An invitation to parents of Years 7 and 8

Positive Education Seminar

Monday 27 April
in the College Hall

Positive Education is a strengths based approach that allows students to recognise and utilise their strengths in meeting challenges. It allows individuals to become independent and self-directed in utilising areas within their life to enable them to flourish. The teaching of these strategies within a supportive educational setting allows the students to embrace and develop their strengths, providing skills they will utilise throughout their lives.

One aspect of Positive Education within the College is the use of The Resilience Doughnut developed by Lyn Worsley, a clinical psychologist who has been working with the College on Positive Education.

Year 7 and 8 parents are invited to a Positive Education Seminar. After a discussion about Positive Education and skills that your daughters have been taught, Lyn will facilitate a workshop on the use of the Resilience Doughnut.

Working together offers the optimum opportunity for the development and support of your daughter.

We look forward to seeing you on the night and working together.

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