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19 September 2014

From the Principal

Dear Parents and Friends,

This week has been a very special one for the Class of 2014. On Monday evening the girls came together for some time of reflection, sharing, prayer and celebration. Coordinated by Ms Christina Liu, our College Chaplain, the girls shared rich experiences and were able to recognise and acknowledge the importance of the years they have shared, the relationships they have forged and the understanding of the Good Samaritan values they have developed.

The week continued with farewells from Homerooms and Houses, a Farewell Assembly with the whole College community, Academic Assembly and then the culminating Graduation Mass, followed by Graduation Dinner.

Year 12 House Farewells

As we journeyed through the week the emotions associated with letting go and saying goodbyes surfaced at different times and in different ways, but throughout the week the girls were their usual dignified selves, grateful to their teachers and parents, expressing thanks to all those who have helped them along the way and passing on messages to the younger students.


The Class of 2014 has left a lasting impression on our College and we know that bright futures await them.

View the Graduating Class of 2014 Photo Gallery

At this time of the year we are planning for 2015 and it is very helpful if we have accurate student numbers to appropriately organise classes. If your daughter will not be returning to the College in 2015 I ask that you let me know in writing early in Term Four. I understand that sometimes there are last minute changes which lead to late decisions but in general advanced notice is much appreciated.

Year 9 enjoyed a Reflection Day on Monday, as did Year 8 last week. We place a great deal of importance on these opportunities for the girls to spend time considering their personal faith journeys and developing spirituality. Our secular world makes little space for such activities, and lives are so busy that we often forget to make the time for ourselves. Our staff put a great deal of effort into making these days relevant and meaningful for the girls and I know that the girls appreciate them and gain from them. It is good for parents to discuss these areas of life with their daughters also. As partners in their faith development we aim to build on the experiences they have within their families, friendship groups and beyond.

I hope that the upcoming break will be a peaceful time for families, time to rest and recuperate from the busy schedules of the term and to prepare for the extremely busy term ahead.

As we give our blessings to the Class of 2014 I leave you with this poem called At the Threshold of Womanhood :

May you enter beautifully into the feminine,
Learning to trust the world of feeling you inherit,
Finding ease and elegance in all you are.

May your respect for your beauty
Become visible in your dignity
And how you hold yourself in the world.

May the expectation in other eyes
Never decide how you are to be;
Learn to trust the advice of your heart.

May you feel life as an irresistible invitation
To discover and develop your talents,
Each day bringing something new to birth.

May you be wise in choosing love;
When you trust, give all your heart
And allow love to pervade you like breath.

May you have friends who can see you.
May your senses be windows of wonder
And your mind a prism of spirit.

(J. O’Donohue, Benedictus: A Book of Blessings, pp 79-80)

Mrs Maria Pearson

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Mission News

During this, our final week of term, much of our attention was rightly focused on our Graduating Class of 2014. Among the events arranged for these students during the week were our 'Connect Night' and our Graduation Eucharist.

'Connect' was held on Monday after school and was organised and facilitated by our College Chaplain Ms Christina Liu with the support of about twenty of our staff from a range of faculties and teams. The program began with some games, and moved into some reflections offered by Mr David Greenwell and Annabelle Doheny of Year 12. There were also some reflective activities involving students taking time on their own as well as time with friends. We had a shared meal together in the staff lunch room and also had the opportunity to see some video messages recorded by a number of staff members. The evening finished with a beautiful informal liturgy centered around a blessing ritual with water and the word of God. It was a wonderful time of prayer and reflection for our students as they moved into this most significant week. Not only were the reflections very appropriate for the evening but they also set a wonderful tone for the week that followed.

On Thursday evening, our reflections took a more formal tone with the Graduation Eucharist offered at St Agatha’s Parish at Pennant Hills. Parish Priest Fr Paul Durkin presided at this Liturgy where our Graduating class were able to come together in a most powerful way listening to the word of God and sharing in the Eucharist together.

As the term reached its conclusion, our attention had already turned to our next major events. During the holidays many of us will be gathering at Blacktown Showground for the Family Fun Day Picnic being run in conjunction with Josephite Community Aid (JCA). A lot of planning has gone into the day and we are all looking forward to the occasion. Everyone is welcome to come along and enjoy the day on Friday 3 October.

A few days later our Year 11 students will be enjoying three days of Retreat at different venues. There will be two venues running a program on the theme of Hospitality and one venue running a program on Stewardship. In previous years weather has been a significant feature with snow at Blackheath in October 2012 and 40 degree temperatures in 2013. We hope this year we will enjoy some milder weather.

