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12 September 2014


From the Principal

It is hard to believe that once again we are preparing to farewell our Year 12 students as they depart to complete final preparations for the HSC examinations. I remember the day these girls walked through the gates of MSB for the first time, and those almost six years have flown by. I am sure this is even more so for their parents who can be so proud of the fine young women who are about to embark on another new and exciting stage of life. Next week we will be able to formally farewell the girls and have time to reflect more closely on their achievements and contributions to our community.

Since the beginning of the year Mount St Benedict has been involved in an exciting project, Learning Frontiers, with a small group of Sydney schools. This project is coordinated by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL), a national body whose broad aim is to improve the quality of teaching and student learning across Australian schools. As part of this project, this week we hosted a visit by Valerie Hannen, Head of the UK Innovation Unit, a world renowned specialist in this field. Valerie was able to meet with teachers and students to see the exciting learning taking place at the College and the wonderful work of our teachers in their classrooms.

The work being undertaken in this project is an adjunct to the work of our Middle Years Project, which is in the early stages of implementation. Led by Mrs Sharon McGowan, with Mrs Mairead Ennis, Ms Maree Henson and Mrs Karin Balmer, the team is working towards full implementation over the next three years. Earlier this term the Parents and Friends Association hosted a forum in which the principles of this work were outlined to parents. Two significant elements are the adoption of the Positive Education approach in all aspects of College life and the Harvard framework Teaching for Understanding. All staff are being trained in these approaches and are beginning to use them in developing their programs. Our aim in all this work is to ensure that our students are fully engaged in their learning and are able to see the relevance of what they learn at school to the world in which they live, and are able to transfer their learning into new and maybe as yet undiscovered areas, in years to come.

During Literacy and Numeracy Week students and staff were involved in activities to highlight the importance of these basic elements of education. I want to share with you a poem which was read to me by a Year 8 student. Last year she also wrote a similar poem about what she would do if she were Principal:

If I was the Principal

If I was the principal things would change.

We will have no homework
We will watch TV and play all sorts of games
At all of the assemblies I will throw
Chocolates and lollies to the students.

We will dance, sing and have a huge show.

There will be a pizza Monday
Pasta Tuesday
Ice-cream Wednesday
Cake Thursday
And Friday as … Mufti Day

We will have a section in the school
Where you could bring your pets.
There will be other animals like unicorns and pigs.

If I was the principal it would be great, but
I am only 13 years old
I will just have to wait.
So watch out Mrs Pearson.

(Madison Theodore, Year 8)

I think we already have some of these things, but maybe there is food for thought! Thanks Madison, I really enjoyed your poem – it sounds like a wonderful place to be.

Mrs Maria Pearson

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Mission News

The Gospel readings for the last two Sundays offer some interesting points of reflection in the light of the troubles so many are experiencing in our world at this time. Firstly two Sundays ago we heard these words “Then Jesus said to his disciples, 'If anyone wants to be a follower of mine, let him renounce himself and take up his cross and follow me”

Jesus makes it very clear that his own ministry of preaching the reign of God will ultimately lead to his demise and he makes it equally plain that to be a follower of Jesus will bring with it similar challenges. For Christians in some parts of the world today this 'cross' is a very plain reality and certainly it could not be any more evident than in the situation currently faced by Christians in Iraq and Syria. In a recent statement Bishop Anthony Fisher of Parramatta Diocese wrote about the plight of the Christian Churches in the face of the extremists calling themselves 'Islamic State.' He writes “Prior to the US-led military invasion of 2003, in which Australia took part, 1.4 million Christians lived in Iraq; around two-thirds have since left. In the past year alone the number of Iraqi churches fell from around 300 to 50.”
Read the full article: Bishop Fisher's Letter: The Suffering of Christians in the Middle East.

