Student Life

Students have the chance to shine in a range of activities designed specifically to meet the diverse range of needs in the College.

Student Life

From musicals to sporting activities;

From outdoor adventures to social justice - there is always a lot going on for students at Mount St Benedict College.

At Mount St Benedict College, we recognise that some of life’s most important and lasting lessons are learned outside of the classroom. Our rich co-curricular offerings provide outlets for students to nurture and grow their existing talents and explore new ones, while making friends with students who share their interests. With programs in the arts, sports, clubs and mission-based activities, Bennies students have a multitude of co-curricular options that are not only fun, but also serve to develop confidence and build leadership and teamwork skills.

In addition our pastoral program ensures each student is well-known and cared for by our community. Our extensive mission program, drawn from our Good Samaritan heritage calls us to be mindful of the needs of others and to respond with compassion to all those who suffer. The Mission dimension provides occasions for prayer and reflection as well as opportunities for service and outreach. These aspects provide an important foundation for community life.