View the Graduating Class of 2014 Photo Gallery

Mr Paul Lentern
Assistant Principal Dean of Mission

Curriculum News

View the Year 12 Major Award Recipents

View the Graduating Class of 2014 Photo Gallery

Book Now for the CAPA Showcase. Tickets will not be sold on the night.

MSB excel at the National Chemistry Titration Finals

Congratulations to the two Bennies teams who contested the National Chemistry Titration Competition Finals at UNSW last weekend. After placing first and second at the Regional Finals in June the team consisting of Hannah Akers, Rebecca Calabrese and Abi Curtin placed 9th nationally while the team of Monique Cockram, Arielle Kosasih and Amita Trikam were very close behind.

Well done also to Rebecca, Abi and Arielle on achieving individual Gold Medals for accuracy within 1% of the actual value of the unknown.

Physical Activity Update

It’s been another great term of Physical Activity despite the recent bout of rain.

Year 7 have enjoyed learning the technique of Hip Hop Dancing and it's been great to see them master the choreography and have fun with this contemporary style of dance.Year 8 have continued their three term rotation through the activities of Zumba Fitness, Gymnastics Trampolining and Tennis, whilst Year 9 have embraced the challenges of balance and coordination required for skateboarding. It's been exciting to watch them overcome fears and reach personal achievements in this activity. The girls also had the opportunity to further enhance their skills with a visit to the Monster Skate Park at Homebush.

Other Year 9 classes have been participating in golf lessons and learning the skills of the various golf strokes under the instruction of the Centre’s pro golfer. Year 10 participated in ‘Boot Camp’ Fitness. PA in Year 10 aims to provide students with experiences that encourage involvement in life long physical fitness.

Throughout the year the girls have the opportunity to participate in a variety of styles of fitness classes.

In Term Four the girls will participate in the following PA activities:

  • Year 7 - Aquatics program (a checklist of equipment needed for this activity has been emailed to students and parents)
  • Year 8 - students will complete their final rotation of either Zumba Fitness or Circus Skills
  • Year 9 - some classes will be at golf and others will train in the use of the College Fitness Studio.
  • Year 10 - will complete their fitness class rotation and participate in a series of Pump and RPM classes.

Zoo Snooze

On Thursday 4 September, we embarked on an adventure that we will never forget. We met Mrs Dean and Ms Abagi in C204. Once all dressed, fed and packed, we left the College and arrived at the famous Taronga Zoo.

We dropped our belongings in the Education Centre and were amazed by the reptiles behind the glass. The zoo keeper hurriedly assured us that the frogs and snakes could not escape. The keeper then went in to the next room to ready the animals. The keeper returned with three mysterious boxes, all containing exciting and slightly scary reptiles. First, the shingle back lizard was shown to us. Next, a spotted python was taken out of its den for us to see, it was soft to touch but deadly in the wild. A snake necked turtle was brought out next along with an ornate box tortoise. The keepers later discovered that the ornate box tortoise was actually an ornate box turtle! The keepers were very embarrassed for the rest of the night.

After a barbequed dinner, we snugged up for the night walk. First, we were off to the giraffes and learnt some amazing information about these animals. Giraffes have amazing vision and that is why they are placed in such a high part in the zoo so that they can use and improve their vision. We also learnt that giraffes sleep together so they can camouflage into one big giraffe and be a stronger target for predators. We then walked down towards the elephants for our next encounter with the sun bears. Unfortunately the sun bears weren’t out but we kept our heads high and walked through the rain to the next enclosure.

The Sumatran tigers were out but sleeping. The keeper again flooded us with information. We were told that tigers actually have webbed feet and can swim quite well. We looked around the big cats exhibit but were disappointed when the lions and snow leopards were both sleeping indoors. As we were trekking up to the mountain tahr, they awoke and were hungry. They all jumped down in great leaps to get the food that the keepers had thrown in. We learnt that the tahr could jump down and up the mountain in eight jumps whereas the snow leopard could jump it in four! After the wet night walk, we returned to the Centre for supper. We were still comprehending all the amazing information that we had just learnt. After a short meal of fruit, it was time for bed, in a room filled with scary reptiles.

