots of "Geek Girl Book Fun". To celebrate winter beginning, the girls have recently enjoyed hot milo, advance holiday borrowing and a bring a friend day. All girls are welcome to join Mrs Shiels, Mrs Collins Pope and Mrs McGowan each Thursday in the Reading Area.

Holiday Reading

Image 1

Just a reminder to all students that Holiday Reading is upon us. This is the perfect time to catch up on all your reading, particularly if you are completing the Premier’s and Principal’s Reading Challenges.

Please see Mrs Shiels or Mrs McGowan to increase your borrowing limit. Don’t forget you can still access our ‘OverDrive’ e-book and audio books over the break 24 hours a day through Oliver.

Happy Reading.

Mrs Shiels
Teacher Librarian / ICT Integrator

Wind Ensemble

Image 1

The Wind Ensemble, for students from Years 7 - 9, performed for the first time at Assembly under the direction of Mr Peter Walmsley.

We welcome Mr Walmsley to the College this year. He will be taking Wind Ensemble every Tuesday at lunchtime and will also be giving tuition to Brass players.

Anyone interested in learning the Trumpet or Trombone in Years 7 or 8?

There are three trumpets and three trombones available at the College. Lessons are $13 including hire of the instrument.  Lessons will be in groups, one group for trumpet and one for trombone.

Representative Sport

If your daughter has recently achieved outstanding sporting results please send me an email so hat the College can share in her success.



Broken Bay Wet Weather Line: 9990 3633

Representative Sports Calendar - Term Three



Broken Bay Championships
Wed 20 Aug
MSB Representative Teams

NSW All Schools KO Championships
Thu 28 Aug
MSB Representative KO Team

NSW CCC Championships
Fri 12 Sep
BROKEN BAY Representative Team



NSW All Schools Championships
Fri 18 Jul
J.Gallagher Y8, E. Gallagher Y9, K.Simpson Y10



BROKEN BAY Championships
Tue 22 Jul (wet weather Wed 23 Jul)
MSB Representative Team

NSW CCC Championships
Wed 13 Aug
MSB BB Champion Representative Teams



NSW ALL SCHOOLS Championships
Fri 25 - Sun 27 Jul
A. Shepherd Y9

NSW ALL SCHOOLS Regional Championships
Tue 26 Aug
MSB Year 7/8 Representative Team

Representative Team Training and Trials Term 3, Week 1

Tuesday 15 July Junior Rep Netball Training (Mrs Walsh) Hall
Tuesday 15 July Year 7 Rep Netball Training (Mrs Grant) Hall
Thursday 17 July Intermediate Rep Netball Training (Mrs Rowland) Hall
Thursday 17 July Open Rep Netball Training (Mrs McGregor) Hall

Girls in the Open Soccer Representative team will need to check their emails at the start of the second week of the holidays for information on the first round of the NSW CCC Soccer Knock Out Competition.

Sign up sheets are now on the Sports Noticeboard for the Junior (Year 7/8) and Intermediate (Year 9/10) Basketball teams and the Year 7/8 Representative Touch Team.

Trials will begin in Week Two for those teams, further details will appear in our next College newsletter.

Thank you to those families who have applied to host the English Netball girls who will be competing in the Broken Bay Championships as invitational teams. Please scan/email any outstanding paperwork to Mrs Grant as soon as possible so offers can be made to families to allow for planning time.

Broken Bay Netball Championships - Netball Umpires Required

As hosts of the Broken Bay Secondary Schools Sports Association Netball Championships we are looking for umpires to officiate.

Date: Tuesday 22 July (Wet Weather date Wednesday 23 July)
Time: 8.30am - 3.00pm (TBC closer to the date)
Venue: Pennant Hills Netball Courts

You will be required to umpire up to eight 20 minute games.

BBSSSA will reimburse umpires for their time as follows:-

B Badge - $150 for the day
C Badge - $120 for the day

Umpires must be aged over 17 and no longer be a school student

Please email: Lisette Smith if you are interested .

