Learning Enrichment

Mount St Benedict College is committed to offering a broad range of activities to enrich the girls' learning experiences.


Australian Business Week (ABW) - An Australia wide online business simulation

Business Studies and Economics students form a team which operates a simulated business, making several decisions each week over an 8 week period. Teams from other schools make up the “market”, and the team which gains the largest market share, highest profit and best sales growth becomes the most successful business.

Teams are required to make marketing, production, staffing and costing decisions in order to improve their market share and profits, while also considering the ethical and environmental impacts of their decisions. 

ASX Sharemarket Game

Play the ASX Schools Sharemarket Game and learn the art of investing. Students create their own "virtual" share portfolio, place orders online and compete against students from all over Australia.

Future Problem Solving

Girls can join the Future Problem Solving (FPS) , a rigorous and challenging international program to engage in creative problem solving. Teams meet twice per week to stimulate critical and creative thinking whilst developing a vision for the future. Students interested in futuristic and creative writing can enter the International FPS Scenario Writing Competition.

Mount St Benedict College has had national success in this program. Students learn to address complex scientific and social problems of the future through the use of a creative and comprehensive thinking process. The process challenges students to apply information they have acquired by research to some of the most complex issues facing society.

da Vinci Decathlon

The da Vinci Decathlon is an interschool academic gala day run in the spirit of an Olympic Decathlon. Teams of eight students contest activities in the following disciplines: Mathematics, Engineering, English, Science, Code Breaking, Forensics, Creative producers, Art and Poetry, Games of Strategy, and General Knowledge.

Held annually at Knox College – Gifted and Talented students from Years 7-10 are selected and coached in teams of 8 to represent Mount St Benedict College.

Tournament of Minds

This activity provides an opportunity for girls from Years 7 to 10, working in a team, to participate in creative activities involving challenging problems which demand divergent thinking. Activities include theatre sports, games and lateral thinking.

Mock Trial

This competition is conducted by the Law Society in NSW. The competition is a practical means of introducing Year 11 students (not necessarily studying Legal Studies) to the law and to give them an understanding of our legal system.

Public Speaking

There are a number of opportunities for girls in all years to demonstrate their ‘gift of the gab’ and represent the College in the Catholic Schools Public Speaking Competition, Rostrum’s Voice of Youth and The Plain Speaking Awards.

Market Day

"Running a Small Business" forms part of the Year 10 Commerce program. Students experience the pressure, stress and excitement of the business world as they organise their businesses, develop their products, and sell them at our lunchtime market.

NSW Geography Teachers Association Awards

Both Junior and Senior Geography students can enter their individual research projects.

Premier’s Reading Challenge

Each year the College promotes the Premier’s Reading Challenge to Year 7 as a means of completing wide reading for pleasure both as an IRC (Library) and English initiative. It is expected that all students will engage in sustained, wide reading in order to foster not only the pleasures of reading but a love of the written word and to improve their language skills and vocabulary.

UNSW Faculty of Law Essay Competition

Students are invited to take part in this annual event to further develop their legal knowledge and skills.

Science Enrichment

There are opportunities to get more involved in Science. Years 7 and 8 can join Double Helix. Year 7 can work towards the Crest Awards given by CSIRO. Years 11 and 12 can participate in the Titration Competitions.

Chess Club

Chess Club meets weekly; all are welcome to enjoy social chess. There are many educational and social benefits derived from participating in a Chess Club.

CPA Australia - Plan Your Own Enterprise

Gives Business Studies students the opportunity to create a small business plan and to gain an in-depth appreciation of the business world.