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With some incredible help from my
friends, family, Mount St Benedict
College Ex-Students Association and
other networks, I was able to undertake
an internship working with the Office
of the Co-Prosecutors at the United
Nations Assistance to the Khmer Rouge
Trials in Cambodia. My internship
(March-June 2016) was a truly life-
changing experience.
The Khmer Rouge killed around 1.7
million people in a genocidal regime
of terror in the 1970s. Interning in
the Prosecution team gave me some
invaluable insight into international
law and human rights and how we
can hold accountable those who have
committed unforgivable crimes. It was
challenging and confronting work, but
also immensely rewarding and it was
wonderful to work with and learn from
dedicated, selfless and wholehearted
people fighting for justice in a difficult
Living and working in Cambodia
was as fun and interesting as it was
challenging, and I was so fortunate to
have the ongoing support of Bennies.
Thanks to the generous donations,
I was able to find a safe and secure
apartment in Phnom Penh that met UN
security standards, and I was able to
Skype with Ms Lentern’s Year 9 RE class
and engage in some fascinating and
reflective discussions, which helped me
stay motivated and keep perspective.
Working for the UN was a dream come
true, and so much more than I had hoped
it would be. I am looking forward to
whatever life brings next, and am forever
grateful for having such a wonderful
community to share my journey with.
Vukovic (nee Kaan)
Class of 2007
In November 2015
Daniel in a wedding ceremony
held at Oakhill Chapel.
shared her special day with her
close group of girlfriends from
Bennies! Since leaving Bennies,
has studied Speech
Pathology at Sydney University and
a Masters of Special Education.
She currently works as a speech
therapist at an autism specific
school in Sydney.
Hayley married Nathan in April 2016,
at St Joseph’s, Croydon. Many of her
Bennies friends were in attendance.
Since leaving Bennies, Hayley
has graduated with a Bachelor of
Business with Distinction from the
University of Technology, Sydney,
completed a CPA qualification from
Deakin University and currently
works as Corporate Accounting
Manager at Caltex Australia Limited.
Hayley Tanna (nee Elias)
Class of 2007
Elizabeth King - Class of 2010
My experience teaching financial literacy
and sexual health in Zambia has begun
a snowball of change in my life. Not
only has it made me appreciate how
profoundly lucky I am to have had a high
standard of education from Mount St
Benedict Collage but also the privileges
I have in Australia and the UK as an
independent, outspoken woman. The
programme was not an easy three
months. Hard work and determination
for a better world, even if I was only
starting in a small community, pushed
me through the difficult times. I will
never forget my 10-year-old host sister,
Costa, upset one afternoon and giving
her a hug of comfort. Every day after
this she would run up to me with the
biggest smile – arms ready to jump
into my arms. I was later told that,
culturally, hugs are not common. The
emotional connection I made with Costa
will never leave me, even though we
never spoke in the same language. I
hope I have inspired her to continue her
education and be an outspoken voice in
the community. My advice to every young
woman in Bennies would be to embrace
change and force yourself out of your
comfort zone – you will never know what
you are capable of until you try.
ICS (International Citizen’s Service)
is an overseas volunteering
programme for 18-25 year olds,
funded by the UK Government’s
Department for International
Development and is currently available
for EU passport holders.
Hannah Ryan - Class of 2010
Three months volunteering in rural Zambia
Hannah and her host sister, Costa
Nerida Shipley (nee Wood)
Class of 1992
Nerida and her husband welcomed
their second child, Emily Clare on
5 November 2015 weighing 3.64kgs
and 55cms. Their eldest child,
James is 3 1/2.
Summer 2016
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