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“I loved my time at much so I sent my three
daughters there! Your hard work coordinating everything is
greatly appreciated.”
“I am grateful we were educated by nuns like Sister
Hyacinth and Sister Christopher and teachers like Mrs
Carey and Mrs McDonald, who all gave me my love of
books, an appreciation for quality writing and an enjoyment
of modern history.”
“I thought of all the things the girls in that room have faced
since some of us met at either St Agatha’s or at Bennies...
we have all had our ups and downs but through it all we have
had life-long friendships. We are truly blessed to have all met
and are happy to continue to meet so many years on. We are a
very resilient lot!”
Reflections from the Class of 1975 - 40 Year Reunion
Ex-Student News
With the sun setting, and the splendid Harbour Bridge as a
backdrop, 24 October 2015, was an evening of excitement,
emotion and renewed camaraderie for the Class of 1985.
With over seventy of the cohort previously connected via a
group Facebook page, more than forty were fortunate to be
able to gather in person at The Deck Sydney to reconnect
friendships made as teenagers or earlier.
Thirty years post-graduation, we reminisced about the
school, the parties, the relationships, and the music
played. We chatted about the different choices we’ve made
and their consequences, the good times and the bad. We
ate, drank and mostly laughed through a nostalgic visit
back to a time and place that formed a significant part of
our lives.
For now, many of us will keep connected via the tools of
technology, however we also fondly look forward to seeing
one another again face to face in the future.
Nicole Wheeler (nee Pincini)
Class of 1985 - 30 Year Reunion
Ex-students from the Class of 2005
got together for a casual 10 year
reunion at Bar 100 in the Rocks,
earlier this year. Some had not seen
each other since high school, while
others had remained close friends
since their time at school. The event
was organised by Julia Calixto and
Ashleigh Campbell. 30 girls were able
to pop into the casual event.
Class of 2005 - 10
Year Reunion
“Thank you for organising such a lovely night... It was
wonderful seeing so many happy, smiling faces still laughing
about the same things we always did. It’s hard to believe it
has been 40 years!”
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