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Book Review of the Week!

Date Posted: 17-Feb-2015

Every Breath, by Ellie Marney.

Sherlock’s great, but Mycroft is even better in Ellie Marney’s debut novel Every Breath. Rachel Watts and her family have been forced off their farmland in Five Mile, moving into the busy, bustling city of Melbourne. Her new neighbour, James Mycroft, is a troubled yet eccentric teenager with a passion for forensics. Watts cannot resist when Mycroft requests her help in solving a murder, and so the teens start snooping about, getting stuck in some rather hair-raising situations (not even lion). So if you’re up for a little bit of murder, plenty of passion and an overload of sass and sarcasm, this book may just be your next love.

Age recommendation: This book does have some strong language, so I’d recommend this book for 14 years+

Overall rating: «««««

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