Student Well-being

"...called by God, to listen with the ear of the heart"
— Rule of Benedict

There is a formal Pastoral Care program which seeks to live out Benedictine values through College-based and external programs.  Homeroom groups are organised into eight Houses - Arcadia, Maredsous, Monte Cassino, Montserrat, New Norcia, Subiaco, Stanbrook and Terracina. There is a House Coordinator for each house, who oversees seven Homerooms.  Each Homeroom has a mix of girls from Years 7 – 12 and a Homeroom Mentor who will care for your daughter.  Homeroom Mentors meet students on a daily basis, and a Pastoral Care lesson is timetabled each week. Girls remain with their Homeroom Mentor, group and House Coordinator during their entire time at the College. This enables the girls to develop strong relationships with girls of different ages and with their House Coordinator.

The College recognises each student's uniqueness and supports their individual needs, regardless of whether they are academically gifted or require learning support.  The College has specialist learning support teachers, a careers advisor and two counsellors to help students.

A merit system promotes positive self-esteem and operates at bronze, silver and gold levels.