Sadly, Iraq and Syria are not the only places in the world where Christians suffer persecution. We know of other serious situations in places such as Sudan, Pakistan, China and North Korea to name a few. While it is Christians who suffer persecution in these and other countries, there is a far more widespread tragedy of religious persecution which exists in our world today. The experience of Tibetan Buddhism and Palestinian Islam are two long running and significant examples where people suffer because of their religious beliefs. In Australia the challenges are far less extreme, however, the mistreatment of people because of their religious background is not uncommon. In periods where there are heightened tensions in the Middle East, Muslim and Jewish Australians find themselves subjected to increased levels of harassment. Sadly, it is not unknown for synagogues, mosques and temples to be desecrated as well.

In last Sunday’s Gospel we heard the message that 'where two or three meet in my name, I shall be there with them.' This is a text which is often called upon to provide comfort and reassurance for people in the midst of some suffering or difficulty and stands as something of a contrast to the more sombre tone of the previous week’s reading. This text has an additional layer of meaning found in the point of gathering together 'where two or three meet in my name.' Not only is the reference one of gathering but also of purpose. It reminds Christians that our coming together is not for our own sake but for a greater purpose in God’s name.

One of the great privileges we have in Australia is the freedom to meet without fear of harassment and to gather without being persecuted for our beliefs. Notwithstanding the times when this privilege is threatened, Australia has a deep tradition of respect and tolerance. Given our multi-cultural and multi-faith character, Australia also has a wonderful opportunity to foster this respect and extend this tolerance. We do so by making connections with those whose background and traditions are different to our own and by showing interest in and respect for their particular way of life. When we do so, we pave a way for others to follow and we create a ripple effect which can have a powerful result.

It would be naïve to think that our small connections in this part of the world could lead to a change in the many troubled places elsewhere, however, this is the opportunity that we have to act and we would be foolish to let it pass. At MSB we have many opportunities for members of our community to be part of respectful encounters with others which we hope will make others feel welcome and which we know will enrich our own lives enormously.

One such opportunity is the Family Fun Day Picnic which will take place on Friday 3 October at Blacktown Showground, Richmond Rd, Blacktown. This picnic is being hosted by MSB in conjunction with Josephite Community Aid (JCA). We are expecting about 300 guests on the day, mostly women and children from countries on the African continent such as Sudan, Sierra Leone, Congo, Ghana etc. We have about 100 of our students who have committed to come on the day and they will be joined by about 20 of our staff who have kindly volunteered to come along. We’d love to see lots of families from our MSB Community on the day. Anyone who is able to come is most welcome. We’ll be cooking a sausage sizzle with salads and drinks included. Our students will be running games, making balloon sculptures, doing face painting, making jewellery and all sorts of other activities. We’ll be gathering from about 10.00am so please feel free to join us.

Children in Detention Installation

Last week the weather finally held off to allow the construction of the Children in Detention Installation for Refugee and Asylum Seekers Week. This Installation consisted of over 1,000 images representing children in detention in Australia. It was created with the help of the Year 9 Social Justice group and involved all students in Years 7 to 10. Each image of a child was given a face and a message of hope that identified the injustice and difficulties children in detention are confronted with.

Mr Paul Lentern
Assistant Principal Dean of Mission

Broken Bay Year 10 Social Justice Day

On Wednesday 3 September a group of twenty Year 10 students attended the Broken Bay Social Justice Day at St Pius College, Oxford Falls. This was a wonderful opportunity for the students to interact with a wide range of other schools in the Broken Bay Diocese. They got to hear from inspiring speakers who have had first-hand experience addressing social justice issues involving refugees and asylum seekers, homelessness, intolerance of difference and racial discrimination.

After a great game of lunchtime soccer with the other schools, MSB students presented an overview of the Mount St Benedict Mission Program to Tuggerah Lakes Public School. Both schools talked about their schools initiatives surrounding social justice as well as the various programs they had running to address these issues.

This informative and eye-opening day allowed these students to consolidate their ideas about our own MSB ‘Kids Help Kids’ program involving Year 10 students. This program is designed to promote awareness for children in detention centres. Overall, they had an amazing, insightful day and they hope they can use the information to support the various MSB initiatives already running.

