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Mount St Benedict College Golden Jubilee
History Book
The Sisters of the Good Samaritan have a long history
of responding to those in need. In the 1960s the Sisters
recognised the need for a Catholic school for girls in the
Hills District of NSW. In 1966 Mount St Benedict College
was opened, with the first classes taking place in the
basement of the Mount St Benedict Novitiate. Those
first students and their teachers probably could not have
foreseen the population explosion that was to take place
in this area of Sydney, which would see the College grow
to its current size of over 1000 students.
Looking back over fifty years it is fascinating to see the
way things have changed – the changing uniform, the
growth in facilities, the declining number of sisters on
staff and the ever increasing opportunities afforded to
girls in their learning. Reading earlier school documents
such as newsletters and yearbooks, it is encouraging to
find that the values that informed the early years of the
College are still the same now – the emphasis on the
Benedictine heritage and the Good Samaritan traditions
that were evident in those early years are still the driving
force behind all that we do.
Students at the College now, from Year 7 through to Year
12, are able to reach out to those in need in the local
community, at a national level and beyond. The College
has partnerships with organisations in Sydney, in the
Northern Territory, in Kiribati, the Philippines and works
with them to meet needs within their communities.
At the same time students from the College have
their eyes opened to the world and are able to see the
opportunities for them to use their gifts to make the
world a better place.
From the beginning Mount St Benedict College offered
girls a broad curriculum, a wide variety of cocurricular
activities and many different sporting opportunities.
As the College has grown it has gone from strength to
strength in each of these areas, consistently achieving
excellent academic results, having a reputation as a
highly successful sporting school and making a name
for itself in many competitions, particularly at a global
level in Future Problem Solving.
Thanks to the foresight of the Sisters, the College
continues to enjoy a beautiful position overlooking an
area of remnant Sydney Blue Gum High Forest which
makes a beautiful backdrop to the modern facilities we
now enjoy.
Maria Pearson
Mrs Maria Pearson College Principal 2005 – present
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