After a restless night, we awoke at 6.00am, excited for the busy day ahead. We quickly ate our breakfast with much anticipation. The keepers brought in some native Australian animals. The ringtail possum was displayed first. The keepers gave it some food then put it back to sleep, as the possum is nocturnal. The keeper then presented an echidna to the group. The echidna wobbled around and was very sneaky. We then got to gently stroke the quills on its back. It was a strange feeling brushing your hand over so many sharp pointy barbs. When the echidna was put back, the keeper then got a quokka out. The quokka was very fat but incredibly cute. After a quick pat, the keepers got us ready for our behind the scenes tour. After grabbing our umbrellas, we wandered down to the Tasmanian Devil exhibit where we saw them waking up for their breakfast feast. Their meals consisted of mice, chicken and lots of raw meat. The keepers took us behind the scenes and we got to explore the preparations area.

We discovered that the enclosure was initially used for the big cats as there were many big roller doors and alarms systems out the back of the exhibit. After seeing the tasmanian devils we marched through to see the gorillas. They had just woken up and it was time for their feeding. It was incredible to see how much gorillas are similar to us, not just in physical appearance, but the way that they act and behave. After watching the gorillas eat, we walked back towards the Education Centre where we collected our bags. It was now time to say goodbye to our instructors and then we headed off to wait for the rest of the grade.

The overall experience was amazing and we highly recommend this overnight tour. We all came home with astounding information that we would not ordinarily know. We would like to thank the teachers that put the trip together and the amazing Taronga Zoo for hosting us!

by Emma Bourne and Rebecca Wood

College News

Monte Cassino Update

2014 has been a brilliant year for Monte Cassino. Our achievements so far have been extraordinary, coming first in participation for both the Swimming and Athletics Carnivals. We have also placed 4th overall in both Carnivals, and this is a credit to the House Leaders’ encouragement, our House Coordinator Mrs Hickey’s support and the enthusiasm and eagerness of our girls and students.

Monte has also excelled in PC sessions run as a House. This year we have initiated gratitude boxes in each Monte Homeroom. These boxes were designed and decorated by the girls and encourage each girl to reflect each week and write down something they are grateful for. These notes are placed in their Homeroom’s gratitude box and are read out in our House PC sessions and during Homeroom. It has been a great way for each girl to appreciate things in her life, in school and outside of school on any scale. To show gratitude using this idea has been a great way for all the girls to express their thanks to those around them.

As Term Three draws to an end, Monte’s House Coordinator, Ms O’Brien will be returning from her nine month holiday around the world! As Monte anticipates her safe return, we will sadly be saying goodbye to Mrs Hickey who has filled Ms O’Brien’s shoes while she has been away. Mrs Hickey has enthusiastically driven Monte to success and helped heighten our performance in our sporting carnivals over the past three terms. Her bubbly, inspiring and cheerful encouragement as well as her dedication and huge efforts will be sorely missed by Monte Cassino.

The Graduating Class of 2014 will also be missed as we farewell them this week. The Year 12’s are highly valued and admired in each Homeroom and the House as a whole. Monte will miss the leadership, guidance, advice and support that the Year 12’s have given during their time here in Monte Cassino and in the College. We wish them all the best and every happiness for the future.

By Emma Smith and Madeline Pffercorn

Year 10 Excursion to RYDA

On Thursday 11 September Year 10 went on an excursion to RYDA at Sydney Olympic Park to learn about how to be a safe driver. Throughout the day we had the opportunity to design our own safe car, hear from a police officer, learn about risks, hazards, distractions, stopping distances and we even got to listen to the inspirational story from a crash survivor. Overall we learnt a lot from this day and are now more confident to be able to drive safely on the roads. We would like to thank Mrs Hickey for organising the day, to all the other teachers who accompanied us and the volunteers from the Rotary Club for helping us to become safer drivers.

By Jessica Griffith and Jessica Corcoran

Terracina Report

What an amazing year so far for Terracina girls! As a House, we have broken the 15 year drought and finally won 1st place in the Athletics Carnival! Yes that’s right - first place!

Our fabulous Terra girls all pulled together in one amazing effort to achieve such an outstanding placing in the 2014 Athletics Carnival with a fantastic 1537 event points! The top point scorers were:

  • Charlotte Anderson (10 events) Year 7
  • Jaime Dunn (10 events)  Year 8
  • Diana Kazakov (10 events) and Annabel Anderson (10 events) Year 9
  • Katya Yee (9 events) and Zoe McIntyre (9 events) Year 10
  • Freya Cleveringa (10 events) Year 11
  • Annabelle Doheny (10 events) and Maddie Thompson (10 events) Year 12

The winning Homeroom was T6 with a participation rate of 88% and the winning year group was Year 9, with a participation rate of 87%! Amazing work girls!