The ‘Kids Help Kids' team consisted of Isha Rana, Tianna Raad, Marnie Lamb, Lara Zschech, Genevieve Khoo, Sarina Cali, Sarah Fitzsimmons, Ashleigh McDonald, Isabella Duncan, Rachel Takchi, Brooke James, Mary Cook, Georgia Gilbert, Jessica Pereira, Alexandra Dowd and Catherine Owusu-Sekyere.

Mrs Donna Dempsey

Curriculum News

News from the CAPA Department

Congratulations to our Year 12 Music 1 class on completing their HSC performances last Friday.

Year 9 Drama - A Fresh Take on a Classic Assessment Task

Commedia dell’Arte is the original form of Comedy which originated in Italy in the 1500’s. This is a unit we have taught the Year 9 Drama students at MSB for a number of years as it gives students a great grounding in character types, status and relationships. The characters wear masks (or thick make up which looks like a mask) so the performers must focus on their voice and movement skills in order to communicate clearly. There is a focus on the timing and rhythm of the piece in order for the comic delivery of moments to be successful.

On Thursday 4 September and Monday 8 September Year 9 Drama presented their Commedia dell’Arte performances outside in the Courtyard to invited audiences of Year 7 and 9 students.

This year we decided as Commedia was originally performed outdoors in market places we would take our assessment outside to the newly renovated courtyard which provided a brilliant setting for the task. A colourful curtain was strung between the umbrellas to create a backdrop for the comic and entertaining pieces. We were thrilled that the rain held off for both assessment days.

We are grateful to the teachers who offered their classes as audiences for this ‘fresh take’ on a classic assessment task.

Here are a couple of thoughts from the performers:

Performing outside was a fun experience which I thoroughly enjoyed! Gabrielle Edwards

"I enjoyed the experience of performing in front of my peers and found it to be a great opportunity to see what acting is all about" - Lauren Cordell

The Year 9 Drama teachers Ms Jacqueline Saunders, Mrs Lisa Stevens and Mrs Gabrielle Keats are all incredibly proud of the work the students did in making and performing their pieces this term.

If you attend the CAPA Showcase next term on Monday 13 October then you may be able to see some of the students work.

Mrs Gabrielle Keats
Drama Teacher

MSB Flute Ensemble Performs at Civic Event in Parramatta

Parramatta marked the 200th anniversary of the passing of Governor Arthur Phillip on Thursday 4 September with a special commemorative event on the Parramatta River foreshore, just a few hundred metres from the point where Governor Phillip set foot in 1788.

Mount St Benedict Flute Ensemble members Annabel Anderson, Olivia Kobal and Jessica Kotzander were joined by Mrs Webber to perform both before and after the ceremony. Mount St Benedict’s participation in the event raised additional funds for St Vincent de Paul in Parramatta.

The occasion was attended by several local dignitaries including the Mayor of Parramatta, and featured a special address from former MP and colonial historian Andrew Tink AM. A letter was read from the Mayor of Bath, the English city where Governor Phillip retired and is buried.

Governor Phillip, Parramatta's founding father, was the first Governor of NSW and personally laid out the street grid for Parramatta, a city he thought might be the capital of the infant colony. He died on August 31, 1814.

Parramatta Council will soon commission a public artwork to honour Arthur Phillip.

Thanks to Mr Neylan (grandfather of Hannah) for giving MSB students the opportunity to participate at this memorable event and to Miss Laura Sheehan for her preparation of the ensemble.


MSB Science Expo 2014

The annual Science Expo was held last Wednesday night in the College Hall. This event was an opportunity for girls to showcase the Student Research Projects they had designed in teams (Year 8) or individually (Year 10). It also involved the Big Science Photo Competition where girls were awarded for their creativity. The categories for the photo entries included ‘Science Under The Microscope’ , ‘Science In Action’ and ‘Science Selfie.’

We were also lucky enough to have past MSB student and scientist Rosemary Snow (Class of '93), who is now an environmental scientist, speak to us on the opportunities and jobs that she has gained through science. The MSB Science Club also showcased their work and were awarded certificates for their commitment to science.

Winners were chosen based on scientific accuracy, presentation and originality.

