Learning Support

“While we may not all have the same abilities, each one should have the same opportunity to develop to their full potential. At Mount St Benedict College, we are committed to making that a living reality.” - Mrs Maria Pearson, Principal

Mount St Benedict College is an inclusive school. The Learning Support Team, in collaboration with parents and teachers, facilitate the integration of students with special needs into the academic and social life of the College. Students with disabilities and learning difficulties are supported through individual assistance, small learning groups, teacher aide assistance, individual programs and special provisions for examinations.

Literacy and Numeracy

As educational trends have come and gone, at Mount St Benedict College we have never shifted from our belief that literacy and numeracy are the foundation and framework of our students’ ability to think and reason. They have never been less than our absolute priority.

“Literacy is the ability to read and use information and to write appropriately in a range of situations. It includes the ability to use modern technology with understanding. Literacy involves many skills in reading and writing as well as in speaking, listening, viewing, representing ideas, researching and critical thinking.”
“Numeracy is the capacity to use mathematics in everyday situations at home, at work and for participation in community life. This involves applying mathematical knowledge such as when estimating, measuring and interpreting information presented in text, tables and as graphs.”

(Helping your child with literacy and numeracy in the middle school: Years 6-8, DEST, 2007).

Monitoring and Assistance: Literacy and numeracy skills are taught across the curriculum at Mount St Benedict College. Two specialist Literacy and Numeracy teachers monitor the literacy levels of all students, provide classroom teachers with strategies to improve literacy and numeracy outcomes and analyse the results of external testing to inform teaching and learning. Individual or small group assistance is available to students who need extra practice to improve literacy or numeracy skills.

Study Skills

The girls undertake a structured study skills program from Year 7 through to Year 12, embedded into both teaching programs and Pastoral Care activities. Sessions with an outside facilitator are also run in some years, and are designed to help students improve the way they study and manage their time. They aim to provide students with practical skills to help maximize their results each year, right up to the HSC.

Teaching and Learning Resource Team

MSB has a dedicated team of trained professionals who support staff and student learning. The Teaching and Learning Resource Team (TLRT) is comprised of staff with expertise in the following areas:

  • Learning Support
  • Information Literacy
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Literacy and Numeracy
  • Gifted and Talented
  • Study Skills