The Swimming Carnival for Terracina 2014, was also very exciting, with a participation increase of 11% compared to 2013 which is fantastic!

The Swimming Carnival saw Terracina rank overall 4th but 3rd for Participation, achieving a massive 771 participation points and 4th in the amazing War Cry! Our overall top achievers on the whole day were the following:

  • Caitlin Walsh Year 7
  • Gabrielle Dollar and Jaime Dunn Year 8
  • Zara Worne Year 9
  • Olivia Bygrave Year 10
  • Sophie Parkes Year 11
  • Natalie Tobin Year 12

A huge thank you to Annabelle Doheny, our outgoing House Captain and Mrs Gillies our House Coordinator for their preparation and support on the day. Everyone had a lot of fun on the day and we saw some great costumes too! Thank you to all participants, girls who put a lot of effort into their costumes, Homeroom mentors, photographers and of course, Mrs Gillies, Annabelle and Freya too.

A special commendation to Anne Younis who was awarded the ‘Terra Swimming Award’ for displaying our House Values of Compassion, Enthusiasm and Teamwork! Great work Anne and congratulations!

The winning Homeroom was T2, with a participation rate of 71% and the winning Year group was Year 9, with a participation rate of 57%. Congratulations!

The recent announcement of our Vice Captain Tianna Raad was exciting news for us all. Tianna will be working alongside Mrs Gillies, Brianna our House Captain, and Our House Ambassador, Sophie Parkes. Sophie will be helping us to connect more to our House Partner, Kiribati, and will promote social justice issues as well as raising awareness about the dangers that Kiribati is facing and the many ways we can help, for example, the donations of toys and other useful items that we collected and sent over there. In the year of Pax, Terracina has been playing a small role in increasing awareness of peace by supporting others through not only words, but actions too. We have been knitting wonderful squares to add to the Terracina blanket that will be generously donated to the ‘Wrap with Love’ initiative. Mrs Davey and Mrs Gillies have been working hard too, to ensure that this was a very successful event with beautiful blankets resulting from this. Great work team!

Terracina has been a very successful House this year and we are a very proud House, especially coming in 1st place at the Athletics Carnival. Well done Terra Legends! We are all very proud of each other’s achievements and are very grateful to everyone for supporting each other through our important house values of Compassion, Enthusiasm and Teamwork. Looking forward to another fulfilling, exciting and achievement filled 2015!

Report by Brianna Fitzalan
Terracina House Captain

Spy Class - Year 7 Mathematics Trial

Year 7 have an exciting opportunity for the rest of the year to use a new Mathematics online resource. This resource will support the girls by consolidating some of the Mathematics concepts they have studied this year in preparation for their end of year assessment in Term Four.

Spy Class is a new product produced by publisher Jacaranda which has not been released for sale to schools as yet but will be available in 2015. Spy Class is an online game which has been loaded to all Year 7 student JacPlus accounts for the students to trial and give feedback to the College and Jacaranda.

Why an online game for Mathematics? Educational research is showing the importance of providing effective game based learning to engage and motivate learners. If you would like to read more about the benefits of game based learning the link below to a paper written by Jessica Trybus of the New Media Institute will give you some preliminary information

as will the blog post from Mindshift’s Jordan Shapiro “How games lead kids to the good stuff: understanding context”

More information about Spy Class specifically can also be read by linking to the Teacher Fact Sheets provided by Jacaranda at . Mrs Hillier, Mathematics Head of Department and Lara Hibbard, Numeracy Support Teacher, have spent some time reviewing Spy Class and are keen to have the students also spend some time using this resource.

The girls can access Spy Class on their JacPlus Bookshelf along with the rest of the digital textbooks, atlases and English online game Knowledge Quest which we currently subscribe to for Year 7.

Students log in at using their email address.

I encourage all Year 7 parents to ask their daughters to spend some time using Spy Class over the next month to support their Mathematics studies.

Mrs Sharon McGowan
MYBennies Innovation Leader and IRC Coordinator

Holiday Access to OverDrive eBooks and Audiobooks

Please remember even though the IRC is closed over the school holidays the girls will still have online access to OverDrive, our digital library for both e-books and audio books, great if you’re travelling!

The IRC have now made access to Overdrive available through the College catalogue Oliver. Oliver can be found in the MSB favourites in your browser or in the IRC tab on BenniesNet. Simply log into Oliver and search for the ebook or audiobook you wish to down load. To check out your book click on the link ‘Borrow OverDrive Read ebook or Borrow MP3 Audiobook’

Image 1

Image 2






 Image 3

This will take you directly to the book where you can read it in your browser or you have the option of downloading the book directly onto your hard drive.