Congratulations to the following girls:

Year 8 Teams

  • 1st - Alana Sylvester, Grace Nicholson and Ella Lehmann
  • 2nd - Daniela Taylor, Isabella Nati and Aisling Purcell
  • 3rd - Georgia Dean, Lani Hinden and Isabella Graczyk Van Herk

Year 10

  • 1st - Amanda Grima
  • 2nd - Samantha Hardman
  • 3rd - Georgina van Yzendoorn

Highly commended: Brianna Taylor and Lauren Adler

We would like to thank all the teachers who helped us during the Expo preparation, and to all those who made the night such a huge success.

Science Unleashed at Bennies

On Tuesday 19 August twenty girls departed from Pennant Hills train station for a day of science enrichment with Mrs Thrum, Miss Fuda and Mr Rozanski. We arrived at the Australian Museum for Science Unleashed, it was indeed very unleashed - with a wildlife experience.

Firstly we spent an hour looking at marine biology with an Einstein look alike who enlightened us about her colleagues' work and the developments they have made. We looked at topics such as ocean acidification, polluted ocean sediment and the health of oysters in Australian waters.

After this we had an explosive hour of chemistry experiences. Dr Luke Hunter showed us the wonders of chemistry by freezing objects with liquid nitrogen, for example he demonstrated how a banana once frozen was a suitable tool to hammer a nail into a piece of wood. We also looked at nano-particles, molecular structures of scents and the relationship between smell and taste, as well as constant chemical reactions.

After a short break for lunch we spent an hour looking into forensic science where we used techniques such as fluorescent oil, dental analysis, chromatography, finger print identification and blood analysis. With this techniques we were able to solve a mock murder case.

We wandered around multiple stalls featuring scientific careers and global problems. Some of our favourite stalls included information on the Age of Fishes Museum and the physics stall, where we made a chain of humans and were then made an electric circuit connected to a machine that sent a spark through us - let’s just say there was an intense scream in the room!. Overall we feel this experience was not only enriching and educational but gave us an insight into careers in science and a passion for science.

submitted by Belinda Bonaccorso and Sarah Tan

Year 11 Biology Excursion to Narrabeen Rock Platform

The new date for the Rock Platform excursion is Tuesday 4 November. A new permission note will be issued to the students involved. Be aware that those students no longer continuing with Biology for the HSC course must still attend to fulfil the requirements of the Preliminary course.

Mrs Sarah Bradstock
Science Teacher

Year 10 Commerce Excursion

Three Year 10 Commerce classes travelled to Luna Park Sydney on 5 September to gain further understanding and new knowledge on our previous topic 'Running a Business' and our current topic 'Employment Issues.'

The day started with a presentation which covered the following; Luna Park's history and background, the type of company, ownership, location, motto, logo, market research, key issues, competition and the establishment of Luna Park Sydney as a business. Through the completion of worksheets during the presentation everyone gained a greater understanding of running a business, particularly the running of Luna Park Sydney.

After this presentation time was allocated for enjoyment on rides and the completion of Luna Park based questions. Upon return back to school all classes gathered for a debrief and evaluation of the day.

All up it was a very exciting day and a great way to further our studies out of the classroom.

Thank you to all the teachers who organised the excursion and came on the day.

Submitted by Alyssa Mitchell and Dominique Piggot

College News

Party Safely

It is that time of year where many celebrations occur. Year 12 are looking forward to the end of thirteen years of schooling and Year 10 are being introduced to a new and different party scene as many of them turn sixteen. Education at the College is always geared towards enabling our students to make educated choices and building their confidence to assert their choices. Scenarios that the students may face are examined and, even when regrettable choices are made, there is always a way to reset boundaries and choose differently in the future. Unfortunately at some parties there is access to illicit drugs and alcohol. Often access to alcohol disregards legal requirements of underage drinking and compromises the decision making process.

Year 10 students are currently studying “Party Safely” and we encourage parents to openly discuss with their daughters the content of this unit. We also encourage you to be proactive in finding out about parent supervision, availability of alcohol and any other safety aspects that concern you when your daughter is invited to a party. Below is an outline of the unit currently being studied by Year 10.

