Student Technology User Charter


Technology and systems provided by the College aim to improve student learning experiences both in and out of the classroom. Mount St Benedict College provides all students with a personal laptop device with the expectation that they will make good decisions with regard to their personal use of technology.

A Technology User Charter must be signed and returned to the College before access to technology systems is granted and a laptop is issued.

Students and parents/carers must carefully read this charter prior to agreeing to it. Any questions should be addressed to the College and clarification obtained before the Charter is signed.


Technology User Charter

We have read the Technology User Charter (Version 10/18)

We understand our responsibilities regarding the use of the laptop and the Internet.

In verifying below, we acknowledge that we understand and agree to the Technology User Charter.

We understand that we accept responsibility for any costs associated with the repair or replacement if caused by any negligent act.

We understand that failure to comply with the Technology User Charter could result in recall of the laptop and/or loss of access for home use.

* Required