All reunions of Mount St Benedict College ex-students, whether that is 5 years or 30 years, can now be organised through Bennies Connect.

All reunions of Mount St Benedict College ex-students, whether that is 5 years or 30 years, can now be organised through Bennies Connect.  Invitation, RSVP and payment for these events can be created online to take away some of the difficulties of finding your peers and save on the time associated with organising a reunion.

If you are in charge of organising a reunion, a couple of steps before starting will be to;

  • form a committee
  • set up a bank account that can be linked to the Bennies Connect online payment.  Make sure you have at least two signatories so that accountability is not an issue.
  • Assuming that you will hold the event at a club or function centre, don’t forget to include into the functions costs, including telephone calls, postage, stationery, photocopying, production cost of Reunion booklet, etc. when working out what to charge your peers for the function.

Should you have an excess of funds at the conclusion of your reunion process, perhaps you could consider a contribution to MSBESA, the College or one of our mission partners on behalf of your year group.

When posting your invitation on Bennies Connect, don’t forget to ask your peers for old photographs from their school years that can be put up on a display board. (Ask them to bring copies only so that you can send them on to the school Archives).  We love to hear from our ex-students, so please contact Mrs Michelle Blackman on 02 9980 0401 or email if you have exciting news about what yours peers have achieved.

By keeping your details up to date through Bennies Connect you won’t miss out on your next Reunion.

Once your event has happened, please don’t forget to send a (maximum 200-word) report on the function and photos for inclusion in both Bennies Buzz and Bennies Connect to be

If you are interested in organising your next Reunion, please email so you can be given “administration rights” to the Reunion invitation page.  Should you wish to invite staff to your function please also include this in your email so they too can be invited.

If you would prefer not to use Bennies Connect, we can help you contact ex-students by sending out letters to those ex-students on our database who have given us permission to be contacted.

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Why join Bennies Connect?

As an ex-student of Mount St Benedict College, Bennies Connect can help you stay in touch with what is happening in the College and other alumni. 

Register, log on, update your details, explore the site, find your peers, network and keep in touch…