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12 June 2015


From the Principal

The long awaited Musical, Hairspray, was revealed this week! On Tuesday we welcomed guests from St Edmund’s School, Karonga Special School and Jamieson House for the Dress Rehearsal and at Assembly on Wednesday morning we were treated to a preview, before Opening Night on Wednesday and further performances on Thursday and Friday evenings. Members of the cast have been preparing since Term Four, 2014 and staff likewise have been working since then. The quality of the production was outstanding and the audiences were entertained throughout. I want to thank all those involved, in particular the Creative and Performing Arts Staff, Mr Peter Watters, Ms Susan Webber, Ms Laura Sheehan, Mrs Gaby Keats, Mrs Lisa Stevens, Ms Jacqui Saunders, Mrs Sonia Barnett, Mrs Therese O’Kane and Mrs Nicola Murray. Congratulations to all the students involved, including the musicians, on their commitment, enthusiasm and willingness to share their talents, and thanks to parents who have been chauffeurs and support crew through the highs and lows of rehearsals and performances. Well done on such a fine production.

Reminder: Student Return Date Term 3

Monday 13 July is a pupil-free day and students return on Tuesday 14 July.

Teachers have been busily preparing academic reports at this time of the year. All reports should be received by the end of term. If parents have any questions regarding their daughters’ reports please ring the College and ask to speak with the teacher.

Our Year 10 Future Problem Solving Team has arrived in the USA and we look forward to hearing about their involvement in the World Championships.

I will be on leave for the first five weeks of Term Three. During that time Mr Paul Lentern will be Acting Principal and Mrs Donna Dempsey will be Acting Assistant Principal Dean of Mission. I thank all staff who have accepted additional responsibilities during this time.

Winter has begun, although we have had a few beautiful warm, sunny days. At Assembly this week our College Captain, Caitlin Montgomery, reminded us of the importance of our community and the support it offers to each one of us. I think this prayer expresses the sense of warmth and safety we can find in a supportive community:

Let us huddle together at this time,
our community a place of warmth in our lives
as we share the flame of hope and connection.
Let us allow the frost of isolation and bitterness to melt away
as we open ourselves to a sense of peace and spirit.

We extend our thoughts to all those who are cold,
lacking shelter or love to keep them warm.
Let us wrap our prayers around them and each other like scarves,
and wish each other safe journeys through the storm.

May we be insulated from fear as the earth is insulated by the snow,
And, like bulbs, may we continue to grow and open inside, despite the cold,
Ready for the spring, to stretch and grow towards justice.


(Adapted from

Maria Pearson

Mission News

Next Friday, the final day of the term for our students and staff is certainly a day we look forward to with great anticipation. Of course it does mean the end of a very busy term and the chance of a well-earned break, however, more significantly it is the day we mark as Mount St Benedict Day.

MSB Day is a great day of community celebration in honour of our College Patron, St Benedict of Nursia. We begin in the morning with the College community gathering for a celebration of Eucharist. The Liturgy Captains and their portfolio have been working for some time now to develop a liturgy which will engage and enrich us in its celebration. We are delighted that Fr Paul Durkin, Parish Priest of St Agatha’s, Pennant Hills is able to join us and lead us in the celebration of Eucharist on this occasion as we celebrate Benedict's patronage. The day continues with carnival activities held through the middle part of the day and concludes with the much anticipated student talent quest.

Community is one of the important dimensions of Benedict's teaching and it is most appropriate, therefore, that our celebration of MSB Day has a strong community focus. Benedict is known world-wide as a giant of the Christian Church and he has left a legacy which few could rival. Although his immediate contribution is seen in the foundation of the monastic movement and the development of his rule for monastic life, the wisdom and insight found in Benedict’s thinking go far beyond their immediate application in the monasteries and convents of the world.

The Benedictine way of life which highlights the balance between prayer, work and leisure is recognised as an outstanding model for the development of a rich and meaningful human life. Despite the simple wisdom expressed in this sense of balance it remains one of the more elusive elements of Benedict’s teaching to embrace. His teaching on welcoming and showing respect to guests is a key theme underlining our Year of Hospitality in 2015.

A further aspect of Benedict’s thought focuses on the transformation that we must undergo in order to respond more fully to the invitation of the Gospel. Benedict teaches that as we develop our response in faith we will ultimately experience this conversion or transformation where 'through love you will begin to observe without effort, as though naturally, from good habit all those precepts which in earlier days were kept at least partly through fear'. In this sense Benedict is looking forward to a time when our response to the Gospel will be a more immediate and natural thing because we have trained and disciplined ourselves to be faithful to the invitation of faith.

