Good Samaritan Sisters


The Sisters of the Good Samaritan hold a unique place in history. They were the first women's religious congregation to be founded in Australia.

Established in 1857 by the Archbishop of Sydney, John Bede Polding, the Good Samaritan Sisters began to care for the poor and destitute of the early colony.

Later they set up orphanages and schools and today there are more than 100 Good Samaritan communities throughout Australia as well as in Japan, the Philippines and Kiribati.

They are involved in social work, nursing, respite and residential care, education, parish work, centres of spirituality and administration.

Good Samaritan Sisters are women who have committed themselves to work for justice in the world. They stand with the indigenous people of Australia, the women of Japan and Kiribati and the women and children of the Philippines.

As women of faith and guided by the Gospel they value communal and individual prayer, peace, compassion and living in community.