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Mount St Benedict College Golden Jubilee
History Book
The ridge line on which Mount St Benedict College
stands was once part of an extensive Blue Gum and
Blackbutt forest. The original custodians of this land are
the Darug people. After dispossession by encroaching
white settlement, the land was granted to Sir Joseph
George Long Innes in 1875. It passed through several
hands until 1906 when it was bought by Edgar Olley
Jones, a stock and station agent in Sydney. His brother-
in-law, architect George Sydney Jones, designed a
gracious Federation style family home for the site which
featured a cloister. Perhaps it was this that appealed to
the Congregation of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan
who bought the property, named Regenbah, in 1922.
Over the next few years the Congregation purchased
an adjoining 20 hectares and constructed a novitiate,
extending the Regenbah cloister around the new
building. Named Mount St Benedict at the suggestion
of Mother Marcella Kenny, the Novitiate was opened
on 27 November 1927 by Archbishop Kelly. With its own
dairy, orchard and vegetable gardens, it was largely
self-sufficient. Beyond the gardens and paddocks, the
remaining bushland was enjoyed by the Sisters for its
beauty and as a place of contemplation.
Al-lo-wah jumna yenu way
a pemel ya Daruga
Together we walk on the land
of the Darug
Mount St Benedict
Convent & Chapel - 1930
Mount St Benedict College Golden Jubilee
History Book
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