Paul Lentern
Assistant Principal Dean of Mission

Curriculum News

From the Studies Coordinator – Year 12 Study Considerations for the Holiday Period

Year 12 are nearing an important holiday block which they should be utilising to prepare for their HSC Trial Examination Block in Term Three Weeks 3 and 4.

All students are encouraged to:

  • Ensure their study notes are up to date for all subjects and topics
  • Actively study using any techniques they have learnt
  • Complete practice papers in set time frames
  • Re-read their English novels and set texts from other subjects
  • Maintain the balance with regular breaks, exercise, healthy eating and ensuring they have free time to do things they enjoy

For students taking a subject with a major work this can be a valuable time to work on the completion of projects and practice of live pieces. Their pieces will be submitted or assessed in Term Three for their HSC after their written Trial examination block, so organisation and time management is vital as they head into these holidays. Students should ensure they have taken on board the feedback they have received from their teachers and have a clear plan to move forward into the holiday period.

The HSC dates for submission of projects in Term Three are:

  • Society and Culture PIP – 27 July
  • Drama IP Project Submission – 17 August
  • Drama Monologue and Group Performances scheduled between 17 – 29 August
  • D & T – 20 August
  • Visual Arts Bodies of Work – 24 August
  • Music submitted works – 31 August
  • Music Performances scheduled between 31 August – 12 September
  • Languages oral examinations are scheduled between Thursday 30 July - 12 September

Students have been emailed a pdf on Exams After Holidays from the ELES Study Skills Handbook to assist them. They can also always access the Study Skills Handbook for other help with studying and other useful information for things like: Developing Motivation or Dealing with Distractions or Procrastination.

username: formsbenonly
password: 124results

I wish all Year 12 students a productive and positive Study Holiday Period.

Gabrielle Keats
Studies Coordinator

Year 10 PASS - Food for Sport $10 Athlete Challenge

Year 10 PASS classes went on an excursion to Coles at Thompson's Corner. Our task was to compare a range of food products and then complete Curtis Stone's $10 Food Challenge. We had to purchase a number of items suitable for an athlete to eat at a Touch Football Carnival with only $10 per group. We split into small groups and had to buy items to feed the whole group roughly equating to $2.50 a head. These items had to be suitable for an athlete and so we had to consider what was appropriate based on the theory we had previously learnt in class. Some of these items we bought included tuna, rice cakes, bananas, sports drinks, chocolate milk, chicken, breads and lollies. Most teams found it difficult to buy items with only $10 and some went 5c over their limit. It challenged us to use our budgeting and mathematical skills, and we began to appreciate our parent’s efforts when shopping.

We really enjoyed this excursion and we learnt a lot. We realised that some foods we had previously perceived to be healthy were in-fact not the best option for athletes and that it is very important to read the labels on the items we buy. We also learnt that items suitable for athletes were generally higher in price. It was quite a competitive and intense activity especially when groups exceeded their limit. Thanks to Mrs He and Mrs Hickey for organising this opportunity.

Year 10 PASS Class

Year 10 Music with St Edmund’s Students!

Over the course of Term Two, the Year 10 Elective Music class had the opportunity to travel to St Edmund’s School during our fortnightly double periods. At St Edmund’s, we joined with their Year 10 Music class, here we had the chance to work with their students in learning some percussion and xylophone rhythms and a dance that they taught us!

Working with the 'Eddies' students was a great experience. We developed a deeper understanding of music and how we needed to change our ideas and rhythms to make them accessible to all of the students. Over the course of the six weeks we learnt how music can bring people together and help us to establish communication and friendship.

During this time our goal was to work towards a performance of You Can’t Stop the Beat from Hairspray at our College Assembly. We had three different sections of the piece; percussionists, people playing the xylophone and the dancers.

The performance at MSB was incredibly fun and though we and the ‘Eddies’ kids were a little nervous it was very enjoyable. After the performance we had a morning tea together which was a great time to chat about music and the performance!

We were also invited to perform at the St Edmund’s Assembly. Their Assembly was definitely a highlight of the whole experience. Their vibrant and lively approach to handing out awards was amazing and it was great to see the class that we had been working with, running the Assembly and working together.

