Outdoor Education Program

As part of our commitment to holistic education, the Outdoor Education Program offered at Mount St Benedict College provides experiences that foster personal growth in a safe and encouraging environment.

Through personal challenges the girls gain skills in teamwork, leadership and positive decision making. 

Students in Years 7 to 9 take part in camps that combine outdoor skills, challenging tasks and adventure activities that build self-esteem and rapport within the year groups. Years 7 and 8 camps are structured so students progressively face more difficult challenges and build on their past experiences.  The Year 9 camp explores the attributes of a leader and the strengths of the Year 9 cohort.  The Year 9 camp allows for the group to work together as a year group.

The year group is split into small groups of up to 14 students. Each group is cared for by a staff member and a facilitator. The interaction within the group helps growth in interpersonal skills while the challenges facilitate the growth of intrapersonal skills.