Good Samaritan Sisters Partnerships


Building relationships between Houses and Good Samaritan Communities

The girls at MSB have deepened their understanding of the insights and needs of others and the ministries of the Good Samaritan Sisters and their communities in Camden (Mater Dei School), Kiribati, Timor Leste and the Philippines as part of the College Houses' partnership with the Good Samaritan community.

Philippines - New Norcia, Maredsous

The Bacolod Kinder School

The community of Good Samaritan Sisters offers learning support for local kindergarten level children living in extreme poverty in order to help them successfully enter primary school. The Sisters' support also carries onto the parents of these children and the local community. Some Mount St Benedict staff have visited the school and other visits are planned.

Timor Leste - Montserrat, Stanbrook

Our Lady of Fatima Senior High School, Railaco

This is a senior Catholic high school started with support from MSB.  It offers opportunities for local youth from the village hamlets of Railaco to complete their high school education (without having to travel to Dili which was not possible for many.) Sr Rita Hayes, a Good Samaritan Sister, has been working with the school since 2001.  Mount St Benedict staff and students have visited the school and learned more of experiences.

Mater Dei - Arcadia, Subiaco

Mater Dei Special School

This is one of the ten Australian incorporated Colleges owned by the Sisters of the Good Samaritan and caters for young people (pre-school to high school) with moderate to severe learning disabilities.

As well as offering fundraising support many Mount St Benedict students have visited Mater Dei and helped provide learning support in classrooms.   Mater Dei students have also visited Mount St Benedict to participate in interactive workshops.

Kiribati – Terracina, Monte Cassino

There is a community of Good Samaritan Sisters in Kiribati. These sisters offer support in education for local catechists and local children with disabilities. Currently the sisters are advocating support for the “Pacific Calling” campaign that is pushing for the Australian government to offer guarantees of support / citizenship to Kiribati locals when the sea levels rise to the point where the islands are uninhabitable.  Some Mount St Benedict staff have visited the community in 2012 and witnessed first-hand life in Kiribati.

Aims of the program

To continue to build awareness and action for justice within the life of our community

To develop relationships between the houses and communities linked to ministries of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan that promote justice and peace. The relationships aim to be mutually beneficial as our houses grow in their understanding of the insights and needs of others and the ministries of the Sisters and the communities experience the ongoing support of house communities within MSB.

To enable opportunities for house community formation through working together for others.


Our program was launched in 2007 where we linked our eight pastoral care houses here at Mount St Benedict College with four Good Samaritan communities all of whom we had prior connections with as a school community.

We then organised for teachers, students and ex-students who had visited these communities to speak with the houses about their new house communities. We organised for visits by community leaders to Mount St Benedict College and where possible some of our community visited their house communities. During the year we also raise funds that are shared among the house communities in support of their work.

We are continuing to build these relationships through ongoing communication and visits as well as ongoing fundraising. In so doing we are maintaining a vital living connection with life changing Good Samaritan ministries around the world.