This experience taught us that music shouldn’t be all about the performance or song. It’s about making sure that everyone has the opportunity to join in, doing something that they love.

Olivia Boxwell and Maddy Skinner
Year 10 Music Students

Years 9 and 10 Music Excursion: SSO Performance

The Year 9 and 10 Music classes attended a performance by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra at Riverside Theatre, Parramatta in late April. The performance was designed for students to learn more about instruments and their roles in the orchestra, as well as the reasons why people compose and perform music pieces.

The workshop was exclusively for school students, and there was a variety of year groups in the theatre, not just high school students. This meant that as the orchestra was broken down and explained, there were many opportunities for audience participation (from making a samba rhythm with clapping and food names to identifying pop culture pieces - like the Game of Thrones theme - on Violas!).

On the whole, the excursion to Riverside Theatre was very informative and laid a strong foundation for our musical education. Year 8s considering taking Music as an elective next year will appreciate experiences such as this excursion which really open your eyes to improve your musical skills. Thanks to Mrs Webber and Ms Sheehan who supervised and organised the trip.

Claire Ward
Year 9 Music Student

Pastoral Care

Positive Education - Creating Meaning through Service to Others

One aspect of Dr Martin Seligman’s PERMA Model, the framework that the College has adopted for Positive Education, is the concept of ‘Meaning’. It is about finding purpose and meaning in the things we do by serving a bigger cause than ourselves. The College provides many opportunities for staff, students and parents to be involved in a range of outreach and volunteer experiences. This semester, we have seen students involved in various service learning programs including regular homework tutoring for refugee children, mentoring of St Edmund’s students, learning exchange program with Year 10 St Edmund's classes, visits to provide friendship for elderly residents at Jamieson House and the continuing support for our monthly Vinnies Van run to assist the homeless of Sydney.

Students, staff and parents alike usually participate in these programs with the hope of serving those less fortunate than ourselves and aim to make a difference in their lives. While this is often achieved, many return describing their experience as transformational and will frequently comment on how they received more than they gave from the people they engaged with. These invaluable opportunities provide perspective beyond our immediate and enable us to be more grateful with the things we do have. It is a gentle reminder of the important yet simple things that really matter. The following photos are some of the Service Learning and Outreach opportunities that have occurred this semester followed by some reflections from Year 8 students who attended the Social Justice and Awareness of Disabilities Day (SOJAD) at St Edmund's recently.

1. Year 8 on a SOJAD visit

2. Year 10 Music Learning Exchange Program with St Edmund's
3. Working out how to write braille at SOJAD
4. Terracina's donations for Vinnies Van

'My experience at St Eddie's was a special one. This trip opened my eyes to see what people with disabilities do in their everyday life' - Alicia Hassan.

'Overall St Eddie’s is a great school and in the future I would love to visit the students for some community service as the school is a great influence for people to understand how special they all are and how they all have a heart'- Caitlyn Hodges.

'It’s good for us because it makes us realise that everyone is different in their own way and it also encourages people to become involved in activities. It helps us to understand their challenges to build empathy' - Emily McMillan.

'It relates to our values - making a welcoming space for them to feel safer. We can show our hospitality to them' - Kate Barrett.

Question of the Week: Who is my neighbour? Do I seek out the face of Christ in everyone I meet?

Watch this video for some inspiration!

Christina He
College Chaplain

College News

CSDA Debating Elimination Round

CSDA Debating teams 7A, 8B and 10B are through to the elimination round which will be held on Friday 12 June. The following are the debating venue and time details. All are welcome to come and watch these teams debate.


  • Year 7A: Will be debating at Catherine McAuley College, Westmead.
  • Year 8B: Will be debating at Oakhill, Castle Hill.
  • Year 10B: Will be debating at Oakhill, Castle Hill.

All teams need to arrive at their venue by 6.15pm. The toss will be at 6.30pm and debates will commence from 7.30pm.

We wish all our debaters the best of luck!

Kelly Heaton
Public Speaking and Debating Co-ordinator

Lost Property

Has your daughter misplaced any possessions? All named items are held at Student Services for collection. Any unnamed items will be placed on the table outside Student Services. These items will be recycled at the end of term.

We have had a white watch handed in, please have your daughter come to Student Services at recess or lunch for collection.

Representative Sport

If your daughter has recently achieved outstanding sporting results please send me an email so that the College can share in her success.