Happy reading!


The IRC Team

Author Visit for National Numeracy and Literacy Week

As just one of a variety of activities for NLNW at Bennies, the author Claire Zorn was invited to present to a mixed group of students, some of whom are already devoted fans.

Claire is a young author with an inspiring tale to tell: having all her creative writing returned to her covered in red marks in school, because she was unable to spell, she suffered anxiety. She even fled the scene of her creative writing HSC exam, believing she couldn’t do it. Now, after studying Fine Arts and working in a publishing house, she has published two wonderful Young Adult fiction titles, "The Sky So Heavy” and “The Protected”.

Year 8 students at Mount St Benedict College were very excited to learn that she was visiting after they studied the design features of the front cover of her first novel and then read the book. Word spread fast and the borrowings from the IRC were heavy! A Book Trailer competition was held as part of NLNW activities and three entries were of high quality, the winner being chosen by the author herself. Grace Nicholson, Year 8, the winner and others were invited to share lunch with Claire between the presentations.

Private Vehicle Conveyance (PVC)

Transport for NSW offers a PVC subsidy for students who need their parents to drive them to the bus stop in the mornings and afternoons. This can now be accessed directly through the Transport for NSW website.

Please contact Mrs Jan Franco on 9980 0400 if you require further information. 

Representative Sport

If your daughter has recently achieved outstanding sporting results please send me an email so that the College can share in her success.


NSW CCC Website:

Broken Bay Wet Weather Line: 9990 3633

Representative Sports Calendar - Term Three


NSW All Schools Championships
Thursday 9 - Sunday 12 October

AUSTRALIAN ALL SCHOOLS Athletics Championships
Friday 5 - Monday 8 December
MSB U15 KO Team


NSW ALL SCHOOLS State Championships
Friday 7 November
MSB Year 7/8 Representative Team TBC


Broken Bay Championships
Tuesday 21 October
MSB Representative Teams
Wet Weather Tuesday 28 October


Broken Bay Championships
Wednesday 5 November
MSB Representative Team


Broken Bay Trials
Friday 21 November


Broken Bay Championships
Monday 1 December
MSB Representative Team

Representative Team Training and Trials

Term Four Week One

  • Tuesday 7 October Tennis trials - Pennant Hills Courts 3.30pm - 5.00pm

Terrific Touch Girls off to State Championships

On Monday our talented Year 7/8 Touch girls were in action at Parramatta at the NSW All Schools Regional Championships. The girls again had a successful day and remain undefeated after two carnivals, now qualifying for the NSW All Schools Championships to be held at Penrith in November.

Here is team member Shannyn Bissett's account of the day:

On Monday 15 September the Year 7/8 representative Touch team competed at the NSW Schools Regional Touch Championships. We were very lucky to have such an experienced coach, Mrs Hickey. It was also good to mix with other girls from different grades and to get to know them on and off the field. In our team we had such good depth, experience and friendship which made a more successful team. We met girls from other schools who shared the same interest as us, playing touch. We won five games with one draw.

Thanks to Kassidy Grant, Maddison Gardoni, Julia Zubak, Renee Khamis, Claudia Mckenzie, Capri Vidler, Lindsay Mills, Georgia Dean, Jessica Barr, Jesse Smith, Alice Woodrow and Rachel Marren who in the heat showed skill, determination and teamwork to end up winners.

As always thanks to our wonderful parents who were again there in large numbers, supporting our girls and Mrs Hickey. Particular thanks to Mr Anthony Vidler who scored all day (ensuring accurate appeals could be made at times) and as always volunteered to assist with tents etc and support the staff in any way needed.

NSW CCC Athletics Results

Congratulations to the twelve MSB athletes who participated at the NSW CCC Athletics Championships last Friday.

Top three places were achieved by:

  • Amie Bowrey (Year 7) U13 1st Javelin, 1st Hurdles
  • Elly Gallagher (Year 9) U15 1st 1500m, 2nd 800m
  • Katie Devitt (Year 8) U14 1st 200m, 2nd 100m
  • Tiarne Ekstrom (Year 7) U12 2nd Hurdles, 2nd Discus, 3rd Shot
  • Jemma Gallagher  (Year 8) U13 3rd 1500m, 3rd 800m
  • Kerilee Coote  (Year 12) 2nd 15+ 1500m Walk
  • Jenna Jardine (Year 10) 3rd U15 Long Jump
  • Ellen Wearne (Year 11) 3rd U16 Javelin

Registrations for the NSW All Schools Championships are now open on the Athletics NSW website

Please notify Mrs Grant if you have entered.

