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Study Tip: Assessments!

Date Posted: 26-Feb-2015

Is that purple assignment sheet coming your way? Or is it clogged up in your emails? Assignments are stressful and there a number of ways to avoid all that:

Ask all the questions you have about assignment once you have received it.

Highlight the dates, write all over it and remember to put the key dates in your diary!

Use your diary or calendar to help you breakdown the workload.

Ask yourself how many weeks you have to complete the assignment. 

Write down everyday your goals for that specific task or subject.

Perhaps you might only have twenty minutes one night dedicated for research or an hour to write up a couple of paragraphs and so on. The key thing is that you work on it bit by bit.

Once you have reached your goal, tick it off and write in your next goal.

Rewards are also a great way to make you feel satisfied that you have achieved something.

Finally make sure you finish the assignment at least a couple of days before due date so that you can put it in to Turnitin and change everything you need to. 

- Jiwon and Catherine

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