Gifted and Talented

In keeping with our desire to see each and every student reach her full potential, extensive provision is made for Gifted and Talented students. Our programs are based on research of current best practice using the Gagné’s Differentiated Model of Giftedness and Talent.

Gifted and Talented students have many opportunities to be involved not only in our differentiated classrooms but also in our mentoring programs and the extensive co-curricular activities and competitions.

Some examples where students are encouraged and supported to use and develop their gifts into talents are:

  • Individual education plans (IEP) for targeted students
  • Subject and year level acceleration
  • Subject-based competitions
  • Enrichment/extension within classes and ability grouping in challenge classes
  • Thinking and Learning skills curriculum 
  • Year 7 mentoring, clustered Gifted and Talented class grouping, Mathematics grouping and introduction to Future Problem Solving Program
  • Year 7-11 Minerva Peer Mentoring Program- encourages gifted achievers and underachievers to take more responsibility for their learning to encourage commitment and risk-taking elements important to performance
  • Participation in the da Vinci Decathlon
  • Year 12 Nurturing Excellence and Developing Emotional Intelligence Program-understanding self, transition from MSB to University, ex-student mentoring, inner self, careers
  • Year 7-10 MSB Excellence Program - a holistic and academic five step program where students work with a mentor to complete a special interest project, community service, leadership within the House, extended reading and co-curricular participation.

Teachers, parents and community members are invited to participate in Gifted and Talented research and professional development sessions facilitated by the Coordinator of Teaching and Learning.