NSW Handball Trials

NSW Handball is looking for players to trial for the State teams for the upcoming U14 and U16 Championships in November. Trainings sessions will be occurring during the term break.

Anyone is welcome to trial.

Any enquires can be directed to or President Scott Fearnside – Scott is assisting the coaches with running the sessions.

Mrs Karen Grant
Representative Sport Coordinator

Co-curricular Sport

MSB Netball Club Presentation Day

Presentation Day for the Netball Club is on Saturday 12 October from 11.00am - 1.00pm at Pennant Hills Bowling Club. All players and families are invited to join us to celebrate another successful netball season.

MSB Netball 15/1s

Congratulations to this talented team on their outstanding season, Annabel Anderson, Angela Cloeraine, Breanna Barr, Cassandra Chivers, Emily Bannon, Isabella Morgan, Lauren Martin, Yana Paras, Taylor Russell (undefeated all season to claim the title of Minor Premiers and won the Major Semi Final convincingly).

And now Premiers in a nail-biting Grand Final winning by one goal. This team always played very hard, fast and fluid (very pretty!) netball with a sense of fun and good sportsmanship and were a great pleasure to watch each week. All members are a credit to the sport, your families and Club and the College.

Mrs Julie Chivers

Under 14/2s Netball Grand Final Winners

The MSB 14/2s took on the undefeated Cherrybrook side in the Grand Final  on 13 September, their first dry game in weeks!  The MSB girls took the court determined to gain the advantage in the first quarter which they succeeded in doing with a five goal lead when the whistle blew. The team went from strength to strength, convincingly winning all four quarters with tremendous accuracy and circle work by the shooters, formidable defence by the defenders in Cherrybrook's goal circle and lightning fast passes and intercepts by the centre court players. When the full time whistle blew, the score was 37-23 in MSB's favour and needless to say, the girls, their coach and their "fans" were ecstatic with the fantastic result. Many thanks to Coach Kathy Marren for her effort and dedication during the season.

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Netball Clinic with Catherine Cox

Last week, 13 of our MSB Netball players attended an amazing netball clinic, presented by ex-Bennies student - Catherine Cox.

The girls completed throwing, catching and spacial awareness drills. In addition, Catherine taught the girls some defensive techniques and perfected their shooting skills before joining them in a game.

The girls displayed much enthusiasm, and were very grateful to Catherine for her time and for sharing her knowledge.

Catherine was very generous with her time, conducting a Q & A session and a quiz where she gave out some gifts, before concluding with the signing of the girls’ netballs and shirts, of which they will treasure.

Catherine presented a signed netball to the MSB Netball Club, which will be given away during the club presentation day on 16 October.

Jacqui Bowen
Secretary MSB Netball

P&F News

International Teachers' Day

Help the P&F celebrate International Teachers' Day on Friday 24 October. We are looking for assistance, traditionally from Year 7 and Year 11 families, in the annual morning tea we host for the teachers and staff.

If you can assist please fill in the online International Teachers' Day Volunteer Request form or you may download the International Teachers' Day Volunteer Request form, fill it in and have your daughter return the form to Student Services by Friday 17 October. Alternatively you may contact Michelle direct via email on


The Class of 2004 - 10 Year Reunion is drawing near.

Please click the link below to be taken to the Registration Page.

Register here

Please register and pay by this Saturday 20 September to attend.


The Canteen opens daily from 8.00am to 2.00pm.

MY STUDENT ACCOUNT - Cashless Canteen

Students may order and pay for purchases with our 'cashless' option using their Student ID card.
Cashless Canteen - Comprehensive instructions on how to use this system
Place a Canteen order

Canteen Roster for the week commencing Monday 6 October






Helen Merhi

Aileen Buecker

Georgina Khamis

Julie McIntyre

Marie Kirkham

Sophie Xu

Nicole Weston

Swarnima Mathur

Roza Bindschedler

Joanne Murrie

Please notify Melissa if you are unable to attend or you would like to be removed from the roster.

Mrs Melissa Arane
Canteen Manager

The content of this email is privileged and confidential and is intended only for the named recipient. If you have received this email in error, please advise the sender and delete the email. You must not disclose, copy or distribute any information contained in this email or take any action in reliance of its contents if you are not the intended recipient.

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General enquiries

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