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Mount St Benedict College Golden Jubilee
History Book
Founded by Archbishop John Bede Polding in 1857
to respond to the needs of poor, homeless women
in Sydney, the Congregation of the Sisters of the
Good Samaritan was the first religious congregation
to be formed in Australia. Following Polding’s own
Benedictine Rule and taking their name from the
famous parable, the Sisters extended a hand to offer
practical help to their neighbours wherever need was
found. Activities soon extended from providing shelter
and spiritual comfort to women, to the education of
children. With the demand for Catholic schooling
ever growing, the Good Samaritans built a network of
schools crossing four states. Their works expanded
to include outreach and education in Asia and a
diversified range of ministries across Australia.
In the decades following the Second Vatican Council
the Sisters returned to the charism of St Benedict
finding fresh inspiration and relevance in the ancient
values. Pax, Hospitality and Stewardship – these are
the simple and enduring Benedictine values which
guide staff, students and the family community of
Mount St Benedict College.
Good Neighbours
Marching down
Pennant Hills Road
Mount St Benedict College Golden Jubilee
History Book
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