Good Samaritan Sisters Partnerships Timor Leste

Helping our closest neighbour

Timor Leste, Australia’s close neighbour, voted for independence in 1999. After this vote, paramilitary groups working with the Indonesian military inflicted a final wave of violence during which most of the country’s infrastructure was destroyed.

In the wake of this devastation, the Good Samaritan Sisters were invited to join an Edmund Rice Team to support the Timor Leste people.

In 2001, two sisters responded to that call. For ten years, the Good Sams have worked tirelessly to help repair the damage inflicted on the country and its people.

What the Good Sams do in Timor Leste

Good Samaritan Sister, Rita Hayes, now works with the Jesuits teaching English in a secondary school, mentoring the Timorese into leadership roles and engaging in advocacy of educational and health facilities in the district around Railaco Mission Station, south of Timor’s capital, Dili.

When back ‘on leave’ in Australia, Rita spends much time fund-raising for scholarships for poor Timor Leste secondary students. She knows that education is the key to Timor Leste’s future.

Help make a difference

If you wish to donate to the Good Samaritan mission in Timor Leste, contact The Good Samaritan Foundation.