Ms Jackie Duncan
Assistant Principal Dean of Students

This term our Year 10 students in PDHPE are exploring the concept of 'Party safely'. This is an essential unit for our students as they begin to attend 16th birthday parties and beyond. As part of this unit they are devising strategies on ways to minimise harm in social situations, most notably in relation to parties and road safety. This unit leads on from the talk earlier in the year from respected author and presenter on Drug and Alcohol Research, Paul Dillon, which all of our Year 10 and 11 students were a part of, as well as the RYDA excursion for Year 10 this week.

In classes, Year 10 students will examine a variety of scenarios in which they may need to make choices in relation to drug and alcohol use, how to make safe choices, and minimise the harm associated with these choices for both themselves and others. Students have the opportunity to actively participate in car simulated activities, role playing ways in which to deal with peer pressure both as a driver as well as a passenger, practise assertive management strategies in these situations as well as understand the reasons behind why young people are at a higher risk in these situations.

Students will analyse the benefits of social parties and the risks that can be associated with these, such as drink spiking, peer pressure, social consequences and alcohol and drug use. They will have the opportunity to participate in practical activities designed to enable students to understand 'what is a standard drink' and how easily this can be misrepresented. They will also design and sample mocktails. In the PDHPE curriculum there is a strong emphasis on assertive decision-making and understanding the risks and consequences, both positive and negative that are associated with these.

We encourage parents to start an open dialogue with their daughter in relation to these issues, and discussing what has been explored in PDHPE classes can be a great way to start this conversation.

Mrs Kate Gillies
Terracina House Coordinator

Father Daughter Breakfast Challenge

Congratulations to everyone who completed the Breakfast Challenge last week.

Our winners are:

  • 1st : Kevin and Katherine Elgood ($30 book voucher from The Children's Bookshop)
  • 2nd : Phil and Ashleigh Byrnes and Jeremy and Gabrielle Edwards ($25 book voucher from The Children's Bookshop)
  • 3rd : Elise Allen, Shannyn Bissett and Kaitlyn Smith (chocolates)


Please come to Student Services to collect your prize.

NAPLAN Results

Results are being posted this week. If you have any queries please contact your daughter's teacher or either Mrs Hadfield or Mrs Collins Pope.

Lost Property

As from Monday 15 September all un-named items of lost property will be on display on the table outside Student Services.

Named items are held at Student Services and your daughter is emailed. Please ensure your daughter checks her email.

If you have lost something please check the table. At the end of the week any items that are left will be recycled.

Private Vehicle Conveyance (PVC)

Transport for NSW offers a PVC subsidy for students who need their parents to drive them to the bus stop in the mornings and afternoons. This can now be accessed directly through the Transport for NSW website.

Please contact Mrs Jan Franco on 9980 0400 if you require further information.

Many Poems Submitted for NLNW Competition

A large number of entries were received for the NLNW Poetry competition across Years 7, 8 and 9. Some girls even submitted three entries!

The winners were:

  • Year 7 Ariella Azzopardi for her poem "The Blue Gum Forest"
  • Year 8 Jessica Clements for her poem "Treasure Box"
  • Year 9 Olivia Gupta for her untitled poem, beginning "Glittering gems.."

Well done to every girl who entered; the poems were thoughtful and reflected interesting points of view.

Please come to Student Services this week to collect your Book Voucher prizes.

Representative Sport

If your daughter has recently achieved outstanding sporting results please send me an email so that the College can share in her success.


NSW CCC Website:

Broken Bay Wet Weather Line: 9990 3633

Representative Sports Calendar - Term Three / Term Four


NSW All Schools Championships
Thurs 9 - Sunday 12 October

AUSTRALIAN ALL SCHOOLS Athletics Championships
Friday 5 - Monday 8 December
MSB U15 KO Team


NSW ALL SCHOOLS Regional Championships
Monday 15th September
MSB Year 7/8 Representative Team


Broken Bay Championships
Tuesday 21 October
MSB Representative Teams
Wet Weather Tuesday 28 October


Broken Bay Championships
Wednesday 5 November
MSB Representative Team


Broken Bay Trials
Friday 21 November


Broken Bay Championships
Monday 1 December
MSB Representative Team

Representative Team Training and Trials

Wednesday 17 September - Representative Waterpolo meeting D101 (Mrs Grant)

Brilliant Basketballers are Broken Bay Champions

Congratulations to Miss Liu and our Junior Representative Basketball team who were undefeated at this week's Broken Bay Championships. Our Intermediate girls also had a great day remaining unbeaten until the Semi Finals to finish equal 3rd .

