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At Mount St Benedict College we are committed to an education that equips young women to enter life confident, mature, and with a heart of compassion.

As a Catholic school in the Benedictine tradition, Mount St Benedict College places significant emphasis on its Mission as a community of faith and of service. The Benedictine way of life emphasises balance in life between our prayer, our work and our leisure.

The Good Samaritan heritage calls us to be mindful of the needs of others and to respond with compassion to all those who suffer. The Mission dimension of life at Mount St Benedict College includes occasions of prayer and reflection as well as opportunities for service and outreach. These aspects accompany our work and provide an important basis for our community life.


Mount St Benedict College places significant emphasis on the celebration of Liturgy in the community.

Liturgy is a central part of the rhythm of the school year with important times such as the beginning and end of the school year being marked by liturgical celebrations. Other significant school days and events such as Mount St Benedict Day, Graduations, Retreats and Reflection Days have liturgy at the heart of the celebration. In addition to the calendar of the school year, Mount St Benedict College is also attuned to the liturgical seasons of the Church’s year. Liturgical events mark the significant days and seasons of the Church’s year such as Ash Wednesday, Holy Week and the seasons of Advent, Lent and Easter.


In keeping with its Benedictine heritage, Mount St Benedict College has a strong and central focus on the spiritual dimension and the nurturing of the spirituality of all members of the community.

Prayer is a regular part of life at Mount St Benedict College with daily prayer in Homerooms and a daily prayer bell reminding each of us to pause and be aware of God’s presence among us. Special occasions are marked by prayer and opportunities to gather for prayer in the College Chapel are provided each week.

Drawing on the rich tradition of Benedict and the Good Samaritan Sisters there is a strong emphasis on integrating the spiritual life of prayer and reflection with our daily learning, our community life and the activities we undertake in the service of others.


The Benedictine values of Pax (Peace), Hospitality and Stewardship lead the Mount St Benedict community to seek ways to reach out to others in our community.

Opportunities for service are provided within our formal curriculum as well as through our co-curricular activities.

Each of the eight houses at Mount St Benedict College takes on the responsibility of supporting one of our chosen Good Samaritan partners. There are annual initiatives to support organisations such as Caritas Australia and the Society of St Vincent de Paul.

Mount St Benedict College is also developing a model of service learning which provides opportunities for students to be of practical service to others. They learn about and develop their understanding of the factors that lead to injustices and inequalities in our community.

Social Justice

We are women of hope, called by God to listen with the ear of the heart. Compassion and justice are at the heart of our mission to be neighbour.

Inspired by the Sisters of the Good Samaritan we aim to develop an understanding of justice issues and heighten our sensitivity to the needs of others living in poverty and disadvantage. Through solidarity and support we seek to make a difference in the lives of people in need.

In Term One we learn about and support the life changing work of Caritas Australia. A highlight is our Caritas Trek where we combine experiential learning with significant fundraising.

In Term Two we hold a Social Justice Forum during our Social Justice and Reconciliation Week. We host students and staff from schools across NSW, to participate in our interactive forum, bringing together justice advocates from agencies across Australia.

In Term Three we focus on the issue of Refugees and Asylum seekers, as we attempt to walk alongside the journey of our neighbours in Christ who are forced to flee their homeland.

In Term Four we celebrate Mission Week and rejoice in the work of missionaries across the world who bring hope and support to people in need.

Our sense of justice permeates our partnerships between Houses and Good Samaritan Communities at Mater Dei, Kiribati, East Timor and the Philippines. Through building these partnerships we create opportunities for mutual learning and growth. Our community gains so much more from these partnerships than we can ever give to the Good Samaritan communities.

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Retreats and Reflection Days

The Retreats and Reflection Day program at Mount St Benedict College is an integral part of our mission of holistic, Catholic education.

All Retreats and Reflection Day programs aim to:

  • be Christ centred
  • be true to our Catholic life and mission
  • be relevant and engaging to the student’s stage of life
  • provide regular opportunities for the students to “listen with the ear of their heart” – to reflect on their spiritual life and deepen their connection with God
  • equip the students with knowledge, insights and skills that can empower them to participate in their own regular prayer life
  • provide opportunities for reconciliation and inter-personal growth as fellow members of our community

Students in all Year levels have the opportunity to enjoy Retreat and Reflection Day experiences with their peers. The programs on these days are designed to connect with the particular interests and concerns of the students at their respective ages.

Reflection Days are held in Years 7, 8 and 9 while in Years 10, 11 and 12 residential offsite Retreats are offered. These days provide an excellent opportunity for students to gain a greater insight and appreciation of their faith and of the Benedictine and Good Samaritan traditions.