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(Hyacinth) SGS, Sr Lia van Haren SGS, Sr Agnes
Farrugia SGS and Sr Elizabeth Delaney SGS. The
College was also honoured with the presence of a
number of leaders of Benedictine communities in
Australia and New Zealand together with Ms Terry
Creagh, Chair of Good Samaritan Education who
graciously joined us for our celebration.
Many members of the MSB community shared their
gifts during the Eucharist. One of the significant
elements was the music. The setting for the
Mass was composed by a number of ex-students,
including Casey McBride and Andrea Hajje, with
assistance from current students, and elaborated
by College music staff. Countless hours went into
the process of orchestrating the pieces, rehearsing
and preparing the band and choir. A large troupe
of student dancers performed a beautiful liturgical
movement. There was great joy in hearing the
College song performed in the beautiful atmosphere
of the Cathedral by close to 2000 people.
In addressing the congregation, College Principal,
Maria Pearson reflected about this historic time
for the College, “This is a time to look back
with gratitude for all those who have built this
community through their hard work, generosity and
commitment, and to orient ourselves to the future to
ensure that our College continues to be a relevant
and important part of the wider community, as
we prepare our young women to be leaders in the
future, within our Church, our local communities
and more globally.”
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November 2016
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