Here is a report on the day from Junior team member Maddie Emmett-Duignan:-

We started the day with a fun trip up to Gosford where we played a strategic game of heads up. As we arrived we watched the Intermediate team play. Then our first game against Stella Maris was tough but we got there in the end and came out with a win. The next two games we won convincingly and got into the Semis. Brigidine put up a great fight but we played as a team and succeeded to win. We played amazingly in the Finals against Joey's with a great score of 21-11. The day was a great success and heaps of fun and we all played together to set up some great plays.

Congratulations to Year 7 students Jessica Barr and Alice Woodrow and Kelsey Curtin, Maddie Emmett Duignan, Grace Nicholson, Lara Nicholson, Alana Sylvester, Capri Vidler from Year 8.

Here is a report on the day from Intermediate team members Sarah Woodrow, Angela Cloeraine and Alyson McGrath -

On Tuesday 9 September the MSB Intermediate team competed in the Broken Bay Basketball Championships. Throughout the day we were undefeated in our pool. The first game we played against Stella Maris and won 11-5, the second game against St Peters we won 24-7 and the third game against MacKillop we won 22-11. We then went onto the Semi Finals against Mater Maria and lost 21-17. Overall we had a very fun day and worked well as a team in all the games that we played. We would like to thank Mrs Grant for coaching us and giving us great tips and encouragement throughout the day.

Congratulations to Year 9 students Angela Cloeraine, Sarah Woodrow and Chloe Mathews and to Alyson McGrath, Georgia Toohey, Maddie Abbott, Sarah-Jane Eades, Madeline Fernando, Grace Logan from Year 10.

As always thanks to our parents who again were there to cheer on our girls and to Photos In A Flash who took action shots for us on the day - all students have been emailed the password to view the full catalogue which should be available next week.


To our Year 7/8 Touch girls who will contest the NSW All Schools Regional Championships next week.

Mrs Karen Grant
Representative Sport Coordinator

Co-curricular Sport

Summer Sport

Registrations have now closed for our summer sports, however, there are still places available in the following teams:

  • Hornsby Softball (Sat mornings) - Years 7 players required
  • Hornsby Softball (Sat afternoons) - Ladies team - looking for current / past mothers and ex-students
  • Hills Basketball (Thursday evenings)

Please contact Mrs Lewis if you are interested in joining any of these teams.

Co-curricular Summer Sports Uniform

All girls playing touch, and travelling directly to the fields at Parramatta on Wednesday after school are permitted to leave in their FULL PDHPE uniform over their playing uniforms. This must be EITHER full summer PDHPE uniform or full winter PDHPE uniform during this transition period until the end of Term Three. Full summer PHPE uniform is to be worn over the playing uniform during Term Four.

All girls playing in any cocorricular sport are reminded they are to wear their MSB PDHPE tracksuit top and/or pants when required for warmth. No other types or colours of jackets are permitted.


The first round of the Parramatta touch competition was played last week with nine teams playing in this competition.







MSB 10

MSB 11

MSB 12



















All players are reminded there is a game on the second week of the school holidays, Wednesday 1 October. Please let your coach know as soon as possible if you are going to be away.


Good luck to our tennis players competing this Saturday evening in the North West Secondary Schools Tennis Challenge on Saturday night. This event was rescheduled after being washed out a few weeks ago.

Hills Winter Basketball Finals

The winter competition for the Hills competition is coming to an end with our teams performing very well this season.  We wish all teams the best of luck as they play in Semi Finals and Finals over the next  few weeks.  We will have a full report of the basketball season at the start of next term.