BROKEN BAY Website: There is a new BBSSSA site under construction - we will advise when it is 'live'

NSW CCC Website:

Representative Sports Calendar

Representative Sports Calendar - 2015 Term Two


Monday 15 / Tuesday 16 June

Broken Bay U13 and U15 Championships - Manly Vale
Thursday 18 June
MSB Junior/Intermediate Representative team

NSW CCC KO Game Tuesday 23rd June (Thomas Thompson) MSB Open Rep Team


NSW CCC Championships - Port Macquarie
Tuesday 16 June (Friday 19 June b/up date)
BBSSSA U15 and Open Teams

Students who wish to trial for sports that are offered directly through NSW CCC will need to nominate through the NSW CCC website. I encourage you to visit the NSW CCC website if your daughter is an experienced state level athlete in any sport.

Please remember that these are trials for State teams and as such students must be very experienced for their nomination to be approved.

Representative Sports Trials and Training

Representative Sports Trials and Training - Week 9

Monday 15 June

Under 13 Soccer

Wednesday 17 June

Year 7 vs JUNIOR Netball (outdoor courts)

Wednesday 17 June

Under 15 Soccer

Wednesday 17 June

Year 11/12 vs Year 9/10 Netball

BBSSSA Athletics Championships - Change of Date

As per the email sent this week the date of the BBSSSA Athletics Championships has been moved forward to Tuesday 11 August. This new date is correct on the permission notes also emailed to team members this week.

NSW CCC Cross Country and Year 9/10 All Schools Touch Championships.

A number of our students competed in these championships today - look in the next newsletter for full reports.

Good Luck

Good luck to Alex Black (Year 10) as she represents NSW CCC at the NSW All Schools Championships on Monday and Tuesday. Alex is a very experienced goal keeper and it is a great achievement to be selected into an All Schools team whilst only in Year 10.

Good luck to the students representing BBSSSA at the NSW CCC Touch Championships in Port Macquarie on Monday and Tuesday and to the Under 13 and Under 15 MSB Representative Soccer teams who will compete at the BBSSSA Championships on Thursday.

Photo: Alex Black (Y10) NSW CCC Open Girls Goal Keeper

Karen Grant
Representative Sports Coordinator

Co-curricular Sport

Athletics Carnival

Last Wednesday we held the annual MSB Athletics Carnival at Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush. We woke to clear skies and were fortunate to have a beautiful sunny day. The day highlighted the wonderful school spirit of our girls. The level of participation in the events was outstanding and showcased the way our Bennies girls give 100% in enthusiasm and are always willing to give things a go. Congratulations.

We were also able to watch our competitive athletes compete and strive to achieve their personal best. The outstanding talents of some our girls is remarkable, with four school records broken on the day.

Thank you to all our staff and NSW Athletics officials for ensuring the Carnival ran smoothly and to the House Coordinator s, House Captains and Sports Captains for your encouragement and motivation for the girls.

The results of the Carnival are as follows:

Invitation 100m

Carla Takchi

House Relay



Monte Cassino


Junior Age Champion


Nicole Sanders



Mikaela Quinlan



Alicia John

Monte Cassino


Christina Marren

New Norcia

Intermediate Age Champion


Shannyn Bissett



Courtney Harkin



Amie Bowrey


Senior Age Champion


Carla Takchi



Elly Gallagher

Monte Cassino


Lauren Thompson


Overall School Champion


Shannyn Bissett



Nicole Sanders



Courtney Harkin


House Participation








Monte Cassino

Overall Champion House










Name House Event Result

Amie Bowrey


14 years Javelin

29.31 m

Amie Bowrey


14 years Long Jump


Elly Gallagher

Monte Cassino

16 years 400m

1.00.67 min

Elly Gallagher

Monte Cassino

Senior 800m

2.24.24 min

Rebecca Lewis
Co-curricular Sport Coordinator


The Canteen opens daily from 8.00am to 2.00pm.

MY STUDENT ACCOUNT - Cashless Canteen

Students may order and pay for purchases with our 'cashless' option using their Student ID card.
Cashless Canteen - Comprehensive instructions on how to use this system
Place a Canteen order .

Canteen Roster for the week commencing Monday 15 June






Kath Darcy

Susan Bell

Karen Khoury



Rachael Taylor

Carmen Galluzzo

Sarah Cusack

Please notify Melissa if you are unable to attend or you would like to be removed from the roster.

Mrs Melissa Arane
Canteen Manager

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