At Mount St Benedict we believe that it is important to develop and maintain close links with our local and wider community.

Our Community

Listen with the ear of your heart

Our College is blessed with a rich community life with ongoing involvement with many community organisations and the Good Samaritan Sisters. In addition, we actively partner with both our parents and ex-students to create a vibrant community for our students.

Mount St Benedict College is fortunate to have a rich and diverse community. A strong sense of community spirit extends beyond the student population to parents, alumni and other friends of the College.

Bennies aims to provide a welcoming and friendly environment for all members of the College community.

All parents of children attending the College are automatically members of the College Parents and Friends Association and we encourage parents to become involved in this important group.

We help organise regular reunions for our alumni – and take pride in their ongoing involvement and interest in the College. We are grateful that so many ex-students take time to return to the College and give back to our current students. Please visit our new Bennies Connect page for ways in which you can become involved in College life.
We actively partner with and support the Good Samaritan Sisters in their important work including missions in the Philipphines, Timor Leste and Kiribati, as well as Mater Dei College in Camden. The College is also actively involved with a broad range of other community organisations.