Share your journey with current students

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Most of us will recall being asked this while still at school.  Many of us weren’t sure, or if we did know, weren’t sure of the best way to make our dreams come true.

Through Bennies Connect you can help make that journey a little easier for our current students.  By registering your details such as the industry in which you work, your current role and what additional study you have completed you will be contributing to a database that can help our current students.  Our Careers Advisor can access the data when students approach her asking about what skills are needed for a particular job, or what a particular course may be like.  If she feels you may be able to help a particular student with a query, our Careers Advisor will contact you and ask whether you are happy to contact the student.  How you wish to do so is completely up to you – usually a quick email or phone call will suffice.

We encourage you to register on Bennies Connect, as your experience / challenges / happy endings are something that the girls love to hear.  Your stories give them some kind of reassurance that it doesn’t matter what choices they make when leaving school, that in the long term their life may not pan out the way they think it should and it’s ok to change direction to find what suits them best.

Bennies Connect