MSB Netball

Grand Final Day
Saturday 13 September

After months of training  many of our teams have now finished their seasons, with MSB 10 - 15/1 and MSB 14 - 14/2 having progressed through to play in the Grand Finals this Saturday. Both games are at 11.30am at Pennant Hills Park. We wish them all the best for their Grand Final game and would love to see many supporters at the game to cheer them on.

The MSB Netball Club has enjoyed a successful season again in 2014 with twelve teams progressing to Semi Finals and Finals over the past two weeks. Well done to MSB 1 - A/1, MSB 4 - Cadet 2, MSB 9 - Cadet 5, MSB 11 - 15/2 and MSB 12 - 15/3 for making it to Semi Finals, and to MSB 2 - B4, MSB 3 - C3, MSB 6 - Cadet 3, MSB 8 - Cadet 8 and MSB 13  - 15/4 for making it to Finals. There were some very close games with both 15/4 and Cadet 4 unlucky to go down by just 1 and 3 goals respectively.

Congratulations to all our teams for the way you have trained and played over the entire season. I am sure your coaches, managers and families are proud of you and your commitment to your team.

Thank you to all the MSB netball committee, coaches, managers, umpires and supporters throughout the season. It not an easy task to keep close to 200 girls training and playing netball for almost five months. We are very lucky to have the tireless support of our current parents, ex-parents, ex-students, current students and friends of the College. The contribution each makes, no matter how big or small, is a significant reason for the ongoing success of the MSB Netball Club.

Presentation Day
11.00am - 1.00pm
Saturday 12 October
Pennant Hills Park

We would like to invite all players and families to join us at the MSB Netball Club Presentation Day on Saturday 12 October from 11.00am - 1.00pm at Pennant Hills Park.

Mrs Rebecca Lewis
Co-curricular Sport Coordinator

P & F News

Year 12/2015  -  Second Hand Book Sale

Wednesday 17 September
at Lunchtime in the Undercroft

Only a limited number of books for sale.

If you are on work placement, you may request some books be put aside for you (payment required upfront). Please email Margie Drake from the P & F a list of the books you require and payment details. Payment must be made before the 15 September otherwise the books will not be held.


The Canteen opens daily from 8.00am to 2.00pm.

MY STUDENT ACCOUNT - Cashless Canteen

Students may order and pay for purchases with our 'cashless' option using their Student ID card.
Cashless Canteen - Comprehensive instructions on how to use this system
Place a Canteen order

Canteen Roster for the week commencing Monday 15 September






Vivienne Flannery

Kathleen Van Den Broek

Karen Khoury

Lisette Smith

Kate McGrath

Carla Savorgnan


Jennifer Campbell

Please notify Melissa if you are unable to attend or you would like to be removed from the roster.

Mrs Melissa Arane
Canteen Manager

Community Notices

Parent Survival Strategies for Teaching Young Drivers

for parents and their young drivers, organised by the Ku-ring-gai Police and Community Safety Committee will be held:

6.00pm  - 8.30pm
Monday 15 September
Level 3, Ku-ring-gai Council Chambers
818 Pacific Highway, Gordon

Download the Parent Survival Strategies for Teaching Young Drivers flyer

Parents and their young drivers are encouraged to attend.

Free Community Seminar for Parents

7.00pm - 9.00pm
16 October 2014
Identifying, understanding and the treatment of Anxiety Disorders in children and Adolescents.

Download the Anxiety Disorders Seminar flyer

Mental Health Month Talks, Seminars and Workshops

Download the Mental Health Month Talks, Seminars and Workshops flyer

Athletics Australia Holiday Clinics

Download the Athletics NSW Super Clinic - Discus/Shot, High and Sprint Hurdles flyer

Download the  Athletics NSW Super Clinic - Distance, Long Jump and Javelin flyer

The content of this email is privileged and confidential and is intended only for the named recipient. If you have received this email in error, please advise the sender and delete the email. You must not disclose, copy or distribute any information contained in this email or take any action in reliance of its contents if you are not the intended recipient.

Mount St Benedict College
449C Pennant Hills Road, Pennant Hills NSW 2120

Phone:  02 9980 0444
02 9484 4911

General enquiries

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