Student Leadership

Mount St Benedict College aims to educate young women in such a way as to ensure they develop leadership skills for the future.

Women have much to offer in leadership. As such, there is a comprehensive student leadership structure at the College that aims to develop these skills and offer a variety of opportunities for student leadership.

Year 12 leadership opportunities

College leaders begin their responsibilities in Term 3 of Year 11 and continue until the beginning of Term 3 of Year 12. All girls may opt to be part of a Portfolio or a student leader. The student leaders help organise many College events such as Community Days, Liturgies, Social Justice Forums, debating and the assemblies, to name a few.


The College also has an active Student Representative Council (SRC). Eight students from each year group (one from each House) are voted to represent their year group on the SRC. Two staff members and the SRC Portfolio oversee the meeting and activities of this group.

There are also other leadership opportunities available to the students through the House System. Each House has a vice captain voted in Term 3, Year 10. Each Homeroom has a Year 10 Student who is a Peer Support Leader and various House activities allow students to take up leadership roles throughout the year.

Within the House are mini portfolios that allow further opportunity to those in Years 7, 8 and 9 to develop leadership.  There are three mini portfolios – Mission, Public Relations and Sport within each House.  Students may sign up for these portfolios and be involved in the planning and leadership within the House.