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Want to earn $21.69 an hour?

Date Posted: 04-Jun-2015

In the holidays, a group of Year 12’s attended either Hornsby or Ryde TAFE to complete our Responsible Service of Alcohol certificates. This opportunity was run by the RSA 4 SCHOOLS Initiative- and it open for any students of the age 17 or older to go and earn your RSA certification, which allows you to get a job in which you can sell alcohol. The day ran for about 5 hours where we were taught about the risks of consuming alcohol, the effects, how to serve it safely and guidelines to dealing with drunken customers. It was a super informative and fun day- and you learn a lot. Did you know you can be fined $11,000 and be put in prison for up to 12 months just by supplying a minor with alcohol? Or that 1 standard drink has 10g of alcohol? That’s ONLY 100mL of wine, 30mL of spirits, and 285mL of beer!

This initiative is definitely an opportunity you should take up if you are 17 or over- it is not only informative, but really helps you get jobs in licensed venues (Did I mention an 18 year old casual worker in a licensed venue gets paid at minimum $21.69/hour?)

If you are interested in participating look out for Ms Elgood’s emails during the term- especially close to the holidays! And always remember to sign up quick- they get booked fast!


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