Our talented Year 7 students have presented their individual in-depth investigations which they have co-created with their MYBennies teachers.

Over the last week our very talented Year 7 students have presented their individual in-depth investigations of a chosen area of interest which they have co-created with their MYBennies teachers throughout this term. Each student created a specific driving question, drawing on their individual passions and capabilities, and followed the design process used in Technology classes (TAS) to create a product to show their new found understanding in answering the question. Weekly targets were set throughout the project and self, peer and mentor feedback occurred allowing reflection on skill development and personal performance throughout the MYChoice project.

With over 180 questions here are just a few of the amazing questions students have developed answers to:

  • How can I use music to promote wellbeing in the community?
  • How can I encourage young children to look after their pets responsibly?
  • How can I assist the Good Samaritan Kinder School in the Philippines to improve their quality of life?
  • How can I help improve the overall wellbeing of special needs children through interactive activities?
  • How can I educate young dancers about common dance injuries so they can prevent it from occurring?
  • What can be done to help patients keep a positive outlook while recovering in hospital?
  • How can I create a learning program to promote Forensic Science to middle years students?
  • How can I use recycled products to create DIY projects for younger children?

Some of the products included books, board games, comics, posters, paintings, lesson plans for teachers, videos, letters to the editor, Pinterest boards, Instagram and Weebly websites.

The students showcased their individual efforts over the last week to an authentic audience appropriate to their project.  Over 40 people (parents, ex-students, community members and students and staff from our Benedictine connections) generously gave up time to see the girls present their work and reflect on their term of work on their project.  The MYBennies team of teachers are extremely appreciative of each guest’s interest in assisting with the project and for giving invaluable feedback to the students.  The students, whilst apprehensive about presenting to an authentic audience, were very excited to know that there are people outside the College who care about and value their many gifts and talents.

Congratulations to every Year 7 student who completed the challenge to create their own individual in-depth investigation.  It was wonderful to see the students pushing themselves to learn more about something of interest and ensuring there is a need in the world for the product they have created.

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