MSB Representative Athletics Team

The final draft of the MSB Athletics Team is now on the Sports Noticeboard and available below for download. Please notify Mrs Grant immediately if you sustain an injury anytime between now and the Broken Bay Championships and need to withdraw from events.

Notes will be distributed first week back next term.

MSB Athletics Team - Final Draft  

NSW ALL SCHOOLS Soccer Championships

Congratulations to Natalie Tobin who has again been selected into the NSW All Schools Open Soccer Championships.

She will now compete at the School Sport Australia Championships in August.

NSW CCC Cross Country Championships

Fourteen MSB runners competed last week in cool conditions at the NSW CCC Cross Country Championships held at Eastern Creek.

Congratulations to Jemma Gallagher 5th (Year 8 U13), Elly Gallagher 5th (Year 9 U14) and Kirsten Simpson 10th  (Year 10 U16) who will now represent CCC at the All Schools Championships next term.

Photo: Kirsten

Good Luck

Good luck to our four Representative Teams (U13 Soccer, U15 Soccer, Y9/10 Touch and SENIOR Basketball) competing this week. Look out for full reports on their results in our next newsletter.

Representative Sport Coordinator


University Focus

University of Notre Dame information is the final week of university information for parents. Previous editions highlighted UNSW, Macquarie University, Sydney University, UTS, UWS and ACU.

Parent's Guide to Notre Dame (pdf)
Information for Parents and Guardians
Notre Dame Parent Information Evening
Young Achievers Early Offer Program

Mrs Lucy Elgood
Careers Advisor

P & F News

Monday 21 July
in the College Staffroom

Monday 11 August
in the College Staffroom

The MSB Golf Day will not take place this year due to timing and conflicts with other school activities.


Beyond Bennies

Four inspiring young women shared their career stories since leaving MSB at our Beyond Bennies Breakfast this week. Thanks to Suzie Monks (Class of 2000), Monica Kenig (Class of 2002), Kate Aubusson (Class of 2004) and Jessica Jones (Class of 2009).

Covering medicine, journalism and education their career stories and advice had the audience listening intently including how to gain entry into a medical degree and maintaining motivation over the long course of study; changing career path; the benefits of a gap year both prior to and during study; and creating balance in study and working life.

Left: Jessica Jones, Kate Aubusson, Monica Kenig and Suzie Monks

Right: Cathy Bray (MSBESA President), Taylah Hurst (Communications Captain), Kate Aubusson, Jessica Jones,
Monica Kenig,Suzie Monks, and Lauren Pinto (Communications Captain)

Community Notices

Is your child avoiding situations, misbehaving or stressing about performance?

1.00pm - 2.00pm
Wednesday 25 June
Seminar Room 2, Dunmore Lang College, 130 -134 Herring Road, North Ryde

The Rotary Club of North Ryde is running a free, one-hour lunchtime Seminar about how to identify, understand and manage anxiety in children 7 - 17 years old. It is based on research by the Centre for Emotional Health at Macquarie University and the speaker is Dr Lauren McLellan.

A Q&A session is included.

Suitable for concerned parents, carers and teachers. BYO lunch but water provided. There is parking for parents with prams at the College and other parking nearby at the Macquarie Centre, two minutes’ walk away.

Register online by Monday 23 June to confirm your attendance.
Enquires to Annette on 0412 088 929.

Download the Anxiety and Adolescence flyer

MultiLit Literacy

MultiLit, a research initiative of Macquarie University, offers proven programs designed to help low-progress readers catch up with their peers, improving their reading accuracy, fluency, comprehension and spelling.

An intensive ten lesson program over the July School Holidays at the MultiLit Literacy Centre or online. 

Download the MultiLit Literacy Holiday Program flyer here for more information on our School Holiday programs, email us at or call 1300 55 99 19.


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