Parents and Friends

Helping to shape and enrich your daughter’s education.

Parents and Friends Association

The Parents and Friends Association brings together parents and friends of the College who are interested in the welfare and development of the College and students. It is the most affirming way to participate in your daughter’s education by becoming part of her school community.

Participation benefits the College while also giving parents the chance to make friendships and create support networks for themselves and their children.

As a Parent and Friends Group we support the College, disburse the parent levy to various projects, organise social occasions and educate the parent community through seminars and workshops.

The Social Committee organises a number of important College functions, like the Welcome BBQ at the start-of-year barbeque which displays the community’s hospitality in a social and friendly atmosphere.

The Parents Support Network maintains regular contact with our parents in relation to Association activities but has an even more important role in supporting families within the College community in times of need.

By sharing ideas and skills, giving time, you are helping to shape the character of the College, and enrich your daughter’s education. You become an inspiration to her and to others as a living illustration of the value of serving.

Join us. And join your daughter as part of a vibrant College community.